A Tale of Two Sisters

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Jack didn’t know why he kept driving so far just to see her, but something drew him toward Tracey’s house every weekend for the past six months.

Tracey lived with her family across the border — about a four hour drive. Jack and Tracey met in college, and he enjoyed spending time with her. But now the long drive was getting to him, and he thought that this might be the last weekend he made the long trek north.

It was a crisp, Autumn day, and as he pulled into the driveway, Tracey walked out of the front door to meet him. She looked great today. Her long, straight blonde hair reached down to her mid-back, just the way Jack liked it. She was wearing a flannel shirt and a worn pair of tight jeans that really accentuated her shapely hips. Her breasts bounced as she hopped toward his car.

“Hi Jack,” she said as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Hey Trace, long drive,” he said as he walked with her toward the door. “What do you want to do tonight?”

“Well, Mom and Dad are going up to the cabin for the weekend, so I thought we’d spend some time at home and watch a video or something tonight after dinner,” Tracey said. “Peg’s here too, and she’ll probably watch it with us.”

“That sounds great,” said Jack. Peg was Tracey’s younger, more energetic sister, who was a senior in high school. She was fun and very attractive, and Jack always looked forward to seeing her. She was also blonde and looked a lot like her sister, but the one major difference was that Peg was extremely well endowed, and wore what must have been a d-cup, if not a double d. He knew this made Tracey a little envious, even though her own b-cup breasts were more than adequate for him.

Jack walked into the house and saw Peg laying on the family room couch watching TV. She wore a pair of sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt that was stretched out tightly over her chest. She jumped up when she saw Jack and ran over to him. She threw her arms around him, and gave him a big hug. Jack felt her warm, soft breasts on his chest as he hugged her. His cock started to twitch a little, and it embarrassed him.

“So what are we doing tonight Jack?” Peg asked. He could tell that she was bored out of her mind.

“Your sister and I are going to dinner, then we’re coming back to watch a movie.”

“Can I come to dinner with you guys, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze?” Peg asked, looking at her older sister.

Trace shot Jack a look of minor irritation. “No problem,” she said, looking back at Peg. “Let’s go now.”

Dinner was good, and the wine helped loosen Tracey up so that she wasn’t as annoyed with Peg. Peg was also drinking quite a bit for a girl her age, and Jack could see she was getting light-headed. She was kicking Jack under the table, and laughing at his jokes.

After the short drive home, Jack parked the car in the driveway. He could see that the house was dark and the parents had left. Peg ran into the house first and bounded up the stairs. Trace followed her up while Jack stayed in the living room and decided to light a fire as there was a slight chill in the air.

He grabbed a movie off the shelf and put it into the VCR. He turned toward the couch and saw that Trace had changed into a pair of sweats and a long-sleeved cotton shirt. She sat down on the couch and yawned. He noticed that she had taken güvenilir bahis her bra off which signaled that she was ready for bed. “You won’t last long,” he said, knowing that Trace never watched an entire movie without falling asleep about half way through.

Peg had come down stairs and was banging around in the kitchen. He had no idea what she was up to, but assumed that she was making popcorn or something. He took the middle section of the couch with Trace on his left. He hoped that by leaving the right section of the couch open Peg would sit there instead of in the other chair. At least she’ll stay up to watch the movie I just spent four bucks to rent, he thought.

As the movie began, Peg came out of the kitchen with a bottle of vodka in one hand and three glasses in the other. She was wearing a tight pair of sweat pants and a tight, low-cut T-shirt that accentuated her more than ample cleavage. He noticed right away that she had removed her bra as well. He also saw that the chill in the air had brought Peg’s nipples to attention. She plopped down as he hoped she would on the couch next to him, putting the bottle and glasses on the coffee table.

“Gee, Peg. Thirsty?” Jack asked.

Peg smiled. “I found this in the freezer. Must be left over from the New Year’s Eve party. Just thought it would be nice to have a little during the movie,” she said, as she poured three glasses and sent one down the table to Tracey.

“Well, I’m sure you won’t be able to handle much of that,” he told Peg. “I guess I’ll be watching this one alone!”

With that, Tracey downed her entire glass and set it back down on the table. Peg followed her sister’s lead. Jack immediately reached for the bottle and filled them both back up. He hated Vodka, but wasn’t about to spoil their fun.

As the movie went on, Jack noticed that the bottle was draining quickly. About mid way through, the Vodka was gone, and both Tracey and Peg were asleep on the couch next to him — Tracey with her head on his lap, and Peg leaning on his right shoulder. He glanced down at Peg’s chest and stared at her cleavage. He could see just about everything down her shirt the way she was leaning into him. God they’re huge, he thought. He could see that Peg’s skin was silky smooth, just like Tracey’s.

As he stole his longer than average glance, he could feel his dick harden under Tracey’s head and hoped that she didn’t wake up and notice. She was in a heavy sleep, breathing very hard. He reached down and put his hand on his girlfriend’s left tit and started rubbing it through her shirt. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was Peg he was touching.

When he opened his eyes, he looked over and saw that Peg was awake and watching him feel up her older sister as she slept. Jack’s heart jumped, but then he felt Peg’s hand reach across and grab Tracey’s breast as he had been doing. He looked at her in shock, and she put a finger up to his lips.

“Shhhhh! Don’t wake her up!” With that, his prick jumped into a full hard-on, and Peggy lowered her hand from Jack’s mouth and placed it on the end of his bulge, which had just peeked out from under Tracey’s head. She started to lightly knead his helmet through his khaki pants.

Jack thought he was going to explode right there. What would Tracey think if she woke up and saw this? türkçe bahis She’d freak out, of course! Kick me out of the house! And what did Peg think she was doing? His mind was swirling, and he looked back down at Peg’s cleavage, which was heaving along with her heavier breathing pattern.

He saw Tracey start to stir and let out a slow moan as Peg increased the pressure on her breast. He looked down and saw that Tracey’s nipple was fully stiff and poking out through her shirt. Peg must have noticed too, as she started to play with it and make it harder.

“Let’s wake her up, Jack, and see what she does,” Peg said as she looked up at him. “I bet she gets crazy when she’s drunk.” He could see Tracey start rubbing her thighs together and knew that it was only a matter of time before she woke up on her own.

“OK, Peg, but don’t get me in trouble,” he replied.

With that, Peg leaned over and kissed her sister on the cheek. Tracey’s eyes fluttered a bit and opened just enough to see that it was Peg that kissed her. Jack’s heart started pounding. Tracey looked up at him and smiled. She put one hand on Jack’s lap and felt the rock hard unit under her head.

“Wow, Jack, what have you been thinking about?” she said as she started to rub him. She ran into Peg’s hand doing the same thing. She looked down at her chest and saw that Peg was active there as well. “Oh, I see, little Peggy’s getting horny!”

With that, Peg slowly stood up and stretched, her tits ready to burst out of her shirt. Tracey sat up straight and said, “let’s go upstairs.”

Peg walked toward the stairs as Tracey got up off the couch and pulled Jack up with her. “C’mon, Jack, let’s go to bed,” Tracey said.

Jack looked at her and followed her up the stairs. He saw a low light coming from the guest room and walked in to find Peg sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked at her, then looked at Tracey, and finally looked back at Peg. She stood up and walked toward Jack. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head, dropping it on the floor. As she rubbed his chest he felt Tracey rubbing and kissing his back.

With that, he stepped aside and left Tracey and Peg standing across from each other, both of them obviously aroused.

“Maybe you should help Peg get ready for bed, Trace,” Jack said.

Tracey nodded and pulled Peg’s t-shirt over her head. Jack watched as her huge breasts bounced and tumbled out of the shirt. They were incredible — huge light pink areolas as wide as the mouth of a beer mug with stiff, dark pink nipples about the size of the tip of his thumb sticking straight out from the middle of them.

Tracey knelt on the ground and started to pull Peg’s sweats down. She looked up and said, “Oh my God how did you get such huge tits. They’re incredible.” She pulled the sweats down and stood back up. Tracey grabbed Peg’s tits, pushed them together, and started to lick her nipples. “I see why you’re always staring at my little sister, Jack,” Tracey added.

As Peg pulled Tracey’s shirt off, Jack saw her familiar breasts jiggle out from underneath. Tracey took her own sweats down, and kicked them off into the corner of the room.

Jack couldn’t believe it. His girlfriend and her little sister both stood there, facing each other, in just their panties. Peg put her arms güvenilir bahis siteleri around Tracey, and as they hugged he watched their nipples touch each other. Then Peg’s mammoth mounds engulfed Tracey’s smaller tits and they started to kiss. Peg’s hands reached down to grab Tracey’s ass and she returned the favor to Peg.

Jack stripped down completely and his cock was so erect that you could hang an axe on it. He walked up behind Peg and put his arms around her and Tracey, resting his rod on Peg’s soft, warm ass.

He and Tracey had Peg in a sandwich, and Jack was in heaven. Peg turned her head around to kiss Jack. With that, Tracey knelt down and took Peg’s panties down to her ankles. She buried her face into Peg’s blonde bush. Peg shivered with delight.

Jack reached around and grabbed Peg’s heaving breasts and started pinching her nipples. He pinched harder and harder, and realized that Peg was too drunk to feel any sort of pain. He then felt Tracey grabbing his dick and directing it between Peg’s thighs. He couldn’t believe it when he looked down between Peg’s boobs and saw the head of his cock poking out from under Peg’s bush as Tracey licked his helmet.

Tracey looked up and saw that familiar look that told her Jack was ready to explode. She stood up and directed he and Peg to the bed. Peg jumped under the covers first and laid on her side facing away from Jack and Tracey. Tracey took her panties off and then slid in to bed next to Peg, spooning her from behind. Jack followed suit and pulled the covers up over the three of them.

As Tracey was kissing the back of Peg’s neck, he grabbed his still erect dick and pushed it between Tracey’s thighs, finding the wet hole with his fingers. As he slowly pushed it inside of her, he reached over and massaged Peg’s tits. Tracey slid her own hand between Peggy’s legs and mimicked the motion of her boyfriend’s cock as it made its way into her cunt. Peg and Tracey were both breathing harder and faster, and Jack knew he was about explode like he’d never done before.

Just before he was about to start pumping, he pulled out and threw back the covers. “Both of you, lay on your backs,” he said as he held on to his dick. “Hurry up!”

Tracey laid on her back, and Peg quickly rolled over next to her.

“Here is comes, girls!” Jack warned.

The first couple of pumps coated Tracey’s lips and chest. She instantly tried to lick it from her lips as Jack aimed his cannon at Peg. He saved the mother load for her, coating her face, most of her huge tits, and her stomach.

Peg looked down and smiled. She then leaned over and started to smear Jack’s jizz into her sisters chest. She coated her erect nipples and then sucked them clean.

Tracey then leaned over her sister and pushed the cum from Peg’s face into her mouth with her tongue as she rubbed the puddle on her stomach into the soft, smooth skin around her belly and hips. She then leaned over and sucked what was left off of her breasts.

Jack sat back and watched the clean up. “Peg, get in the middle of Tracey and I,” Jack said when they were done and started to lay back down. Peg and Tracey switched positions and Jack laid down this time behind Peg, resting his still erect cock up up against her back with his hand cupped over her right breast. Peg managed to get her hand on Tracey’s tit before she fell asleep.

As he started to drift off himself, he glanced over at the two blonde heads on the pillows next to him and realized that he’d definitely be making the drive up north again the next weekend.

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