A Walk in the Park

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Leanne sat in the old transport café at the edge of the park waiting for her boyfriend, Ricky. Yet again he was late for a date and Leanne was beginning to get just a little fed up with it all. Either he wanted to be with her or he didn’t. If he did, then surely he should have the courtesy to be on time at least once in a while, and if he didn’t, then why the hell didn’t he just say so? Another ten minutes, she decided, and if he was still a no-show, then he was also going to be history.

She glanced up as a petite girl with short spiky blonde hair put her tray down on the table diagonally opposite, facing Leanne across the aisle. She smiled in vague recognition, aware that she had seen this girl on the university campus a few times, though she did not know her. The girl smiled back as she picked up her burger.

‘Hi.’ She managed to get out before biting into her food.

‘Hi.’ Leanne replied with a grin, nodding towards the large coke and double fries that went with the burger, wondering how such a small frame could find room for such a hefty portion. ‘Hungry?’

The girl grinned back, licking a piece of onion into her mouth. ‘Famished. Just couldn’t wait until I got home.’ She paused. ‘You not eating?’

‘No, waiting for someone.’

‘A guy?’

‘Yes. And he’s late – as usual.’

‘Some of them are like that.’ A handful of fries replaced the words in her mouth.

Leanne smiled to herself. There was nothing elegant about this girl. She was much more street urchin than lady, but she was very attractive in a tomboyish kind of way, especially in her loose blue tee-shirt and short green skirt over white trainers. It was a strange combination that somehow worked simply because the wearer clearly didn’t mind if it did or not. She waved her burger in Leanne’s direction.

‘They just don’t care who they’re late for sometimes, do they?’

‘Well.’ Leanne reached her decision. ‘He’s late for his ex now, because I’ve had enough.’

‘Good for you.’ The girl applauded her. ‘Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.’

The two girls lapsed into silence, glancing across at each other occasionally. Leanne sipping thoughtfully at her coffee, confirming her decision to herself, unsure if she was feeling relief or sadness. Across the aisle her companion worked her way steadily through the meal before her.

‘Are you heading back to the campus?’ The girl asked suddenly.

‘Yes,’ Leanne answered rather morosely. ‘I’ve nothing else to do so I might as well get some study done.’

‘Are you thinking of cutting through the park?’

‘I expect so.’

It was not the recreation ground kind of park with kid’s playground, tennis courts and so on, but just an open space of rough grass and stubby trees where people had picnics by the little river and wandered along unmade paths. At the weekend it could be quite busy with families, but on a midweek evening like this one it was very often nearly empty, lonely almost. But it didn’t have any reputation for danger and it did take nearly a mile from the walk back, so even when deserted it was still an excellent shortcut.

‘Would you mind if I walked with you?’ She asked. ‘I get a bit nervous when it begins to get dark.’

Leanne glanced in surprise out of the cafe window and saw that the late summer sun had almost dipped behind the tops of the trees.

‘No, of course not.’ Truth to be told, she would be glad of some company. It just might lift her spirits.

‘I won’t keep you long.’ The girl pointed down at her rapidly disappearing food.

‘No hurry, take your time. I’m in no rush now. I don’t mind the dark.’

When she was not alone Leanne had a kind of affinity for the night, as if it hid the cares of the world from her.

‘Oh, I do.’ The girl picked up her tray and slid across to face Leanne at her table. ‘I’d be scared on my own.’

She sucked on her coke and then announced unexpectedly. ‘I’m Carly.’

‘Hello Carly, I’m Leanne.’ She appraised the girl before her, taking in the slim boyish figure, the large green eyes and the open friendly smile.

‘Hello Leanne.’ Carly tore of a piece of burger with sharp white teeth.

Once again the two girls lapsed into silence, but this time it was something more than just simple silence. Leanne looked up to find Carly staring at her almost wistfully. She wasn’t sure what to make of it and so she smiled shyly and looked away again, her eyes darting back quickly to check if she were still the subject of Carly’s scrutiny and feeling almost disappointed when she wasn’t. It was as if they were weighing each other up, aware of something between them but unsure what it was.

‘What are you studying?’ She asked, wanting more to break the silence than to anything.

‘Archaeology. You?’

‘Media studies.’

The silence threatened to close in again.

‘Do you…’ Leanne cleared her throat and tried again. ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

She had no idea why she’d asked that.

‘I don’t have anyone at the moment.’ Carly replied after a moment’s reflection.

‘Apparently.’ Leanne shrugged, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri remembering having been stood up. ‘Neither do I.’

Again there was a slightly charged stillness as both girls finished their drinks and gazed at each other over the table. Carly popped the last few fries into her mouth without looking down and dusted her hands together.

‘That’s me done.’ She told Leanne. ‘Shall we go?’

Outside the air was still warm even though the sun was now just a red ball glimpsed low between the trees of the park. What had been a hot, humid day with very little breeze had turned into a pleasant evening.

Leanne and Carly turned in through the gate together and set off side by side to walk across the park. They kept up a half-hearted and meaningless chat, but there were more periods of amiable quiet when they walked alongside, just glancing and smiling at each other for no discernable reason. It seemed clear to Leanne that something was in the air, but she still wasn’t quite sure where it was all leading. A couple of times she felt like asking Carly if anything was the matter, but she was enjoying the quiet company and the simple presence of an attractive girl, and she didn’t want to spoil it. So at ease did she feel in Carly’s company that, even though conversation was sparse, she hardly noticed when Carly’s cool slender fingers entwined into hers and they started to walk along hand in hand – and even when she did notice it didn’t seem to matter. Sure it felt a little strange, but she was pleased that they could be so relaxed together so soon after meeting. She was quite a tactile sort of girl anyway, and holding the hand of a friend seemed quite normal. She squeezed Carly’s fingers gently and smiled when the pressure was returned.

They walked together quietly like this for perhaps a quarter mile, enjoying the warm twilight and the sounds of wildlife settling for the night, and then, without any warning, Carly stopped dead, gripping onto Leanne’s hand so that she was swung around by her own momentum to face her companion. Then Carly released Leanne’s hand and reached up to put her arms around her and pull her into a tight embrace, her mouth seeking Leanne’s in a sudden kiss. Shocked by Carly’s behaviour, Leanne’s instinctive reaction was to pull away, but she was still off balance and stumbling towards Carly, and before she could regain her equilibrium she found to her absolute astonishment that she was responding.

Her arms went around Carly, partly to maintain her balance, but partly also because… well because they just did. It wasn’t anything she was expecting, and it certainly wasn’t what she was looking for, but she found herself standing in the twilight, in the middle of a public footpath, enjoying – yes, enjoying – a full on kiss with a girl. Her eyes went wide with alarm, but her mouth was opening too, and her hands were flattening themselves across Carly’s back. She tried to say no, but it came out as a garbled sound of pleasure. Thoughts raced through her mind as she wondered what was going to happen next and why hadn’t she seen it coming – and most shockingly, why didn’t she want it to stop. Eventually, unable to understand or fight it, she gave in and returned the kiss.

Sensing Leanne’s surrender, Carly’s kisses became more passionate, her tongue found its way into Leanne’s mouth and her hands roamed over her back, firm but affectionate through the thin material of her top. Leanne responded in kind, probing between Carly’s lips, fencing with her tongue, exploring her mouth, and then her hands began to travel around Carly’s back, feeling the smoothness of her skin through her cotton tee-shirt. Her arms had been around females before; hugs shared with departing friends, embraces of greeting, and cuddles of sympathy, but never anything like this. On those occasions the pleasure had come from the emotion of the moment, but this time it came simply from the physical contact, and it felt so much more intense.

Eventually their mouths parted to allow them to get some air, catching breath lost in the sensations of the unexpected kisses, and for a while they simply embraced cheek to cheek, looking over each others shoulders while their hands still wandered. Soon Carly found the hem of Leanne’s top, deliberately going under it so that her hands were on the skin of her back, roaming around, up and over her bra straps to the nape of her neck, down her spine, drifting from side to side, almost going around the front, and feeling so good that Leanne could not prevent herself from sighing with contentment. Once again Carly took the response as an invitation to go further, and now her hands went up Leanne’s back and under her bra strap, repeating the action twice as if to check on Leanne’s reaction before suddenly her fingers found the catch and Leanne felt the release of tension as her bra came undone.

Carly pulled back a little and looked Leanne straight in the eye, trying to see in the increasing twilight if there was any disapproval of her action. Seeing none, she hooked the hem of Leanne’s top in her thumbs and ran her hands up güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the sides of Leanne’s body, pushing top and bra up with them. Leanne gasped as her breasts came free and exposed to the cooler evening air, but she made no move to stop it, passively accepting whatever the other girl wanted to do with ever mounting excitement. Still holding the top out of the way, Carly looked down at Leanne’s breasts, causing the nipples to engorge with arousal and goose bumps of anticipation to break out over Leanne’s flesh. Suddenly Carly bent down in front of her with a little mew of excitement and took a swollen nipple into her mouth.

‘Oh my god,’

It was the first time Leanne had spoken since they had stopped along the path, but the whispered words were not of displeasure, but of delighted surprise tinged with a little alarm at how quickly things were moving. Leanne looked quickly up and down the path, troubled in case anyone should come along and find her in a very clearly sexual situation with another girl. She was enjoying what was happening, but that didn’t mean she wanted the world to know. What if it went around the university that she was turning lesbian?

That sudden thought stopped her in her mental tracks. Gone for the moment were any thoughts of being seen, instead she was enveloped by the alarming idea that she might actually be that way inclined. But then the feel of Carly’s mouth suckling at her nipple was so good it didn’t seem to matter, and anyway, it was just a mouth, why should she care about the gender of its owner? She could let herself be aroused like this and still not be a lesbian, so long as she didn’t actually do anything herself. She was rationalising and she knew it, but her body was responding big time, even her pussy was beginning to react.

Carly’s hands had released Leanne’s clothes to begin exploring her body, but her top had now slipped back and she could feel it getting in the way, the edge drooping across her breasts and spoiling Carly’s kisses. She took hold and pulled it up under her chin, bra and all as if offering Carly her breasts, then looked down to watch Carly sucking harder at her nipple. Carly’s eyes flicked up to meet hers and she mumbled something unintelligible before she pressed her mouth even more eagerly into the soft flesh, her lips opening to take in more of her breast and her hands caressing Leanne’s bare torso. Leanne groaned with pure pleasure, her eyes once again roving up and down the path to make sure nobody was coming.

One of Carly’s hands was now in the centre of Leanne’s bare back but the other started to explore further, urgently but briefly going down below her waistband to find and feel her bottom, gently squeezing the cheeks before retreating back up Leanne’s spine. Just for a second Leanne went rigid at this encroachment, but the disappointment she felt as Carly moved away negated her unease and she let out a deliberate sigh of regret. Carly’s hand immediately came back, urgently fondling her, running her hand all around the firm cheeks, squeezing as if to feel the flesh beneath Leanne’s shorts, before moving her hand around and over Leanne’s hips. Leanne guessed what was coming and without even thinking about it she parted her legs just enough for Carly to touch her pussy through the thin material of her shorts and panties. She felt Carly’s fingers probing and fondling her through her clothes, her breath coming in staccato little gasps as she allowed herself to be touched there by a girl for the very first time. She couldn’t hide how she felt, little whimpers of anxious delight were making their own way out of her mouth, and so she just stood there and let Carly have her way.

Suddenly Carly’s fingers were fumbling with her belt, trying to undo her shorts and find their way inside. For a moment Leanne almost let her, but then she realised exactly where they were.


She pushed Carly away, feeling the sudden coolness of the air on the wetness of her nipple as the girl pulled away in disappointed surprise.

‘What if someone should see?’

Carly shrugged, obviously too turned on to be worried by the prospect. ‘What if they do?’

Leanne did worry; she looked about her, not really wanting to stop but not wanting to flaunt it either. She grabbed Carly by the hand and pulled her from the path, down a little slope and into a group of scrubby trees, not quite hidden from passers-by, but near enough in the rapidly descending darkness.

There was no resistance. Leanne knew now exactly what was happening and even wanted it, although she still didn’t understand why. There was urgency within her now and straight away she turned to face Carly, pulling her own top and bra up and then over her head and off, dropping them carelessly onto the grass out of the way and standing naked to the waist to let Carly carry on where she left off. Carly smiled and moved forward, dipping her head to find Leanne’s nipple again, one hand around Leanne’s back and the other cupping the breast to be kissed.

Leanne murmured her pleasure as Carly’s mouth closed on her güvenilir bahis şirketleri once again, tongue flicking and lapping at her little bud then sucking it back into her mouth, leaving her hand free to wander down to Leanne’s shorts once again. This time Leanne did not object, in fact she shivered with anticipation as her belt was undone and as she felt the buzz of her descending zipper. She felt Carly’s hand working its way inside her clothes, pushing under the waistband of her panties, fingertips finding and stroking the first dark curls of her pubic hair. There Carly hesitated, as if unsure of Leanne’s approval. But Leanne could wait no longer. She no longer cared about the gender of her partner, only that this girl was going to satisfy the hunger that was growing inside her.

‘Do it.’

The fingers pushed further down, finding the top of Leanne’s pussy, working their way between her opened legs to touch her clitoris. Leanne gasped at the sudden contact and tried, hindered by her clothes, to open her legs a little further. Unable to give Carly the room she wanted to, Leanne tucked her thumbs under her shorts and pushed them as far down as her opened knees would allow. Carly’s fingers slid further between her legs and began to play with her more vigorously, stroking and rubbing her clitoris, sending little darts of delight through Leanne’s body.

Then, abruptly, Carly backed away and it was Leanne’s turn to feel frustrated disappointment as she stood bare-chested, legs apart, her shorts gaping open with a little tuft of her pubic curls darkly visible above her scrunched down panties. But, even as Leanne gasped at her in surprise, Carly smiled sexily and crouched down in front of her, reaching for her shorts. Leanne understood at once what was intended and stood straight, letting Carly pull her shorts and panties down as one, raising one foot after the other so that her clothes could be manoeuvred over her shoes.

Now she was nude in the middle of a public park, but she didn’t care, the dark covered her nakedness and her arousal covered any inborn embarrassment. The fact that Carly was still wearing her ill assorted clothing didn’t matter either; after all it was Leanne who was on the receiving end of the pleasure. She spread her legs and just stood there, breathing heavily, waiting impatiently for Carly to continue.

Still crouching, Carly moved forward, breathing audibly herself, one hand going around Leanne to gently squeeze her bottom, and the other running softly up the inside of her thigh until it found its target. Leanne rested her hands on Carly’s shoulders to steady herself and opened her legs just a little more to let the other girl play with her. Carly found the wetness of her slit and followed it until she reached her entrance, so that Leanne gasped out loud as two fingers found their way through and pushed deep into her vagina.

Carly smiled happily, her teeth showing in the darkness, and began pumping her fingers in and out of Leanne’s pussy, finger-fucking her hard and fast, her eyes going from where her fingers slid wetly in and out, to looking up at Leanne’s indistinctly seen face to try and see what effect she was having. The truth was that she was having an amazing effect. Leanne stood there naked, legs apart, hands resting on Carly’s shoulders, mouth open, gazing wildly about her and gasping from the sensations that ran through her. She was afraid that she would orgasm, not because she didn’t want to come, but because she was almost never noiseless and in the quiet of the evening she could imagine her cries ringing through a silent park.

‘You’re going to make me come.’ She gasped down at Carly, partly as a statement, but also as a warning.

‘Good, that’s the idea.’

Leanne could just about make out the smile on Carly’s face in the gloom before she leaned forward and pushed her mouth up against Leanne’s pussy, licking at her clit while her fingers still plunged up and down into her passage.

‘Oh my god.’

Leanne could feel her climax building. Carly’s tongue flicked at her clit, unable to reach far enough between her legs to lick it properly, but reaching just far enough to tease her into coming. There was nothing she could do about it, she could feel the pleasure building, that familiar warmth in her pussy that was increasing and spreading, becoming an explosion that was about to ignite. She could feel her hips starting to thrust automatically, jerking forward, pushing her pussy at Carly’s face as her climax took over.

‘I’m coming.’

It was a sharp little cry of delight and despair, followed almost immediately by a long animalistic wail as her orgasm hit. Wave after wave of absolute ecstasy from Carly’s tongue and fingers were pulsing through her and she was simply unable to stop herself. Her cries were not exceptional, but in the still of the evening she was sure they rang right through the park even though she tried to quieten them, trying to keep her mouth shut to stifle her noise. To her own embarrassed ears she was certain that she would be heard all the way back to the campus, and she stared at the path they had been on previously, praying that nobody would come along and hear her, but knowing that she wouldn’t be able to stop even if they did. She cried out again as Carly’s fingers rammed themselves up her even harder and triggered another rush of sensations. All she could do was surrender to her climax.

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