Alex’s Gifts Ch. 02

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New author here, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

This is the second chapter of a much longer story that will span multiple categories. Fair warning, the bulk of it will end up under Incest/Taboo due to themes that will be introduced in the next couple of chapters.

I have at least another twenty chapters in various states of completion, and more planned. If anyone would like to assist with editing, I’m more than willing to accept help.

Thanks & Enjoy.


Bursting in the Bathroom

Alex shook off the final remnants of his deep sleep and contemplated what the new day would bring. It was Sunday and Lily’s friends were probably still around. He assumed they would be leaving after breakfast and hoped to avoid any awkward encounters. But he felt a difference, an excitement, like he wanted to be around the girls again and wasn’t as scared of what might happen. It was strange, uncharacteristic. He chalked it up to the lingering effects of what Carrie had done to him on the couch the night before.

Alex definitely needed to see Ben. Carrie suggested that she played some part in his friend’s change of plans that left him in a room full of beautiful girls intent on exposing themselves. He could only hope his buddy’s night was as eventful as his own.

Bladder close to bursting, Alex rose wearing only his boxers. He was still coming down from a massive case of morning wood but figured he’d be able to make it around the corner to his bathroom undisturbed. He was wrong.

The door was open so he charged right through, intent on relieving pressure. Nobody ever used his bathroom, it was an unwritten rule of the house. So he was suitably surprised when Sam let out a squeal and quickly wrapped herself in a towel. Alex saw a flash of red lace and white skin. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to send a little extra blood in the wrong direction. Alex saw Sam stare at the prominent tent in his boxers.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here,” Alex said, looking quite agitated and embarrassed.

“Oh, hi Alex, it’s ok, you just startled me a little bit.”

“I’ll let you finish up, sorry again for barging in,” Alex said quickly with his eyes on the floor, intent on relieving the pressure in his bladder.

“No wait, I want to ask you something,” Sam said hurriedly, shifting her weight side to side anxiously.

“What’s up,” Alex replied as he met her eyes.

Sam blushed and looked down. “Did you enjoy our little show last night?”

Alex was caught off guard. He stammered, “Y..y..yes, I did.”

“Good, I thought you would. Carrie had the idea but everyone was excited to join in. Except for Lily, of course, we didn’t want to go there.” She paused and smiled at Alex, “You know, I think you’re pretty cute.”

“,” Alex managed to say as he looked up at Sam.

“Shut the door, I have something to show you,” she said softly.

Even though his bladder was screaming, Alex did as he was told. If last night taught him anything, it was to do what the pretty girl said.

Alex shut the bathroom door and turned just in time to see Sam drop her towel. Holding out her arms she asked, “Well, what do you think?” with a big grin, naked except for a pair of red lace boy short panties.

“Uhh, wow Sam,” Alex mumbled. He instinctively focused on the front of her panties and delighted at how the fabric hugged her little curves. He perked up when the feelings from before returned. With newfound confidence, he asked, “Can I see the rest? I mean I was halfway there last night.”

Sam chuckled. “Why not,” she shrugged. With a flash, her hip-hugging panties were on the floor.

Alex took a moment to soak in Sam’s naked body. Her breasts were barely pronounced, capped with small dark nipples that stood at attention. Her hips and legs were narrow but shapely, and he could see daylight between them just below the twin arches nestled in her center. He enjoyed how Sam’s shallow curves fit so well with her tall lithe body. She was shaved except for a very narrow strip of trimmed hair that marched up her front. Alex liked this very much.

“Uhh, wow,” was the best he could muster once again.

Sam turned around and showed her best feature, the tightest bubble butt Alex had ever seen. He’d spent more than one night alone wondering what it would look like in the flesh. He was speechless. Sam then bent at the waist and gave him a very explicit view of her backside. Her thin pink petals parted slightly and he could clearly see the entrance of her tunnel as the limber brunette placed her palms on the tile floor. Alex wanted to touch, but he was too bewildered to make a move.

Sam stood up straight and turned back around. One look of Alex’s dumbstruck face was all she needed. “I take it you like what you see. Good, I like what I’m seeing too,” she said, motioning to his rising underwear. Alex’s bladder roared, the combination of having to pee and a growing erection illegal bahis had him on his tippy toes.

“Uhh, sorry, I really need to go,” Alex winced and doubled over. He hopped in urgency which caused his cock to flop and bounce right out of his boxers. He grabbed it tightly, partly in an attempt to hide it from Sam, but mostly to stem the unrelenting pressure pushing on his insides.

“Oh, sorry!” Sam said. “Hey, do you mind if I try something I’ve always wanted to do?” she added inquisitively.

“Sure, whatever, just move out of the way,” Alex said hurriedly, his situation reaching a critical level. He stepped quickly to the toilet and dropped his boxers, no longer worried about hiding himself. He stood with his dick in hand pointed down at the toilet but found his pulsing erection made it difficult to start the flow.

Sam was in awe of Alex’s size. It was definitely bigger than the few she’d seen and way thicker. She stepped carefully behind him as he struggled to start, intent on what she was about to try. She reached an arm around Alex’s waist and cradled his shaft. Alex flinched but was entirely too focused on relieving the pressure to object. He dropped his hand and let Sam take full control.

When the flow started he was in heaven. The combination of release and having yet another gorgeous girl handling his cock was almost too much. Alex stopped paying attention to where he was pointed, he just closed his eyes and let go.

“Oh shit,” Sam exclaimed as she sent the initial surge spraying off the edge of the bowl. She quickly corrected his course, aiming more towards the center. “Neat!” she squeaked as the heavy stream of liquid crash into the bowl.

“You’re getting an advanced lesson,” Alex gasped. “Going when I’m like this is not ideal.” Although he did admit it was much easier and more enjoyable with a third hand. With both of his free he could rest against the wall over the toilet. He spread his legs, leaned over, and arched his back to steepen the downward angle, letting gravity and Sam do the rest.

Sam started moving her hand along his shaft, making sure it stayed pointed into the bowl. She was surprised by the force of the flow coursing under her fingertips. Carefully creeping up and down his length, she lightly brushed his balls with her pinky finger. She wanted nothing more than to wrap her hand around his tip and squeeze but didn’t dare disrupt the stream surging out of it.

Alex was acutely aware of Sam’s meanderings as she took half a step forward and pressed her naked body onto his. He could feel prickles along his backside as her trimmed hairs brushed against him. She leaned into him tightly until he could sense the heat between her legs. It was a peaceful feeling, like he was being gently cradled in multiple places.

As the stream began to slow to a trickle Sam dared to slide her hand up to the head of Alex’s length. She felt warm wetness as she ran her fingers around his glans. Alex twitched in pleasure.

Sam never felt a guy from this direction before. This must be what it feels like when he jerks off, she thought. From behind she reached her free hand between Alex’s spread legs and grasped his balls gently, her wrist resting in the heat behind them. She stepped back slightly and caressed Alex’s smooth backside while slowly stroking his cock with the other. She dared dive deeper and licked a finger, sliding it down his lower spine and into his crevice.

Alex flinched when Sam’s narrow finger traveled into his cleft. He held steady as her grip on his shaft tightened while the final spurts of his stream hit the back of the bowl. He shuddered and felt immense relief, a serene relaxation fell over him as Sam continued to move her hands along his body.

“Wow, that was a lot!” Sam said in a low voice. Alex could only nod. She’d never had this level of control over a boy’s body before, it was exciting and educational. Tempting Alex’s limits, Sam slid her slippery finger further down his crack. Once she hit the center of his warmth she pushed slightly.

Alex lifted his head and let out a short yelp. Sam continued pushing and slid her middle finger into his tight ring. Her other hand picked up the pace, stroking the length of his dripping shaft and curling around his slick head. She slowly worked her slim finger to the second knuckle and then gently pulled it back out of him.

For the second time in as many minutes, Alex released a pent-up flow into the toilet. Sam felt his first spasm and quickly pushed her finger back into his heat as he relaxed between contractions. She felt him clench and then saw a thick milky rope shoot from the tip of his cock. Wave after wave, Sam sensed Alex’s shaft twitch and his tight ring squeeze her finger. Fascinating, she thought.

Finally, he let out a long sigh and moved to stand up straight. Sam stepped back and waited for him to turn around.

What the fuck is going on? Alex thought. Twice in two days. This can’t be real. It’s certainly not illegal bahis siteleri innocent either. What Carrie did with his spunk, what Sam just did with her finger. Yesterday the best he hoped for was to be left alone in his office so he could jack off to Japanese panty porn. Something had changed.

He turned to face the naked Sam and grinned. “That was amazing. Thanks.”

Sam smiled sheepishly, “No problem, I’m sorry if I startled you. I had a few things I wanted to try.”

Before Alex could respond she jumped to the sink and washed her hands. Alex again admired her tight round ass, and how it jiggled stiffly as she bounced across the bathroom. She finished cleaning her hands and picked her towel up off the floor. “Consider us even for barging into my bathroom.” With a curt nod, she wrapped the towel quickly under her armpits and pranced out of the room.

Alex shut the door and sat on the toilet, head in hands. He needed to take a shower. He needed to talk to Ben. He needed to understand what the hell was happening. There’s no way this was reality. He stood and stepped into the shower and tried to let the water wash away his confusion. Sam had never been so direct. His own actions startled him, too. Nothing was making sense.

When Alex eventually stepped out of the shower, he noticed Sam’s red lace panties on the floor. He quickly picked them up and pulled the gusset to his face. Inhaling deeply, he let out another long sigh as her scent filled his mind.

Alex dried off and bolted across the hall to his bedroom. He stashed Sam’s panties in an empty shoebox under his bed and got dressed. He checked his phone and confirmed Ben didn’t try to reach him while he was indisposed. No word had come from his waylaid friend and he started to worry.

After taking another fifteen minutes to try and clear his head, Alex checked his email and tidied up his room. The smell of bacon cooking downstairs filled his room and his stomach rumbled. Now or never, he thought, as he headed for the stairs. He was no longer fearful of another encounter with his sister’s friends, but he was still wary of what they might do to him. With Lily still in the house, the potential for extreme embarrassment was dangerously high. He couldn’t afford to get on her bad side again, she was notoriously short-tempered these days.

At the bottom of the stairs, Alex noted the aftermath of last night’s festivities had been cleaned up. Blankets and pillows were put away and the couch was back in its normal spot. The pack of scantily clad girls had shrunk. His sisters Lily and Casey were in the kitchen, along with Carrie and the twins, Becky and Fiona. Casey was standing in front of the stove, she turned and said, “Morning Alex, breakfast will be ready in a minute.”

“Heya squirt,” said Lily. Carrie snickered at her choice of words. She was dressed in hip-hugging jeans and a tight t-shirt. Her curly red hair was a bit of a mess but Alex found her irresistible nonetheless. The other three girls were still in their outfits from last night. He could almost see past the top of Fiona’s thigh as she sat perched high on a stool sitting at the raised bar in the kitchen. He shifted his gaze towards Becky and he wondered if she ever put her panties back on.

“Morning,” Alex responded flatly, and shot a glare Lily’s way. He wasn’t in the mood for her shenanigans this early in the morning. Plus he just got done messing around with two of her closest friends. He wouldn’t play that card, but it gave him a feeling of superiority. He knew something she didn’t; something he imagined would cause her no end of grief if discovered.

Alex smiled at the redhead, “Hi Carrie,” he said. “Fiona, Becky, good morning,” he added, nodding at the pair of blondes.

“Hey Alex, sleep ok?” Carrie asked.

“It took a while to get tired, but once I went down I was out like a light,” he said. Carrie smiled knowingly and left it at that.

“Must have been the movie,” Becky teased. “All those beautiful women running around with barely any clothes on. You must have been all worked up, poor thing.” Fiona giggled then glanced warily at Lily.

Images of Becky’s panty-clad ass and bare puss ran through Alex’s mind. Followed by flashes of her pink folds, wet and slick and stuffed with Sam’s fingers. He began to stiffen and moved urgently to a seat at the kitchen island across from the two busty blondes.

“Uhh yeah, that might have been it,” he said sheepishly. “Where’s Sam? And Natalie?” He didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Sam after she bolted out of the upstairs bathroom. And he was especially looking forward to basking in Natalie’s exotic beauty again.

“Sam practically sprinted out of here before you came down. Natalie and Lynn left a half hour ago,” Carrie said.

Did she know what happened upstairs? He doubted it but would put nothing past Carrie after last night.

Casey served a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Alex devoured his plate, famished canlı bahis siteleri after his morning exercises with Sam. He kept running through the scene in his head. Him, propped against the wall over the toilet, in ecstasy as his strained bladder emptied into the bowl. Sam nestled behind him, hand around his hard shaft. Her other hand sliding down his backside. He never imagined he’d enjoy where she stuck her finger. He didn’t think girls would want to go there, but what did he know? Alex’s understanding of the opposite sex had been shattered in the past twelve hours. He strained against his thin gym shorts but was safely hidden under the table, once again trapped in a room full of beautiful women by his temperamental prick.

After they’d finished eating Casey began cleaning up the dirty dishes. She turned to Alex and said, “I talked to a friend who works at the YMCA on Friday. She said the pool is looking to hire a couple new lifeguards, I thought it sounded like something you’d be interested in. At least it would get you out of the house and away from your desk,” she said smiling.

Casey was a year younger than Alex, less than a week from high school graduation. He absolutely doted on her, she could do no wrong in his eyes. Her complexion was light, lips full, with mousy brown hair that just touched her shoulders. She was petite, under five feet tall, and her lithe body was well toned with feminine muscles. She was a gymnast and a darned good one. With their mother gone traveling so often now, Casey slid naturally into the role of keeper of the house and seemed to take pleasure in the added responsibilities. Her bright demeanor and joyful attitude never failed to cheer Alex up, unlike their older sister.

“That sounds like a great idea. Have any more details?” he asked enthusiastically.

“All I know is training starts a week from tomorrow. I’ll figure out who you should call for more info,” Casey said.

“Thanks, Case,” he said smiling at her, already feeling better about the day.

“I suppose I should head home,” said Carrie. “Goodbye everyone, and thank you for the wonderful evening.” She turned and smiled at Alex as she finished the sentence. He wanted to get up and give her a hug and smell her strawberry sweetness, but he knew the chub in his shorts would betray him.

A chorus of goodbyes came from the kitchen as Lily walked over and wrapped her arms around her best friend. Alex watched in surprise as Carrie’s hand slid down the back of Lily’s pajama bottoms and squeezed. She winked at him over his sister’s shoulder, out of view of the other girls. Another private show courtesy of the enticing redhead. Now it’d be at least another ten minutes until he could get up.

Lily announced she was going to take a shower upstairs while Casey was busy doing dishes and tidying up the kitchen. That left him alone and seated across the bar from Becky and Fiona, neither of whom appeared to be in any rush to get up. There’s no way he’d escape unnoticed by the two stunning blondes, he wagered they were hoping he’d try anyway.

“I’m sure you two get asked this all the time, but are you twins?” Alex inquired, figuring he might as well attempt a little small talk.

“Yep!” replied Becky perkily.

“Fraternal,” added Fiona.

“So we look more like sisters, but we’re the same age,” Becky said. Alex couldn’t see many differences between them, but his attention was focused on certain specific characteristics. They both had straight blonde hair, styled the same, and full pouty lips. Alex guessed Fiona was a little taller, but not by much. Their most impressive features were covered by the loose fitting nightshirts they both wore. He saw them moving around last night, obviously free of additional support, and he knew they had to be massive.

Fiona immediately noticed Alex’s gaze wander. She turned and whispered to her sister who responded with a nod and a wicked grin.

Alex was oblivious, lost in the thought of what lay beneath those two cotton shirts. Then suddenly he found out. In unison, Becky and Fiona lifted their nightshirts to their necks and exposed their glorious tits to the open air. Alex’s jaw dropped, and the twins giggled, causing their ample bosoms to twitch and bounce in delight. He took several moments to visually explore the four prodigious mounds.

Neither girl’s breasts had any amount of sag, surprising for their size, but not their age. Fiona’s were definitely larger. Big round teardrops that arched dramatically from her chest into two perky cones. She had large pale areolas and nearly invisible nipples. Alex was intrigued. He shifted his gaze to Becky. Her breasts were identical in proportions to Fiona’s, albeit a tad smaller. He noticed a couple beauty marks scattered across her skin and then spotted another significant difference between the two. Where Fiona’s nipples were nearly imperceptible, Becky’s stiffened into prominent gumdrop-sized points circled by small brown areolas.

Alex broke his gaze and frantically glanced around for Casey, again fearful that his perverted fun would be discovered. Becky and Fiona lowered their shirts and Fiona said, “Don’t worry, I saw her go outside. We have you all to ourselves.” She grinned playfully.

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