Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 20

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“Are you OK? What happened?” Alene responded to Nadia’s fearful yelp as she lifted her upper body to get a better view of the room.

Nadia took a deep breath, “I’m fine.” She said and as she did, Nicky’s head popped up at the bed’s feet. She rose to her knees and Alene saw that she was naked.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t we give you a room?” Alene wondered.

“Yes, sorry,” Nicky yawned, “when I was in my room I was so frightened I couldn’t sleep. I just needed some company, you girls make me feel safe.” As she opened her eyes her gaze fell upon Alene’s morning wood and she froze.

Nadia noticed Nicky’s shock, “it’s massive, we know,” she said, “you don’t have to…”

“Why are you so small?” Nicky barged in, not letting Nadia finish her sentence.

“Excuse me?” Alene said astounded.

“Jen was much bigger then you,” Nicky explained, “and she said you made her like that with your spells, did the student surpass the teacher?”

“First of all, I’m not her teacher, Jen brought us a great deal of pain,” Alene explained, “second, just how big is she?”

“4 feet long, 4 feet around,” Nicky chanted.

“Wow, thank you for the exact measurements,” Alene marveled, “and just how do you know that?”

“She kept singing it as she raped me,” Nicky said in a robotic voice.

“I’m so sorry,” Alene said with caution, she realized it was a sensitive subject.

“Would you like to tell us Nicky?” Nadia asked, “we won’t judge you, we just want to know what happened and help you leave it behind you.”

Nick thought for a moment, “I’ll tell you, better out than in.” She took a deep breath and started: “I met her in a club, I’m bisexual and we bonded. When we got to my home she showed me her cock and told me about you girls. After hearing her I wanted out, but she didn’t let me, she jumped me and raped me. I don’t know how long it went on but all the time she sang to herself: ‘4 feet long 4 feet around, enough cum to cover the ground’. I begged her to stop”

Nadia went over and hugged the girl, “you’re safe now, it’s OK.”

“Thank you, Nadia,” she said, it seemed like she’s dealing with the stress rather well, “at some point it was all a blur and I lost it, next thing I know I woke up here.”

“I’m so glad you shared your trauma Nicky,” Alene encouraged her, “I would like to offer you two things: first, you can move here if you want, your room is yours until you feel you want to leave.”

“Thank you,” Nicky said, she was clearly happy.

“Second, I want you to go to a Psychologist for some mental support. I can see you are dealing with what happened well but… please, just so we can all rest well? I’ll pay for it”

Nicky agreed, “Thank you, Alene.”

The girls mumbled on for a bit. Nicky’s story made the girls lose the sexual arousal and so, they went on with their day. They made breakfast, made an appointment with a psychologist for Nicky, and watched TV. Around 12 PM Alene’s phone rang, it was Angie.

“Hi Alene,” her voice said over the phone.

“Good to hear from you Angie, how are you feeling?”

“I’m great, thank you. Listen, can I pick you up in, say, 30 minutes?”

“Sure,” Alene affirmed, “you want Nadia to come with us?”

Nadia tapped her on the shoulder, “I rather stay here with Nicky.”

“If she wants,” Angie answered.

“She’d rather stay home, I’ll be ready in 30 minutes,” Alene concluded.

“Charming, see you.” Angie ended the call.

Alene got dressed and 30 minutes late on the dot Angie was outside her door, she hugged Alene and Nadia and made her acquaints with Nicky.

“So, where are we going?” Alene wondered as she placed her seatbelt on.

“First stop is Paula’s house, I want to see if she’s still alive,” Angie explained and started the car, “then we need to go to Tobbuc Inc. Paula demanded that you move to her office and help her work,” Angie was clearly satiric. As the car made her way to Paula’s Alene told Angie about Nicky and Jen.

It was around 13:30 when the car pulled up next to Paula’s house. The place was dead quiet, the fields surrounding the house were empty and the sky showed signs of upcoming rain.

“I hope she’s still alive,” Angie said as she unlocked the door. The living room was dark and silent, the smell of sex was clear in the air. In the middle of the room Paula slept on her huge belly, a small waterfall of cum came out of her pussy and pooled on the floor.

“I can’t believe you came so much,” Angie marveled at the sight before her, “she leaked so much and still she’s as big as when we left her. I can’t imagine what you girls felt going through this.”

“It was something,” Alene admitted, canlı bahis şirketleri “I never came this much, and it felt so great.”

“Help,” Paula said, apparently the girl’s conversation woke her up.

“What’s wrong P?” Angie asked in a playful voice.

“Angie?” Paula said as the girls stood before her, “Please, Angie, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry” she started crying, “please help me, save me, I’m begging you!”

“No Paula! Bad girl! You did wrong and you have to pay the price,” Angie lectured her, “besides, Alene is here, don’t you want to talk to her?” Alene waved.

Paula was crying her heart out. “You brought this on yourself,” Alene said and started tapping her balls, “she’s alive, we can leave Angie, before I decide I want to empty my balls again.”

Paula started yelling at the top of her lungs, “NO, NO, NO, NO…”

“Yes, let’s go,” Angie said as she walked to the door followed by Alene.

Another 30 minutes on the road and the girls were in the parking spot clearly labeled “Tobbuc Inc. CEO,” Alene joked, “I don’t think she’ll mind.”

“No, I don’t think so either,” Angie smiled, “let’s take the private elevator.”

Angie took her employee card and opened the elevator. It was a small nice elevator, “it goes straight into Paula’s office,” Angie explained.

All the cum drained from the room and balcony but the smell of sex still lingered here as well. Angie took a sit at Paula’s desk and gestured for Alene to sit.

“Look, I went through everything here yesterday. Our positions here are safe…” Angie explained but Alene interrupted her.

“Angie honey, why did you bring me here? Paula will do as we say, there’s no need to worry. After what we did to her I don’t believe she’ll say no to anything we say.”

“You’re right,” Angie admitted, “just two days ago things were so different. Honestly, since you came into my life things only improved. I know you’re romantic with Nadia and I respect that.”

“Thank you,” Alene said.

“I would like to take your offer to move in with you girls,” Angie continued.

“Really? Great! let me call Nadia,” Alene yelped and gave her girlfriend a call. “Yes, she’s moving in with us!” Angie could hear that Nadia liked the idea as much as Alene did.

As Alene ended the call she turned towards a topless Angie, “see something you like?” she asked.

“No, nothing at all,” Alene said jokingly and took her dress off, revealing her cock, rock hard, and balls full of the day’s load.

“Wow,” Angie said in a shocked voice, “you grew A LOT.”

“You girls aren’t really helping me,” Alene shot back at her.

“Want me to cover them?” Angie pointed at her huge boobs.

“No, just bring them over here, my baby needs a closer look,” she tapped her cock.

“Yes mam!” Angie said playfully and took her breasts to Alene’s cock. The huge orbs couldn’t surround Alene’s massive cock. Angie was at a bit of a loss. Alene’s cock was the first she couldn’t drown in her ocean of boob flash. Never the less Angie licked and sucked on the cock’s tip as she moved her boobs up and down along the pole.

Alene on her part enjoyed Angie’s attempts but it was far from amazing. She decided to offer a helping hand, “Angie honey, your boobs are too small…”

Angie stopped making love to Alene’s cock and gave a depressed sigh, “I’m sorry Alene, I never thought I’d hear complaints on them being to small,” she complained, “I can’t do much about them, I don’t know how to fix this to your liking.” She was clearly pissed and offended.

“Angie, don’t worry, we’ll fix it,” Alene tried to calm her down.

“How? I don’t want to have silicone in them,” Angie started but Alene started laughing to her dismay.

“We have magic Angie,” Alene explained, “we can make you any size you want.”

“What? Like any size?” Angie wondered, “does it hurt?”

“No, I wouldn’t dream of hurting you. Come on, I’ll show you. What size do you want?”

“Can you make me a T cup?” Angie challenged.

“You might want to sit down.” Alene offered but Angie insisted on standing.

“Suit yourself. T fac ei poculum.” Alene cast the spell.

Angie looked at her boobs. Before her very eyes they started growing. She was shocked, not only was it not painful, it was pleasant. She played with her nipples as her tits grew and grew. Before too long she realized Alene was right, she should have sat down, the new added weight tipped her balance and she fell to the floor.

“Told you to sit down,” Alene joked and helped her up.

Angie wasted no time and wrapped her new boobs around the cock, this time it was a much better fit, and Angie went to town on Alene, canlı kaçak iddaa it was so good Alene started moaning.

After a few minutes Alene cried, “I’m cumming!” Angie did what worked best for her last time, she squeezed her boobs on Alene’s cock, blocking the cum tube. Alene pumped and screamed but no cum escaped.

After Alene came down from her denied orgasm, Angie still held her cock between her pillows. Alene’s balls were monstrous in size and full of cum, they were so big they touched the floor.

“Again!” Alene demanded and Angie obeyed. She moved her boobs up and down the long shaft. She played with her nipples and it was clear to her Alene’s magic affected her boobs, they were super sensitive.

Suddenly Angie froze and moaned, it was clear to Alene she was cumming. Her body shivered with pleasure and her tits vibrated in accord, sending Alene over the edge.

Both girls moaned and trembled as Angie’s boobs held Alene’s cum inside her balls.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Alene declared as she opened her eyes, her Balls firmly placed on the floor. But just as she talked the phone in the office rang, Angie picked it up.

“Yes, right, true,” Angie said, “can’t it wait? I see… right away.”

She hung up the phone and looked at Alene with a face full of disappointment. “We have to end, I need to take care of a few things.”

“OK,” Alene said with an understanding voice, “but when you’re done we go home. I’ll need both you and Nadia for this!”

Angie nodded yes and almost went out but she noticed her bare chest, “can you do something about this?” Alene rolled her eyes and said, “Ad normalis.” Angie’s breasts shrunk back to their former size, she put on her dress and left the room.

Alene took the time to sit in the fresh air of the balcony, her balls dragged behind her as she made her way. In the balcony an idea came to her.

“You’re so big,” she said as she tapped her balls, “I bet I can sit on you.”

Alene slowly lowered herself onto her balls, the massive orbs taking her weight with ease. Her balls gargled and she could feel the cum sloshing inside. “ohhhh,” she moaned, “I’m so full, Nadia and Angie are going to work extra hard tonight.” As soon as she said that she noticed she’s going to lose her balance, her balls were growing.

She concentrated on standing up and walked towards the couch. She sat on it and gave her balls the space to grow as much as they needed.

When Angie came back the time was around 6 PM. She found Alene in the balcony, “Can we go home now Angie?” Alene asked, her balls the size of small bean bags.

“OMG!” Angie gasped, “What The Fuck?”

“We need to get home,” Alene said.

“How are we going to get you out of here?” Angie said in a panicked voice.

“Don’t worry,” Alene instructed in a calm voice, “Ad normalis.” And her balls shrunk small enough for her to walk. The drive home was slow and uneventful.

The door to the house busted open, startling Nadia and Nicky. “You won’t believe this Nadia!” Angie said as she walked in with Alene and closed the door.

“What?” Nadia wondered, she was clearly happy with Angie’s arrival.

“It seems we have work to do, turns out we both denied Alene her relief, now she wants compensation!” Angie explained.

Alene walked right up to Nicky “listen love, I know you’re new and we had a rough day,” Nicky nodded in understanding, “I need to fuck Angie and Nadia, the whole house is here for your comfort and convenience.”

“Thank you,” Nicky said, a bit shocked.

“When we finish we’ll let you know,” Alene wrapped her explanation and signaled the girls to come with her.

“How bad can it be?” Nadia asked as Alene laid her back on the bed.

“Very bad,” Alene said, “Revenite.” Her balls grew back, covering the bed and making the wood groan.

“Shit,” Nadia said as Alene’s cock started pouring precum by the gallon.

“So, who’s first?” Alene asked.

“What? No foreplay?” Angie complained.

“I’m after a daylong Foreplay session, so no. Who’s first?”

Nadia stepped forward, “I’m more experienced, I’ll take the first wave.”

Impressing Angie with her courage, Nadia undressed, climbed the bed and placed Alene’s cock between her lags, “I’m always yours love.”

Alene flexed her cock, it jumped but didn’t enter Nadia, a pulse of precum followed and made sure the pussy before Alene was wet enough. Slowly Nadia lowered herself onto Alene’s beast. The cock parted Nadia’s lower lips and filled her to the brim. Angie was amazed at the sight before her, Nadia took more and more of Alene’s cock into her pussy. Her back was to Angie but she was sure canlı kaçak bahis the cock’s outline can be seen on Nadia’s belly.

Nadia moaned loudly and started orgasming, it was clear to the girls she’ll finish cumming only when Alene left her.

Alene could feel Nadia’s pussy convulsing around her, she grabbed Nadia’s boobs and started sucking, a soft moan escaping her lips every now and then. Angie just stood there, enjoying the show and playing with herself, her focus broke when she noticed a loud rumbling.

Alene was cumming, her balls shaking as her cock pumped cum. Naida was lost in orgasm and didn’t respond to her exploding belly. Alene could feel her through the orgasm, Nadia’s belly started resting on Alene as she delivered gallons of cum into the once slim girl’s expending womb.

After 5 minutes of pumping Alene came down. “Angie, come help me,” she asked, Angie approached and saw Nadia’s belly, full of cum, covering Alene from her cock to her neck.

“Please help her off me, you’re next.” Angie nodded and helped Nadia get up, she worked hard to stand up and Angie marveled at her ability to carry so much cum, she was sure Alene’s magic was at work. Slowly she supported Nadia and placed her by the wall.

Next, Angie did what Nadia did, she placed her pussy above Alene’s cock, she was very wet but the cock still released a gallon of precum. “don’t worry, you are safe, I won’t hurt you.” Alene said.

Angie took a deep breath and lowered herself, she could feel the huge cock starching her love tunnel to its limit and then some more, she gasped and moaned. Wasting no time, Angie grabbed Alene’s breasts, she remembered Nadia’s orgasm and knew she will be in the same state soon, yet she kept taking more and more of the beast who now filled her womb.

Alene grabbed Angie’s boobs and started sucking, Angie was helpless against the orgasm that overtook her and Alene wasn’t far behind.

Moaning and screaming in pleasure, she unloaded a ton of cum inside the trembling Angie, inflating her just like she did Nadia.

“Thank you love,” she said to Angie who got up, mumbled something about being done for today and crashed beside Nadia. Alene wasn’t done though, her balls the size of beach balls.

She looked around and saw Nadia and Angie resting on the floor, each looked full term pregnant with multiple babies. “but… I’m not done,” Alene mumbled to herself, she needed more but she didn’t want to hurt the girls.

“Ummm…” a hesitant voice came from the door, “maybe I can help.”

Alene saw Nicky at the door, “you don’t need to help,” Alene responded, “you had a bad sexual experience, you don’t have to do this.”

Nicky walked into full view, she was naked and clearly wet. “I want to help. Jen did a number on me, I do need help, but I feel like you’re different. I think I can handle you.” Nicky said in a confident voice.

“I respect that,” Alene said, “let me help you with a spell?” Nicky nodded yes, “Facile.”

“I don’t feel different,” Nicky said.

“You shouldn’t feel it now, it will help you later,” Alene assured her.

Nicky approached the bed and rested on her side facing Alene, the girls wasted no time and kissed passionately, caressing and gently sailing on each other’s skin. Fire was clearly burning between them.

Nicky signaled Alene to move above her, “I want you inside me,” she whispered in Alene’s ear. Alene wasted no time and entered her with ease all the way into Nicky’s womb.

“How can you take me so easily?” Alene wondered.

“Jen was bigger than you, and much more aggressive, you feel prefect,” Nicky said as she wiggled her hips.

Alene was amazed by the girl, she turned her on so much and as she wiggled her hips Alene lost control.

“wow, you feel so good,” Nicky said as her womb inflated with cum, her hands reaching to feel the cum flowing into her, Nicky orgasmed hard.

After a long time, Alene and Nicky came back from their heaven of orgasms.

“I have an idea,” Nicky said, “come with me,” Alene cooperated. Nicky walked to Angie who was spooning Naida and laid beside her, spooning Angie.

“Now spoon me Alene.” Nicky instructed and Alene did as asked, “now you can empty the rest into me.”

Alene took a deep breath and unloaded everything she had. Five minutes later the girls where vast asleep, Nicky’s belly as big as Angie’s and Naida’s while the huge cock still rested in her womb. The beautiful vixens had two things in common: they all slept deeply and had a huge satisfied smile on.

“Good morning girls.” Alene heard a voice, the girl opened her eyes and allowed the world to come into focus, she noticed her body felt great. She saw the other girls where awake as well, their belly back to normal.

“Wake up, we need to talk” the voice spoke again. Alene looked in its direction and saw Elpis.

“I’m in so much trouble,” she said to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20