A Voice From the Night World Ch. 02

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I don’t own The Night World or seek to profit from the ideas or characters that belong to another. The Night World belongs to the wonderful L. J Smith. I thank her for creating such a wonderful series that I can borrow for the use of my characters.

The characters in this story are fictional and any similarities to living people are accidental. As this story contains sex between males, you need to be of legal age to be reading this story and if you don’t want to be reading about sex between young men you might want to stop now. Feedback is very welcome, as is anyone who is keen to pre-read or edit for me. All can be sent through the link below. I hope you all enjoy!

Character Update:

Main Character:

Age: 18
Lynx Shapeshifter
Hair: Tawny blonde, short.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 6’0.
Build: Lean, broad shouldered.
Personality: Outgoing, Playful, Passionate.

Lamia (Born Vampire)
Age: 18
Hair: Black, collar length.
Eyes: Dark Blue.
Height: 6’4
Build: Like a boxer.
Personality: Charismatic, Disciplined, Witty.

Age: 18
Hair: Auburn, wavy, waist length.
Eyes: Violet.
Height: 5’6
Build: Slight, slender.
Personality: Outgoing, Extroverted, Energetic.

Chayton (Chay)
Gyrfalcon Shapeshifter
Age: 18
Hair: White blonde, straight, shoulder length.
Eyes: Dark brown/black.
Height: 6’0
Build: Lean, slim.
Personality: Cold, Proud, Clever, Staunch.

“Alright let’s swap all the information we have.” Damien said to us later that afternoon.

I dropped down onto the old, cosy green couch that sat in our sitting room as the others picked chairs and made themselves comfortable.

The London team had already been and were on their way back to London. We had just come out of a second meeting with Zach and the four Night Worlders who made up the joint American-English team. Two were Americans and two were English, the two English Daybreakers were younger than us at seventeen and they still attended the London school in question. So they would be our go to people once we joined the same school in a week’s time.

We shared around the typed information we had and the photographs we had been given. The target’s name was Jason according to the black and white and quite a cute human. He had medium brown hair that had a few blonde highlights in it and he wore it gelled into spikes. His eyes were a warm honey hazel set in a sensitive, intelligent looking open face. His lightly tanned skin wore a slight embarrassed, shy blush. Clearly he didn’t like photos and was one who easily blushed.

I felt a wave of fear for him as I contemplated the information we had on him. He looked soft, pampered, sheltered and a bit naive, like prey, and he would be eaten alive if the Night World got to him. I wasn’t even sure we Daybreakers wouldn’t break him because good guys as we were, we were still Night Worlders.

“Our possible Wild Power is average height, average build and is seventeen. He is English, born and bred in London. He’s lived there all his life. He is an only child and his parents are as human as he appears to be. The mother Ivy is a nurse and the father Jeffrey is a lawyer.” Damien summed up our information.

“He’s considered a prodigy in the music world. He could play the piano and violin to an advanced level by the time he was 6 and now should be playing on the world stage. He writes a bit of his own music as well. He is top of his school in mathematics as quite often happens with someone who has a natural ability with music.” I added to Damien’s information.

“He is on the school’s track team and has some top times in their long distance running events. He is quite good with photography it’s what he wants to do with his life, be an animal photographer for National Geographic. At the moment he’s the photographer for the school newspaper and works part-time in a photography store.” I continued with what I had been able to gather from Alicia, one of the English team members.

“He’s the same age as the other two Wild Powers and I was able to find out that while he is human he may be one of us, a lost witch.” Tien offered as he fiddled with a lock of his hair.

“Where did you find that out?” Damien wanted to know.

“Spoke to my mother. She recognised his mother’s maiden name; his maternal grandmother was a lost witch. So it might have bred through to him and the circumstances of his birth match those of the other Wild Powers.” He returned.

Damien gave him a thoughtful look and I knew what he was thinking. Lost witch was the term we used for a human with witch blood with no knowledge of what he or she is. In the past few years more lost witches have been turning up and waking up to what they are, one of us. This can be through an accident or being found by one of us and pulled into the Night World. But many we left alone and they stayed unaware of what they were. But we knew who the lost witches were the Night World kept a watch on them.

“I’m canlı bahis not sure about his being a lost witch.” I put in. “He might be an Old Soul though, which would explain the genius status he has and his tendency towards being a loner.”

“I think my mother may be right though. She is pretty good with witch genealogies and there is still room in the prophecy for one of our Wild Powers to be a witch.” Tien defended his comment.

I smothered a smile we all know how passionate Tien was about the fact that one of the Wild Powers had to be a witch. According to the Maiden’s prophecy, there was definite reference to the third Wild Power being a witch. As we already had a vampire and a human with vampire blood it made sense one had to be a witch and another probably a shifter.

“He could just turn out to be human. Although our half-breed Wild Power has human and vampire blood, there is still room for a Wild Power to be pure human. The humans have as big a chance as shifters and witches do in scoring the Wild Power lottery.” Damien offered with an apologetic, amused smile as his soulmate gave him a dirty look.

“That’s true. But would you really want to find out your a Wild Power? Nothing in that prophecy promises a good time.” I had to say.

“I agree with Liev. They and their soulmates are stuck being moved from safe house to safe house with a permanent team of body guards. They can’t fart without somebody knowing and watching for a problem. Not my idea of a good time.” Tien admitted the usual energy and humour returning to his face.

“But the blue fire would be a pretty sweet weapon to wield don’t you think?” Damien argued animatedly.

He was really into weapons and quite a collection of few swords, knives and wooden fighting sticks.

Chay raised an eyebrow crossing his arms over his chest. “Does it really matter if he’s a lost witch or an Old Soul? Sometimes a Night Worlder can be both.”

We all stared at him, quiet till now, this was the only time in our meeting he had offered anything bar a cool listening silence.

“You have a point. But it’s pretty rare to get both a witch and an Old Soul.” I returned sometimes we all forget how clever and insightful he was under that brooding, cold expression.

“But not impossible. One of my teachers back home was both. It was his personal choice that he let his witch power remain dormant, but he was both.” Chay argued his accent thickening as he spoke.

I noticed that tended to happen when he felt strongly about something.

“I would kill to meet someone who was both an Old Soul and a witch.” Tien said excitedly. “Was he awake to it?”

“No you wouldn’t and yes he was. He scared the shit out of me. He might have been a Daybreaker, but he wasn’t at all friendly. Especially as I was on the other side at the time.” Chay shot back his hard eyes softening a bit, he liked Tien.

“Tell me more!” Tien demanded and Chay began to comply.

I agreed with Chay with a shudder I have met a few Old Souls, humans who have lived too many lives on earth. Most like lost witches were unaware of what they were, but some were awake and remembered _all_ of their many lives. If they were awake they gave me a case of the cold shivers. They were human, but wore age, knowledge and experience like real power, to see into the old yet ageless eyes of an Old Soul was to feel the passage of time. The gossip said Lord Theirry’s newly found soulmate was an Old Soul and that he’d been chasing her through all her many lives.

To come across an Old Soul who was not only awake but had witch blood too would have been something, akin to meeting a dragon. The latter was something I’d give my right kidney to meet. Dragons were the ancestors of all of us shifters, unlike us they were not confined to one form. They are powerful, deadly, vicious and Night Worlders of true magic. My chances of ever meeting one were slim to none as all the dragons are asleep, put that way a millennia ago by the witches to stop a bloody war the dragon’s started. But when they’d been awake they’d ruled the world with iron, magic and sheer power. Nothing stopped the dragons but dormant sleep they are true immortals, true Gods on earth.

“Thinking about dragons again?” Damien broke into my thoughts with a small grin.

I gave him the middle finger he knew me well, too well sometimes, most shifters I find have a particular affinity and affection for dragons, but in this case he’d picked it right out of my head.

“It’s rude to read someone’s thoughts.” I accused him.

“Not my fault if you think too hard and forget to shield.” He retorted.

“Just because I think doesn’t mean that’s an invitation.” I bickered back.

“Stop arguing.” Tien broke in stopping his conversation with Chay to play peacemaker.

Feeling a rush of the absurd I stuck my tongue out at Damien. “So good to see you let Tien solve your problems.”

This time Damien gave me his middle finger.

“Fuck, you two are such children sometimes.” bahis siteleri Tien complained. “I always feel like I have to order you two to time out.”

His words provoked a snicker from Chay but Tien’s words were as playful as our spat was.

“Oh like you’re so superior, fluffy.” Damien provoked giving Chay an evil look.

Chay hissed the amusement in his eyes chilling to a cold glare as his expression froze into his hostile mask. It never ceased to amuse me how good he was at radiating a cold malicious air that never failed to chill the room and shut everyone down. Without a word he got up and stalked out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him with a resounding slam.

“See what I mean? If I didn’t know better I would think that was your courting ritual!” Tien alleged with a snort.

I swallowed my grin but he must have seen it in my expression.

“See! Liev agrees with me!” He cried.

Damien lips twitched. “I can’t help it. I’m doing my best but he drives me crazy.”

I arched an eyebrow at him. “We can see that.”

“Well if we’ve got nothing else to say to each other for now, I’ll head to my room for a bit. My body still needs to rest up.” I said when the thoughtful silences stretched between us with the two of them responding to voicemails on their cell phones.

I got up and snagged a copy of the daily newspaper on my way out the sitting room on my way to my room. I rolled my shoulders and felt the tight pull of my healing injuries. I was nearly healed one more night and a hunt should fix the rest of it I thought. I sat down with my back to the headboard on my bed and began to read the paper I’d brought with me.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

It felt like I’d just closed my eyes when I woke up to a dark room, the sight of my soulmate and a stiff neck. It appeared I’d fallen asleep at some point, I remembered lying down and reading an article about the rise in human murders in Britain and closing my eyes for a moment.

A glance at my bedside alarm clock showed that the time was 7.30pm meaning I’d slept the rest of the afternoon and early evening through. The newspaper I’d been reading was now in the possession of my soulmate as he sat cross-legged on the bed next to me reading the cartoon section with a half smile on his face and my bed side lamp to see by.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him stretching with a yawn and checking my cell phone for messages.

There were none. I then noticed he’d brought a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches with him. I flashed him a sleepy smile and picked one up and began eating struggling not to feel touched. I was hungrier than I thought, the taste of food brought on an immediate rumble of hunger and I wolfed down the food he’d brought me.

I repeated my query as he didn’t seem to hear me. He looked up from the cartoon he was reading and gave me a long amused look like the answer was obvious.

“Still hurting?” He asked in understanding when he saw me carefully stretch again, gently pulling and stretching my recovering muscles.

“Just stiff.” I answered honestly as I ate the last sandwich and sat up straighter and rolled my injured shoulder, reaching up with my good hand to massage the muscles.

“Turn over and lie on your stomach.” He said re-folding the newspaper and dropping it on the floor. “Can’t have you like that when I need you for something else.” He ordered me with a wily smirk.

I smirked back. “You only ever want me for one thing.”

But I did as he said and felt him settle between my legs. Then his strong, slender hands began to massage and knead the stiff, tense muscles in my back and shoulders being careful not to pull or upset my injuries. I sighed slowly relaxing as he carefully and patiently worked the kinks and knots out of me.

“You’re so good at that.” I murmured to him starting to feel much better with the tension and pain massaged out.

It was then that I felt the same gold tinted healing energy pass from his hands into me and add a warm, tingling note to his ministrations. At some point the energy flow between us stopped and his touch grew steadily closer to caresses.

“What do I get for my help?” He whispered in my ear as he leaned forward pressing slowly against my back as he let me feel the hard length of him. At the same time I felt one hand slide underneath me, reaching for my own slowly hardening cock.

I groaned feeling a sharp spike of sexual need across our soulmate bond.

“The same thing you always get when you touch me.” I replied as I shifted allowing him to wrap his hand around me through my jeans.

I felt his smile warm and close against my ear as his free hand slid under my t-shirt to stroke over my naked skin.

“Good.” He whispered as the tightened his grip on my cock and stroked my abs as the blue lightening shot between us again forcing our soulmate connection to flash open.

We both allowed the lightening to pull us together and it softened, gentling and bahis şirketleri retreating as he shifted just enough to allow me to roll over underneath him and wrap my arms around him. His skin was flushed with lust and desire, his eyes darkening as he kissed me. I felt him ease down beside me and press up hard against my body as we were trading long, hungry kisses. I bit roughly I explored his soft lips, warm hot mouth, hard smooth teeth and silky tongue. I slid my hands down his warm back towards my obsession his ass, sliding my hands down under his jeans to grip the soft mounds to roughly grind him into me.

My cock was hard enough to hammer nails and I moaned liking the feel of the muscle in his ass but it was softer muscle then the rest of him. I found my fingers digging in hard, kneading slightly, in an age old plea for surrender and sex.

“Shit! Feels soo good.” I heard him say as he moaned squirming on top of me, pushing his ass back into my hands, offering himself to me.

I moaned back thrusting my tongue in his mouth as he sucked eagerly at it, we fit into each other’s arms; we were the exact same height and had similar lean, muscled forms. Only my shoulders and chest were wider, with more heavily defined muscles, he was just as strong but he was lighter boned and leaner, so sliding against each other was turning me on big time and him too. I heard a loud ripping sound and an impatient noise as he tore my t-shirt apart trying to get at more of my skin.

My body despite his ministrations and my own horny need still offered me a dim protest as I grappled to get his jeans off and down his legs. Cooperating he shifted off me long enough to rip off his t-shirt and jeans and did the same for me. Naked he crawled back into my arms and began dropping warm, moist kisses over my face and neck, as his mouth fastened on the sensitive spot he was hunting for. My cock throbbed like his nipping, sucking mouth was connected to it

He sucked on the same vulnerable spot where my neck met my shoulder, grinding his own hard leaking seven inch cock into mine. I shuddered, my cock throbbing with my need for him as I ran my own impatient fingers over him, loving the feel of warm, smooth muscle and silky hair. I traced blind the black foxglove tattoo he wore on his right shoulder. His hands slid feverishly over my back and sides, stroking and scratching lightly in his hungry desperation as his fingers slid lower as they found and wrapped around my cock.

“Keep going.” I repeated all but purring as he stroked me using my own leaking precum as lube.

I ran one of my hands over his naked hip, stroking up his side and back towards the nape of his neck. I grabbed the nape of his neck tightly, liking the feel of his loose silky hair against the back of my hand. The short gold chain necklace he wore with its small gold foxglove engraved pendent was cool as it brushed against me as we pressed together.

I could smell and feel he was freshly showered and felt flattered he’d gone to the trouble. He was scattering more warm kisses over my throat and face but I pulled his mouth back and kissed him hard, aggressively pushing my tongue into his mouth mimicking what I wanted to do to him. He moaned into my mouth twisting against me as my free hand slid between us to stroke his cock.

The room was quiet aside from the light rain hitting the roof and our heavy breathing. His own hand wrapped around my erection tightened as he rubbed his thumb over the head causing me to buck underneath him. He made a choked sound that might have been a laugh or a curse as I started to rub and tweak his nipples. I used my free hand to stroke over his hole and tease him without penetrating.

“You are going to fuck me aren’t you? I want you.” My soulmate commanded huskily as he pushed his ass back against my teasing hand with a frustrated curse.

My response was to increase the speed of the I hand I had stroking his cock; deliberately I left my free hand on his hip as he moaned encouragingly. I saw in his mind how much he did want me to fuck him and how excited he was. I sighed as he quickly slid down my body to take my cock in his mouth.

We both moaned at the feel of my cock in his warm, wet mouth. He sucked, using his tongue on the sensitive head as his head bobbed up and again. I barely stopped the urge to grab his head and thrust into his mouth, desperate to answer my own hunger for him as

I watched my cock disappear and reappear from his mouth. His motions speed up, as he used a hand to squeeze and play with my balls.

Moaning helplessly I trembled on the bed and pulled at his shoulders feeling my own helpless thrust into his mouth. I felt more then heard his strangled groan as he gave in, feeling how close I was to coming as he allowed my wet cock to slip out of his mouth and he let me pull him up to straddle my hips.

I kissed him hard and growled as I tasted myself on his lips and tongue. I couldn’t stop my hands from gripping his ass, squeezing to hold him still as I thrust my cock into him, surprised as always by how tight he was. Before me he’d only been fucked twice which was chaste compared to what my free and ready sex life used to be. It was such a surprise when you saw how hot he was.

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