Acrobatics 09

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Acrobatics 9 – Today’s the Day for Mary

Jack walked over to Mary’s house for a beautiful mid-afternoon Saturday workout with Mary and Joan. Mary’s parents were gone to a weekend seminar so the three of them had the house to themselves. The plan was to finish all preparations and take Sunday off before an exhibition for the acrobatics teacher on Monday. The exhibition would require Jack to take a few hours off from work but he was glad to do it.

Joan and Mary had obviously already been working out before Jack arrived. They were finalizing a routine for the exhibition. Jack’s role would be to just follow directions during the exhibition thereby minimizing the need for his involvement in workouts.

The girls ignored Jack as he approached. They were probably just in the middle of something; but Jack was a little concerned that this might be the result of some negative reactions to last night’s activities.

He waited while they finished talking and planning. It gave him a chance to notice their attire for the day. Unlike yesterday the outfits were not particularly revealing. They both wore short sleeve leotards with gym shorts over them.

Finally they turned toward Jack to say hello and exchange brief polite hugs. There was no meaningful eye contact or even socializing. They seemed a little distant to Jack. Mary got right to business.

“Joan and I have come up with a routine for Monday. There are a couple of new overhead tricks that ya’ll will need to learn in the pool today. Other than that you will just practice what you’ve already learned.”

Mary had them rehearse the moves they already knew in the order they would be performed on Monday. There was no joking around or butt wiggling as before. They finished this part of the workout and Jack anticipated the traditional reward hug.

“OK, good job. Let’s go over to the pool and learn the last tricks.”

Now Jack knew for sure that something was different. Mary had never missed an opportunity to encourage his hugging Joan after successful work. When he looked toward Joan she was already following Mary to the pool as if nothing was unusual.

The pool water looked terrific. A ball floated on the calm surface and almost looked like it was floating in the air.

Jack pretended to be looking over the pool but he was really trying to look back toward his house. Between fences and buildings there was not a good line of sight for Karen to easily see the entire pool area. If she was going to watch them at all she would have to use the utility shed in their back yard. Karen would be able to speak to Jack through the earpiece but she would not be able to hear them. Jack’s eyes were focused on the utility shed when he heard his wife’s voice over the earpiece.

“I can see you Jack. Don’t worry about me. I have a few things I’ve been meaning to do out here anyway.”

Jack turned back toward the pool in time to see the girls removing their gym shorts. When they took off the leotards to reveal bathing suits Jack was a little shocked. Joan was wearing a white one-piece. This was not startling since Joan’s suit was somewhat modest, which was difficult to accomplish with her curvy figure. The surprise came when he saw Mary’s suit. It was a very brief bikini that was a bright cherry red color. It was made of a thin material that revealed the exact shape of her breasts up top, and “camel toe” down below. And of course there was nothing covering her round bouncy buttocks except a virtually invisible thong strip up the middle.

As Mary straightened up she turned toward Jack with an expectant smile. Jack noticed that Joan was watching him too. He could tell he was supposed to say something about Mary’s suit.

“Mary you look fantastic in that bikini.”

“Thank you.”

Mary turned with a beaming smile toward the pool. Jack’s gaze lingered on her backside to admire each jiggle of her smooth white butt as she walked.

Jack then crooked his head to look at Joan. He was about to tell Joan she looked good in her suit too but when he caught her eye he stopped. She gave him a knowing look and she nodded to him seeming to communicate that he had already said all he was supposed to say.

Jack wasn’t sure what was going on but it was clear Mary and Joan were working together. Jack concluded he’d better be especially careful to simply follow directions today with the way these two were acting.

The three of them entered the above ground vinyl pool at the shallow end which was about knee deep. The bottom tapered to a point about chest deep. The shallow end had a nice built up deck that was level with the back patio of the house. Mary waded to a point that was waist deep on her.

“This is really a series of tricks in one. Basically Jack, I want Joan to get up on your shoulders and as a minimum jump down in a seated position into your arms. Depending on how well ya’ll do today we may be able to improve on that to your lifting her over your head on your hands before she falls into your arms with a twist.”

“Jack, casino oyna it will be important for you to be good enough on this trick that you make Joan look good even if she’s a little scared and shaky. You’ll completely learn each step with me first then you’ll work with Joan.”

This was different from their previous way of learning. Before today Mary had always talked Jack and Joan through each move, letting them make a few mistakes along the way. Mary had never been involved in the acrobatics herself.

“OK Jack, give me your hand like we’re shaking hands. Now squat down a little so I can step on your right thigh with my right foot. OK, now let’s hold left hands kind of different like this.”

Mary felt feather light to Jack. She stepped on his thigh as if she was walking up stairs. Then she swung her left leg around behind him to step on his left shoulder right next to his neck. Before he knew it Mary was standing on his shoulders. She immediately jumped into the water in front of him.

“See? It’s easy. Let’s repeat it until you’re good enough to do the trick with Joan.”

Joan watched as she leaned against a deep corner with all but her head submerged. Mary faced Jack again and this time when she placed her foot on his thigh it was nudged up close to his crotch. She stepped up on his shoulders with a foot on either side of his head. Jack had a hand on each of her ankles.

“Reach up and give me your hands Jack. I’ll show ya’ll a couple of things.”

Jack automatically looked up to see a lot of white skin. Mary took his hands and supported herself on them, doing an “L-sit” by lifting her legs up to horizontal. Their arms shook during the move but they were surprisingly stable. She brought her feet back to his shoulders and gave Jack more directions.

“Now support me by my butt to do the same L-sit.”

As Jack extended his arms upward one at a time, Mary carefully sat in the palms of his hands. She extended her legs out horizontal again with toes pointed. Jack decided he would like any move like this that required his holding two handfuls of Mary’s warm bare ass.

Mary again resumed a position standing on Jack’s shoulders. She took his hands again and lowered herself down into the water with Jack catching her under the armpits and brushing against the swell of her breasts.

“OK Joan, let’s start in ribcage deep water and see how you do.”

Joan was a good athlete even if she did not always point her toes. She mastered the “stair climb” up to Jack’s shoulders on the first attempt. Jack noticed that Joan was careful not to brush up against him in any way. He concluded she must be feeling bad about last night so he was careful to be very respectful when touching her.

Mary had them get in shallow water to repeat the move. Joan got her feet up to Jack’s shoulders and then froze bent over holding his hands. The extra height was scaring her.

“You’ll get used to the height. You just have to repeat the trick over and over.”

Joan shakily stood straight up then offered her hands to Jack so that he could lower her down to the shallow water. Eventually they were doing the move on the land but Joan was clearly not comfortable with the height.

At no time did Mary suggest the butt supported L-sit for Joan. Jack knew they had probably ruled that out ahead of time.

Mary was satisfied with the progress. “OK, all of us deserve a hug before we take this trick to the next level.”

Joan gave Jack a very proper cheek to cheek type of hug. Jack began to be embarrassed for her since she must have issues with him.

Mary’s hug was a different matter. She walked right past his arms to snuggle up against his shirtless frame in her bikini. She pressed her groin against his leg as if that was how she hugged everyone. Jack’s suit was a thick nylon but he could almost feel the folds of her vagina. He allowed his hands to touch her thong where her soft smooth butt began.

Mary moved back to the pool. Jack and Mary worked together again and this time the shoulder stand was just the beginning.

“The basic dismount is for me to come down from standing on Jack’s shoulders and let him catch me in a seated position. OK Jack, catch me.”

Jack caught her with one arm under her back and the other under her legs. It was easy. Mary stayed in his arms as she spoke to Joan.

“So at least I want you to be able to do this for the exhibition.” Jack enjoyed the feel of being next to Mary as she continued. “But if you want to do more you’ll have the choice.”

Mary got down then climbed back on his shoulders. They were quick with that part now. “From the shoulder stand I want to step in Jack’s hands and have him press me up. Jack, present a hand just in front of your shoulder for me. Now the other hand.”

Jack was in waist deep water with Mary standing in his hands at his shoulders. It was a little shaky but Mary was fearless.

“Now you can probably press me up with just your arm strength, but I want you to learn slot oyna to use your legs to help press me up.”

Jack bent his legs slightly and then extended, easily pressing Mary straight up. Jack heard his wife’s voice in his earpiece, “Don’t drop that girl!” It was already too late. Jack had concentrated more on strength than balance.

Mary started to tumble down. She grabbed his head and wrapped her legs around him on her way down. They both went under water with Jack’s face mashed against her bosom and his hands cradling her bare ass. Mary seemed a little slow to let him up. She spoke immediately on his breaking the surface.

“We have to keep doing this until you’re perfect.”

The next time Jack pressed Mary up he was able to maintain position. Things were shaky but he learned to move his feet to keep her up there. It was kind of like balancing a broom on end.

“Jack, are you ready to catch me? Bend your knees a little then extend to help me jump.”

Jack did as he was told and Mary did one and a half twists before landing in his arms. Jack and Joan were both amazed and Joan exclaimed, “You want me to do that?”

Mary shrugged. “It is kind of a tough trick but both of you are good athletes. You don’t have to do it perfect. Jack will catch you no matter what and you pretend that’s what you intended. You can always choose to do the simple jump from his shoulders.”

Mary was right. It took a lot of practice but it helped that the swimming pool took the fear out of the move. From waist deep water Joan could do the entire trick from the press to the twist and seated catch.

The problem came when they went to shallower water. Joan’s fear of the extra height made the progress slow. Jack and Joan eventually improved and moved the attempts outside the pool to the ground. They never even came close to completing the trick; it was just too scary for Joan.

Mary was very accepting. “OK, it was worth a try. On Monday just do the basic trick from his shoulders.”

Joan seemed relieved. Jack and Joan looked to Mary. She shrugged and said, “That’s about it. Let’s take a break in the pool.”

As they made it into the water Mary said, “Oh yeah. Hugs all around for a job well done.”

Jack hugged Joan first. She was still prim and proper which was quite a change from the previous two days. Joan even avoided eye contact.

But Mary more than made up for it. She floated in close and even slightly wrapped her legs around his waist as she gave him a full frontal hug. The feel of the water made the hug even more sensual for both of them. Jack lightly supported Mary by placing his hands on her bare slippery bottom.

Jack happened to look over at Joan. She was in the deep water crouched down and had an expression that almost looked like a scowl. It occurred to Jack that maybe she disapproved of his giving Mary an intimate embrace.

Jack pulled back from Mary and backed into the wall of the pool. Mary ignored his rejection saying, “Ooo, that felt good. How about giving me a hug from behind?” Mary took her time and sensually floated around pressing her bare ass back against Jack’s expanding dick.

Jack reached up to touch her smooth waist but he was worried. Something was going on that he did not understand. Jack looked across the water’s surface at Joan for help but she still had that disapproving look.

Then Jack heard something from the earpiece. “…Jack, you’re supposed to…” It was mostly static. The earpiece must have gotten waterlogged. If he could have heard his wife he would have known she said, “Jack, you’re supposed to pay attention to Mary. The girls have arranged for her to be with you.”

Instead Jack assumed that Karen was trying to tell him to back away from Mary. He gently pushed Mary away.

“Let’s stop this Mary.”

Mary’s response to the second rejection was simple. She slowly waded out of the pool and picked up her towel on the way to the house. She was clearly holding back tears.

Joan was suddenly at his elbow. “What is wrong with you? Can’t you tell Mary’s flirting with you? She talked about this all day.”

Then over the earpiece Jack finally heard his wife’s clear voice. “You hurt that girl’s feelings! She thinks you’re rejecting her.”

Jack faced Joan with his surprised expression and mumbled, “I’ve got to try to fix this.”

Jack and Joan got out of the pool and Joan led the way to Mary’s room near the pool. They found Mary on the bed with her face buried in her pillows. The only thing covering her was the bikini and that wasn’t covering much. There was no sound but her body was slightly shaking. Jack and Joan sat on the bed on either side of her and she ignored them.

“Mary I’m sorry.”

With broken speech Mary struggled to say, “What was I thinking? I’ve been coming on to my married neighbor.” Jack noticed that her cute butt jiggled as her body moved. She continued, “I even went out today and bought this bikini to impress you.”

Jack took the cue. “That bikini really canlı casino siteleri did impress me; well what was in the bikini impressed me. You look great.”


“Of course. Mary, I noticed that you and Joan were acting different and I somehow thought something was wrong. I didn’t want to make things worse, but instead that’s exactly what I did. Please forgive me.”

Jack gently placed his hand on her back and bent down to kiss her on the cheek. Her face was still in the pillow and when she felt him she abruptly turned her face away.

“I forgive you but everything’s all messed up.”

Jack decided to take a risk. He leaned over and kissed one of her cute shaking ass cheeks.

Mary’s body froze. There was a long wait as she seemed to be thinking. Almost imperceptibly she turned her butt offering the other cheek. Jack kissed it and added a little suction at the end.

Mary flipped over and blurted out, “I’m so embarrassed!” Her nose was red and her eyes were bloodshot. Jack fell into her arms and they kissed deeply with occasional laughing sobs from Mary.

They heard a deep throated, “Finally!” from Joan’s side of the bed

Jack lay down next to Mary and they both reveled in the feel of flesh. Jack raised a knee and nudged it against Mary’s pussy. She pushed back as she squeezed him tight.

Jack began to explore Mary’s supple body with his hands. He reached behind Mary and undid the strap to her top. Mary seemed a little shy as he lifted the red material to reveal her naked beauty. Mary’s breasts were small but delightfully shaped. They were prominent and placed high on her torso. Jack palmed one and then the other as they continued to kiss.

Jack pulled Mary over on the bed and they bumped into Joan who let out an “oops.” Joan moved over to the bedside desk chair and started to lightly stroke her breasts through her white bathing suit as she watched.

With Mary on top Jack could glory in the feel of Mary’s bare breasts mashed against his chest. She had her arms under his, still hugging him tight with the side of her face against his upper chest.

Jack lowered his hands to finally get a good feel of Mary’s stunning soft ass. At first he lightly explored the surface of her warm skin. Then he began to knead her flesh and feel the resilience of the shaky globes.

Mary began to get active with her hands. She ran them along Jack’s sides to his bathing trunks and then lightly pushed to communicate that he should take them off. They rolled to their sides and Jack struggled only slightly to get rid of the suit. Mary made sure to get a good look at Jack’s dick as Joan moaned from her chair.


They rolled again with Jack on top this time. He kissed Mary passionately and ran his hands over her perky breasts, over her ribcage, and across her protruding hip bones. He squeezed his hands under her to get a double handful of her ass again. In this position he slowly pulled her tight and pressed his dick against her bikini covered pussy.

It took Jack a couple of tries to find the opening of her pussy through the material. Mary helped by shifting her hips so that they could line up. They began to hump against each other with the very brief red material between them. Jack could feel his dick slightly penetrate her thinly clad opening and Mary began to moan.


Jack slid down her body sprinkling kisses as he went. He took the material of her bikini bottoms and slid it off of her fervently moving legs. They were both totally naked. Jack was taken again by the paleness of her pubic hair. He kissed Mary around the vagina and then buried his face so that his tongue was right on her clitoris. Mary’s hips bucked upward as she groaned.


From beside the bed came Joan’s unenthusiastic, “Uugg.” Jack and Mary both looked briefly over at Joan and she said, “Oops, sorry. I’ll be right back.”

As Joan stood up to leave Jack playfully reared his head back with his teeth bared and got a Dracula style mouthful of Mary’s pussy. Mary breathlessly giggled as Joan scoffed, “Hmmf.”

Jack used his hand to start working with Mary’s G-spot. She seemed to really respond. He moved his mouth back up her body with the side benefit that his dick was moving closer to her pussy. His face reached her perky tits and he decided to spend a little extra time there. He continued to stroke Mary’s G-spot as he used his lips to play with her erect nipples. Mary arched her back against his face and rotated her hips against his hand. She sometimes even crossed and uncrossed her legs while Jack stroked her. She moaned with passion.


Jack sensed that if he maintained this, Mary would probably have an orgasm. His dick was aching to find the interior of Mary’s pussy but Jack held his position. Instead of long steady moans she began to make passionate noises with a rhythm.


Mary began to lift her hips up to accentuate the G-spot sensations. Jack’s cock rubbed against her thigh as she moved up and down on her back with eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her hand was on the back of his head as he concentrated his mouth on the nearest titty. Mary’s hips shot upward with an orgasm.

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