A Year Of Darkness – The Sorrowed – Part 1

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Warning: Slight Necrophilia, and slight Rape, if these are not your flavor, then i recommend you should leave. If it is, Enjoy! 🙂

Four teens had met after the apocalypse, already born outcasts. Standing out from their normal peers, bullied, tortured, mocked, they never knew each other, until that fateful day. The day the world had practically ended. This is their story;

A year had passed since the world ended, Japan had dropped a bomb, not just any bomb, but the biggest bomb ever built. It had destroyed the world. Earth was now a wasteland, nothing but dirt. Little amounts of food were left worldwide. Cannibalism had spread, Militas had formed, one, in general, one had spread its name around, making itself the most feared militia left.

Colton “Forest” Black (me),a 16 year old, before the apocalypse, had been a black belt in every known fighting style, and trained to shoot every type of gun. He is what you would call your typical ‘Emo’. Forest, the name he went by, had long, jet black hair with white streaks throughout. His eyes were solid black as part of a birth defect. Pale white skin, he normally wore, black skinny jeans, a tight fitting black shirt with a black leather jacket, and black boots. His parents had been killed during the impact of the bomb. Or so he thought;

Then there is Jackson, 17, a genius, and total stoner, not much was figured out about him. He was known for hacking the schools mainframes and security system, to change students grades, for a price of course. He was a master of all types of math, and decided to use it the wrong way.

Kristen, a cheerleader, and a whore, she lived with her uncle after her parents had been murdered. Other than that I didn’t know much about her. Well, she didn’t live long enough for me to find out either.

Jamie, a prep, gone jock’s girlfriend, straight A student, Daddy’s little girl personality. Not much to explain, she had brown/blonde hair, medium-sized tits, firm ass, and long legs. The girl next door look, basically.

Forest was driving down the road in a Hummer that he had stolen, to the grocery store where he got his food most of the time. When a blonde girl(Kristen) and a dark haired guy(Jackson) ran out in front of my Hummer.

“Come on! Get the fuck in!” Forest said.

They both jumped into the back of the Hummer and sat up, out of breathe, and sweating, when a small dog ran out of the store.

“Dotsie!” Kristen screamed as she jumped out of the car.

When she ran up to the dog, guns were being fired, at kristen, who was now bleeding to death on the asphalt, I stepped on the gas pedal, and sped off, going through an alternate route to my hidden hideout.

“I’m Jackson, its nice to meet you” Jackson said, as if Forest didn’t know who he was.

“I’m Forest, and I could really care less about you, your just another mouth to feed” Forest said darkly.

Forest immediately turned around when he heard some glass break from inside the house. His German Shepard, Kingsley, barked. Forest pulled out a sawed-off double barrel shotgun that Jackson never noticed. Forest walked inside.

“Whoever the fuck is in here, better show themselves now!” Forest yelled loud enough for the intruder(s) to hear.

A guy stepped out of nowhere and put his hands up.

“What do you want?” I asked

“Just some food! I thought this place was deserted! The intruder replied.

I lowered my gun, then I got smashed over the head with a bottle, I turned around, and threw a fist that hit the other intruder, a female, in the face, and knocked her on her ass. I noticed the other intruder coming at me, I threw my foot around and round-housed the male intruder into a nearby wall. I shoved him against the wall and pulled out my hunting knife, I then slit his throat slowly to let him feel the pain.

I then walked up to the female intruder, pulled her up by her low-cut t-shirt, smashed her against the wall, and then put the knife to her throat. Forest looked at her, with the most dark and evil glare she had ever seen. She was trembling, on the verge crying.

“Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t cut your throat and make you dinner for me and my dog!” I said to the intruder.

When she didn’t answer, I put more force onto the knife causing it push farther into her neck, she let a mixture of a scream and a cry out.

“NOW!!” I yelled

“I’m here to rescue you, your mom and dad aren’t dead, and they got word that you were still alive, and-and..” she paused

“And what?!” I asked as I slammed her against the wall again.

“Th-they want you dead, be-because they see you as their only threat” she trembled

“I can help you, just don’t kill me” she begged

“I’m Jamie, I ran away from your parents militia” Jamie added

I dropped her, she fell to the floor.

“So what? The fuckers left me for dead! If I see them again, I’ll tear them apart, limb by fucking limb!” I yelled


Jackson, who had been silent the whole night, was sleeping, which left me and Jamie awake, eating ‘Dinner’, a can of spaghetti, on a small plastic table. After we ate, I made a sleeping spot on the floor for Jamie and I. After 15 minutes of laying down Jamie woke me up.

“Forest, its cold, can you sleep next to me?” Jamie asked

I considered it because it was in the middle of winter.

“How do I know you won’t kill me?” I asked

“Would I be here right now, if I was going to kill you?” She replied.

“Come on then, I guess” I said.

Jamie laid down in front of Forest. There was something different about Jamie, Forest couldn’t tell, but there was. Forest always slept naked, winter or not, he just didn’t give a shit. When Jamie scooted closer to Forest, her ass rubbed against Forests’ cock. He tried to hold off his boner any way he could think of, but it had been to long with no release. His 7 inch cock pressed against the 14 year old girls skinny jean-clad ass.

“Forest? What is that?” Jamie asked

“What else could it be? A bendable gun? Its my fucking cock!” I replied sarcastically.

Jamie reached around her back and wrapped her fist around my cock and gave it a tug. Her thumb rubbed the top of my cock head, and gave it another pull.

“Guhh” I silently grunted

Jamie pushed me on my back and rolled over onto me. After she gave my cock a few tugs, she wrapped her lips around my cock, so soft, and young, like a precious diamond.

“I’ve never seen a cock this big” Jamie exclaimed

“You’ve seen a cock before?” I replied questioningly

“Yeah, I used to suck your dads cock when your mom wasn’t around, he was smaller than you though” Jamie said

She twirled her tounge around around my cock, and plowed her mouth halfway onto my cock. Her head went down and up, up and down, in the sane repetitive motions. I twisted her onto her back and started rubbing her illegal bahis left nipple, while biting her neck. I moved myself down to her pussy, I licked in circular motions on her clit, then down her slit, back up, and a gentle bite on the clit, sent Jamie into her first orgasm, her back arched, an O on her mouth, convulsions, her pussy squirted onto my face, I kept swallowing everything she gave me.

“What was that?” Jamie asked.

“You came, an orgasm, a female body function that doesn’t do anything to help mankind” I replied

“Something I haven’t done in a while either” I added, as I placed the head of my cock into her entrance.

“I’m a virgin” Jamie said

“Well this will make you tougher!” I grunted as I shoved my cock past her cherry, and balls deep into her pussy.

Jamie had tears falling down her face, but still grunted in pleasure, as my cock stretched her pussy. The look of her face said ‘it hurts so good’.

“Forest, speed up” Jamie grunted

With that I pulled back and slammed in balls deep again. I slammed back and forth for about 10 minutes then pulled out, sat her up and made her deepthroat my cock, after a few pumps of fucking her tight deepthroat-virgin throat, I blew my load, it came out like water being poured out of a water bottle, I pulled out and let the rest pour onto her face and tits. Afterwards I looked at her, it was a perfect picture of her with cum around her mouth, cheeks, and running down, between and around her tits. I fell back onto the wall.

“Fuck” I said sweating and regaining my life

“That was great” Jamie said smiling, as she ate the fresh cum.

I lit a cigarette, that I shared with Jamie, and re-lived the sexual encounter I had just endured, Jamie and I had sex two more times that night.

“I’ll save your ass for another time” I said satisfied, before I went we went to sleep

I was up early the next morning, outside, sharpening my knife, when Joey walked out, then stretched. He looked at me, with a curious head tilt.

“What?” I asked

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” Joey asked

“I trained myself” I replied, as I flipped my hair out of my eyes

“What’s up with your family?” Joey asked.

“I thought my parents were dead, until yesterday, they now run a militia, and they want me dead” I replied

“Heavy shit, bro” said Joey

“So, why do they call your Forest?” Joey asked

“I don’t want to talk about it” Forest replied

“Why?” Joey asked

Something triggered in my mind, I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I got up, wrapped my arm around Joey’s neck, and then kicked the back of both of his ankles, when he was on the floor, I stuck my knee into his stomach, and put my knife into the front of his neck.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I’m the one keeping you alive, and I can kill you just as easily” I said.

“Forest! Stop it!” Jamie yelled from the doorway.

“We need all the help we can get, and if you kill him, were down one less person” Jamie added

“I don’t need any fucking help” I replied as I got up.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to start training you both, be here tomorrow afternoon” I said.

Throughout the day, I got some food at the local store, murdered a militia member, cooked the food, and had sex with Jamie again. The next day I was cooking breakfast, when Jamie walked in.

“Hi Forest, what are we doing today?” Jamie asked

“Weapon to hand combat” I replied

“What’s that?” Jamie asked

“Ok, if your weapon-less, and someone else has a gun to your face, what are you going to do?” I asked

“I don’t know” Jamie said

“Exactly why we are training for this” I replied

Over the next few hours, we did what we did, I tried contacting random radioactive signals that were still working, to see if there was anyone still alive, that was not in my parent’s militia, of course. Jamie was outside on guard, I have no clue what Jackson was doing. I called both of them out to start the training. I pulled out a gun and handed it to Jamie. I told her to point the gun at me; she did.

“I’m weapon-less, you aren’t, I’m as dead as the life on this planet right? Wrong.” I said

I moved my right arm up, she shot (painted pellet gun), I did a spinning jump kick, that kicked the gun up in the air, I caught the gun, tripped jamie, I then put the gun to her face.

“See, I’m not dead, simply because I moved, which caused you to distract yourself from your point of attack” I said as I pulled her up.

Jamie, Jackson, and I spent the rest of the day training, with different subjects, or weapons, and some mental training as well. We all went to bed immediately after.

“Forest?” Jamie asked as she turned head around to me, to see that I was still awake.

“What?” I replied

“What are you going to do about your parents?” Jamie asked

I sat for a moment, in a deep thought, having not thought about that subject, if I had the chance to catch them. All I knew at this point is that I would kill them.

“I don’t know yet, I’ll figure something out” I replied as we both faded out to sleep.

I woke up first that morning, not unusual, I walked outside with a cigarette in my mouth, only to have it drop out when I stepped just outside of the doorway.

“Oh, Hey Colton, long time no see” the male said

“Did you have fun killing our two assassin’s?” The other male added.

“Yeah, I killed the boy, I kept the girl alive, and now I’m fucking her” I replied with a smile.

“It looks like you have a trader on your hands” I added

When they ran towards me, I pulled out a pistol, and shot them both in the face. I walked up to them both, and put another bullet into each of them. I turned around as I heard clapping, I threw my knife at the female, she dodged it as it went into the wall and fell onto the ground.

“Wow, Colton, those were two of our best, and you took them out like nothing” the female said

When she walked closer, it was my sister, Kasey. I was in shock, I had heard nothing about her. I had no clue she was alive, or was even part of a militia; Jamie walked outside.

“Oh, look, Forest has a new fucktoy” Kasey said

“Haha, funny, coming from the whore that fucks mommy and daddy everyday” Jamie replied.

Kasey got an angry look on her face, she then picked up the cigarette I dropped and lit it, she took a few drags, and leaned against the fence.

“Go on, Jamie, kill her” I said

Jamie walked towards Kasey, they both walked in a circular motion, Kasey dropped the cigarette she was smoking, pointed a gun at Jamie. Jamie looked at the gun eye to eye.

“Cunt” Jamie said

Jamie then grabbed Kasey’s forearm, then twisted her arm around, and pointed Kasey’s own gun at her own head, and pulled the trigger. Leaving a bullet in the side of Kasey’s head. I walked up to illegal bahis siteleri Kasey, who was fidgeting, and looked down at her.

“Anger is your own worst enemy, Kasey.” I said

I then lifted my boot, and slammed it down onto her face, smashing her skull. I looked at Jamie, who was looking at the now awake Jackson.

“Hey, so, what happened out here?” Jackson asked

“Jamie shot my sister, and I finished it off” I said as I walked inside

When I got inside, I went into the kitchen, where I cleaned off my boot, and cooked breakfast for the three of us. Kasey’s dead body was still outside. I walked outside to see if Jackson was out there. he was out there, but not for the reason I thought he was.

Kasey’s dead body was naked, there was a plastic bag over her her head. Jackson spit on his hand, and rubbed her dead fuckhole, adding moisture to her hole, for lubrication. He shoved his cock into her, balls deep, abusing his dead, willing, fucktoy. He was raping her at the speed of a sports car, and blew his load in a matter of minutes, only to look at me when he got up; his dick was still hard.

“Having fun?” I asked rhetorically

“It’s not wha-” he paused as I interrupted him

“I don’t want to know, and I don’t give a shit. Anyways, use the cunt however you want to until tomorrow, I’m going to get rid of her.” I said as I walked inside.

Jamie was searching for local signals, for any living people. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck. I moved to her lips, as we made passionate love with our tongues. As we were kissing, I moved down and ripped her shirt open, along with her.bra.

“Forest!” Jackson said

“Fuck off, Jackson!” I replied back to him; he left.

I continued to kiss, and grope Jamie’s tits, I sat down in front of her, pulled off her jeans, and ate her out to orgasm. I moved down to her ass, spread her cheeks with my hands, and made my tongue the intruder. My mouth absorbed the juices running down from her pussy. I moved my tongue back, scooted her ass slightly off the chair, and put the head of my cock at her asshole, I grunted at the tightness of it. I pushed in another inch. Jamie’s eyes were squinted and her face was bright red.

“Keep going, Forest” Jamie squeaked

I pushed in farther, with a couple satisfied grunts, and squeals from Jamie, I was halfway in. That was as far as I could go in, without doing permanent damage to Jamie and her small frame. I pulled back out a little, and I felt my balls boiling, I pushed back in and unloaded my cum into Jamie’s bowels. Jamie and I shared a moment of orgasmic bliss, leaving us tired and breathless. After the three of us ate, Jamie and I went off to bed.

The next morning, I was talking to Jackson, just about random shit, Jamie walked up to me, and sat on my lap. Jackson looked at Jamie, then me.

“Hey, Jamie, where is the base camp for my parents militia?” I asked

“Just up north about 20 miles, and just right of where the brewery barn used to be” Jamie replied

With that, I threw Kasey’s dead body into the passenger seat of my Hummer, and drove off, it took me about half of the day to drive there, when I found what I thought entrance was, I threw her body out of the window and sped off. On my way back, there was a brunette haired girl standing at the side of the road, hitch-hiking, which these days, was considered extremely dangerous.
When she got into the car, I noticed her legs were bruised and scratched pretty badly.

The drive was silent, the girl was playing with the hem of her skirt. That’s when I noticed it, her birthmark. She was one of us. This was a rare case.

Basically, every decade, or once in a while, two in a decade, a person is born with a special birthmark. This person is considered a miracle, or part of the devils species. Much like my eyes, there was a defect, I was split. I was both. I had the power to fix anything and everything. As well as destroy, also. I just hadn’t figured out these powers yet.

“What happened to your leg’s?” I asked

“I was raped by a couple of militia members a few days ago” the brunette replied

“My name is Devon” she added

“I saw your birthmark…” I said

“I’m sure its the only reason you lived throughout the bomb” I added

“When I was a kid, I could heal myself instantly just by touching the wounds” Devon replied; she knew what she was.

We were titled as “The Sorrowed”…

Later that night, after we arrived back at the hideout, I was hitting a rubber bag I used for training. I was relentlessly hitting the bag when Devon walked out with Jamie.

“Want to go?” Devon said

“Sure, let’s see what you got, I could use another pure fighter” I replied

Devon and I started, it was block after block, we kept going. Until we were tired out. After going at it, Jamie, Devon, and I sat down. Devon pulled out a small ziploc bag filled with weed. They all passed around the joint getting to know Devon. They all passed out right next to eachother.

– The Black Militia: Base Camp –

Forest’s father had found his precious daughters dead body, naked and gray, and her skull smashed. He was angry to say the least. This was war.

“Launter! Take the helicopters and find Forest, bring him here.” He said

“Dead or Alive? Sir.!” Launter asked

“Either” Forest’s dad said; as he walked off with his daughters dead body.

– Forest’s Hideout –

Forest woke to vibrations of helicopters, he woke Jamie and Devon up, they ran inside. Forest turned all the lights off, and laid the girls down; the helicopters flew over.

“What’s going on?” Devon asked

“I-Jamie… both of us killed my sister, and now my dad wants war, him and my mom run ‘The Black Militia’” I replied

“Where the hell did they get helicopters?” Jamie asked

“They probably built them, they’ve got the best of the best” I replied

Forest slowly walked outside to make sure the coast was clear, TBM was gone, for now atleast, the group soon went back to sleep.

After I woke up the two girls, we ate. I loaded them up with knives, guns, grenades and other weapons. Jamie got the Chain-gun, and I gave Devon the rocket launcher, I loaded myself with all types of guns and knives. One thing was missing, I went looking everywhere for it. That thing was Jackson, he was nowhere to be found.

“I guess I’m just going to have to kill him along with my parents” I said to myself.

That was until Forest walked into the outside, there was a photo with Jackson and a gun to his head, there was a note, the note had said; “Colton, you killed my daughter, now I’m going to kill you”.

I crumpled up the photo, threw it to the ground and then spit. I looked at Jamie and Devon, who both looked at me. I began to speak.

“We move today, kill my parents tomorrow” I said as I walked back inside to grab canlı bahis siteleri my keys, and more ammo.

We drove on, with dawn approaching, I pulled over the Hummer, into a warehouse that had made it through bombing. The next morning we awoke, and continued driving. That was until the Hummer broke down.

“FUCK!” I yelled as I hit the outside door panel.

“Dude, calm down, it just needs some water.” Devon said

As much as I knew about guns and fighting, I didn’t know shit about cars. After the engine had cooled down enough to put water into, we drove off. As the drive went on I looked in the back of the Hummer, Jamie was sleeping on Devon’s lap, then I looked at Devon, who smiled.

Hours later…

– The Black Militia: President Headquarters –

“Guys, were here” Forest said to the girls.

We walked up to the gate, I ran up the wall, then kicked off of the top ledge and landed on my feet on the other side. I opened the gate from inside. We moved forward; I walked up behind a security guard that was facing the opposite direction, and snapped his neck. After killing off a few a security guards, we reached, the bedroom of this re-built massive house, to be more specific, my not-so-dead parents bedroom, Jamie typed in the code to access the bedroom. We slowly walked in.

(Note: I fought with myself on stopping here to make a part 2, but I wont torture the readers with a cliff-hanger, because I know I hate it when other authors do it to me, so I’ll just make this one story.)

So I woke up my parents, then had the girls knock them out again. We tied them up, I then had Jamie strip my mom naked. I was going to show my dad a lesson. We waited until they woke up. The first was my dad. I sat down in a chair directly in front of him.

“Oh, look who’s awake” I said, then I slapped him a few times to fully wake him up.

“What the fuck?!” My dad said wide eyed.

“Long time no see, father, it looks like your doing pretty well for yourself” I said as I got up.

I walked up to a wine bottle, and found a sock, I put the bottle into it. Then smashed it over the nearby table. I walked back over to him.

“So, how has everything been?” I asked

I got a spit in the face as a reply.

“Is that how your going to treat your son? The one you cared so fucking much for that you’d leave him behind during a world-wide disaster, but take his own fucking daughter? I said

“Tsk-Tsk-Tsk; no answer, you get hurt, buddy, and I’d really hate to do that to my own loving father” I added

I smacked the sock covered bottle onto his face a few times leaving him bleeding and in tremendous pain. Forest wanted an answer, but at thus point, it was unknown if he was going to get one.

“Now, again, why did you leave me?” Forest asked

“I don’t know!, I don’t know!” his father yelled.

“Not good enough” I replied as I smashed the blood-covered sock over his skull again.

I walked over to my mom, and looked at her. She was crying profusely. I hit her on the nose, it started to bleed. Just like my soul did, when I thought they were dead.

“Maybe this will make you talk” I said

I wrapped my hand around my mothers bare right tit, squeezed it, then pulled it outwards, I did it again, but harder, making her squeal with pain.

“Ok, I’ll talk” my dad yelled

“You were dangerous, a danger to everything around you, with a scream you killed your other sister, and I couldn’t have that again here, everything I worked so hard for. To make this place what it is.” He said.

“Don’t feed that bullshit to me” I yelled

That’s when a deafening screech went through my skull, I fell to my knees, covering my ears, and my hazy past started to mesh together. This must have been one of my abilities,


My father was in a fit of drunken rage, arguing with my mother over the phone, holding my sister, he tripped, and my sister flew down the stairs. Smashing her 5 year-old skull on the hardwood floor. We hurriedly drove to the hospital, where it ended up being to late, blood had went to the brain, and she died.


“Liar!” I yelled, getting back onto my feet.

I ran and jumped onto him, knocking the chair over, I threw fist after fist, fist after fist. Until Jamie and Devon pulled me off of him.

“Not yet, Forest” Jamie said

“Now I’m going to show you the pain I went through, dad” I said.

I walked over to my naked, profusely, crying and whimpering mom. After cutting the take on tape on her ankles and arms off, I picked up and threw her, half-limp and naked body onto the bed, right next to my dad.

I stood directly behind my mom, I stripped myself of my jeans, I bent down, and rammed my cock into her dry pussy. I rammed it back and forth, back and forth, showing my anger, with my cock. Plowing her pussy, with unjustified anger. I pulled out the hunting knife from my jeans, looked at it, I shoved it into her asshole, while I came in her pussy. She let out a cry that could scare bear. I lifted her by her hair, and out my knife where my dick was supposed to be.

“Clean my cock, bitch!” I yelled

She rapidly spun her head left and right, giving the signal of no.

“Now!” I yelled again

She started to lick the underside of the knife, cleaning her own shit and anal blood. I told her to deepthroat it, she refused. I looked over to my left, my dad was facing downwards.

“Jamie, point that fucker’s head towards me and his wife” I demanded

After Jamie had done that, I slowly pushed the knife farther into her throat, until the knife was clean. I then forced her to deepthroat the knife, I shoved the knife in, into the back of her and it went through, the knife went through the back of her of I her throat and threw the outside. I pulled the knife out and let her fall to the floor, gasping for air.

“No!” My dad yelled

“By killing you, I take over this militia, and trust me, shit is going to change” I replied as reinforcements pounded on the entrance to the room.

I cut the tape, and picked him up, wrapping my arm around his neck, and putting the knife to his throat. Security busted through the door. They stopped immediately.

“Hold your fire” the head guy said

“Sorry, but your too late.” I said as I slit his throat and let him fall to the floor.

Just then, my dog Kingsley, and Jackson ran into the room. Kingsley ran to me, licked my hand and sat down in front of me.

“Cook these bodies for Kingsley, I’m sure he’s hungry” I said as the four of us walked down the hallway.

Over the next twenty years, the world was slowly getting back to normal. I was now married to Jamie, we had two kids, there was a population boom worldwide, places were being rebuilt. Things were normal again; primal, but normal.

That was until, one, very unexpected person, showed up at the doorstep of my kingdom…

Let me know if you guys would like a part 2.

Constructive Critique Only.


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