Adventures with Older Men Pt. 02

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Ray invites me back to play again with his cricket team. Early summer evenings with the sound of leather on willow become my new norm. I’m quick at fielding and scamper about after shots that fizz along the freshly mowed outfield. The guys in the team seem to like me.

My new jockstrap that Ray gave me feels lovely against my smooth bum. As soon as I got home that night that he gave it to me, I went straight to my bedroom and tried it on and admired myself in the mirror. I wasn’t sure which way it went on at first but pretty quickly worked it out. My bulge fits neatly and snuggly inside the pouch. I imagine Ray’s cock that has been in here before and it makes me hard.

After the next game I leave my washing out for mother to wash. There’s the usual grass stained whites at the knees and the smear of red leather on the trousers where I’ve been shining the ball up. Also included is the jockstrap for the first time.

Later, as she is hanging out the washing she asks me “what’s this? Is this someone else’s you’ve brought home by mistake?” I tell her you need it for cricket these days and that Ray gave it to me. My step-father looks intrigued.

A few weeks later Ray asks would I like to help him with some gardening which he will pay me for. I agree to do it as I could do with some extra cash this summer. I call round to his house. His wife Jemma is out for the day which is a bit of canlı bahis şirketleri a disappointment. We cut grass, chop down hedges and weed the flower beds. There are bags of compost which need carried to the far end of his garden and also some mulching that needs done. The compost bin needs filled up again and we water the plants from the water butt that collects and stores natural rain water. My muscles start to ache after all the hard labour.

We leave the tools back into the garden shed and he tells me to put some of the smaller ones into drawers. As I put the pruners and gloves into one of the drawers, I notice a few pornographic magazines stacked up in one of them. I take my time to look at the cover on the top magazine which features a large chested woman getting taken from behind by a young curly haired guy before I close the drawer again.

Ray comes over and knows that I have seen them. He says sorry and that he should have kept them out of my way. I say it’s ok. He tells me to take one out and have a look if I want. Every man needs a magazine or two and a bit of time to themselves he says. This is clearly his go-to space . As I browse through the magazine, the pictures become more graphic with close ups of genitals. He asks me what I think of this woman, that arse, those tits and what about the size of this guy? “He’s about the same size as you” he chuckles.

I’m starting canlı kaçak iddaa to become aroused. Hopefully it isn’t noticeable. He pulls out another magazine and flicks through the pages slowly giving commentary again on each image. I’m now getting really hard. I see him reach his hand to his groin area and he’s massaging his crotch through his trousers. He asks me are these magazines making me hard? They certainly are making me hard I tell him. “Give yourself a rub. It’s ok” he says. I slowly massage my crotch and am now feeling stiffer than I ever have in my life. I feel like I’m leaking down there I’m so stiff. My trousers leave nothing to the imagination. I watch as Ray rubs his own bulge through his canvas trousers.

He moves behind me. I can feel him reaching around to flick the magazine onto the next page. I feel his bulge against the back of my trousers. Then his hand moves slowly from the pages to the front of my trousers. He moves my hand away and starts to massage me. It feels incredible. I feel ready to burst. The feel of his bulge against me from behind and his hand massaging my erection is almost too much for me to contend with. He moves to my button at the top of my jeans and unfastens me, then his fingers work my zipper down. He roughly rips my jeans down. I don’t protest. Then my boxers are next. He slips his fingers inside the waistband and soon they are pooled around my ankles as canlı kaçak bahis well. My cock is free. His right hand grips it tightly and he massages it slowly.

He stops momentarily and rummages inside another drawer where he pulls out a jar of vaseline. He dips two fingers inside the jar then one finger inside me. I feel the cool stickiness of his finger against my tight bum hole. It reminds me of my step-father. Then I assume he’s coating his cock with the vaseline as he pauses for a moment. Then it arrives. His beautiful mushroom helmet coated in a thick layer of vaseline presses firmly against my bum hole and slowly starts to penetrate me. Slowly, he eases more of his cock in. Now I can feel the whole of his head inside me. It hurts a little at first but I start to get used to it. Then I feel a bit of shaft followed by the feel of his balls hitting my backside. I can feel that dense, hairy bush scratching against my buttocks.

He reaches around and grabs my dick again. It’s now slick with my own juices and his sticky hand and fingers. The rhythm is perfect. He’s slowly fucking me and pumping my cock in lovely harmony.

We haven’t communicated verbally since we’ve started but I tell him I’m going to cum really soon. He quickens his thrusts and says he isn’t far away himself. I feel his breath quicken, his body goes rigid and he holds me tight as he empties his seed inside me. At the same time he strokes me so expertly to a climax that I spray the magazine with my own juice. Spurt after spurt. He slowly holds me and I feel him go softer inside me. I’m reeling from the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever encountered.

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