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This story deals with themes of reluctance and coercion in a lesbian setting. If you think you might be offended please find yourself another story.


Chapter 1

I was naked and terrified. I could move nothing but my eyes and could see little except the blankness of a white ceiling. I tried to call out but I had no voice.

I desperately tried to gather my thoughts but I could not even remember my own name. I was breathing more and more quickly, on the edge of panic, and then she loomed over me.

She was young, blonde, beautiful and she had haunted my dreams for days. She put a hand on my forehead and I immediately felt a little calmer but my mind was a confusion of unanswered questions.

She smiled down at me and then moved away. I heard a trickle of water somewhere close by and then felt the warmth of a soft cloth moving slowly over my body. I wanted to ask her where I was and why I had to be bathed but my throat felt dry and constricted.

She worked slowly and carefully, replenishing the cloth from time to time, and for a moment or two I simply surrendered to her ministrations. She washed each of my limbs in turn before patting them dry with a luxuriously fluffy towel and I caught tantalizing glimpses of her as she went about her work.

The room was pleasantly warm but I gasped when she touched the cloth to my bare stomach. She drew a widening circle and I tensed anticipating what was to come.

I felt the sudden wetness on my breast and to my embarrassment I felt my nipple hardening.

“You do like that don’t you, you naughty girl.”

Her tone was playful but my incapacity made it unsettling. She ran the cloth over my breasts in a manner not entirely consistent with simple hygiene and I hated my body for responding.

She was in no hurry and, whilst I wanted her to stop, I had reached a point where I had begun to crave a firmer touch. She seemed to sense this and she brought her face close to mine.

She looked no more than twenty and her Nordic blue eyes radiated a seeming innocence which was at odds with her perfectly glossed lips. They were full, pouty, a mouth crying out to be kissed.

Almost at once I felt a sense of revulsion and from nowhere an image came to me. It was the face of a man and with it parts of my life fell back into place. The man was my husband and I was imbued with an immediate sense of relief and wellbeing.

I must have smiled because she smiled back at me and at the same time she moved the cloth down between my legs.

“You really are gorgeous…”

I tried to scream, to tell her to leave me alone, but no words would come. I could feel her fingers through the cloth pressing at me with a threatening intimacy and I prayed for it to be over but she seemed oblivious of my plight.

She was breathing a little more deeply and, with her face just inches away, I could smell a minty freshness. For some reason this alarmed me, perhaps hinting at a degree of premeditation, but the thought was lost as I confronted a new crisis.

There was a gentle splash as she dunked the cloth once more but when she touched me again all I could feel was her bare fingers. They ranged over my sex with an easy familiarity, a gossamer touch that made my body shiver.

“Is that good?”

I pleaded with my eyes but she was unperturbed. The tips of her fingers dipped between my legs seeking out the deeper creases. I was acutely aware of their teasing progress but something else came back to me. I normally keep my sex neatly trimmed but she was following a perfectly smooth contour.

I was still worrying about the implications when she traced a single finger along the fringes of my labia and I hissed a sharp breath through my teeth.

“Shall I make it nice for you?”

She took hold of my ankle in both hands and slowly raised my knee. I tried to resist but I was powerless as she repeated the process with my other leg leaving my sex wide open to her attentions.

She sat beside me on the bed and took up where she left off. She used the back of her finger to gently stroke my mound and the paralysis seemed to sharpen my focus. I tried to fix my mind elsewhere but I kept being drawn back to the ever increasing arousal between my legs,

“You smell so sexy.”

As soon as she said it I became aware of my own scent which now hung in the air. Whilst my powers of recall were still badly impaired I was certain that no one had ever said such a thing to me before and I was stirred in some way.

For the next few minutes she carried on with the tender massage and my body continued to respond. My nipples were so firm that they ached and I could feel myself growing wetter.

“Look at this…”

It was a rhetorical statement. She leaned closer to my sex making me redden with embarrassment, and pressed her fingertip to my labia. There was an unmistakable squelch of moisture and then I felt her finger inside.

It intruded slowly, knowingly, and I felt myself tensing until she carefully withdrew it. güvenilir bahis She moved into my field of view and held it up so that it glistened in the dappled sunlight coming in at the window.

I was, by degrees, both appalled and fascinated. She looked straight into my eyes before she took it deep into her mouth and softly sucked.


She reacted as if it were heavenly nectar and I felt a lurch in the pit of my stomach. To my astonishment I found that I was hovering on the brink of an orgasm and her sly smile told me that she knew too.

Still holding my gaze she put her hand back between my legs and probed for a second time. Now I welcomed it and I tried to squeeze but my muscles were not mine to command. She lingered a little longer this time but I was frustrated as she pulled free once more.

She showed me her finger which looked more richly coated than before and then, pervertedly, I watched wanting her to taste it again. She paused for a long moment and then my eyes opened in shocked surprise as she brought it to my lips.

“You taste wonderful…”

I could do nothing as she played her finger over my mouth and then gently pushed it inside. My tongue instinctively curled around it and my saliva diluted the pervasive richness forcing me to swallow.

I had never deliberately set out to taste myself before and the newness of the sensation killed any lingering doubts that I may have trodden this path in the past. I wanted to be revolted but my natural curiosity got the better of me.

It had a primal quality but it was quintessentially feminine and I found myself wondering if it was unique to me. To my dismay I pictured myself, just for an instant, on my knees before her.

She indulged me for another second or two before putting her finger back into her own mouth and noisily clearing the residue.

“We won’t be able to play these games for very much longer…”

I was still trying to make sense of this remark when her hand found me again.

She kept her palm flat on my pubis and, with a single crooked finger, she pressed unerringly against my clitoris.

The initial sensation flushed through my system and I felt my temperature rise markedly. She allowed me to settle and then she began rock her hand using her wrist as a fulcrum. It was a soothing, rhythmic motion, at first almost imperceptible but, as the minutes passed, it became more positive.

It was incredibly arousing but equally frustrating. Had it been my own fingers I would, by now, have quickened as I felt my climax starting to build but she was not going to be hurried. I found that I could get almost all the way there only to lose it at the finish.

The secret was to attune to her rhythm and not to try and impose my own. I made one last effort, keeping to the pace she set and refusing to give in. The tension was almost unbearable but she lifted me ever higher and then, in a crashing crescendo, I was released.

Perhaps it was something to do with my apparent helplessness but it had an intensity that I was sure I had never experienced before. It continued to roll over me as her merciless finger kept up an unremitting tempo. I wanted to let go but she kept me aloft teasing out the final vestiges of pleasure.

Finally, I had nothing more to give and she relented. She kissed her finger before gently placing it against my lips.

“Try and sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Chapter 2

I fell into an exhausted, undreaming, sleep and came round only very slowly. There were voices close by and I kept my eyes shut as I tried to focus on what was being said.

Just as I began to make some sense of it they seemed to fade away and I snapped my eyes open. A man and a woman hovered over me, he in a dark suit and she in a set of medical whites. Seeing me awake they looked at one another before looking back at me.

“Can you hear me?”

The woman spoke as if I were deaf and I felt angry.

“Of course I can hear you…”

My voice was an unfamiliar croak but I was glad to be making any sound at all.

“…where am I and what’s happened to me.”

“You’ve been in an accident and you’ve been under heavy sedation.”

“Am I okay?”

“You’re healing well and should make a full recovery. “

“I can’t remember a thing.”

She touched my face, a friendly gesture.

“Your memory will return very quickly. Try and sleep and we’ll talk again later.”

She held a glass of water to my lips and I sipped messily. She cleaned my face and returned the glass to the night stand.

“There will be a nurse in to see you shortly.”

With that, they left and I felt relieved that at least part of the mystery was solved. I immediately began to wonder if my anonymous visitor had, in fact, been a nurse but, if she was, she was possessed of a most extraordinary bedside manner. I found myself waiting with trepidation and an odd sense of expectation.

I must have dozed again because I was awoken by the sun shining red türkçe bahis on my eyelids.

“Wakey, wakey sleepy head.”

She was standing over me as she had before but I was now able to lift my head just a little, enough to see that she was not wearing a uniform.

“Who the hell are you?”

She looked completely unfazed by my outburst.

“I see you’ve found your voice; and you can move a little.”

“Just tell me what’s going on.”

“You’ve been in a car accident. You suffered a head trauma and there was some fluid on your brain. They put you in a chemical cast to give it a chance to dissipate naturally.”

“What is a chemical cast?”

“It’s a muscle relaxant. They induced a temporary paralysis to keep you still. You’ve also been sedated to help with the pain.”

“And that gave you the right to assault me?”

She laughed softly.

“I would hardly call it an assault you seemed to enjoy it every time.”

I felt tendrils of fear clutching at me. I had been fully aware at least once but my dreams suggested that it was not the first time.

“How long have I been here?”

“This is the sixth day. Wait, I have something to show you.”

She held it in front of my face and for a confused instant I thought I was looking into a mirror.

I recognized the features as my own but then realized that I was staring at a magazine cover. The headline was ‘Business Beauty’ and a torrent of memories flooded back. The picture had been taken just a few weeks ago, shortly after my thirty-second birthday.

I am proud of my looks but the magazine had really gone to town. The

Professionally applied makeup, particularly around my dark eyes, suggested a shrewd intellect whilst, at the same time, adding a subtle allure.

They had also added a liner to my lips, something I was too lazy to do myself, and, as a result, my mouth was given a seductive prominence.

The whole was framed by freshly styled bob cut which brought out the best in my thick auburn hair.

I remembered my initial reservations when the idea was put to me, fearing that I would undermine my own credibility, but I had been convinced that women considering a career in a male dominated business world needed role models to look up to.

She turned the magazine so that she could see it herself.

“You look so hot in that picture. I think I might just be taking this magazine to bed with me…”

The tenor of the remark was not lost on me but instead of feeling angry I felt an unwanted stirring.

“…but then again I have you right here.”

Her hand snaked beneath the sheet and unerringly came to rest on my sex.

“Leave me alone!”

I tried to move but I was still enfeebled.

“Would you like to know why you’re naked? I told them you always sleep like that, that you wouldn’t like it any other way.”

“Who the hell are you to tell them anything about me!”

She laughed as her fingers splayed out over my sex bringing with them a spreading warmth.

“Are you telling me that you don’t like that?”

Memories of our previous encounter echoed within me and my efforts to rebuff her somehow gave way to acquiescence. In my mind I told myself that I was helpless, that I did not have the strength to stop her, but why then did I not cry out?

The flat of her finger lay along the length of my labia, perfectly still, and the only movement was my own. Within the bounds of my limited mobility I rocked my hips craving a more positive pressure.

“My, my, you really are in heat.”

I was getting wetter and, overcome by guilt, I wanted to disassociate myself from the ravening slut that I seemed to have become but my body was beyond my control.

I was breathing faster and my fingers clutched at the sheet beneath me. With little or no effort on her part I was heading towards a climax but I was to be cruelly denied.


I gasped the entreaty as she removed her hand altogether leaving me teetering at the edge. Before I could react she pushed her finger deep into my mouth almost making me gag. I shook my head in denial but I did not bite.

“Are you getting to like the taste?”

I wanted to say no but she could feel the slight resistance as she eased herself free.

She was wearing a two piece ivory linen suit and, as I watched, she lifted her skirt. I was shocked to see that she was naked beneath it and her neat sex was dressed with a frizz of short blonde hairs darkened with moisture towards the centre.

For reasons I could not explain to myself I found the sight erotically charged and I glanced guiltily at my wedding band. If I was involved in an accident then why was my husband not with me? I had an inkling that all was not well between us but I could not concentrate as she reached down between her legs and pushed her wetted finger easily inside.

“Do you see what you do to me?”

Her eyes were half closed as she twisted her hand and then pulled her finger free. As she did so I caught güvenilir bahis siteleri a hint of her personal scent not unlike my own. My nostrils flared and, taking this as her cue, she crooked her finger beneath my nose.

I should have turned my head away in disgust but instead I inhaled deeply drawing the essence of her into my lungs. I was certain that this was a new experience but it felt, in some way, reassuringly familiar.

She smiled as she teased her finger slowly back and forth, thickening the air, and then she brushed it over my mouth. At first I resisted but her touch was so light that my lips tingled and I could not help but lick them.

I caught her taste at once and withdrew my tongue reflexively but, almost as quickly, she pressed her finger into my mouth. The knowledge that it was imbued with a combination of us both excited me in a totally irrational way. I let her finger play around my gums and over my tongue.

“Wonderful isn’t it?”

This young woman, to all intents and purposes a total stranger, was toying with me and I seemed unable to resist. I was still sucking at her finger as she withdrew it and I looked on almost mesmerized as she mounted the bed.

“I’m glad you’re able to move a little now. I’ve been looking forward to this for days.”

So saying, she raised her skirt altogether and straddled me so that her knees were pinning my shoulders.

I stared at her sex, just inches away, and began to struggle but, whilst I seemed to have control of my limbs, there was simply no strength in them.

“Get off me! I want to see my husband.”

She laughed softly but remained exactly where she was.

“All in good time; in the meanwhile we have all the privacy we need.”

I tried to look towards the door but she had already eased forward so that her lower body filled my field of vision.

I felt uncomfortably enclosed but, at the same time, the hideous intimacy was unnervingly arousing. Her scent lay over me like a shroud and I could see that her sex had bloomed a little.

The neat slit had swollen open to reveal a moist, mouth watering, pinkness. I knew that it was wrong to find it so but it chimed with a dilemma that had plagued me for most of my adult life.

With a sudden clarity I knew that I had obliged the men in my life under sufferance simply because it was expected of me but, worse still, I made a supreme effort to please because I was driven to succeed in everything that I did.

By contrast with their rigid, gagging, masculinity this was a paradise of gentle, sweet, repose.

In that moment of realization I looked up to find her smiling at me as if my every thought was spoken out loud. Without another word I opened my mouth in acceptance and she settled herself over me.

I let my instincts guide me as my tongue slipped deep inside to be greeted by a surprising heat and an eager compression. I stayed still as her muscles pulsed in welcome and then her taste filled my mouth.

The hint given by her fingers could not prepare me for the honeyed fullness that seemed to flow over my tongue and, without thought, I sealed my mouth around her and began to suck gently.

Time seemed suspended as we remained fused together. I wanted to explore further, to come to know her, but I did not want to spoil the beautiful stasis.

She, for her part, seemed content to hold me in place but I began to sense a new urgency about her.

The rhythmic squeezing became just a little more insistent and, almost imperceptibly, she began to moan.

The sound acted upon me at some subconscious level and I felt myself warming with need but my whole focus was fixed on her sex which now began to tremor gently.

There was an almost Zen-like stillness about her but there was a pressure building within that would not be denied. Her breathing became shallow but rapid and then my tongue was held in a tight, prolonged, squeeze as her body melted into orgasm.

After a few seconds the vice around my tongue eased off to be replaced by a series of irregular contractions. My mouth was flooding with moisture but I dared not swallow lest I broke the spell.

I do not know how long it went on but I felt a part of her as she strained to make it last as long as she possibly could. Finally, she could take no more and I felt a sudden reluctant relaxation as she began her slow descent.

When her breathing had returned to normal she stood up from the bed and straightened her skirt. My whole body was tense as I waited for her to finish what she had started but she simply smiled as she kissed me delicately on the lips.

“That was truly wonderful.”

Without another word she turned on her heel and left the room.

Chapter 3

I could have screamed in frustration. It was not just my physical need but a desperation to know who she was.

I tried to clean myself up as best I could and then lay in a state of agitation as I wrestled with the disjointed thoughts and images that refused to order themselves in my brain.

Two days passed and she did not reappear. My memory almost fully recovered, except for the accident itself, but she formed no part of it. I was sorely tempted to ask the nursing staff but I was restrained by a gut feeling.

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