Actual Sorority Sisters

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Dear Reader: You are about to embark on the longest piece of writing I have ever completed. Please enjoy it in good health. The novel (and yes, it is an 88,000 word novel) has been split into four sections, this being the first section. The entire book is already completed and I will be releasing the remaining three sections over the next few weeks. So if you like this, keep your eyes open for future installments.

With that said, this book is not for everyone. It will be too long for many people (no shame in that, it’s a big time investment). It is also somewhat extreme, having some of the more intense and bizarre sexual scenes I have ever written (though for some of you faithful readers, that will be the appeal!). Further I warn you that not every section has incest content, though there is a lot of that in here, as well as other kinds of taboo. Finally, this first section takes a little bit of time to warm up (a full novel is going to need a bit of back story after all). If you just want the sex, skip directly to Chapter 2 of this section. The remaining three sections (containing chapters 3-4, chapter 5, and chapter 6 and the Epilogue respectively) are pretty much wall to wall erotica. So if the start is a little slow for you, come back for the next sections and you won’t be disappointed. Not that you shouldn’t read it all, I think the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you read the whole thing, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

And please let me know what you think.

Actual Sorority Sisters Part 1

Prologue: A Secret Rush

I was standing on the sidewalk, facing away from the street. The building in front of me was a massive, four-story brick structure with elegant white columns. The building was surrounded by a large and well-maintained yard. The buildings on either side of it were largely identical, save for the fact that each had a different sign hanging from the fourth floor balcony. This particular building had three large letters on the balcony. These three letters were in Greek. I am bound by honor (and I think a legal document I signed) not to say what those three letters were. I was standing at the top of an elegant stone walkway that led up to the front of the building. Actually, it led to a massive, well-designed front porch and the impressive oak front door.

In case you have not yet guessed, I was standing in front of a sorority house at a well known public university in the Mid-West. Trust me, you’ve heard of my school. You’ve probably seen our football team on television. Anyway, I was a 19 year old freshman at the time and I was trying to work up the nerve to walk up that elegant walkway to the massive porch so that I could step through the impressive oak door. It should have been easy; I was supposed to be there. It was the first day of my pledge period. Except, I also wasn’t supposed to be there.

Actually, to explain, I think I need to go back a bit. A couple of weeks earlier. That was the second week of my freshman year at school. It was a Monday afternoon after class (which I was still struggling to adjust to) and my roommate and I had gotten lunch and then headed out to the Pan-Hellenic Fair. I didn’t know my roommate very well, but we were sort of forced to be friendly. In the spirit of forced friendship, I had insisted she come with me to the Fair. This was the annual event that kicked off the Rush period for the University’s sorority and fraternity community. I, unlike my roommate, was already well aware of this process. My older sister Lily was a senior and the Secretary-Treasurer of one of the most exclusive sororities on campus.

“Lizzie, I don’t know why you drug me out to this,” my roommate Karen whined, “I am not even sure I want to rush a sorority. It seems kind of… old fashioned or something.” I smirked at her.

“72% of students at this university are in the Greek community, and 80% of women,” I said, spouting off statistics Lily had told me four years earlier when she was a freshman. I could still remember her first trip home after starting college. I had been almost deliriously happy to see her and I could vividly recall her almost euphoric joy at beginning to pledge at her new sorority. “You don’t want to be left on the outside.”

“Maybe,” Karen said but without much conviction, “Anyway, even if I wanted to, there has got to be like a million sororities here. How in the hell am I supposed to pick one?” My roommate waved her hand over the crowd. And she was right. It was absolute chaos. There were dozens of tables with hundreds of sorority girls and frat guys sitting behind them. The various sororities had big displays out encouraging the freshman girls to rush. All of the sororities wore matching shirts in bright colors to show their unity and to stand out from the crowd. The result was a jumbled mash of bold colors and wild noise.

“Yeah, if I didn’t already know exactly where I was going, I would be lost. But I know where I want to rush,” I said. I turned toward the third table on the left side and saw two beautiful girls sitting quietly. They might not have had the brightest display or casino şirketleri the most exciting t-shirts, but their quiet confidence implied that they didn’t need any frills. The three letters splashed across their shirt indicated that they belonged to the sorority I wanted the most. Lily’s sorority.

I walked over to their table, smiling brightly. I felt a little bit nervous, walking up and talking to these people. I realized they were probably Lily’s friends and I’d always been a little intimidated by her friends. But as I stopped in front of the table and looked at them, they smiled back brightly.

One girl tiled her head to the side and said, “Hi! Are you thinking about rushing,” and then she said the name of the sorority which I retract here. She gave me kind of a strange look.

“Yes, absolutely,” I said.

“Well my name is Heather and I am the president,” she said. Heather was a tall girl, probably around 5’10. She was very slim with long black hair, dark smoky eyes and exceptionally white teeth, “And this is our Vice President Carrie,” she said. The other girl nodded slightly but smiled in a friendly enough manner. Carrie was much shorter than Heather, maybe only 5’4 and had short but very nicely styled blonde hair. She had green eyes and very smooth features. Both girls looked beautiful and comfortable in their tight pink t-shirts and shorts.

“Nice to meet you,” I said a little too formally.

“Nice to meet you…?” the Heather prompted.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Elizabeth or Lizzie if you prefer.”

“Well Lizzie, where have you been considering?” Carrie asked off-handedly.

“Oh, this is the absolute only place I want to pledge!” I gushed loudly. I heard my roommate, who’d caught up to me by now, snicker a little bit at my over-enthusiasm. But the Vice-President smiled broadly when I spoke.

“Good for you. We won’t even let someone want rush if we aren’t their first choice,” the Vice-President said. She spun the clipboard she was holding around and set it facing towards me. My roommate sniffled like this was all too much for her and turned to look at different tables.

“We want to get to know a little more about you. Sign up and leave your e-mail,” Heather said and I felt a sudden swelling of excitement and pride. Even rushing for this sorority was not something that most people got to do. I quickly signed my name, filled in my address, and thanked them both profusely.

“I can’t wait to get started,” I said, almost short of air.

“Same here,” Heather said and then winked at Carrie. I didn’t know what that meant, but I quickly grabbed a flier from Carrie’s hand. It contained a schedule for all of the upcoming rush events. I thanked them both again and then sort of rushed out. I didn’t think it was wise to sit around and see if they changed their minds.

I darted off into the crowd to find my roommate. I wasn’t sure where she had gone, but as I moved through the crowd I felt like skipping. I’d been waiting to sign up for this sorority ever since I’d moved into my dorm. Ever since I got accepted into the school really. Maybe earlier. And now I had a schedule for Rush events that I was invited to. And the first one was only three days away! I couldn’t believe how excited I was.

“Lizzie?” A voice called out and for a second I didn’t think that it was for me, but then another, “Lizzie?” I turned, looking to see where my roommate was calling me from. Instead, I turned to see my sister standing amongst the crowd, looking at me coolly. I nodded wanly, familiar with her look and a bit nervous about it, and walked over next to her.

Anyone looking would have instantly realized that Lily and I were sisters. I had always been told while I was growing up that I looked exactly as my older sister had at a similar stage of development. Now at 19 and 23 respectively, and both nearly fully grown, we were close to identical.

We were both short, around 5’3 and voluptuous. At that time I weighed around 140 pounds and Lily probably weighed around 145. However, our weight was strategically placed. We both had flat tummies and narrow waists, but large breasts, bubble butts, and athletic thighs. Most of Lily’s extra weight on me she carried in her breasts, which were a cup size bigger than my already large breasts. Judging based on how our mom looked (we both took after her in body type) we both expected to fill out a bit more in the stomach, but avoid looking “dumpy” as we aged. Two kids and my mom still had a girlish figure. We both had olive-colored skin because our father was Lebanese and the long, straight black hair that went with it. We both had large dark brown eyes and long, slender noses. We both had full lips, and bright white teeth. We both had somewhat prominent, but not bulky cheek bones and sleek face shapes. We were always told we were pretty.

Really, there were only four ways to tell us apart. First, there were those larger breasts I mentioned before; second, Lily had a large tattoo of a rose on her left hip (and this was only occasionally visible); third, I had a nose stud; and fourth I was always smiling casino firmaları and Lily was always pissed. That would’ve been the easiest way to tell us apart that day as I stood in front of her.

“What’s that in your hand,” Lily said, pointing towards the flier. I looked at it briefly and then smiled at her.

“Yeah, it’s…” I started.

“I know what it is!” Lily said, her voice rising now. She saw a couple of people turn and look at her and felt self-conscious. She grabbed my wrist and started to pull me.

“What is your problem?” I asked.

“Shut up and follow me,” she said, yanking harder. I stumbled along behind her. Lily dodged between a couple of tables and then out away from the crowd. Finally, she pulled me into a small alcove underneath a set of stairs leading up into a school building she spun around and stared at me.

“What?” I asked, feeling nervous now. My sister had always had a temper, especially with me. And I hated to get on the wrong side of her.

“Me what? You… What do you think you are doing?”

“I was signing up to rush at your sorority,” I said perplexed.

“Didn’t you think about telling me about your little plan here? You know you have to go to at least 2 rush events to even be considered for the pledge class, right? Did you think you could avoid having me find out? Heather and Carrie just found me a minute ago and said something that looked almost identical to me was going to rush. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“What?” I said, completely confused, “I wasn’t hiding anything I was going to tell you tonight. I thought you’d be happy!” I said. I could never figure my sister out. Why was this making her angry?

“I don’t care if you were or weren’t at this point,” she said wiping her hair out of her eyes angrily, “The answer is no. You can’t rush and you definitely can’t pledge. Go pick another sorority or don’t pick one at all.” I felt like she’d punched me in the gut. I wriggled my wrist out of her grip.

“What are you talking about? The President and Vice President invited me to rush. You can’t just tell me ‘no.’” I said haughtily. Lily’s lips pursed together like she was trying to keep her composure.

“Why do you always have to be like this?”

“Like what? Like be interested in things in the university? Like want to make friends? I am not doing anything to you. You are being weird.” I yelled back.

“You are doing something to me. You are doing what you’ve always done. You are tagging along with whatever I am doing just because I am doing it. I spent a long time deciding what sorority I wanted to join and then I spent three years making friends there and earning people’s respect so that I could be Secretary-Treasurer. And now, now you just want to walk in and become a part of something that is mine. Like you always do. This is exactly the same thing as the first goddamned day of my senior year of high school when you insisted that you would ride with me and my friends to school!” she said, barely able to spit out one sentence before another came flipping out over top of it.

“First of all, I had to get a ride it was like half a mile to school and…”

“So what? I walked that half mile every day, back and forth, my freshman year AND my sophomore year. I waited and then when I had friends who drove, I got a ride. But you don’t feel like you have to pay any dues. You just find whatever is mine and make it yours.”

“You are being a bitch! I can do what I want when I want,” I said back. This was not the first time we’d had almost this exact same fight, but this was over something bigger. I really wanted this.

“Yeah, you always have. Unfortunately, you are such a sad loser that you only ever figure out what you want after I say what I want. And you always want the exact same moment that I want it. Well guess what, mom and dad aren’t here now to make me give everything to you. This was my place first and you can’t have it. I can’t believe I still have to put up with this childish bullshit when I am 23 years old!” she said, exasperated. I was almost shaking with anger.

“This isn’t about you, it is about me!” I said, but I felt like I was floundering.

“Yeah, well let ME tell YOU something. There is no way you are going to rush. I will make sure of that. If you show up at a rush event, I will immediately escort you out. And there is no one you can cry to about it because in my sorority, with my friends, I am in charge.”

“You can’t do that. There are rules against it.”

“Even if there were,” Lily spat back, “It wouldn’t matter. I made it into this sorority, but it isn’t genetic. You don’t have what it takes,” And with that, Lily dropped my arm and immediately stormed off, leaving me confused and dejected under the stairs.

I flopped down heavily on the cool concrete and buried my face in my hands. What had just happened? I had expected Lily to be happy for me. She always had such lovely things to say about her sorority, I thought she’d want to share it with me. Hell, her glowing review of the place was why I wanted to be there. And what was all that talk güvenilir casino about me taking things from her? I mean I kind of understood how she had complained when I’d moved into her bigger room when she went to college, but she barely stayed at home anymore so what difference did it make. Why did she always have to make me feel like I was living my life to spite her?

Okay, so maybe she was a little bit right that I liked to do the things she did. I took tap dancing because she did. I joined soccer at school because she had. I liked bands because she recommended them. Hell, I would admit it. I even applied to this college because she’d liked it so much. But it wasn’t like me doing those things stole anything from her. And I liked those things anyway; I didn’t just like them because she did them first. If she said that “The university is great” and then I went to the university and agreed, did that mean I was copying her or that we just had similar taste? If anything, she should be happy that I kind of looked up to her and gave weight to her opinions before I made up my own mind. And that was absolutely what I’d done. Or, I told myself that at least.

As for “not having what it takes,” I was too angry about that to even think about it. I’d been just as good at anything as she ever was. Even considering it made me shake. So I pushed it out of my conscious thoughts.

I was feeling self-righteous and angry as I finally pulled myself back up to a standing position under the stairs. But I lacked the energy to do anything with it. Instead, I hung my head and started to walk back to my dorm. I didn’t even bother to look for my roommate, she would figure it out.

Feelings of persecution and despair washed over me in waves. And embarrassment. Lots of that. I couldn’t believe how stupid Lily was capable of making me feel. I was supposed to be an adult. By the time I got to my dorm, I felt like an absolute schmuck. I paused outside and looked at the ugly building. This, not a pretty sorority house, would be my home for at least another year. I saw a garbage can against the wall and looked at the flier still clutched in my hand. I figured that I might as well throw it out for all the good it would do me. But I scanned over it a bit as I walked towards the can. I was just about to drop it when something caught my eye.

“What is this?” I asked myself, smiling now and feeling the rage and the embarrassment I’d felt earlier start to drain. There was an asterisk next to the third event. I looked at the bottom of the page and it stated, “Due to a scheduling conflict caused by the variable time set for the football game, this particular event will be organized by seniors other than the Officers. The officers will be meeting with the rest of the Pan-Hellenic Council to discuss the year’s schedule of events.” That meant, that for at least one of the rush events, my sister would not be present. I scanned over the other events that were listed.

I was shocked to see something I hadn’t realized before regarding the first event, just three days in the future. That day happened to be my Sister’s birthday. I knew for a fact that my parents were coming up to take her out to dinner. I had been invited, but declined to go because I though that Lily might want some time with our parents to herself. Where was my credit for that? Anyway, that gave me two rush events where my sister would not be present.

For a second, I dismissed the ideas that were brewing in my mind. They would never work. Then, I thought back on the time my sister had invited me to join her “club” when we were kids. I’d been so excited. It was just my sister and her friends in the tree house my dad had made in the back yard and I was invited! Except, when I’d climbed up into the tree house, they’d just pelted me with water balloons and laughed as I almost plummeted to my near death. Suddenly, my nerves were steeled. I wasn’t ready to give up on my sorority just yet. And with the sort of innocent desire to be in the sorority before was added a hard determination to prove to my sister that I could do whatever I wanted for my own reasons. And I was going to prove that I deserved to be there.

* * * * *

I had refined my plan all during the next three days, figuring exactly what I was going to do and say to try to get this to work. The key to my strategy was twofold. First, I had to convince the sorority to give me a chance despite my sister’s disapproval. If I was able to do that, and it was a big if, I had to make a huge impression. There were five events, but I was only going to two of them to avoid my sister. People had to remember me even when they saw other people more than twice as much.

So, when the day finally came for the first event, the one that would include the Heather and Carrie, but not my sister, I pulled out all the stops. First, I knew that my sister’s sorority prided themselves on being the most attractive sorority on campus. Clearly they thought I was pretty enough to be in, since my sister looked almost exactly like me and was an officer. But I wanted to be positive. So I spent about two hours straightening my hair, applying my make-up, and picking out just the right clothes. I settled on a short (but not scandalous) light yellow skirt, a white button-up blouse, and a pink cardigan. I looked summery, sexy, and confident. And I felt it.

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