All Tied Up!

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I lay there on her bed. My ankles and wrists were securely tied to the bedframe. Totally naked, blindfolded, and unable to move. Goosebumps ran like a wave across my skin, and anticipation coursed through my body, making my mouth dry.

I’d known from the moment she’d tied the blindfold over my eyes that this was real, and no longer just a fantasy. I was excited. And I was scared. Yes, scared — for the first time in my life I had put my absolute total trust in another human being. It scared me, but it massively excited me too.

As I lay there on the bed, completely vulnerable, loud music suddenly started to play, startling me. The combination of blindfold and noise robbed me of two of my senses, just as the restraints robbed me of my ability to move. Suddenly I smelt the delicate scent of a woman’s perfume in my nostrils, then felt something against my lips. A voice whispered into my ear, and I could feel the warmth of the person’s breath against my cheek.

“John,” said the soft woman’s voice, barely audible over the music, “Remember what we discussed. I will look after you, you can absolutely trust me to do that. I am going to do many things with you and too you. Your blindfold will stay on at all times. If you want me to stop, your safe word is ‘Red’. Nod if you understand.”

I nodded my head, and realised that what was pressed against my lips was a finger, and as it was gently pushed into my mouth I could feel her fingernail sharp against my tongue. I couldn’t resist the urge to suck, and the finger was gently pushed in and out of my mouth. Then it was withdrawn, slowly, teasingly, and I felt it gently trace around my lips, first one way then the other. Finally, the finger gently scratched its way down over my chin and down onto my throat, slowly making its way down my body. My body twitched and I felt my cock stiffen in anticipation, as the finger tracked over my stomach, and then it was gone. I was left with just my arousal, and no stimulus. I breathed deeply and let out a loud involuntary sigh. The loud music continued to drown out any other sound in the room.

As I lay there, thoughts ran through my mind, wondering what would happen next. As it happened, I didn’t have to wait too long to find out.

Suddenly I felt scratching against my chest, fingers dragged hard against my skin, followed by a sharp pinch on my nipple. The nails tugged and pulled, pinching hard enough to make me wince. Then I felt the same sensation on my other nipple, pulling, pinching, squeezing. Eventually the fingers moved down my chest, slowly but surely scratching their way across my body, across my belly, either side of my stiff cock and onto the tops of my thighs. Where ever they went I felt goosebumps appear on my skin. illegal bahis Then, once again, they were gone, there was nothing.

I waited. And waited. I had only the darkness, loud music and expectation for company. My cock throbbed and twitched, like it had a mind of its own.

Then, just like the last time, I felt fingers touching me. This time nails touched my face, gently making their way across my cheek, lingering on my lips. I opened my mouth, inviting the fingers inside. Instead I felt movement on the bed next to my head, and could smell her perfume once more. She smelled delicious.

Her voice whispered into my ear, “John.”

My reply was so quiet it was barely audible, more in my head than out of my mouth.


She continued, “Would you like me to suck you? To take your hard cock into my mouth and taste you? To feel how hard you are?”

I felt her gentle touch on my cock, which twitched in response. There was nothing I wanted more than for her to take hold of my cock and wank me or suck me. To make me cum. I was desperate for her touch.

I nodded my head, and replied. This time my reply was louder.

“Suck me, please…” I implored, the tone of my voice revealing how desperate I was.

I heard her chuckle into my ear, and her hand was removed from my cock.

“Plenty of time for that later.” she said quietly, her breathy soft voice close to my ear, and then she chuckled again.

I felt more movement on the bed, right next to my head. Then the feeling of soft warm skin against my face, first on one side, then both sides at once. I could smell the scent of her sex, and within seconds a soft silky fabric was pressed against my mouth, pushing against my lips. I knew it was her pussy and opened my mouth to lick and taste it through the fabric. I soon felt her begin to rhythmically move herself back and forth against me, pushed hard against my mouth. I pushed my tongue out against the fabric as hard as I could, lifting my head to taste her as best as I could. Her juices came through the silk and I could taste her. I savoured the taste of her sweetness on my tongue.

She ground herself progressively harder and harder against my face, forcing my head back down against the mattress. She did it with such force that the whole bed bounced, moving my body, as she ground and bucked against my face. I lay there, unable to do anything except submit to her desires, only able to use my mouth to pleasure her. After what seemed like an hour, I felt her hands on my chest, nails digging into me, while her thighs clamped tight around my face. Her movements slowed and I felt her juices flood though he panties onto my face and into my mouth. I licked her as much as I could illegal bahis siteleri to taste her and take her juices into my mouth. The taste was divine.

She lifted herself off my face and I felt her move off the bed. I hoped that it would soon be my turn for pleasure, my cock was rock solid in anticipation.

Then — movement next to me, the scent of her perfume in my nostrils and her voice in my ear once more.

“Did you enjoy that John?”

I nodded my head.

“It was very nice for me too,” she continued, “but next time you’re going to lick my arsehole like the dirty boy you are. You enjoying licking my arse, don’t you?”

I nodded my head once more.

“Good boy.”

I expected her to straddle my face again, to force her arsehole and pussy against my mouth, to use me for her own pleasure. But once again I was left alone for what seemed like an age. I lay there, wondering, thoughts racing through my mind. Initially I was imagining the taste of her pussy and arse, anticipating what she had promised was to come next. Imagining my tongue probing into her, feeling her warmth and wetness, hoping that she would squirt over me so that I could taste her.

My own incredibly vulnerable state was never far from my thoughts, and started to colour my thoughts more and more as time went on. After a few minutes my thoughts changed direction — would she be coming back to me? Did she still want me? Had I been good enough when I licked her through her panties, or would she want to punish me? What if she left me here, restrained, now she’d had her pleasure? How long would I have to wait before it was my turn to be pleasured?

Eventually I felt her on the bed next to me, and she rapidly straddled my head. I lifted my head up, searching out her pussy and arse, seeking her moistness with my tongue. I felt her bare skin against my tongue as she pushed herself back onto me, and this time there were no panties to impede my exploration. As my tongue probed I felt her position herself against me and realised that her arsehole was against my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down as I licked around her arse, teasing and keen to pleasure her. As I tried to work my tongue into her, I desperately wished that I had my hands free so that I could use them to touch and open her, to push them inside her and stretch her, to fuck her. Instead, I could only use my tongue and mouth to lick, suck and penetrate her.

I pushed my tongue as hard against her as I could and her tight hole yielded to my probing — my tongue slowly but surely working its way into her. She pushed back against me, riding me rhythmically moving against my face and tongue. She pushed back even harder, forcing my head down and pressing her canlı bahis siteleri arse against me harder and harder. I felt her start to rub her pussy and arse against my mouth, her wetness pressing hard on my face making it hard to breathe. Her movements got faster and more aggressive against my face and I could do nothing but let her ride me. She was so forceful that I couldn’t even push my tongue out of my mouth, I just lay there, mouth open, entirely under her control. I struggled to breathe as she pressed herself against me.

I felt her get wetter and wetter against me and then, wow! I felt a massive flood of her juices running down my face. She lifted herself slightly, releasing the pressure on my face, and I gratefully gulped in both her juices and breaths of air. Lifting my head I licked and sucked on her pussy, tasting her fresh sweet juices, my tongue pushing into her pussy which felt red hot against my mouth and tongue.

As I licked her, I felt her hands slide down my body, then I could feel the warmth of her body as it pressed against mine. More excitingly, I could feel her hand grip my hard shaft, slowly starting to wank me. I could feel something around the end of my cock, warm and wet, and I realised that she was sucking me. I groaned and my head fell back onto the mattress as the sensual feeling of her warm mouth enveloped my cock, moving gently back and forth on it, taking me closer to an orgasm.

Suddenly she stopped sucking me, and she climbed off my face. I felt her move down the bed, and then I could feel her straddle my thighs. A warm wetness was pressed against my cock, moving slowly against it. I felt a hand on my cock and then my hardness was surrounded by the most beautiful warm and wet sensation, and I realised that she my had pushed me into her wet pussy and was starting to fuck me. My cock felt so deep inside her as I felt her body pressed against mine, her pussy moving up and down on my shaft. I groaned loudly, so close to cumming that I couldn’t control myself. Her lips pressed against mine and she kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth for a second, then her cheek was pressed against mine and I could hear her whispering into my ear.

“I love every second that you are inside me, John,” she whispered, “you make me cum so hard”

I groaned louder.

“I’m going to cum!” I grunted.

She whispered back, “Flood my pussy with your sperm, I love it. I love to feel you cum inside me.”

I could hold back no longer, and her words tipped me over the edge. My cock started to twitch, spasms running through my body as jet after jet of spunk erupted from my cock into her. As I came, I felt her kissing me frantically all over my face, and as I lay there, my breathing ragged and feeling lightheaded from my orgasm, she pulled the blindfold from my eyes so I could see her beautiful face. We kissed some more as my cock slowly softened inside her, enjoying the moment. Her body soft and warm against mine as we lay there entwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20