Abigail Moves In

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I had just arrived in town to begin college. I was eighteen. There was college housing available, but I wanted to live somewhere that was more like home. I stayed in the university temporary housing for about a week, then I found a room for rent on Craigslist.

The ad read, “Married professional couple looking to rent a room. We have a large house near the university. We have an outside pool and patio with BBQ and fountain, and a large kitchen. The room we’re renting is furnished. $400.00 a month. All utilities included. Our house is a great place to start your new life as a university student.”

I called to make an appointment to see the room. The woman that answered the phone said that she and her husband were both home and that if I wanted, I could come by and take a look at the room.

When I arrived at the house, I was impressed. The house was beautiful. The driveway and the walkway to the house were made of cobblestone. The entrance was gorgeous. There were tall columns to each side of the door. And the front door was a strong wood with stained glass. In the driveway were two cars, a Lincoln MKX and a Suburban. The yard was landscaped. The hedges were perfectly trimmed. And they had a life sized bear statue in the corner of their yard.

As I was admiring the house and the yard, the front door opened. Standing in the door way was a professional looking couple, possibly in their fifties. The woman was tall, had long blonde hair and the brightest of smiles. The man was taller, had graying hair, broad shoulders, and he winked at me.

The man was wearing slacks and a button down shirt. The woman was wearing a bright red knee length dress. I had on one of my favorite sun dresses and sandals.

The woman of the house asked me if my name was Abigail. I said yes and walked toward her and the man with her. I assumed that the man was the woman’s husband, considering that the ad had said, “Married professional couple.”

The wife held out her hand and introduced herself as Dee. Then Dee introduced her husband, Roy.

Dee and Roy invited me into their home.

To the left, as I walked in, was a large living room. In each corner of the living room were huge erotic statues. One of the statues was bronze, or so it looked like. The statue was a large penis with two life size women hugging it.

Another was a statue of a woman on all fours sucking one man and having intercourse from behind with another man. The people in the statues were all life size.

The third statue was of a woman on her knees giving a guy a blow job.

The last statue was of a huge, six foot tall, black penis with semen dripping from the head and down the shaft.

I didn’t mind the statues. I mean, it was their house. I just wouldn’t have though that someone would have something like that proudly displayed in their living room.

Dee noticed me staring at the statues. She said, “I’d like to show you the rest of the house.”

I smiled.

Next to the living room was another room, the same size, with a four foot tall wall dividing the two rooms. The difference between the two rooms was that there were three steps you had to walk down to go into what I considered the second living room.

The second living room had a fireplace on the far wall, couches on the left and right walls. And in the center of the room was some kind of contraption hanging from the ceiling.

The kitchen was big, too. It had three sinks, two gas stoves, a pantry with glass doors, a huge microwave, and a TV and DVD player. And they had a lot of counter space.

Off the kitchen was the dining room. A room you walked into, with four walls and everything. The window faced the yard. The table was long enough that you could sit ten people at it.

In the kitchen was the pantry. And it was huge and fully stocked.

A couple of feet from the pantry was another door. Dee opened the door. There were stairs that led down. Dee led the way. At the bottom of the stairs, you walk into this big open room, with three king sized beds along the walls.

I looked at Dee and Roy, smiling, “Who’s room is this? Or is it kind of like a community room, or something?”

Dee smiled and told me, “We have a lot of friends, and sometimes they use the beds.”

I looked at Roy and smiled at Dee.

Dee showed me to the shower room. Yes, they had a shower room, with four shower heads. You could have four people taking showers at the same time.

I grinned and asked Dee, “Your friends get dirty a lot?”

Dee smiled again, “Well, sometimes it can get kind of steamy down here, a lot of sweating going on.”

Then I saw the toilets, two of them, behind a wall that divided the toilets and the showers.

Dee then led me to the other side of the room to another door. Behind that door was another large room with three queen size beds in it and a 60″ TV on the opposite wall.

Next to that door was the bar, a full blown wet bar. Their basement was a total party place.

Having grown up in a small town in Nebraska, this was a whole new world for me. And these people were like none I had canlı bahis ever met. They were and looked professional, They were both very good looking. So, I could see how they would have a lot of friends. And from the looks of what I had already seen of the house, these people partied a lot.

We went back upstairs.

Across from the pantry, and next to the back door, was an opening, and it had stairs leading upward. At the top of the stairs were three rooms and a bathroom. Dee showed me the bathroom. Then Roy opened a door.

He invited me into the room and said, “This is mine and Dee’s bedroom.”

The bed was amazing. It was a four poster bed. Each of the posts were at least six feet tall and as thick as a tree. And the posts were in the shape of penises. The posts had carvings of people doing pretty much anything sexual that you could imagine. The headboard was carved out, too. The scene carved into the headboard was of a woman laying down naked with six men standing around her, naked, too

There was some kind of design on the comforter. When I looked closer, I could see that the design was thousands of penises. The comforter itself was a light, kind of dark brown, and the penises were stitched with black thread.

I joked, “My parents have the very same bed”

Roy looked at me, curious, “Do they now?”

I shook my head, “No.”

On the wall across from the head of the bed was a wall sized mirror. And there was also a mirror above he bed.

I told Dee and Roy, “I don’t think my parents would ever step into a room like this.”

Dee asked, “Your parents aren’t very open, sexually?”

I shook my head again, “Not quite. My parents are so uptight when it comes to sex.” I added, “I have no idea how I came into being. I think it was immaculate conception. I’ve never even seen my parents kiss.”

I looked over at the wall that was to the left of the bed. There were two paintings. One was of a black man having intercourse with a white woman. The other I couldn’t make out at first. Then I realized that it was a painting of two female hands holding a large black penis in one hand and a very small white penis in the other. I couldn’t make it out at first because the painting was in three colors, light green, dark green, and white.

In the corner by the closet was a wooden chair shaped like a penis. Where you sat down was on a flat space just above the balls. And their bedside lamps were big penises, too.

I joked again, “I think my dad would be too intimidated to walk into a room like this.”

Roy asked me, “Does anything in this room intimidate you?”

I told Roy, “I came to college to expand my mind and broaden my horizons.”

Dee said, “Let’s put this another way. Does anything in this room excite you?”

I smiled, “Is there more to see?”

Dee took my hand and led me to the master bathroom.

There was a door way on both sides of the bathroom, but no doors. The master bathroom had his and hers sinks. The hot and cold water handles were penises. On the other side of the master bathroom was a two person glass shower and a tub big enough for two or three people. Even the towel holders were shaped like penises.

The doorway on the other side of the room led to another bedroom.

As we walked into the other room, Dee said, “This would be your room, if you decide that you like it.”

The room looked like a fairy princess room. The bed was a California King sized pink princess bed, with canopy and all. Even the walls were light pink. The bed had sheer curtains that went around the four sides. The entire room was essentially decorated as a little girls princess room.

I asked Dee and Roy, “Did you have a little girl living in this room?”

Roy smiled and said, “No matter how old you get, you can always be someone’s little girl.”

I tried to picture myself studying in this room. I had to admit that it was exactly what I wanted . . . when I was ten years old.

I asked Roy and Dee, “So, there’s no door separating your room from mine, just the bathroom. Right?”

Roy answered, “I guess we could have doors put up, but we’ve never seen a reason to.”

I figured that the bathroom was probably good enough for separation between their bedroom and mine.

Dee asked me what I thought so far.

I looked around, then I told Dee, “You have a very interesting home.”

Dee smiled, “We like it.”

Roy told me that there was more to see. And he led the way into the hallway.

Roy pointed to the other door in the hallway, “That’s Holly’s room. This will be her second year living with us. You’ll meet her.”

Just then the door opened and an older man walked out.

The older man looked at me, then at Dee and Roy, “Is this a new girl?”

Dee answered, “We don’t know yet.”

The older man said, “I sure hope so.” The older man looked back into the bedroom and kissed who I figured was Holly, “You were great. Thank you.”

Holly told the older man, “Always a pleasure.”

As the older man walked away, Dee motioned for me to go into Holly’s room.

Holly’s room was decorated bahis siteleri like some kind of gymnasium. Yet, the rug was bright red and the furniture was all red and black. The one thing that confused me was a chair in her room that looked like a chair with padded arms with a padded table sticking out the back.

Dee introduced me to Holly.

Holly asked me if I was going to take the little girl room.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Holly said, “That was my room for a while, then I kind of moved up.”

Holly was dressed in a black latex rubber outfit, with thigh high heels and all.

I asked Roy and Dee if I had seen everything. I felt I had.

Roy walked over to another door at the end of the hallway. It had stairs, too, leading up.

When we got to the top of the stairs, I could see nothing but mattresses, everywhere.

I asked Dee and Roy about the outside patio.

Roy smiled, “Yes, there is a patio . . . and a pool.”

As we walked onto the patio, it was as extravagant was the rest of the house. The patio was covered and had a big BBQ, and there was a fountain, in the shape of a woman lying back and peeing.

I had to ask both Roy and Dee, “So, what is it that you two do for a living?”

Dee smiled, “We own a gallery.”

Roy added, “We have some very well off clients that kind of expect us to live a certain lifestyle.”

Dee added, “And we live well.”

I told Dee, “Yeah. I can see that.” Then I asked, “What kind of gallery is it that you own?”

Roy asked me if I remembered the statues in the living room. I nodded.

Roy said, “Those were sculpted by one of our most popular artists. And that’s the type of art that we have in our gallery. And there are certain people who have the means to afford this type of artwork. And we do our best to cater to their desires.”

I kind of crookedly smiled, “And how would I be involved? Or would I be?”

Dee patted my shoulder, “Oh, honey. Don’t read into anything that isn’t there. We’re just offering you a room. You can take it or leave it. No judgments either way.”

I told Dee and Roy that their house was kind of like a swing club.

Roy said, “Our house is like any other house. It’s decorated with things that reflect our interests.” Then he asked me, “How is your parent’s house decorated?”

I thought, then told Roy, “The living room has a couch and two recliners, a Last Supper painting on the wall. The dining room has a table and my grandmother’s china on display. My dad’s office has hunting pictures on the walls. My mom has her sewing room.” I admitted, “It’s kind of decorated old Christian/hunter/homemaker style, I guess.”

Dee told me to think for a few days on if I want the room or not. She told me that they would not look for another renter until they heard from me.

Then Roy asked me what I was studying in school.

I told Roy that I was going to be studying business management and art. I admitted to Roy that his sculptures fascinated me. I told Roy that when I walked through their house that I felt like I was in a museum.

Dee told me, “We could use you at the gallery. You can learn the business, learn more about art and the artists themselves . . . and you could have a lot of fun in the mean time.”

I told Dee and Roy that I wanted to someday have my own gallery. And the thought of working with real artists sounded amazing. I told Dee and Roy that I didn’t have to think about it. I would take the room.

Dee and Roy asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner. I said, “Sure.”

Dee had me help her make lasagna.

As we ate dinner, I asked Dee and Roy how they met.

Roy told me that they met in India. They had both gone to Khajuraho to see the temples. They were in the same tour group and just clicked. As Roy put it, “The rest is history.”

I told Roy that I had never heard of the Khajuraho temples. He got up, got a book and handed it to me. It was a large coffee table book of the temples at Khajuraho. I looked through it, I told Roy that I had never seen anything like it.

Roy told me that he and Dee were Tantric. And they saw sex and passion as encompassing the zeal of life itself.

Dee told me that real art is that which exhibits our deepest desire. She said, “The art we have in our home is art that reflects our inner most desires. And the art we have in our gallery is representative of what we all hide or keep secret. Most art is open to interpretation. The art we feature and collect isn’t hard to understand. And you don’t have to know a lot about art to truly appreciate it.”

I smiled, “Well, from what I’ve seen so far, the art you have in your home is very realistic. I think it represents people’s fantasies.”

Roy said, “Sex is the one thing that people fear and desire at the same time. We believe that the physical body is a temple, worthy of worship. If not worship, at least admiration.”

Dee added, “That’s why our gallery is named The Temple Gallery.”

I mentioned that the one thing that too many people were bothered by was what their body looked like.

Dee bahis şirketleri told me, “You would not believe how many people find our collections, and pieces we have at the gallery, offensive. Although the pieces titillate them.”

I interjected, “Most everyone knows about sex, but they really don’t know much at all.”

“And,” Roy asked me, “What do you know about sex?”

I looked at Roy, coyly, “Not as much as I’d like to, I’m sure.”

Roy laughed, “All in due time, Abigail. All in due time.”

When Roy, Dee and I had almost finished eating dinner, Holly joined us.

Holy was wearing black yoga pants, A mid drift black T-shirt and slippers.

Holly asked, “So, are you going to be our good girl?”

I looked at Roy and Dee.

Dee told Holly, “She’s taking the room. And she’s studying business management and art at the university.”

Holly smiled at me, “They do like the good girls, but they also like it when you’re naughty.”

I told Holly that I could be both good and naughty.

Holly laughed, “I’m sure you can.”

I didn’t want Holly to think I was some goody-goody country girl. So, I told her, “When you grow up around cowboys, you can’t be fragile. You gotta be like the boys, tough.”

Holly scoffed, “So, do the cowboys where you live wear sun dresses, too?”

Dee told Holly to leave me alone.

Holly retorted, “I do kind of miss being Daddy’s little girl.”

Roy told Holly, “You still can be.”

Holly smiled, “No. I like being a mistress.”

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew that I would probably never meet people like this again. They had a huge house. They were party people. They were successful. They had their own gallery. And if I was going to become a gallery owner some day, I had to learn all the ins and outs.

Roy asked me when I had class next.

I told Roy that I started classes on Tuesday.

Roy smiled, “Well, it’s only Thursday night. Why don’t you stay the night to see what you think?”

I smiled, nodded and asked Roy, “When do I have to have the first month’s rent to you?”

Roy took my hand in his and said, “Let’s just see how things go first.”

Dee mentioned that she was going to be having a friend over for the night, and that I ought to know that she and Roy were non-monogamous.

I didn’t say anything for a moment, then Dee added, “We have an open marriage.”

I nodded, “Okay.”

Without realizing how naive I sounded, I asked, “Where will Roy sleep when your friend is here?”

Dee looked at me, “Pfft. That’s up to him.” Dee added, “We have a lot of beds around the house.”

Roy looked at me and smiled, “Keep in mind, if you get scared in your new room, I could always sleep with you.”

I giggled, “I think I’ll be fine.”

I couldn’t believe it. Roy was asking to sleep with me, and his wife was right there. And she was going to be sleeping with another guy. I can’t say that I felt pressured, which was nice, but I did wonder if that was what Roy and Dee had in mind when they were looking to rent the room.

Not wanting to commit to anything or be dismissive, I said, “I wanted some place that reminded me of home, something more than just four walls and a roommate that I have nothing in common with.”

Holly asked me if Roy and Dee’s house reminded me of home.

I shook my head, “Not at all, but I think this is going to be better than living in a dorm.”

Holly agreed, and said, “It just takes a little time to get used to, but I think you’ll like it here. The room’s furnished, and the closet is full of clothes. So, everything you need is already here.”

Roy agreed, and told me, “I don’t know what you usually like to wear, but I’ve always felt that girls that wore dresses were always prettier.”

Roy told me, “I’d like for you to wear dresses and nighties. It’s just more feminine. You’re a young girl. You’re pretty.” Roy stood up, collected our plates and put them in the dishwasher.

I thought to myself that I hadn’t intended to stay the night, but now it seemed as though that was what I was going to do. So, I decided that I could probably find something to wear for the night.

Roy asked me if I would like to see what they had to offer, as far as clothes.

I told Roy, “I’m sure when I go to bed I’ll find something that I like.”

Holly told us that she was going to go out for a while, and Dee told me that her friend was going to be at the house around nine. It was already eight thirty.

I told Dee and Roy that I was going to go to my room, check out the closet and go to bed early.

Roy reminded me, “Remember, if you get lonely, just let me know.”

Again, Roy was asking to sleep with me. I couldn’t get over it. He was married, but Dee was also having a friend over. And I assumed that her friend wasn’t just a friend friend.

I walked into the closet in my room. It was a huge walk in closet. Hanging in the closet were short silk/satin night gowns, night shirts, sweater dresses, cheer leader outfits, Catholic style school girl outfits, and princess dresses. On shelves were several different styles of panties, socks in drawers, bras and hair ribbons in drawers. On the floor, and on shelves, were several pairs of shoes from Vans to heels to tap shoes. It was a girl’s dream closet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20