A Woman in Hardware Ch. 14

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Helen sat in the boardroom chair wet and aroused. She had already gone to the executive washroom to place a mini pad in the gusset of her panties to absorb the excess exudate that flowed from her lubricious hot wet pussy. She couldn’t help herself! The exercise of control over the members of the board was an aphrodisiac causing her nipples to ache they were so engorged with her need. It had been almost five years since her son had reintroduced her to the wonder of hard powerful thrusting into her loins. She wondered what the board would think if they knew who serviced their chief executive officer, many who considered her their ice queen of a president. Helen knew the rumors that traversed the company that suggested that she was involved with her highly paid executive assistant Sue, but she also knew that nobody really believed it to be true. No, the overwhelming office gossip was she was a cold bitch who would prefer to open another store, chew out another under performing underling, than think of sex. The word was she got off on reading the ever more successful sales reports.

Tonight she had dominated the board, through statistics, graphs, economy of scale, notes handed to her by her ever-ready assistant, proving beyond any doubt that they should succumb to her latest request, the take over of her old company. It would be a friendly acquisition since the current CEO happened to be her former assistant and company sales manager when she had been the marketing vice-president. He had taken her job when she left. The earnings of her current company’s Asian and European operations more than allowed the financial necessities, but the recent decision of the Fed to allow the repatriation of foreign earnings with an unusual tax advantage made it mandatory to act as quickly as possible. Helen already had the approval of her former confederate and with her boards approval she was prepared to move ahead turning her company into the largest hardware company in the world. Yes, Helen was now the most successful CEO in the company’s history, doubling the company’s size in five years. Recently she had also broadened the company’s scope by purchasing a manufacturing plant in China taking advantage of the cheap labor to manufacture their own brand of garden tools. The company’s retail arm, in turn, sold them through out the world.

In addition, she planned for her future new senior vice-president, the former CEO of her old company, to begin her next major move. It was risky, but with his help, she knew she could do it. But enough of planning, she thought to herself with a sigh that relieved the tension of the day unfortunately signaling her growing exhaustion to her executive assistant. Sue rushed over with her normal exuberant laughter held in check by her concern for her boss, lover, and most of all best friend.

” Are you all right?” she asked, a hand reaching out to touch Helen’s shoulder.

“I’m fine,” Helen replied. “It’s just the let down after keying myself up to make that presentation to the board. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t there to pass me the files and notes and keep me on track.” Helen reached up to pat the hand still on her shoulder and then with a quick glance around gave her a light kiss no more than a peck on the lips but they both knew that to be seen would add fuel to the rumors that already flew about the office. With a deeper wearier sigh, Helen rose from her chair and said, “Let’s get home, it’s the weekend and I don’t know about you but I can sure use one.”

Sue laughed and said, “It’s more than a weekend you have needed. It’s your turn with Chris and I’m sure you’ll use it more than once.” Then with a salacious wink, she was out the door swinging her hips back and forth in a most suggestive manner. Helen laughed knowing her friend to be so carefully proper when with employees or in front of the board. Sue looked back and started to laugh as well realizing her friend saw right through her lascivious display knowing full well she would never jeopardize their relationship.

Then Sue sobered remembering the only time she ever saw Helen confront the board head on. Strangely it happened over her. Sue’s pay, when she started as Helen’s assistant was sixty thousand a year but Helen raised it every year. The last time the raise was over eighty thousand dollars making her compensation about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Sue had protested saying it was too much but Helen had insisted telling her that she had tied their compensation to their earning power for the company. Of course, at the next board meeting one of the board members protested at what he felt to be an excessive wage for an employee who was not even of executive rank. The argument went back and forth until it became clear that the board was siding with the board member.

Sue would never forget that day when Helen stood up and asked the board if they were going to decide day-to-day operations of the company. After much to do about casino siteleri nothing, the board informed her that they felt in this one instance that they should overrule her judgment. Helen didn’t hesitate a moment. “Gentleman and lady please activate my severance package immediately. Of course, my valuable assistant will also no longer be in your employ. Since I have enjoyed working for this company, I will be most accommodating as to the length of time that you will require to find a new CEO. However, I recommend strongly that you sever our relationship immediately because our chief concern will no longer be the well-being of this firm. As a matter of fact our chief competitor has expressed and interest in our services and since by your decision we will be unemployed my assistant and I will be interested in their offer.”

The next half hour was interesting in watching face saving company political maneuvering. Although Helen didn’t increase their pay she did manage to make their severance packages more interesting. In Sue’s case, severance was two year’s pay and in Helen’s she added the house that belonged to the company as part of her severance package. Finally satisfied she graciously admitted that possibly she had been a little too hot headed and acquiesced to their requests that she remain their CEO. They all knew she hadn’t lost her temper, it was a way to allow the board to save face. Sue later had tried to scold her for taking such a chance but Helen quietly explained to her why she had taken such a stand.

“Sue” she had said, “This was only superficially about your pay. Eighty thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket to this company. No, this was about control. That board member was about to exercise power that I was unwilling to give up. What I decide on a day-to-day basis is how this company is run. The board’s power is in the policy and direction this company will take. It is my job only to suggest and then implement their decisions to the best of my ability.”

Helen taking the time to teach Sue that day about board meetings was one of the ways they had become such an excellent team. Because Sue now understood that although Helen wanted this merger of companies to take place she knew that they had to convince the board that this was the right direction. They had spent weeks together at home rehearsing their presentation and had even decided on the unusual step of a Friday night meeting so that the board members would be anxious to get home. They prepared for the presentation to go all night if it had to. Fortunately, the board had seen immediately that this was the obvious next step for the company and had approved unanimously.

Sue chuckled to herself about that, noticing the board member that had opposed Helen on Sue’s pay raise no longer served on the board. Helen, never told Sue how she had arranged it but Sue was sure she had. Sue knew that when it came to her company Helen was exactly what her staff thought, a cold-hearted bitch. She was extremely fair and doled out compliments where they were due, but if she felt an employee was letting the company down, she was merciless, correcting until they improved or often left of their own volition. In consequence the employees actual liked her, she might be a bitch, but she was their bitch.

Sue knew that Helen was extremely satisfied with their work so she felt that she had been right in bringing her own plans to fruition this weekend. She had been confident her boss would pull her plans off so she had also brought her own long-term plans forward. But her plans had to do with the long-term happiness of what she now considered her family. Almost five years ago, she and her lover Chris had come to an agreement concerning how they would go about raising a family. (See chapter nine) Chris, because he loved her so much, had not followed through and finally Sue had begun plans of her own. They of course included a young woman for Chris so she could produce children for them. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that it might be a young handsome man that had recently started with the firm who might be the solution to her problems.

She had learned about him around the water cooler listening to the gossip, as she was wont to do. Apparently, he was so good looking with a personality to match that he had turned every young single women’s head and a few that weren’t so single as well. Unfortunately he wasn’t at all interested which started the gay rumors flying until it was noted he was being picked up by a beautiful young woman after work every day. Sue wasn’t all that interested until one day the gossip came back that one of the girls had been introduced to the lady in question only to find out it was his sister.

Suddenly Sue was all ears. That night she went into the personnel files and read all about his employment history along with some personnel information. A single parent had raised him, much like her Chris. His mother had been a nurse when his slot oyna father had been killed in one of the inevitable wars their country seems to embroil itself in. She had used the life insurance money in a high-risk attempt to become a doctor; she had succeeded and as the years went by became one of the most highly respected surgeons in the city. His mother currently was head of the department of medicine bringing her talents to bear only when the most difficult of cases presented themselves. The consequences were she spent long hours away from home leaving her children to their own devices. Could it be Sue asked herself? Was there a chance? It would be the perfect solution. The next day she introduced herself to the young man in question.

“Oh I know who you are Ms. Wright I’m Peter Montgomery.”

Amongst the idle chitchat, Sue worked the conversation around to his mother until finally she said, “Oh your poor mother she must be so lonely working all the time. She must be just like Ms. Anderson to busy to date.”

“Boy do you have that right Ms. Wright, she never dates,” replied Peter.

“Well I’m sure a nice young man like you tries to look after his mother’s needs,” Sue coyly stated watching his expressions like a hawk. Sure enough, his blush of embarrassment and muttered reply gave credence to Sue’s growing certainty that he was taking care of his mother’s needs in every way possible. “I hear you have a beautiful sister. Would she be looking for a job? If she’s anything like you I’m sure we could find a position for her with the company.”

“No” said Peter, “She’ll be taking her final year of her commerce degree next September so she’s a year and a bit away from looking for a job.”

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t you introduce me to her and maybe if she’s interested she’ll know somebody to come to when she is looking.”

“Would you do that? That would be great. Ann is picking me up after work so if you would be so kind as to come down with me then I’ll introduce her to you.”

It was through conversation and manipulation that Sue found out all she needed to know about the Montgomery family. When latter that day she meet Ann she saw an adoring younger sister caress her brother with her eyes and he treating her with such affection, it was like watching Chris and Jill all over again. It was then she made up her mind, Chris and Jill had to meet Peter and Ann. Sue introduced Peter as an up and coming employee to Helen a few weeks later and arranged the dinner for the Saturday night following the board meeting. . When Dr. Montgomery had phoned a few days later to ask, what she could bring, Sue assured her everything was taken care of and all they needed to bring was themselves.

As they climbed into Sue’s sporty Chrysler Crossfire, Helen had sent the company chauffeured limousine home that night just in case the meeting had gone on to the wee hours of the morning, Sue reminded Helen that they had invited the Montgomery’s over for dinner Saturday night. Helen groaned, she had forgotten all about it. “Now you be nice,” Sue said, “I like this family and I want you at your most gracious.” Sue knew that if she asked, Helen would try her best to be friendly. Sue smiled at her friend and then told her to use the cell phone to call the kids and tell them they would be home in ten minutes. The phone call interrupted the two in a sixty-nine. They did not intend to climax for they were building up their sexual tension waiting for their lovers to get home.

When his mother asked what they were up to Chris freely told her and Helen fondly remembered the first time they had made love in front of her and then to her. She put her hand over the phone and asked Sue if she thought she and Jill would like to sleep with them tonight. When Sue replied in the affirmative, she told her son to continue what they were doing and they’d be home to join them in a few minutes. After she said goodbye she began to imagine Jill rubbing her pussy over her son’s face spreading her preparatory juices. She was glad she had the mini-pad on because she knew if she had not, the copious amount of her own juices flowing from her would have soiled the back of her dress and stained the leather seat. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the sticky mucilaginous secretions, as she tried to ease the ache, the need, the emptiness that pervaded her loins demanding fulfillment.

As soon as the car pulled to a halt, Helen suppressed the desire to jump out and run up the stairs into Chris’s arms. Instead, she sedately stepped out of the car and began to walk into the house with a roll to her hips that was both elegant and seductive, her juices escaping the now sopping pad, began to roll down her inner soft flesh to gather at the tops of her garter held stockings. Oh, she was so ready, so randy, and so horny. Sue followed closely behind her watching her move. Sue shook her head once always surprised at how quickly the transformation of her boss was canlı casino siteleri from sever straight laced executive to sexually seductive, libidinous woman. Her magnificent ass, erotically rounded and shaped, bunched and swayed with each step she took.

Helen looked over her shoulder to see what was keeping her and caught Sue watching. With a sultry look and a tantalizing smile, she continued into the house her hips and ass swaying even more seductively if that were possible. Sue followed watching with eyes that held an intimate knowledge of the sexual display in front of her. She wanted to lift her own skirt and slide a saliva soaked finger into her skimpy thong, just a light touch on her swollen clit would relieve her sexual tension. With difficulty, she controlled herself knowing if she did, her body would explode into orgasm sending her to the ground in a fetal ball of moaning, shuddering orgasmic flesh. Besides, Jill was naked and waiting for her attention. Sue knew that if she took her pleasure without her, Jill would be angry with her and the last thing she needed right know was a grumpy lover. Her twat was too needy!

When the door closed behind them, they both began to shed their clothes as they went up the stairs towards Helen’s bedroom. By the time they reached the bedroom, both women were down to their garter belts stockings and panties. Their large breasts free and bouncing with each step, their nipples aroused more by the sight before them than the coolness of the air on freshly uncovered tits. Jill was lying on top of her brother, her thighs surrounding his head. Her succulent muscular twin mounds of ass flexing and churning as she ground her hairy juiciness against her brother’s mouth and face. Her flexing waist covered in a thin sheen of perspiration as her sweet brown rose bud danced with her movements above her brother’s nose almost as though it was searching for something to fill it.

Helen took Sue’s hand and with a stormy sensuous look said, “Let’s have a shower before we climb in with those two.”

At the sound of his mother’s voice Chris pulled his face away baring his sister’s swollen red labia and allowed the redolent scent of her arousal to permeate the room. His face glistened with his sisters spend. He smiled a greeting before a humping cunt reminded him he was busy. As he returned to her pleasure, the women rounded the bed to see his strong throbbing cock surrounded by his sister’s lips, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. When she noticed their movement in her peripheral vision, she turned her head without leaving his erection and gave them a salacious wink before focusing back on what she was doing.

Helen simply said “Hi dear,” as she led Sue into the bathroom.

The women removed the rest of their garments. Then Sue noticed how wet Helen was and went to her knees her face buried into Helen slimy wet thighs, her tongue first slithering over the wet thighs before searching for the source of the nectar she craved. Helen’s thighs parted and her pussy thrust forward allowing the searching tongue to part her labia and partake of her moist intimate juiciness. “Oh Sue,” Helen cried as she pushed Sue’s head against her now thrusting loins, her back arched, her tits bouncing to her movements, “Why am I so depraved? How can I simply walk by my son and daughter having sex and only want to join them?” Sue stood, knowing her friend didn’t want to get off yet and kissed her instead, allowing Helen to share in one of their favorite tastes.

When the kiss broke they entered the shower and soon where enjoying the hedonistic sensations of soapy skin on soapy skin. Sue cuddled into Helen pressing her abundant charms against her and whispered in her ear. “Helen, you know damn well, you love it when your son shoves his large virile prick into you. You particularly like it when his forty six year old girl friend cheers you on and helps you fuck him. But what you like the most is when he spews his incestuous spunk. I know, I’ve seen you play after he pulls out, running your fingers into your cum filled hole and then spreading it around or sucking it off your fingers. Be honest with yourself. You love incest you get off on it. The more depraved the lovemaking is, the better it is for you. Accept who you are and let’s get really nasty tonight.”

With the motivation reaffirmed, they left the shower and toweled off before reentering the bedroom and crawling onto the bed beside their young lovers. Jill’s cunt still languidly thrust and circled over her brother’s mouth as her own mouth kept her brother’s cock stiff and ready for her mother. Helen’s body, which had been libidinous all day, was now so unrepentantly needy that she pushed her daughter over on to Sue who promptly took over where Chris had left off, sucking the swollen lusting cunt that her lover had abandoned. She enjoyed the thick mucilaginous love juices Chris had developed in his sister, allowing them to slowly trickle down her throat as she squirmed her own wetness against Jill’s cock-like tongue. Beside them on the bed Helen laid on her back her legs pulled up so high her knees were at her ears fully exposing her hairy sexuality to her son’s lusting gaze.

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