Alice What’s the Matter?

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Note: I’ve tried to do something different here. This is a story of teasing and experimenting. I’ve also tried to look at the fall out of being caught. If you just want lots of sex, this may not be for you! Thanks for reading.


“So what’s it to be then?” asked dad, holding two dvds.

“I don’t mind,” responded mum.

“What was it? The Hunger Games or…?” asked my sister, Alice.

Dad sighed.

“The Hunger Games or Back to the Future?” he grumbled.

“The Hunger Games!” replied Dan, my elder brother.

“That’s fine by me,” I added.

“So The Hunger Games it is then?” asked dad, clearly wishing he had never started this conversation.

And that was a typical evening in my family.

We were on the third night of our two week ski ing vacation in Austria.

We could have gone skiing in America but dad is half Hungarian and we like too get across to Europe every couple of years. We had arrived on the Saturday and had been too tired the first night to do anything except unpack then sleep. Sunday had been our first days skiing and again we were shattered by the end of the day. But now we had begun to settle into our routine.

As we sat down to watch the movie the only light in the room was provided by the flickering flames of the fire, the tv and a small table lamp in the corner of the room.

It had been a tough year. Our grandmother had died as well as one of our dogs. Dad had decided that we all needed a vacation and so had booked a two week trip to Europe. We were staying in a ski lodge on the edge of a very pretty Austrian village. There were only two bedrooms so I shared one with my brother while my sister shared with mum and dad.

My brother was Dan, who is twenty seven. Dan is everything I am not. Loud, confident, outgoing and very very successful with girls. He doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. Doesn’t want one. He is happy going out with the guys each week and seeing what happens. What happens is nearly always a girl. Sometimes more than one. I kind of admire him but then I also don’t. That way just isn’t for me. I am much more sensitive. Shy actually. Really shy.

My sister Alice is twenty. She has always been the pride of the family. Intelligent, hard working, sensible, pretty. Until the day about ten months ago she announced that her new boyfriend was a thirty four year old, divorced father of one. Well as you can imagine, mum and dad flipped. And then some! But try as they might they have been unable as yet to separate Alice and her man.Like Dan she is confident and outgoing. Not in the ‘sleep around’ way that Dan is, but she is not shy around men.

And then there’s me, Mark. The baby of the family. At eighteen I am the youngest. Also the most sensitive. And the most shy. So I really AM treated as the baby of the family. It annoys me sometimes as I do sometimes wish I could be more like my brother and sister, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. But I do get on well with my family, if I can put up with the teasing.

My sexual experience is limited, as you might have gathered. But I am not a virgin, having had a few, but not many, mostly drunken fumbles and fondles with girls at my high school.

So here we were on the third night of our ski vacation. A storm was raging outside but indoors we were cozy and warm. A log fire was burning brightly as we stared at the tv. Mum and dad were changed into their nightclothes. They were sitting on one of the two couches in the living room, alongside Alice. Dan and I sat on the other couch which was to the right and slightly behind the first couch. Alice went upstairs to change, returning in one of those big over – sized shirts that I am sure belonged to dad. Then I went up to change, putting on my standard nightclothes of a t shirt and shorts. I sat down next to my brother, before he too went to get changed. As he left the room Alice stood up and moved across to sit next to me.

“Alice, why?” asked Dan when he came back in.

She shrugged.

“Move,” he demanded.


“I was sitting there first,” Dan responded.

“I was sitting there first!” Alice mocked him in a baby voice.

“Dan just sit down here so we can watch the film,” moaned mum.

Dan sighed then sat down next to mum and dad. I kept quiet. I had learned a long time ago to keep out of rows between my brother and sister. They both had such strong personalities that, as much as they loved one another, they really did have big arguments. Not the sort of scene for someone as meek as me!

After a while Alice shifted around, swinging her legs onto the couch and resting her head on my legs. She lay like this for ten minutes or so, but neither of us was truly comfortable. She grabbed a cushion and put that between her head and my legs. This seemed to suit her more as she settled down to watch the tv. Maybe an hour passed as we stayed like this. The only adjustment had been my sister moving her right hand up around and resting it on my leg. I was comfortable like this. Sometimes at home Alice and I would cuddle up together. We always had. But what she did next caught me out completely.

Without warning her casino siteleri hand shifted up my leg, towards the bottom of my shorts. She stopped once she reached my shorts. Moments passed and she moved her hand again, very slowly sliding up inside my shorts. My heart began pumping harder at this unexpected situation. Again after a short while she slipped her hand further up my shorts. I was not wearing underwear and decided to stop her before either of us got a nasty shock! I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand out of my shorts and back onto my leg.

She waited about ten minutes before moving again. Her hand once more slid up my leg and after a brief pause at the bottom of my shorts, slid inside. For a second time I stopped her, grabbing her wrist and placing her hand back on my leg. I looked at her face and noticed she was smiling. I glanced towards the other couch and was relieved to see my parents and brother with their eyes glued towards the tv screen.

Again she waited a while before trying again. I sighed as her slid inside my shorts. An idea struck me. Perhaps if I let her continue upwards, she would discover for herself that I was not wearing underwear. Then she would definitely stop her little game. So this time she slid her hand further up inside my shorts. She stopped and extended her index finger until it brushed gently against the pubic hair around my balls. She stopped. I smiled as I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand back onto my leg.

“There, that’ll teach you to tease me,” I thought to myself, although I was a little embarrassed myself that my sister had felt my pubic hair.

Minutes passed, and I was amazed when she slid her hand up to my shorts again. I glanced across to the other couch but again they were oblivious to my sister’s actions.

Her hand slid inside my shorts, quicker this time and she soon found the tangle of fine hairs around my testicles. I was really confused now. Frightened even. I know it sounds stupid. Slowly her fingers explored, until she finally prodded the smooth skin of my soft cock. Well that was enough!

“Stop!” I moaned, clearly grabbing her hand and pulling it out of my shorts.

Three pairs of eyes on the other couch looked our way.

“Can’t we have a holiday from fighting as well? Please?” moaned dad.

“Sorry dad,” smiled Alice.

“She was annoying me!” I whined.

“She was annoying me!” Dan mimicked me in a really girly voice.

“That’s enough. Be quiet, all of you. Alice, stop annoying your little brother,” mum scolded us.

Why did she have to add the ‘little’ into that sentence? That annoyed me.

Alice did leave me alone for the rest of the evening. We all watched the rest of the movie in silence then went off to our beds.

When I climbed into bed I had trouble sleeping. I couldn’t stop thinking abut my sister sliding her hand into my shorts. Or more particularly, the moment the tip of her finger brushed against my cock. And to my shame I realized that I had an erection.

Alice smiled at me during breakfast but I never mentioned those events during the course of the day. That evening, Tuesday, we were all back on the couches. Alice made a point of sitting with me. I suppose I should have worn underwear under my shorts but I was convinced she wouldn’t try and mess around again. Also, and this bit I really can’t explain, but I was kind of hoping she would. I really don’t know, I was so confused.

Dan had gone out earlier in the evening, drinking with some new friends he had made on the slopes. Unlike the rest of us, who were skiing, Dan had decided to go snowboarding, and was making friends with loads of boarders. He came back to the lodge a little drunk, and happily sat with mum and dad. Alice was wearing a bright yellow t shirt and some shorts. We found an English language quiz show on tv and settled down to watch that.

As the evening progressed Alice lay down on my legs as she had the previous night, then eventually rested her hand on my leg. She soon began to slide her hand up my leg and into my shorts. This time I put up no resistance, letting her fingertips explore the pubic hair around my balls. Only when she moved up higher and poked my cock did I lose my nerve. Without making too much fuss I grabbed her hand and placed it back on my leg. She waited a while then slid her hand back up. I glanced across to the other couch, but no one was looking at us. Alice ventured further up into my shorts and began to tangle her fingertips into my pubes. Finally she edged forward, higher, and prodded my penis again. I was blushing and felt my heart thumping in my chest. I also felt embarrassed. But this time I didn’t move her hand. Gradually she slid her hand higher until her palm was resting on my soft shaft.

Her next action was to try to wrap her hand around my penis. As she did this I began to feel my cock stiffen. I quickly grabbed her wrist and moved her hand away. I felt so embarrassed. She waited a while then began to move her hand again.

I tapped her shoulder to get her to look at me and when she did I mouthed ‘what’ to her. She simply smiled and slid her hand up towards my cock. I was still semi erect slot oyna and my penis twitched as her fingers touched it again. She wrapped her hand around my shaft, which duly filled with blood and became fully erect. Alice smiled up at me, before glancing across to our parents and brother on the other couch. Reassuring herself that her game was undetected she tightened her grip on my hard cock. Slowly she began to move her hand up and down, in barely noticeable strokes.

My god! I realized my sister was beginning to jack me off. I put my hand down to my waist to try to stop her but she was having none of it. Her grip tightened and her jerking action got slightly faster. I lifted my head to the back of the couch and looked across the room, praying that no one would look our way. Dan was sleeping, while mum and dad were cuddled up and would have to look up and back to see us.

Alice continued to masturbate me. Her strokes were hard, firm and getting faster. This continued for about four or five minutes until I realized that unless she stopped, I was going to cum. I tapped her on the shoulder and tried to make her understand my concern. She responded by stroking me harder and faster. Too late! I nudged her shoulder again, but there was no stopping me. My cock twitch as my sperm shot out into my shorts. Onto my stomach. Onto her hand. When I had shot my last lot of cum she smiled and slipped her hand out of my shorts. She wiped the cum off her hand onto my leg and sat up. I sat frozen for what seemed like ages. When the next lot of adverts came on the tv I ran out the room and upstairs to the bathroom. I cleaned myself and changed my shorts before going back to the living room.

Again that night I had trouble sleeping, trying but failing to get my head around what my sister had done.

“You look tired,” mum told me when I appeared for breakfast next morning.

Alice smiled at me. It was lunchtime and we were in a queue together at a mountain top cafe when I got a chance to be alone with her.

“Alice. What…?” I began.


“Well what? What was that last night?”

“Oh. Just a bit of fun Mark.”

“But I’m your brother?”

“I know.”

“So why?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you…you know…?” I asked.

“A bit of fun. I’m bored. Missing my boyfriend. I’m not sure I can survive two weeks of this, not seeing him. So I thought I’d have some fun.”

“Yes but I’m your brother. Why me? Why not Dan?”

“Dan? Oh god no. Besides why not with you? I like you.”

“Yeah but not like that. I’m your brother.”

“So you keep saying. Didn’t you like it?”


“Besides I think you look cute when you blush. And you blush a lot. I like that. It’s funny.”


Too late. She reached the front of the queue and began to order her lunch.

Again for the rest of the day I never had the chance to be alone with Alice. That evening Dan went out drinking with his snowboarding pals. Alice sat next to dad on one couch leaving me with mum on the other. At about ten PM mum went up to bed. Alice got changed, appearing in a short tight white vest and shorts. I also changed, into my usual outfit of t shirt and shorts. Alice sat next to me on the couch and it wasn’t long before she was resting her head on my legs and her hand was sliding into my shorts. I made no attempt to stop as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and began stroking me. If I had been embarrassed the previous night I was much calmer now.

I was close to my orgasm when we were disturbed by the front door of the lodge opening and our brother stumbling in, much the worse for drinking too much beer. He greeted us briefly before managing to climb the stairs and fall into his bed. Alice looked over to dad before slipping her hand back inside my shorts and around my cock. Again it didn’t take long for me to shoot my cum all over her hand and in my shorts.

Dad, Alice and I went up to bed at the same time. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, aware that I was running out of clean shorts to wear!

The next morning mum and dad went out early for a walk. Alice and I chatted for a while.

“Well did you enjoy last night?” she asked me.

“Hmmm…maybe. But I still don’t get why you’re doing it,” I replied.

She looked at me, at my blushing face.

“Because I’m bored.”


“Aren’t you? Don’t you ever just want to have a bit of fun? Just go crazy?”

“Sure but…well…not like this. You are my sister don’t forget.”

“Mark, can I ask you? Are you a virgin?”

I stared at her in disbelief. This wasn’t a conversation I planned on having. Especially with a member of my family. Especially my sister. I was blushing. I suspect my face was giving off more heat than the fire in the living room.


“I thought so,” she laughed.

“Thought so what?” our brother asked, shuffling slowly into the kitchen.

“Nice hangover this morning Dan?” Alice laughed, ruffling his hair. We both knew he hated having his hair ruffled.

He grunted and ate his breakfast before we all got dressed and headed out for another day on the slopes.

All canlı casino siteleri day out skiing I could hardly concentrate. This game with my sister was driving me mad. The thought of my sister touching or seeing my cock was deeply embarrassing. In a way I felt humiliated. Shameful. But I could tell she was enjoying it and in a way that made me enjoy it too. I was embarrassed but also I was getting really turned on by it.

After our days skiing Alice and I met up with Dan and his friends for a few beers. A couple of them sniffed around Alice but she soon made it clear she wasn’t interested. The two of us left Dan to his rowdy crowd and headed back to the lodge. Once we were alone Alice spoke to me.

“Are you happy?” she asked.

“Christ Alice where did that come from?”

“Sorry. Are you though?”

“Guess. Why?”

“I don’t know. You seem so…so…serious. Like you’re holding yourself back.”


“Sorry Mark I guess sometimes I think you’re afraid to have fun. I don’t know.”

“Alice I’m fine. I’m just not like you and Dan. Sometimes I wish I was but I’m not. But I’m quite happy being me.”

“Sorry bro.”

“Is that why you’re doing…doing…that? Because you’re trying to make me happy?”

“No I swear. Like I said I’m bored. And I do silly things when I’m bored.”

“Like playing with your brother’s…?” I was too embarrassed to say it.

“Exactly. And in answer to your question I just feel more at ease with you than Dan. It’s just a bit of fun and you know that but Dan, well Dan is Dan. He would see it as more than that. He would want to…take it further…if you know what I mean.”

I knew exactly what she meant.

We got back to the lodge. Mum went to bed shortly after we arrived. I changed into my usual shorts and t shirt. Alice appeared wearing a light green vest that covered her ass, and well, nothing else. She sat next to me, smiling at dad as she walked in front of him.

Before long she was in her usual position, resting her head on my legs. Her hand found its way easily enough into my shorts and onto my cock. She began to jerk me off but halfway through she surprised me by stopping. She took her hand out my shorts and looked over to dad. Happy that he was not looking at us she held my right hand and placed it on her vest, covering her ass. Then she resumed stroking my cock. I took the hint and felt her ass through her vest, then slid my hand under her vest. As I suspected she was not wearing panties and I was amazed to feel her bare ass.

As she continued to masturbate me I treated myself to a good feel of her pert ass, before exploring further. Looking across at dad I moved my hand down her ass and onto the slit of her pussy. She sighed as I touched her cunt lips.

“Ok Alice? That was a big sigh?” asked dad.

We froze in place as he looked over to us, but the room was mostly dark and he couldn’t see where our hands were.

“Tired dad.”

“Ok, probably all this fresh air. You’ll feel better by the end of the vacation,” he smiled.

Dad looked back to the tv and we resumed playing with each other. I decided to be brave and try my luck. I slid a finger against her pussy lips and pushed further. I expected her to stop me but she just carried on stroking my cock. I slid the tip of my finger past her lips and into her slick wet cunt. She moaned again and quickened the pace of her strokes.

Before I could fully appreciate my situation I moaned as I came. Alice continued to stroke my cock until every last drop of cum had left my penis. I carried on touching her pussy and soon after her body began to twitch and she reached her own orgasm. We stayed on the couch for a while then dad got up to go to the bathroom. Once he was out the room Alice sat up.

“You made me cum! Good boy!” she laughed.

“Err…sorry!” I answered.

She laughed again.

“Don’t apologize,” she slapped me playfully.

Dad came back in and Alice got up to go to bed. She’d not been gone long before Dan came in. We chatted for a while and he told us about his evening. As usual for Dan he seemed to have spent most of the evening trying to pull girls, but unusually for him, without much luck.

Friday was a better for my skiing. I seemed to be getting a bit more relaxed with Alice’s games and rather than fretting over what was happening I was now going around with a strange smile on my face! Mum and dad decided that we should all go out for a meal that evening, which was great. After the meal Dan announced that he was going to a bar to meet up with his new friends. He invited me and Alice along but we decided to go back with mum and dad. Back at the chalet mum soon went to bed. She always liked to go to bed early. I changed into my usual, now my last pair of clean shorts! Alice appeared in one of dad’s baggy shirts. Dad chose a dvd to watch and also opened a bottle of wine. I’m not a big drinker but Alice and dad filled their glasses. After a few sips of wine Alice lay her head on my leg and began to play with my cock. Then she sat up, drank some more wine and lay back down again. This time she rested her head further back and began to fiddle with my shorts. She pulled my cock out from the bottom of my shorts then leaned forward to kiss it. To my amazement she then wrapped her lips around my shaft and began suckling. My god my sister was giving me a blowjob!

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