A Sister’s Seduction Ch. 05

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Gary had pushed me over the edge, and now he was keeping me there. He would not allow me to come down. He kept forcing wave upon wave of orgasmic spasms through my core despite my pleas to allow me to stop.

I was exhausted having endured the series of massive convulsions from my first multiple orgasm. My sides and abdomen hurt. But I could not stop cumming as my brother continued to stimulate me. I was forced to endure convulsion after convulsion as Gary sucked my clit while continuing to assault the inside of my womb with his fingers.

My clitoris was so swollen, I feared it my pop as he sucked on it harder and harder. It was engorged with blood and felt larger that I ever remembered before. It was so sensitive, the constant stimulation actually hurt a bit despite the fact that I continued to climax.

“Gary, enough. Please let me stop. I need to stop.” I was pleading, as I tried to push his head from my pussy.

But before I could pry his mouth from my erect clitoris, I felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure crash across my belly, sending spasms of pleasure through my core. As soon as the next waves of the climax started, I stopped trying to push my brother’s head away and held his head in place as I would grind my vagina into his face and jaw. I was grunting and groaning involuntary gibberish as I came.

“Oh shit! Oh my god! I can’t stop…oh fuck,…please, …oh god!…”

The screams of pleasure were incomprehensible as they escaped my throat. In fact, they noises I was making sounded more like groans and moans an animal might make than any form of communication from a young girl. Looking back, I wonder if a stranger hearing those sounds would have concluded that I was in the throes of ecstasy or I was in agony?

After the latest series of waves subsided, I was determined to break free. I had to stop or I was going to pass out. I simply could not continue to climax again and again. I was dizzy and lightheaded.

I mustered all my strength and pushed his head back, breaking the suction his lips and tongue had on my clit as I begged panted, “Please Gary, please. You need to let me stop. You need to let me down.”

I lay there panting, sweat forming on my breasts, a little river of perspiration running between them, trickling down towards my navel.. My rock hard nipples continued to heave up and down as I struggled to catch my breath. I was dizzy and slightly disoriented.

“Oh my god…that was amazing!” I managed to say.

Gary looked at me and actually beamed with pride, smiling broadly. He was very pleased that his efforts had produced such a profound result. He owned his little sister at that moment. And quite honestly, after the events of the past two days, he would always own a part of me.

Very slowly, he removed his fingers from my vagina. I felt my entire uterus spasm at the sudden emptiness. My vagina throbbed and pulsed, it seemed to be trying to find something to grasp, to fill the sudden void inside of my womb.

I was still gaped open, my lubrication seeping out of me. My pussy felt empty and open, and very lonely.

I looked at my brother and saw his erect penis still straining towards the ceiling. He was ready to penetrate me with his penis. After the ‘earth shattering’ orgasm Gary just gave me, I felt that owed him that. I wanted him to penetrate me, to make love to me, to fuck me.

“Come here.” I instructed as I laid back prepared to accept his massive boner. My head was still spinning from the multiple orgasms, and I felt a bit disoriented, but I knew I wanted to make love to Gary.

Gary crawled between my legs, his erection waving wildly in front of his as he approached me. He positioned himself with the head of his erect cock at the very opening of my vagina. As he leaned forward to kiss me, I could feel the head inching its way past the outer folds of my vulva. I was so wet, and so dilated that Gary’s penis found the entrance to my vagina quickly. The saliva from Gary’s mouth, coupled with the lubrication leaking from my arousal, allowed Gary to simply slide into me easily.

I noticed immediately that this entry felt very different from when Gary first entered me yesterday. There was no struggling to gain entry this time. He simply slid into me. Had he stretched me that much after being inside me just one time?

Then it struck me. It was not that my vagina was noticeably larger already; we forgot the condom! My brother’s erection was inside me, unprotected. Oh shit! How could we have been so careless? So stupid?

“Oh my god, Gary, pull out!” I screeched. “You need to use a rubber.”

Gary hesitated for a moment, processing what I just said. He stopped moving, but did not withdraw. Instead, he hovered over me with his hard erection pulsing inside me.

“Liz, I’ll pull out before I cum, OK?” he argued. He clearly did not want to disengage at this moment.

Even in my irrational, highly aroused state, I knew this was a bad idea; I knew this was beyond stupid. Our entire world would canlı bahis şirketleri end completely if I got pregnant.

“No, Gary. Please. You need to get the rubber now. Please.” My voice cracked and quaked with fear. He was too large for me to ‘for me to force him off me’. I was pinned under him, helpless and vulnerable. He continued to hesitate.

“Please Gary, please.” I begged. “I will let you fuck me as much as you want, just please, use a rubber.”

I started to cry. Tears suddenly ran down my cheeks. I feared the absolute worst. My mind raced to remember how long it had been since my last period. In my confused and emotional state, I could not remember exactly; but I knew it was a couple of weeks ago. I was very near the most fertile part of my cycle.

My brother saw the tears flowing from my eyes, and my breasts heaving as I sobbed; his penis still inside me.

“Liz, don’t cry. I’ll use a rubber. I’ll go get it. Please stop crying.” Gary slowly pulled out. His cock sprang skyward as he exited my womb.

Gary leaned forward, kissed me on the forehead, wiped the tears from my eyes. It was clear that the mood had suddenly changed. Gary looked a bit down trodden by my emotional outburst and tears.

In an effort to comfort me, he offered, “See, I did what you asked. Please stop crying. I’ll be right back.”

I lay there for several moments trying to gather my thoughts and control my emotions. This was a stark reminder that Gary and I were playing with fire. This was a reminder that I should not allow my brother to enter me; to mount me. I knew it, and he knew it. But I could not seem to control myself. I needed him inside me now. I needed my brother to make love to me, to touch me, and to fill my void, both figuratively and literally.

My mind raced to my health class in school where they had recently taught us that a boy secretes a little bit of seminal fluid containing live and active sperm long before he ejaculates. They emphasized that girls could get pregnant even if the boy withdraws before he ‘shoots’. I wondered if Gary had leaked any sperm into my fertile womb just now?

Oh shit, what if I did get pregnant? I purged that thought out of my mind. I did not even want to consider that possibility.

Gary returned. He was still firm and large as he walked into my room. His penis swayed from side to side as he walked. His penis was sticking out horizontal to the floor, not straining towards the ceiling.

I was not fully versed in the function of his penis at this point, so I did not quite know what to think about his erection ‘flying at slightly below half mast’, so to speak. But I knew the magic of the moment had been temporarily lost.

He was struggling with the wrapper from the condom he had ‘borrowed’ from our dad, tearing the foil wrapper with his teeth.

Once Gary removed the latex sheathe from the wrapper, I held out my hand and said simply, “Allow me to place this on you sir.”

Gary smiled and handed the ring of lubricated latex and stood patiently in front of me. Gary was firm and large, but not really rigid as he presented me with his penis.

I knew that I wanted to try to recapture the mood that we seem to have momentarily lost during the discussion/debate over whether a condom was necessary or whether I should let my brother risk impregnating me. If we were going to continue this improper and unnatural act of coupling with your sibling, I wanted both of us to enjoy it on all levels.

I decided my brother needed a bit of stimulation to get his ‘head back in the game’ (pun intended).

I thought for a moment how best to get the mood back. So I playfully said, “OK mister. Hands behind your back and do not move. I want you to hold very still for me.”

“What?” he asked, not fully understanding what I was doing.

“If you are a good boy and do as you are told, you will be rewarded nicely. If you can’t follow direction, I am afraid that there will be no ‘puddy’ for you tonight.” I smiled up coyly. “Now stand still and hand behind your back.”

I do not know how I knew this, but I instinctually knew that me taking control of the situation this way might excite my brother. I sensed that he might respond to be told to place his hands behind himself, being ‘forced’ to assume a helpless position in front of his younger sister as she ministered to his penis. I just knew this might turn him on. I was right.

Gary hesitated for a second, sizing up the situation before deciding that he would play along.

“Yes, ma’am.” Gary replied, as he took a half step closer, put his hands behind his back and stood at attention. He sucked in his stomach, and puffed out his chest slightly.

I have to admit, he looked good standing naked at attention with his dick poking straight out. And he was so fucking cute sucking in his gut for me. God, I loved him at that moment; I really did.

“Now Gary, do you want to fuck me tonight?” I said playfully. “Do you want to put your big hard penis inside my tight canlı kaçak iddaa little twat?”

Gary’s penis arched up noticeably as I spoke, telling me that my words and flirtations were having the desired effect.

“Are you going to stretch my tight little vagina out tonight? Your penis is so big when it gets hard like this; I don’t know if you will fit inside me.” I looked up at Gary with my eyes wide, feigning that I was a scared little girl, afraid of his big cock. “What if it hurts me? What if you are too big for me?”

His cock lunged up again. Moments ago, his erection was poking out horizontal to the floor, now, seconds later it is pointing up at a 45 degree angle! And it was noticeably longer and thicker now. I liked the fact that my words could arouse my brother so; it made me feel powerful, and very sexy.

Gary remained silent, his hands behind his back like a good boy.

Still holding the condom in my left hand, I took his erection in my right hand and slowly pumped it up and down.

“Oh my. That is a big thick penis. And it is getting bigger…I don’t know if it will fit?”

I studied at the gorgeous purple head and the thickly veined shaft. I loved studying my brother’s erection like that. It seemed almost alive to me. I loved the way if pulsed and throbbed in response to my words and touch. It really was like a precious pet that I could play with. More than 20 years later, I still remember every detail of that wonderful penis.

As I stroked him up and down, I was again amazed at how his urethra opened and seemed to wink at me with each downward stroke. When I would stroke downward, the skin on his penis grew tight, and his urethra opened up. With his erection at eye level, the little opening of his urethra seemed to simply beg me to insert the tip of my tongue. I could not help wondering how much of my tongue I could force into this tiny hole?

“Gary, your are so big and hard. You will stretch me so wide if I let you mount me with that thing. Promise me you will be gentle and won’t hurt on now, promise me.” Gary closed his eyes and arched his hips forward as I spoke.

Before he could answer me, I leaned forward and placed the tip of my tongue into the tiny opening of his urethra. Gary quivered noticeably as I inserted my tongue.

“Oh god, Liz, damn… that feels good. Where did you learn to do that?”

I looked up at Gary, with an innocent ‘little girl’ demeanor, and slowly did it again. I repeated my actions; I placed the very tip of my tongue in the tiny slit and wiggled it, while squeezing the shaft in my fist. Gary just moaned as his entire body trembled with intense pleasure.

Gary ‘s reaction sent a charge through my groin area. I could feel my vagina spasm and start leaking all over my upper thighs. Gary’s arousal aroused me.

Gary placed his hands on the sides of my head as I tongued him. I stopped immediately.

“Bad boy! Put your hands back behind your back now.” I admonished him in a very sexy, playful manner. I wanted him to obey me.

I was in control now, and I would insist he comply before I allowed him to mount me and enter me. I liked telling my big brother what to do for a change. I loved that I had precisely the right motivation to get him to comply.

He slowly returned his hands behind his back.

“That’s a good boy. And you know good boys get to go nice places. And if you are really good, I have a really nice pace to take you to. Now promise me that that you won’t hurt my little pussy with your big erection.” I said as I took the head of his penis into my mouth and twirled my tongue around the nicely pronounced ridge under the head. Gary quivered from the intense stimulation on his sensitive head.

“I will be very gentle Liz. I won’t hurt you. I will go real slow, and I will let your vagina open slowly to accept my cock.” Gary said while his erection pulsed and grew in my mouth.

I withdrew his cock from my lips. He was now fully erect, straining straight up. His erection was so rigid I think he could break concrete with it. I knew I had recaptured the magic of the evening now. Gary was now fully aroused.

I learned a valuable lesson that evening. All men get very, very aroused when you tell them how big, thick and hard their dicks are, and how you are so scared that they are going to hurt your tiny little pussy! It is like a magic elixir. It works better than Viagra!

I guess they like the idea of stretching us out to the limit, and punishing our little twats with their big hard dicks, huh? Ladies, just talk nasty to your man, and you can get him so fucking hard he will do anything you ask’ and I do mean anything.

I was aware of my vagina leaking profusely. My own juices were coating my legs, and seeping down the crack of my bottom. Our little play acting, coupled with me teasing his cock with my tongue, had seriously awakened my vagina again, as well as aroused my big brother.

“OK, if you promise to be a good boy, I will get your friend dressed for his big canlı kaçak bahis date tonight.” Gary seemed momentarily confused by my reference to ‘dressing his friend for the big date tonight’, but he seemed to understand as I positioned the latex condom.

I placed the latex ring on the head of his penis, and very slowly I rolled the latex sheathe into place.

Gary ‘s penis was quite thick, perhaps 2 inches in diameter. I had to stretch the latex to get it fully over the huge prominent head. Once I rolled the beige colored material down the entire length, I took a moment to admire my new toy. His erection looked so cute with its ‘raincoat’ on. The little reservoir at the tip to capture the semen looked like a tiny hat on top of the head. I could still see the distinct shape of the head and the ridge that separated the head from the shaft.

I just loved looking at this magnificent example of the male member. I guess every girl gets a bit of an emotional attachment to the first penis she really gets acquainted with, huh? I sure did.

With the condom securely in place to protect my fertile womb from my brother’s invading sperm, I was ready to ‘assume the position’ and accept my intruder inside me.

I laid back on my bed, placed my heels at my bottom, spread my knees and placed my fingers at the sides of my wet vagina. Slowly I opened myself up and looking into my big brother’s eyes.

I asked innocently, “Gary, are you ready to mount me? Are you ready to penetrate your little sister again?”

I could see Gary’s erection arching up as I spoke, assuring me that my questions served to heighten my brother’s arousal. I was learning a great deal about the male psyche’ and what a girl could do to arouse and control a man with a hard-on. And talking to them about ‘mounting you’, ‘penetrating you’, ‘stretching you open’ or ‘hurting your tight little twat’ cause them to get more and more excited.

Gary smiled, shook his head in disbelief, and without uttering a word crawled up between my thighs.

“Now seriously, go slow. You really are very big. Don’t hurt me.” I said as I positioned the head right at the opening of my vulva.

Gary pushed forward a bit. I felt the head stretching my opening, prying me open. “Oh my. Hold up. Wait a second. Let me get used to you.” I cautioned.

I quickly realized that even lubricated, a latex condom had more friction that a bare penis. I mean, 15 minutes earlier, Gary entered me bareback with no resistance. Now, I had to strain to get his latex covered penis inside me.

Gary pulled out slightly and then pushed forward. I grunted at the magnitude of this intrusion. He was literally prying me open. I quickly had my hands on his thighs, signaling to him when to stop pushing. He was now three or four inches deep inside of me.

Gary repeated this cycle of pulling out and pushing deeper three or four more times, gaining an inch or so each time until he was buried ‘balls deep’ inside of me.

During the first few of these cycles of his attempting to penetrate me, I was grimacing as I struggled to accept more and more of Gary’s erection inside of me. Once he was able to get half of his penis inside of me, each successive thrust seemed to contact the front wall of my uterus sending a pleasurable shot through my core. I was responding to the head of Gary’s penis striking me deep inside my womb. I liked it; I liked it a lot.

My grunts and grimaces turned to pleasurable moans as my arousal grew. I was now rocking my hips up to meet his thrusts. I was lifting my bottom off the bed to increase the pressure of his cock on the front wall of my womb. I was starting to ‘fuck back’ as my brother was forcing his erection deeper and deeper into my vagina.

I knew I had taken all of Gary when I started feeling his testicles slapping against my bottom as he plunged into me. I liked knowing that although only yesterday I had been a 18 year old virgin, today I was ‘woman enough’ to fully accommodate all of my brother’s large erection. Yes, I was pleased with myself that I was taking all of him now.

I wrapped my legs around Gary’s torso, digging my heels into his firm buttocks. I was ‘spurring him on’ with my heels as he plunged his cock into me.

I originally intended to simply allow my brother to fuck me to repay him for the wonderful orgasm he had given me earlier with his tongue and fingers. I really did not think I could possibly have another climax so soon after cumming with his lips and tongue on my clitoris. But this was no longer just for Gary; it was now as much for me. I could feel another climax building inside of me.

As Gary started pounding my vagina with his rigid cock, I started moaning more loudly.

Gary took my legs from around his waist and raised them up over his shoulders. In this position, my knees were pressed into my chest, my ass was raised off the bed, my ankles were forced up to face level, and I was completely open and vulnerable.

All my weight was on my shoulders which were being driven into the bed. I had no control of what Gary would do now. I liked being vulnerable to my brother this way. From this angle, Gary’s cock was pounding the very front of my vagina striking my sensitive trigger at the front of my womb.

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