A Week at the Lake with My Sister Ch. 04

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I drifted through Friday morning. My sister had told me in no uncertain terms she wanted to fuck me, my girlfriend had weaseled out of me that I wished I could fuck my sister, and they were all smiles and laughter this morning. Paul was all smiles too, laughing and cutting up with them. Kaitlyn seemed to glow with joy.

We water skied, and I did miserable when I was out on the water. When Mom or Dad skied, thankfully Kaitlyn steered with Joanna as lookout as I would have been a nautical hazard. I mostly stayed close to the lookout seat though facing away so Mom couldn’t see my face, and I did my best to look cheerful while my brain struggled to process last night. What stuck out was how much more aggressive Kaitlyn had been. Before last night, I could write off everything Kaitlyn and I had done as innocent fun. There was nothing innocent in how she had acted last night. I tried to think of reasons for the change and came up with nothing.

But had anything changed? Joanna was still my girlfriend; she had made it clear she wasn’t going to have sex with Paul and had said Kaitlyn had agreed to not have sex with me. But Kaitlyn last night had made it abundantly clear she wanted us to fuck. Kaitlyn and Joanna had spent the whole afternoon together. Had they miscommunicated?

Deep down, I knew I couldn’t resist Kaitlyn. My desire for her had been building steadily through the week. She was the sexiest woman I knew. If an opportunity came up for us to fuck and Joanna didn’t stop us, Kaitlyn and I would do what she wanted. At the same time, she was my sister, and I knew we shouldn’t have sex. Especially because Joanna and Paul would know what we did. What if Paul got jealous and went to my parents? That’d make our lives a mess.

How would Joanna respond to Kaitlyn and me fucking? Would it be the end of our relationship? She had seemed almost happy when I said I wished I could fuck Kaitlyn. Why would my girlfriend want me to fuck her best friend, my sister? Was it that she got off on the idea of a brother having such immoral desires for his sister? Or was there something else? I had the feeling Joanna and Kaitlyn were working together to get Kaitlyn and me in bed, and it was only a matter of time before it happened.

For lunch, I made a sandwich, wandered out onto the deck and made for a far corner. I wanted to be alone so I could pull my thoughts together enough that when Mom and Dad “napped”, I could have an intelligent conversation with Kaitlyn and Joanna about what was going on.

To my surprise, Mom came out of the lake house and sat down next to me with her lunch. We chitchatted for a while, and I did my best to act normal.

Finally, Mom said, “What’s wrong, Brandon?”

“Wrong, Mom?”

“You’ve been acting out of sorts this morning. What’s wrong?”

Your daughter wants to fuck me, I’m probably going to let her, and I think my girlfriend is okay with the idea. But other than that, everything’s normal.

“I don’t know, Mom. I think I’m worn down. I do a lot of physical work at the golf course, and I’ve been out on the water constantly since we’ve been here. Maybe I should take a big nap this afternoon while the rest of you water ski.”

“Don’t lie to me, honey. I know something’s going on.”

Oh shit! Does she suspect what we’ve been doing at night? I had to say something is wrong, but what?

I sighed and shook my head to give me time to come up with something, and then said, “I don’t get along well with Paul.”

“You haven’t been upset for two days because of Paul.”

True. As I didn’t know exactly what Mom had observed/figured out, I decided the best course of action was to keep my mouth shut. I shrugged and picked up my sandwich.

Mom said, “You’re upset about Joanna, aren’t you?”

My eyes widened. Did Mom suspect what Joanna and Paul had been doing? If she did, she probably suspected what Kaitlyn and I were doing. I decided to hedge the best I could. “Yeah. Things have been different between us the last few days.”

“Oh, Honey,” Mom said in an ‘it-hurts-me-more-than-it-hurts-you’ tone. “I had worried Kaitlyn and Paul might break up during this week, but you and Joanna breaking up hadn’t crossed my mind.”

“I don’t think we’re breaking up.” We’d happily fucked last night.

“You two are pulling away from each other. Look Honey, being together constantly for a week is very stressful, particularly when you’re with the same people and are doing the same things day after day. Don’t rush to any decisions.”

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Mom continued in her concerned mom voice, “I’ve known Joanna for years, and I think the world of her. She’s grown up in a very difficult situation, and, given that, she’s amazingly well-adjusted. She’s overcome a lot of challenges, and I admire her resilience, but she’s going to have struggles you can’t understand because you’ve grown up in a stable, loving family.”

Someone who grew up in that same stable, loving family casino oyna wants to fuck me.

“Love is all fireworks at your age. But when the fireworks dim, real love is work.”

Fireworks with Kaitlyn. What an awesome image!

“There are days when I don’t like your father, even though I still love him. Love is a choice; it’s deciding every day to be totally committed to your other. I see Joanna as the type of person who can do that.”

You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

“What I’m saying is she’s worth persevering for. Give her a second chance, and a third chance, and a fourth chance before you decide to do anything you might regret later. Okay?”

“Okay, Mom.” I’ll go back now to thinking about fucking my sister.

Mom stood up and smiled at me, motherly message delivered. She went back into the lake house, leaving me to my thoughts.

* * * *

After I finished my lunch, I went inside and joined everyone else. I decided the best thing to do was to try to act as normal as possible. I chatted with Kaitlyn and Paul for a little bit. Normally after lunch, Joanna and Kaitlyn changed from athletic swimwear to much smaller sunning bikinis, but only Joanna made the change today. The four of us took the stairs down and split as usual, with Paul heading with his tablet to the hammock.

When we were about halfway to the chaise lounges, Kaitlyn said to me, “Let’s go ride jet skis.”

“You don’t want to lie out?”

“No. That’s why I didn’t change bikinis.”

“Do you want to go with Paul?”

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes. “No.”

I shrugged and said, “Okay.” I waved to Joanna. “See ya in a while.”

Joanna said, “Have fun!”

Kaitlyn gave her a big smile. “You too.”

As we walked down towards the boat house, Kaitlyn asked, “What did Mom say to you?”

“She’s concerned because I haven’t been my normal self recently.”

Kaitlyn reached out and gave my hand a squeeze. “You’re having a hard time with what we’ve been doing at night, and I admire you for that. So many guys would be ‘The more making out the better’. Paul is certainly that way. But you’re not comfortable making out with someone you’re not committed to, are you?”

I was so thankful that Kaitlyn understood. “No, I’m not.”

“Well, tonight is our last time since tomorrow night we have the big campfire.” Our family tradition was that on the last night of vacation, we’d have a beach campfire where’d we tell stories, roast marshmallows and make s’mores. It was an evening of family fun. Kaitlyn gave me a big smile and said, “I think tonight is going to be very special.”

* * * *

We jet skied for about twenty minutes before returning. Kaitlyn and I had taken turns splashing the other, and I had gotten the best of her. I was in a much better mood as we walked back towards the lake house.

“Where’s Joanna?” I asked. She wasn’t sitting on a chaise lounge.

“Let’s see if she’s in the mud room.”

There was no reason for Joanna to be in the mud room, but there weren’t many other places she could be. The lake house was actually kind of lonely – the only people besides Paul in sight were well out on the lake.

When we got to the door to the mud room, Kaitlyn lightly grabbed my wrist to get my attention. When I turned to her, she asked me, “Last night when I told I wanted you to fuck me, what did you think of that? Did it appeal to you?”

My thoughts were instantly scrambled as I both wanted to fuck Kaitlyn and was repulsed by the idea. What kind of guy wants to fuck his sister? Particularly when he’s got a girlfriend?

When I didn’t respond, Kaitlyn gave me a small, knowing smile. I felt like I had been zapped with a stun gun. Why was Kaitlyn asking me this just before we’re probably going to talk to Joanna? Why was Joanna waiting for us in the mud room? My mind swam.

Kaitlyn opened the door and lightly pulled me by arm into the mud room. Joanna was waiting there, leaning against the washing machine. Kaitlyn said to her, “Did you have fun?”

Joanna smiled. “I did.” She turned to me and said, “I was naughty while you were gone, and I think we need to even things up.”

Another zap by a stun gun. She was naughty? We needed to even things up?

Kaitlyn said, “Okay. What did you do?”

“Once you left, I went over to talk to Paul. He didn’t want to pay attention to me, so I took my top off.”

What the hell? Anger surged through me.

“Like this?” said Kaitlyn as grabbed her bikini top and pulled it over her head. Her beautiful tits bounced gently as they were freed. My jaw dropped.

“Yes,” said Joanna. “That got Paul’s attention.”

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of surrealism; my anger forgotten. My girlfriend had just told me and Paul’s girlfriend that she had gone topless to get Paul’s attention. Kaitlyn hadn’t been upset by the news at all. Instead, she had taken off her top. Both Kaitlyn and Joanna were acting like this was perfectly slot oyna normal. I couldn’t process it all.

Joanna said, “He squeezed one tit and sucked on the other.”

“Like this?” asked Kaitlyn and as she put one of my hands on her tit and reached for the back of my head. I thought about resisting, but I was too dazed to put up a fight. Kaitlyn pulled my head slowly downward, and my mouth opened on its own to latch onto Kaitlyn’s tit. I sucked on her nipple, tasting the lake water it was still damp with. I loved Kaitlyn’s tits and was ecstatic to be enjoying them once again.

Kaitlyn said to Joanna, “I’m not surprised. Paul is such a tit man. He squeezes and sucks on my tits whenever he can.”

Joanna ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked on my sister’s tit. She said in a friendly, taunting tone, “I told you she had nicer tits than me.”

I didn’t reply. Not because my mouth was full of tit, but because I was trying to understand what was going on. This felt well-planned, but why would Joanna cheat on me with Paul? Why would she be so happy about me sucking on Kaitlyn’s tit?

Kaitlyn said, “You were naughty. Did you do anything else?”

“Oh yes. While Paul sucked on my tit, I undid his swim trunks.”

“Like this?” said Kaitlyn as she reached down to my swim trunks. I had the feeling I should try to stop her, that Kaitlyn was going too far, but my brain was too busy trying to process Joanna’s revelation. Part of my brain was saying I should be furious about Joanna undoing Paul’s swim trunks, but my brain’s circuits were too overloaded for that message to go very far.

Kaitlyn loosened the strings of my trunks, popped me off her tit and then squatted down so she was facing my swim trunks. “Did you pull them down like this?” she asked Joanna as she pulled down my swim trunks. My cock was fully erect when she freed it. Kaitlyn pulled my swim trunks all the way down to my feet. The feeling of surrealism overwhelmed me – my sister was stripping me naked with my girlfriend’s approval. When Kaitlyn lifted my leg slightly, I rotely stepped out of my trunks. She reached up and grabbed my cock firmly.

“Did you lick it like this?” Kaitlyn asked. She stuck out her tongue and pressed it against my cock near its base. I felt something like a ten thousand volt shock. Kaitlyn looked me in the eye as she slowly slid her tongue up my cock, causing me to shiver with pleasure. No one’s tongue had ever felt so good on my cock. She slowly licked upward until she reached the crown of my cock.

Joanna stood there and watched as Kaitlyn licked up and down my cock a few times like it was the most normal thing in the world. My brain was blown. This made no sense whatsoever. This week had been crazy; last night had been incredibly crazy; but this took crazy to beyond the moon. I remembered Joanna saying last night We’d never have sex with someone who wasn’t our boyfriend. No oral either way, no fucking. That was apparently non-operable now. Or did this mean…

Joanna moved so she was standing right next to me. She looked down at Kaitlyn with a big smile and said, “You’re so naughty, Kaitlyn.”

Kaitlyn looked at Joanna, smiled and then guided my cock into her mouth. Joanna watched happily as Kaitlyn swallowed my cock. I moaned. Kaitlyn’s mouth felt so wonderful. The sexual intensity was back up to eleven, magnifying the pleasure Kaitlyn’s mouth was giving. She slowly pulled back while her lips gripped my cock firmly until her lips reached the crown, before diving down on my cock again. The whole time, her brilliant blue eyes were locked on mine.

Joanna said, “She looks so sexy, doesn’t she?”

I couldn’t answer as I was too overwhelmed; overwhelmed by pleasure and emotion. Kaitlyn did look damn sexy, but I was focused on the great feelings her mouth was giving my cock. While my girlfriend watched and made friendly small talk!

Kaitlyn slowly pulled her lips up my cock and then dived back down on it. She did that four or five times, giving me massive amounts of pleasure, before circling her tongue around my crown. She was damn good at giving head while maintaining eye contact, which made it unimaginably hot.

Kaitlyn continued on like that, bobbing her head five or six times before doing something different like licking up and down my cock or circling her tongue around my crown. It didn’t take her long to get me on the verge of cumming.

“I’m about to cum.”

Kaitlyn started bobbing furiously up and down my cock, which I took to mean she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Her ministrations felt so good. A few more bobs and I went over the edge; a wave of pleasure swept over me as I painted her tonsils with sperm. She sucked it all down, a happy look on her face. Once I stopped spurting, she slowed and eventually pulled my shrinking cock out of her mouth for a few more licks. She gave me a sexy look as she gave my cock a final kiss and then stood up.

Joanna leaned against me, gave me a peck on the canlı casino siteleri cheek, and said, “Please don’t be angry with me,” before leaving.

I leaned against the washing machine and caught my breath. So much had happened, not just right now but over the whole week. I was mentally and emotionally overwhelmed.

Kaitlyn asked, “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I think so. I think you and Joanna have decided to switch boyfriends. That was her handing me off to you while letting me know she’s with Paul now.”

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe she’d dump me for that big doofus. I had tried so hard to make our relationship work and now…I was stunned. It had happened so fast. I had seen it coming a little, but the speed in which she had decided Paul was better left me shaken. Part of me felt I should be angry; feel betrayed. But things had happened too fast. And it wasn’t like Joanna had done anything behind my back or left me high and dry – she had given me to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn said delicately, “I can see why you’d think that, but it’s not exactly like that. I want you to give me a chance as your girlfriend. I know that sounds crazy as I’m your sister, but it’s what I want with all my soul. I’ve wanted it since Monday when I saw you sucking on Joanna’s tits while Paul slobbered on mine. But I couldn’t exactly say Tuesday morning ‘How about dumping Joanna and trying me as your girlfriend?’ So I’ve been working since Monday to get us to this point. I’ve done some things that were very wrong; I’ve been a selfish, evil person; and the only justification I can offer is that I thought the ends justified the means. I think you’re the guy for me. I’m attracted to you like I’ve never been attracted to a guy before; I have so much fun with you; whatever making out we’ve done has driven me crazy with lust; it’s so easy for me to be honest with you, and I need that badly; and I think we’ll be very, very happy together. Joanna agrees with my judgment and will fully support us. After last night and just now, I think you can take seriously my feelings for you. Would you please give me a chance as your girlfriend?”

I was still struggling with my anger. I felt manipulated, lied to. I was pissed that Joanna had dumped me. I was in no mood to agree with anything.

I said, “It’s not a fair question, Kaitlyn. Joanna has already dumped me. If I don’t agree, what happens? My summer is fucking ruined. It’s a stupid idea that’ll never work. What the hell, Kaitlyn? What the hell?”

Kaitlyn sighed. She moved so we were standing side-by-side with her butt against the washing machine. “You have every right to be angry with me. Everything bad that has happened is because of me. Please don’t be angry with Joanna. Let me tell you everything, put it all out there, and then let’s discuss my idea. Okay?”

I grudgingly said, “Okay.”

“I told you once that in high school you had been such a huge presence in my life. I don’t know if I had a crush on you then, but I did admire you. I loved talking with Joanna about you. Poor Joanna; she had such a bad crush on you, and I rubbed it by talking constantly about you dating one of our friends. But she was such a great friend that she overlooked it and never made a negative comment about me being obsessed with my own brother. You created a void when you went off to college. I had boyfriends, but they never really filled that void.”

Kaitlyn slid down the washing machine until she was on the floor. I joined her. She said, “At the beginning of the summer, you were coming home single. Joanna had recently gotten out of a destructive relationship, so I thought it would perfect for you to date her. I was very happy with Paul, though I knew that long-distance dating for the summer would suck. So I asked you to go out with Joanna for the summer.”

“Which I wasn’t wild about initially, but eventually I was glad I did as I had a lot of fun with Joanna.”

“With Joanna and me – we always did things together. I got to see up close how you treat your girlfriends; you were great with Joanna. And as Joanna is such a dear friend to me, I wanted you two to become a happy couple.”

And now you don’t. Her statement was bitterly ironic. “You wanted me to fuck her.”

“I wanted you to sweep her off her feet and tell her you loved her. I wanted you two to spend as much time as possible together as a couple, to be so involved by the end of the summer that you’d keep dating when you returned to college. I wanted you to make her really happy. She’s never been as happy as she deserves to be.”

“I wish I loved someone as much as you and Joanna love each other.”

Kaitlyn gave me a smile. My anger at her was slowly dissipating. It’s hard to be angry at someone who cares so much for the people close to her. “Back to my story. I spent all this time with you and Joanna, and I had a blast. Suddenly, I wanted a boyfriend who was as fun to be with as you were and would treat me like you treated Joanna. Paul’s visit became less and less enjoyable.”

I could see that. “Okay.”

“By the time we left for the lake, I was getting concerned about you and Joanna. You hadn’t had sex though you had dated long enough.”

“Well, we had.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20