Alex, Sadie, Mum and Grandma Ch. 01

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Alex was a quiet introverted boy, he had no real interest in schoolwork and lacked normal social skills. In 1998 his school took delivery of their 1st personal computer, watching it being unpacked and installed fascinated him.

Waiting until all the staff had left, Alex sat at the keyboard and pushed the power buttons on the screen and tower. Alex was 14 and for the 1st time in his life he felt elation and excitement as the pc loaded. Going to the open door he checked the corridor and shut the door. The installation engineer had loaded windows and a few basic programs. Alex had watched the engineer using the mouse, with some trial and error he soon learnt how to open the various files.

Finding a file “User Manual” he opened the file and slowly read and re-read the 100 page document. Feeling hungry he glanced at the clock, 17:50, reluctantly he shut the machine down and headed for the dining hall. Going to classes the next day, Alex decided to pay particular attention to English and Maths as there were many words he didn’t understand in the manual and felt that the P.C used mathematics.

Alex’s tutors were amazed at his progress, over the next 2 years he excelled in all subjects, especially English and Maths. Using all his spare time in front of the PC he taught himself basic programming, he delighted in showing his tutors and class mates his latest program. On his 16th birthday he was discharged from the school and sent to a mainstream school, not far from his home.

Over the next 2 years, Alex worked hard at school as his parents had offered to buy him a MAC computer for his 18th if his grades were ok. Soon he was in the top 5 of the whole school and often mentored other students. Alex found girls an unnecessary distraction, their giggling and idle chatter irritated him. The exception was a girl called Belinda, he helped her with several subjects. After helping Belinda to gain an A in Maths and B+ in Chemistry she came over to the hotel to thank him.

Alex Made coffee for her, as she excitedly told him about the vacation her parents had promised her. Suddenly, without warning she reached up and kissed him full on the lips. Alex was in a daze, the kiss had lasted just a few seconds but carried so much promise. Realising he had no idea how to respond, he smiled broadly to cover his embarrassment.

“Milk and sugar?” He meekly asked.

Waking the next day, he was excited, it was his 18th birthday and he should get his exam results today. Going into the hotel kitchen his excitement increased as he saw several boxes in the corner, all carried the Apple logo. Alex’s mom and dad sat at the makeshift breakfast bar, his mum smiled as he approached his dad stood to shake Alex’s hand.

“Well done lad, grades are fantastic, as promised your new P.C. Is over there. Going to his mum he was captivated by her smile and her deep blue eyes that seemed to sparkle. His mother hugged him tightly, whispering.

“Fantastic, straight A’s with 2 A stars. We are so proud of you and love you very much.”

Alex felt embarrassed as he felt his cock start to stiffen as his mother continued to hug him. As she reached up to kiss him Alex knew that his hard on was pressing into his mother’s body, smiling broadly his mum whispered.

“Don’t worry about that, you are a young man it’s natural. Does an old lady’s ego good as well!”

Determined to find out more about women in general, his 1st thought was the internet. On AOL he found a video chat room, Alex had seen his sisters in their underwear a few times but had no idea how a women’s body looked. Scrolling through the lists of rooms he watched women talking about all sorts of things.

Tired of hearing about makeup, facial hair and hair styling, he scrolled further down. “Feeding baby” caught his attention. Clicking on the link, he saw a women’s tits for the 1st time, fascinated he watched as the baby latched on to the lady’s nipple.

Alex started watching his sisters and other female guests in the hotel with renewed interest. Getting home one afternoon he saw some workmen installing cameras in reception and car park. Chatting to the guy who seemed to be in charge, Alex found out they were a man short and were struggling. Immediately asking if he could help, the guy started to explain the pay rate.

“No need for payment, just want to learn how this works.”

The guy introduced himself as Frank and agreed to show and explain everything he could over the next 2 days. Soon Alex was running cables to the 31 camera’s that would be needed to cover the sprawling property. Although Alex found the physical labour exhausting, he was up with the guys at 1st light and worked until dusk. Frank patiently explained the process and eventually left Alex to wire and program camera’s.

When the job was finished Alex helped Frank to pack his truck. Going over a few technical details of the job, Alex noticed that there were a few cameras left over. Seeing him gazing at them, Frank reached across and handed Alex illegal bahis a large box.

“We always order more than we need in case any of the units are faulty, these are left over from our previous job, really good quality and smaller than on this job.”

Alex’s eyes widened as he scanned the contents, 5 camera’s, 3 motion detectors and a reel of cable.

“Wow, thanks Frank.

Ruffling Alex’s hair, Frank smiled.

“No problem you earned it, If you ever need a job give me a call.”

Unable to sleep that evening, Alex decided to see if he could get a camera and motion detector to work. After some trial and error, he was pleased to see the image flicker then steady on his tv.

The next day, Alex was having trouble focusing, as his mind was working on a plan to record images. The main problem was, he couldn’t ask his parents for anything as it would raise too many questions.

As Alex walked home, he saw a man put an old VCR in a skip, waiting until the man had walked away, he cautiously returned to the skip. Looking around he climbed into the large steel bin and found the VCR a load of C90 tapes and the remote control. A quick inspection showed it had survived being thrown in the skip, a further look around and he found all the cables to connect to his tv. Carefully stowing the VCR and tapes under a bush for collection later, Alex practically ran home. Declining dinner, he took several different coloured felt pens from reception and started to sketch wiring plans as Frank had shown him.

Satisfied with the design he put the sketch pad down and headed back to school. Collecting the VCR from its hiding place, he sneaked back to his room. Over the next few days, he experimented with his design, wrote a program to control the cameras via his PC. Eventually managing to get all the components to work correctly, he turned his full attention to his master plan.

Alex’s room was at the top of the hotel, next door to his sister, Sadie. Clambering into the cramped roof space he crawled along until he was sure he was above his sister’s small apartment. He had visited her apartment a lot over the years and managed to map it out via the ceiling lights. Knowing that his sister was away for the weekend he ran all the wires he thought he would need.

Walking across the hallway he tried the door, as expected the handle turned and the door opened. Working quickly, Alex removed the ceiling rose in Sadie’s bedroom, drilling a small hole he positioned the camera. Putting the rose back, Alex positioned the rose and stepped back to check his handy work. Satisfied that the camera was impossible to see he moved to his sister’s bed and unscrewed the rose of the reading lamp. Reaching into the cavity, he found the wire he had placed earlier and placed a microphone and camera.

Back in his room, Alex powered the system for the 1st time.

The PC screen flickered into life, the screen was divided in 2 and displayed perfect images from above and behind his sisters’ bed. The program Alex had written allowed him to click on any image, opening it to a full screen. Cutting the corner of the wall socket that he had taken off to run his cables in the cavity. Alex carefully routed the cables behind a chair and under the carpet.

Hearing some one run up the stairs had Alex frantically looking around to make sure his handwork was completely invisible. Deciding he needed to put a camera in the stairwell he relaxed as he heard a door slam.

Returning to the PC he was surprised to see his sister and her friend unpacking their cases on the bed. He watched the girls as they unpacked, eventually they moved to another part of the apartment. Setting up his PC so, with one click he could revert to a random program should someone come into his room.

Protecting the camera program with a password he assigned a fake icon to the program. Returning to the cameras he watched as the girls returned to the bedroom. The camera in the ceiling had an optical x6 zoom facility, unsure it would work he zoomed into the max as Sadie’s friend, Penny, lifted her jumper to reveal her small, bra clad breasts. Alex watched as she pulled the bra down and turned it around to undo the clip. As she straightened up his screen was filled with her left nipple, zooming out slightly he watched as she slid her jeans and pantie’s over her hips and off her legs, revealing a neatly trimmed thatch between her legs.

Alex switched cameras to try and see what his sister was doing. As the camera focused Alex was rewarded with a great view of Sadie’s arse as she bent to take her panties off. Throwing her panties in the wash basket Sadie straightened up, her long legs, flat stomach and breast’s took Alex’s breath away. Going back to a split screen Alex was disappointed to see both girls putting night dresses on and climb into bed, both screens went black and for a moment he thought the cameras had failed. Slowly realising that they had turned the lights off.

Alex slept badly and was wide awake by 6.30, illegal bahis siteleri opening the camera’s he watched the girls sleep. Remembering the VCR, he put a tape in and pressed record. Satisfied that he wouldn’t miss anything, should the girls wake up, he went to his bathroom. Alex was watching as the girls woke up. Hearing Sadie’s door slam he got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Although Alex’s attitude and schoolwork had improved by several 100 %, his social skills were poor. He didn’t really understand humour or how to make conversation. Sitting in the dining room watching his sister and penny giggling and chattering, he felt envious and lonely. Alex wondered how he could learn some social skills. He was able to chat with people in chat rooms but in real life he didn’t know how to “just chat.”

Lost in thought he didn’t notice, Sadie, his Sister coming over to his table.

“Hi Alex, how’s it going”

“Yeah, pretty good thanks.”

Alex couldn’t help but compare Sadie to the girls he had watched on the internet. Sadie was 21, almost for the 1st time he noticed her large blue eyes and just how good looking she was.

“I am thinking about buying my friends Apple pro laptop, do you know much about them?”

“Sure, very good machine. With just a few modifications they are an excellent laptop.”

Leaning forward Sadie helped herself to some of the apple pie on his plate. Alex felt his cock expand as he looked into her blue eyes and smelt her perfume. Feeling intently embarrassed and uncomfortable he shoved a large chunk of pie into his mouth. Although he was wearing fairly loose sweat-pants he knew that his hard on must be clearly visible and shuffled further under the table.

“Are they easy to fix? My friend only wants £50 as it has a problem.”

“Well it depends what he problem is, do you know what the issues are?”

“Yes, it doesn’t boot up properly sometimes. Runs slow and gets hot.”

“Yeah I can fix that.”

“Will it cost much to repair?”

“A few hours of your time, I need your help.”

Explaining that he needed her to teach him how to behave around people, especially women was hard for Alex. Taking his time he carefully explained how he was feeling and what he thought he needed.

Agreeing to start his lessons tonight Sadie went to catch up with Penny to go buy the laptop.

Returning to his room he surfed the internet, looking for a subject of interest, hearing Sadie come up the stairs he clicked the camera icon. He was feeling guilty about spying on his sister, he rationalised it by thinking he might learn something about women. The headboard camera picked her up coming into her bedroom, but then she moved out of shot.

Getting onto the bed in just her panties and t shirt she laid down. Alex thought she was just going to sleep until she started to tweak her nipple through her shirt. Zooming the camera in slightly, Alex watched absolutely fascinated as her hand slid down her flat stomach and under the waistband of her panties. Turning over she spread her legs a little, Alex imagined her fingers working her pussy as he watched her panties moving ever faster. As he watched she stiffened and trembled as she came. Rolling on her back he could see she was panting as her chest rose and fell.

Zooming the camera in he could clearly see a large stain in the crutch of her panties. As he watched she lifted her bottom off the bed and slid her panties over her hips in that brief instant he saw the pinkness of her pussy.

Concentrating on a on line puzzle Alex was startled by a knock on his door.

“Come in,” he yelled, slightly annoyed his concentration had been broken. His breath was taken away as Sadie opened the door. She was wearing a short summer dress, her long blonde hair swept back accenting her natural beauty. All he could say was,

“You look lovely this evening.”

Flashing him a smile she put the laptop on his desk. Opening the screen, he pressed a series of keys to make the machine show him some basic information. Making some notes he could see some obvious problems, changing a few settings he let the machine load up. Hearing his sister giggle, he looked up.

“Oh dear Alex, can you fix that later? Talk to me, tell me about your day.”

Feeling completely baffled, Alex started to talk about things he was working on and how his exam results were good. Putting her finger to his lips.

“No, I want to know about you, what sort of day have you had? Start from when you got up until say 5pm.”

Realising, if she didn’t want to know about his work and he couldn’t tell her he had watched her finger herself to orgasm this morning, there wasn’t much to tell. Thinking about watching her made his cock hard and very uncomfortable, unable to deal with the pressure he rushed off to his toilet and locked the door.

Releasing his straining cock from his jeans he barely touched it before he was cumming. Spraying thick ropes of cum into the basin he cleaned canlı bahis siteleri up. Returning to the door he listened, silence, she must have gone, he thought. Unlocking the door, he was startled to see her laying on his bed.

“A deal is a deal Alex. I really want to help you, for me to understand how I can help, we need to talk, OK?”

Sitting on the bed with her, she gradually got him to chat a little about how he felt.

“What present would you have liked most in the world, for your 18th birthday?”

“Well mum and dad have got me a new computer and mum is going to take me clothes shopping.”

“What I meant is, if I could give you anything, what would you want.”

“Just teach me how to make friends, I would really like a girlfriend,” he added sadly.

“Hmmm ok, I need to think about that. Well I have to go, we will continue this tomorrow.”

Watching her leave he felt truly inadequate, deciding he needed to keep busy he opened her laptop and waited for it to start. After an hour or so he had corrected the various faults he had found. Going onto chat he managed to swap a program he had written and 3 cctv cameras for a clean copy of the latest Apple IOS. Collecting the camera’s, he went to meet his online buddy to do the deal.

Arriving at the car park they had arranged to meet at, Alex was surprised to see a lady of around 40 waiting for him. Handing over the camera’s and disc he assured her that the program would allow her to access the dark web and keep her identity secret. Handing him the new IOS disc she shook his hand and left.

Struggling with the various security features Apple put on their machines, he finally managed to totally clean the hard drive and install the new software. Running several test programs that he had downloaded he was pleased with the results, glancing at his watch he saw that it was 02. 15, falling into bed he was asleep in seconds.

Chapter 2.

As normal Alex was awake at 7 am, considering he had slept less than 5 hours, he felt surprisingly rested. As he showered, he was deep in thought about the coming days, there was a lot to think about as Monday was his last day at school. Stepping from the shower he started to dry himself, still deep in thought, he didn’t hear Sadie as she crept up behind him.

Putting her arms around Alex, Sadie luxuriated in his warm upper body and the softness of the fluffy towel wrapped around his waist. Jumping and spinning around Alex smiled as he saw his sister. Noticing she was dressed in a “baby doll” type night dress his cock jerked and started to swell as he ogled her body through the sheer fabric.

“Happy Birthday Alex, I wanted to be the 1st to congratulate you and give you your present.”

It took Alex a few seconds to realise that she thought today was his birthday.

“Hurry up and finish shaving, I want to give you your present”.

Alex scraped the rest of the shaving foam from his face, brushed his teeth and pulled his shorts on. Walking into his bedroom, Sadie was laying on his bed fiddling with her laptop. The already short night dress had ridden up and Alex could clearly see the curve of her arse cheeks. Trying not to look at her nudity, Alex quickly re-arranged his hard cock and started to tell Sadie what he had been able to do to her laptop.

“You are a genius Alex, it is so quick, love you bro.”

“It has a clean install, so all the apple features are available, it is in effect a brand new machine.”

Suddenly looking serious, Sadie asked.

“Would you like your present now or later?”

“Oh what have you got me?” Alex asked eagerly.

Taking a deep breath, Sadie stood up, slipping her nightdress over her head she nervously stood in front of her brother. Alex was totally stunned, aware that his cock was tenting his shorts, he slowly admired his sister’s body. Gaining confidence Sadie moved her feet apart a little and enjoyed the admiring stare of her brother.

Unsure what to do Alex’s eyes wandered from her flushed face and sparkling blue eyes, down her long neck to her breasts. Sadie had incredible tits, bigger than the women he had seen on the internet, topped with hard long nipples. Continuing down he admired her flat muscular stomach and long legs.

“Hope you like me Alex, come kiss, touch and feel me”

Falling into each other’s arm, they fell onto the bed. Following Sadie’s lead Alex’s tongue swirled around in her mouth, loving her taste and the feeling of her lips on his. Moving his hands up he gently stroked her generous breast and rock-hard nipples. Breaking the kiss, he moved down to suckle on her straining nipples. Taking a long nipple into his mouth he tried to recreate how he had seen men do it in porn clips.

Swirling his tongue around as he gently squeezed her tits, he was rewarded as a groan escaped his sisters lips. After a few moments, Alex was disappointed as his sister sat up. Fearful he had done something wrong, he was relieved as she tugged his shorts down.

As Alex’s cock sprang from his shorts, Sadie’s breath caught in her throat. Although he was only about 7″ or so, it was the thickest she had ever seen. curling her small hand around its girth she couldn’t close her hand completely.

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