Alumni: Summer Scenes, Winter Treat

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Coach Mark Evans felt as if he were a blessed man. A man walking a somewhat precarious line that had every potential to send him into the abyss, but blessed nonetheless. His former athlete Dee Chandler and he had found mutual lust, open-mindedness, and total satisfaction with each other in the summer after Dee’s graduation. After the first week of discovering their compatibility, they managed to get together a few more times as the months progressed, despite the risk of being discovered.

A week or so after Dee’s second visit, she came to his house late one night after he’d already retired and had fallen asleep. She’d been over at a friend’s party, and it was well past midnight when she decided she wanted to pay him a visit. Knowing that he kept a side door to his house open she managed to sneak in quietly, removing her clothes in the living room, before heading down the hall to his bedroom. He was a fairly sound sleeper, so she easily made it all the way to his bed before kneeling down to whisper him awake.

“Hey, lover…” she cooed in his ear, almost giggling, a little buzzed still and eager to climb into bed with him. He stirred a little, opening his eyes through a thick haze of sleep, recognizing her with a sleepy smile. He’d been sleeping on his back, naked, under a single sheet, the warm summer night air wafting through the open window.

She ran her hand under the sheet and pulled it back, caressing his chest. “Shhh,” she said calmingly. “Don’t move, I’ll just climb in with you.” From her knees she lifted her tiny frame up and literally climbed up towards the foot of the bed. She lay herself across him, pushing the sheet all the way down, her face towards his crotch, her breasts resting on his stomach. She swung her right leg over him, and was now lying in a sixty nine position, completely flat against him. Because of her diminutive size, her head was right at his penis, her hands resting atop his thighs, while her smooth sex was just at the top of his chest, and her thighs were astride his shoulders bearing some of her weight.

He was beginning to waken now, both from the pressure of having her atop him, albeit insubstantial, and the wonderful sensation of her skin fully against his, her young body so soft and smooth. Her hands found his penis, also awakening, and were gently massaging it and his balls while she placed tender kisses upon them. He lifted his own hands onto her back, languidly caressing the length of her body, from her shoulders at one end of the stroke, to her wonderful tiny bum at the top. He let his fingertips trace lightly along her spine, more lovingly than erogenous, while his stiffening dick succumbed to the warmth of her breath, the squeeze of her hands, and the tease of her lips. As she wrapped her mouth around him for the first time, he instinctively raised his hips to her, and his arms returned to her little butt, pulling her body tightly to him. As his excitement increased, his awareness of her pussy grew, and he lifted his head to taste her sweet, wet arousal with the tip of his tongue. Her body was of such a length that would allow her to comfortably suck on him while placing her pussy just within reach of his mouth.

Positioned thus, they lay in the heart of the warm night, slowly pleasing each other. Her hands, slick with her saliva, would stroke his length and massage his full tight balls as she softly sucked the tip in her mouth. And he, with his head propped up on his pillow, lazily enjoyed the flavor and aroma of her, encircling her clit, and licking her parted lips, all the while holding her delightful bottom in his hands. This went on for some time, neither of them in a rush, but content to spend the wee hours in slow continuous pleasure. She did, now and again, let him get her close, bringing her intensity up as she pushed her hips to him, her thighs flexing on his shoulders as she ground herself towards her small, easy orgasms. When she came, she would cease her sucking and just hold his cock fast in her tight little fist as she panted her way through. Then, relaxing again, she would return the favor, bringing him closer and closer to the edge, enjoying the accompanying hardness it would bring about.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of this, he could stand it no more, and begged his sweet vixen to let him cum. Her response was to press herself back onto him, to begin to bring herself to orgasm with him. As his tongue worked her clit and tickled the fully sensitive folds of her lips, her hand softened her grip, slipping easily along his saliva soaked dick, gently squeezing and stroking as she held his firm bulb in her mouth, sucking more deliberately. As her other hand cupped his wet balls, she gradually jacked his cock into her mouth, building up the full strength of the load in his ever-hardening dick. She rocked herself more furtively into him, shimmying her girlish body against his chest, fucking his face now as she felt his cum welling up for its final burst. He pulled her into him with his strong grip, his forearms pressed to the small of her back, his hands kneading her ass. Both were moaning loudly, the sound of which erotically stifled by each having a mouthful of the other’s sex.

As the sweat of passion began to break on their skin, the added wetness and lusty sensuality made him finally release into her waiting mouth, the feeling of which caused her to cum onto his. His first jet shot back into her throat, and she just managed to swallow it before the second huge spurt filled her mouth, followed almost immediately by another, and a another again. Struggling to contain his thick goo, the involuntary shouts of her simultaneous orgasm opened her mouth, causing his hot semen to pour forth onto her hand, down onto his stomach and over his balls. This warm sensation, and the thought of her cute little face drooling his cum, made him push a second wave out for her as his orgasm renewed itself. She was rubbing his cock across her face now, still jacking him off, panting as she pressed her spasming pussy onto him, her body wrapped in his arms, her clit grinding on his chest. Their bodies vibrating and pulsing together as the last of this long awaited mutual orgasm flowed through them.

With both hands she played with his cum, smearing it over his cock, stomach, thighs, balls. She wiped her face with cum soaked hands, licking the thicker drops of it into her mouth. He, in turn, lay panting between her legs, her cute pussy inches from his face, his hands still gripping her ass. The warm breeze through the window against their spent, wet bodies felt beautiful and perfect. Eventually she lifted herself off him and turned her body around to lay alongside him, face to face. She gave him a sweet, cummy kiss as she wrapped herself about him. They both drifted off to sleep, sticky and happy.


It was some time after that, on a week day afternoon, when both Dee and Bobbi appeared on his doorstep again. They both bounced into through the doorway when he answered the bell, exchanging hellos and kisses now that they had become so comfortable with each other.

“I can’t imagine, what brings you two here,” Mr. Evans said with a smile.

“More games!” chirped Bobbi. She was dressed in a pair of loose shorts, cut very short, and her ubiquitous tank top.

“I told her about what we did when I came here alone the first time,” Dee explained in similar shorts and a clinging polo. “About how I masturbated for you, and how turned on I got by it.”

“So I want to try it too,” Bobbi cut in. “Only there’s a twist.”

“Of course there is,” Mark said sarcastically, “how could there not be?”

“You have to do it, too!” Dee said. “Or get to, I should say. But you don’t get to touch us.”

“Except for right now!” Mark exclaimed wrapping his arms around both of them, drawing them into a three-way hug with his hands firmly on their butts.

They girls giggled, and didn’t resist his advances. Both of them began to kiss his face, and he alternately kissed them in turn. The girls’ hands found their way to his pants, and began rubbing him to an erection through the material.

“So much for your rules,” he murmured.

“The game hasn’t started yet, silly” Bobbi said coyly. “Don’t I get to say hi first? I haven’t seen you in weeks.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a huge, sexy kiss. Dee stood back for a moment to let her friend enjoy herself. Bobbi’s hands moved down his body to his pants, and began unbuttoning them. Still kissing him, she hooked her thumbs in his waistline and pulled them down over his hips, boxers and all. His already hardened dick bounced up and hit her near her belly button. She giggled, pulling away from his face and giving him a big, salacious smile. Her hands let go of his pants, still hung up on his thighs, and gathered his cock and balls in a soft embrace, cupping with one hand, gently tugging with the other.

“Hi, Mr. Evans,” she purred, smiling. “Did you miss me?” Locking his eyes to hers, she slowly dropped down to her knees and brought his dick up to her lips. She ran her tongue around the head, then flicked it a little. “Tell your good girl how much you missed her.”

“Oh, ho ho,” he stammered, “I’ve been despondent without you.”

“Hmph,” she said, “That’s not what Dee tells me. But I suppose I should believe you.” She opened her mouth and drew his cock into her. Moving her hands to his hips, she bobbed forward, taking him in fully each time.

He looked over at Dee, who had been patiently observing the two, and she winked at him.

“Hey,” she cautioned, “save some for the game, Bobbi.”

Bobbi gave him two more long, slow thrusts deep into her throat, then released him, smacking her lips as she did. “Ok! All done.” She pulled his pants back up, carefully tucking him in to his boxers, then patted his bulge once he was in place, his fly still open. Then she stood back up and kissed him. “Good to see you again Mr. Evans. Where should we play?”

He was understandably at a slight loss for words. He thought a moment then said, “Ah, yes. The basement. Come with me, please.” bahis firmaları And he turned and walked out of the living room, holding his pants up with one hand. They followed him through the kitchen then down the stairs to his finished basement. Over on the far end was a sitting area surrounding a fireplace. There were two loveseats and two armchairs arranged around three sides of a large, low table. He turned on the gas fire as the girls sat down together in one of the loveseats. He then sat down across from them in the other.

‘Rules?” He asked.

“Dee looked over at her friend. “What do you think, Bob, it’s your game. Naked?’ she asked tilting her head towards Mark.

“Hm, good idea! Take off your clothes, mister,” Bobbi said in a stern voice.

He slid he pants down under his hips, again, boxers and all, and tossed them over onto one of the chairs, then removed his shirt. He sat back with his legs somewhat apart, his hands resting on his thighs, his long cock erect and laying to one side against his abdomen. As a man in his mid 30s, his active body had yet to softened with age. He wasn’t exactly ripped any longer, but he was still an attractive specimen, which the girls confirmed with approving oohs and giggles of delight at seeing him on display.

Across from him, Dee spread her legs apart and slouched down into the cushions. Bobbi did the same, only she had to throw her left leg over Dee’s due to the minimal width of the seat. It became apparent at this point that neither was wearing underwear beneath their short shorts, opened to expose their wonderful little cunts to him. Dee, preferring to tease, let her left hand trace up and down her inner thigh while her right rested casually on her friend’s leg. Bobbi, unwilling to wait, brought her right hand up to her pussy, her fingers together, and started rubbing her clit gently while reaching to hold Dee’s hand on her leg.

“Ok,” Bobbi said, “Now be a good boy and stroke your cock for me. Let me know what you think of our little show for you.” She was getting heated up pretty fast, rubbing faster circles around her clit, her eyes glued to his dick. He grasped it in his fist and squeezed, pushing a large drop of preecum from the tip, which he then used to slick his entire shaft as he stroked. He lingered on the underside of the head, firm and shiny, then stroked its length with each new drop of juice it produced. The girls were transfixed by this, and he made quite a show of it for them, getting off on his power to turn them on.

“Have the tables turned, little ones?” he asked firmly. “You both seem a little distracted by this. I thought you were giving me the show.” Whereas at the outset he was afraid the sight of his two sex kittens diddling themselves was going to make him cum instantly, it gave him more control to be in charge. Keying on this he stroked himself as long and seductively as he could, holding his balls in his other hand.

They didn’t seem prepared for the roll reversal, and were more or less silent, save for their girlish grunts and little moans. Bobbi was pushing three fingers in and out rapidly, and Dee was two knuckles in with her middle finger, pumping herself up and down. They held each other’s hands fully clenched, probably not even realizing they were doing so. He decided to show no mercy.

“Does Bobbi like it when I pump my dick for her? See how wet it gets? How firm and long? I bet you want that in your mouth again, don’t you. Or do you want it crammed into that pussy you’re tormenting. Mm, what a very good girl you are, fucking yourself for my big dick. Maybe you want it both places, you dirty little fucker. How’d you like a mouthful of my dick while I fuck your brains out.”

Poor Bobbi was helpless against his filthy taunts, and she fucked herself furiously, attempting in vain to slow herself and prolong it, with only limited success.

He turned his attention to Dee. “And you, sweetie. I know you lascivious heart, now. You want me to rub this dick all over your face, make you beg me to fuck you with it. Isn’t that right. My balls bouncing on your chin, your mouth trying desperately to take anything in. You want me to stand up right now and come over there and fuck your face. Or maybe you’d like to jack me off yourself. Rub your face and mouth with my slippery dick while I shoot my cum all over you.”

Everyone was enjoying themselves way too much. The girls were starting to cum, and despite what he thought was control, watching them get off on him was too much to resist. His balls tightened up, ready to give.

“Ok, ladies, want to see me shoot this for you? Would you like to see what your cute little pussies made me do?” All three were moaning for each other, waiting for their mutual cum to flow. Bobbi started first, lifting her hips up as her loins spasmed in orgasm. Then it was all over. The first of Mark’s cum shoot across his chest in a hot white arch, followed by great gobs lunging out over his hand as he held fast to his dick, squeezing it out. Dee then gave in and came at the pleasure the others were having, and the chain reaction made another short loop around the room as their orgasms extended themselves. In the afterglow, their breath calming down, they sat smiling at each other. Mark was the first to speak, almost laughing at the fun of it.

“Holy cow! That was amazing. You are undeniably the hottest, most uncontrollably wanton little sex fiends ever. Jesus Christ, that was fun.”

The girls, heads back against the sofa, panting lightly, their free hands cupping their pussies, looked at each other and smiled in agreement.


And so it went through the summer. Sometimes they would both come over, sometimes just one or the other. Each time it seemed to be as fresh and exciting as the last, if not more so.

One day Bobbi showed up around ten in the morning. She just walked in the door and over to the dining room. Pushing her jeans and panties down onto her thighs, she leaned over onto the table and demanded to be fucked. The game here was that such behavior obviously deserved a good spanking beforehand, after which a good hard fuck to drive the lesson home.

Dee stopped by one evening on the way home from some catering she’d been doing. She was wearing knee length skirt and blouse with cute little opaque socks. As was the habit she just walked in, this time finding him sitting in an armchair reading. She came right up to him and climbed onto the arms, kneeling on them, her sex right at eye level. She explained to him she hadn’t been wearing panties all day, and it had gotten her so randy she just had stop by and face fuck him. Hiking up her skirt, she leaned into him as he obligingly got her off on his tongue, his hands holding her little butt firmly towards him.

For two glorious months it went on until the girls went off to university. Mark missed them, but in truth he could use the break from weeks of their guerilla sex tactics. The autumn months passed as he got back in his daily routine of the school year, and it became easy to get along without them. Besides, he still got a call every week or two from them, begging for a bedtime story.

One weeknight late in December, after he had gone to bed Dee came calling for a surprise visit. He was still up reading when he heard the door open, almost immediately followed by her soft voice. “Mr. Ev-ans,” she said sweetly in a sing song voice.

His initial impulse was to jump out of bed to greet her, but then he realized it might be more fun to stay in bed and wait for her to find him. He remained silent.

“I know you’re in here, I saw your light on,” she continued warmly. He heard the rustle of her coat and shoes coming off. How cute, he thought, she’s trying to be quiet. More rustling. He realized her clothes were now coming off, too.

“Are you awake?” she asked, more tentatively, since she’d figured he’d have come to see her by now if he was still up. He could tell she was sneaking down the hall by the sound of her voice, but she made no sound on the wood floor. “I bet you’re just being lazy, lying there waiting for me, aren’t you, naked man.” She peeked her head around the corner to see him sitting in bed with a silly grin on his face.

“Guilty!” he said, laughing.

She ran naked across the room and leapt onto the bed. “You rat! What sort of way is that to receive your long lost lover!” She kissed him, holding his face in her hands. “Lemme under those covers with you, I’m freezing out here.” He pulled back the duvet and let her crawl in beside her. They both felt an immediate sense of comfort being next to each other again, and they just lay there kissing for a few moments.

He started to ask her about her trip from her school, but she shushed him. “Can we just lay here and quietly play for a bit? I’m pretty tired from the drive back.” She kissed him again and eased her body up onto his as he lay down into the bed, her legs to either side. With her head next to his, her body was only long enough for her pelvis to reach his abdomen. His hands caressed her back softly from the center of her shoulders to the tops of her thighs, taking the time to cup her tiny bottom and tickle her between her cheeks. She could feel the tip of his erect penis against her thighs, just brushing her pussy. It was an incredible tease for both of them, and served as wonderfully erotic foreplay. She just kissed him for a time, rocking her hips back and forth, tempting his dick and making herself ache. She got herself so wet doing this that his dick was able to slip right in when she positioned herself just right, and soon she was easing herself down onto him.

“Oh, sweetie, I missed you,” he breathed out as he felt her enveloping him. He tried to push himself in further by lifting his hips.

“Shhhh,” she said, pulling away from his prodding cock. “Let me do it, please. Be a good boy, and I’ll tell you a nice story later on.” He acquiesced, and let her resume her slow mount. She kissed him passionately while bringing him up deeper inside at a heartbreakingly slow pace. Only half way in and he felt himself kaçak iddaa firm up like he was going to cum. Noticing this she stopped to look at him and smiled, which only made him harder still. It had been three months now, and he was thinking he might not have the control she was counting on.

For her own part she was fighting the same fight. She’d just spent the bulk of her four-hour drive thinking of nothing but this, and had already had to pop herself in the car twice to stay calm. Now her kitty was finally where she wanted to be, and wasn’t really taking no for an answer the way her brain was telling her to. She eased down further, three quarters in, already pressing to her full depth. Her hips were beginning to oscillate on their own, up and down, and side to side like an impatient child, and she felt as if she’d never been as wet as she was now. When she finally bottomed out at the base of his cock it was if they had both just crossed the finish line, and all control pretty much went out the window. They both let out great moans of relief and complete arousal.

He grabbed her ass hard and jammed his cock further into her holding her all the way in to the limit as he struggled to contain the cum yearning to burst. It made him rock hard, and the combination of that, his depth, and his forceful grip sent Dee surging towards an orgasm. She ground her pussy into his pubic bone, her hips involuntarily pulsing against him. Finally able to stand it any longer she gave up and started to bounce on his cock, fighting against the strength of his grip to do so.

“Oh shit, fuck it!” she yelled. “Fuck me, dammit. Fuck me ha-“ her voice trailed off into a squeal as he slammed her little body down on to him, gripping each half of her perfect ass like handles and pounding upwards in full abandon. She was already cumming, and he was right behind her. The waves built up and crashed over them in a raucous noise of shouts and groans. His hot jets blasting against her already soaked walls, her clenching cunt greedily milking everything out of him, their loins were awash in a soup of warm, liquid sex. He could feel it running out of her as they both continued to cum, it running down over his balls; the sloppy slap-slap of her thighs on his now audible over their quelling moans. With two final efforts he pressed the last of his cum into her, and held her tightly to him to ride out the last of the sensation.

Panting, she turned her head up and kissed his cheek. “Ok, so much for quietly playing. Wow. Good job, mister.”

“Yeah, hi, welcome back.” He said, his eyes still glazed and staring up at the ceiling. They rested a moment or two more before he asked, “So, you promised me a story?”

She propped herself up on her elbows, resting her chin in her hands. “Oh, yeah. Guess who came to see me at school?”


“I’ll give you a hint,’ she said, frowning at his incorrect answer. “She’s on the team. Gonna graduate this year. She’s cute…”

“Kim?” Nothing. “Lisa?”

“Bingo! She came up to check out the school and I met her for lunch. We had very interesting conversation.”

His softening dick was beginning to fall out, so he helped it along, sending a warm cascade of fluid down between his legs as she slipped off him. She lay on him for a moment longer, then slid down beside him, resting her head on the pillow next to him. She reached for his limp, wet penis and gently fondled it while it shrunk. “These things amaze me,” she said smiling. Her hand on him so softly felt wonderful.

“Sorry,” she said, coming back to reality but still rolling him in her hand. “I bet you’re all eager to know what I talked about with your favorite tomboy. And if you’re not, you should be.”

Lisa was going to be a team captain this spring, and while being petite and rather cute, she was a rough and tumble sort of gal who managed to be attractive without giving it a second thought. She and her best friend Kim, another girl on the team who was also the intriguing combination of petite, pretty and tough, were friends of Bobbi and Dee, and apparently had maintained contact with them after they’d graduated.

“Alright, consider me a captive audience, I’m all ears. Well, partially ears. Mostly around the ear area. At the moment the rest of me is largely penis in your hand.”

Dee grinned and rolled her eyes at him. “I missed your odd-ball humor this semester. It’s nice to see you’re still a dork.” He swatted her bum for that.

“Be nice or you get no secrets. So, I’ll leave out the boring stuff and get right to the part you’ll want to hear.

“We were talking about the various intrigues in our lives, you know, other girls on the team, guys and such, same old same old. I told her I had sort of been seeing an older guy since the end of summer.” She felt him tense up as she said it, knowing he would react that way. “Relax. I told her it was someone I met through work who lives and hour away, she has no idea, trust me, you’ll see. So she’s asking me, you know, what it’s like with an older guy, and of course I tell her it’s fucking amazing, which is totally the truth, you awesome fuck machine, you.” She kissed him again, and even though his dick was still in recovery mode, he felt the first signs renewed interest while Dee continued.

“She starts asking me about details, right, cause we’re both really sick of guys our age who are completely clueless about women on all levels. So I tell her the main differences are that one, he really knows what he’s doing, and two, he really cares about being with me. And she gets this funny look on her face, and I’m all, ‘What,’ and she says she’s been thinking about finding someone like that but doesn’t really know how it would work, and besides she’s kinda found another solution.

“So I ask her about that and she starts telling me how Kim came out to her as a lesbian, and I’m like, well, that’s no real big surprise, you know, good for her. Then she says how she guesses she’s bi now, because her and Kim have been having some fun together.” This news had a measurable effect on his libido. While she’d been talking Dee had forgotten about his dick and had been caressing his chest. Now he felt himself returning to life at the thought of Lisa and Kim “having some fun.”

“Now it was my turn to ask for some details, but she kept it pretty general. I wanted to know what it was like going down on another woman, but she just said it was really quite sweet, meaning pure and pleasant, not like sweet to the taste. She said it’s not like they’re having mind-blowing sex together, but that it’s more an emotional togetherness and release. And she said it smiling, but there was a kind of disappointment in her voice. I just let it sit there for a moment and then she said, ‘I don’t know, guys are such jerks, but I think I like that sex better.’ And then she said, ‘And Kim’s kinda tame.’”

What just a moment before had been thoughts of lust suddenly became something more like pity, or maybe just sympathy, as he realized these two young girls were just trying to find themselves and their own happiness, but couldn’t seem to locate it. It made him feel pretty lucky to have been graced of late by Dee’s unquestionable confidence and adventurousness. He expressed this unconsciously by once again grabbing her ass and giving it a nice lusty squeeze.

“But here’s the part you’re going to love,” she continued, not really noticing his wanton approval. “She says, ‘Can I tell you something, like, as a total secret? Because you completely can’t tell anyone this.’ I’m thinking she’s gonna say something about Kim, right. But she starts telling me how she’s got this huge crush on you! She’s like, ‘I know I really shouldn’t be thinking this, but I can’t get the idea of sleeping with him out of my head. I don’t really know where it’s coming from, but he just really turns me on anymore.’”

At this point he is thinking to himself, good thing you’re lying down, bub. A sort of vertiginous sensation washes over him upon hearing of yet another of his charges being interested in him. On the one hand, holy shit, all these young women want to have sex with him, but on the other, holy shit, he could get into a huge amount of trouble having sex with them. What the hell is happening??

Dee continued, “Then she said, ‘You know how he gets really pissed at us when we screw up? Well, I have this fantasy now where I want to get in trouble and have him give me a really good spanking for it.’ Then she finished with, ‘Oh my god, I really just want to fuck him!’ “

Dee waited a moment for it to sink in, then said, “How’s that for a story?”

He knew she could easily read his mind, and the look between them confirmed this. Dee’s hand moved down his chest to his firming dick again and resumed her attentions to it. As she stroked it back to life she said to him. “I’ll give you a few minutes to think about her, mister, but then you’d better start thinking of me again.” She eased herself down under the sheets and began sucking on him.
His head was spinning. Questions, doubts, desires, and consequences all collided at once in the center of his brain. He’d been dancing around the moral issues of Bobbi and Dee, somehow able to justify their relationship mostly because they’d kept it secret. He wasn’t a bad man, and they weren’t bad girls either. They were naturally curious, and he a willing tutor. Yeah, right, whatever. He’s been fucking eighteen year olds simply because he could. They let him, wanted him to even, and who in their right mind would say no? Don’t answer that.

But Lisa, now here was big trouble waiting to happen. Sure, she’d come of age in a month or two, but what the hell was he thinking that way for anyway. Not while she’s in school, he’d have to continually remind himself.

Dee could tell he was working through the problem in his mind, because despite her ministrations she was having a tough time keeping him firm. She decided she would be absolutely devilish and help him out. She took her mouth off him and started stroking him. Time for some ear candy and a nice slow hand job.

“Don’t think kaçak bahis about what it means, think about what she would be like. I’ll let you, you’re safe here. It’s just fantasy for now, right? you can get away with it.” She could be very persuasive, especially with his cock in her hand.

“Think of her naughty little butt as you spank her in her spandex, bent over and loving it,” she went on, slowly. “Maybe you’d have to pull them down a bit to really give her just deserts. I’ve seen her naked, she’s got a really great ass. Quite ripe for spanking. Even better for fucking.”

This certainly eased his worried mind. He was now hard again in her hand, and she had resumed sucking on him between comments. Mission accomplished. Now that she’d gotten him thinking about Lisa, it was time to get him to think about her again.

“Ok, mister, time’s up,” she said, releasing him and crawling up over his legs to straddle him. She held herself above him on all fours, looking down at his face to make sure she had his attention. “Now I’ll make you forget all about her.”

She sat back onto him, pressing her pussy down the length of his cock, taking special care to grind her button right against the underside of the head. She reached down and held him up to her, cradling his dick against the soft bed of her slickness. “Wanna know how?” she teased, rocking her wet, open lips along his length. “I’m gonna get myself all worked up rubbing on your cock like this until you beg me to fuck you. Mmmmm, hm.” She was turning herself on as well. “Then I’ll let you in. For a while. And then I’ll put you in my cute,” she paused, “tight. Ass.”

“Lisa who?” he said as his dick firmed up like a brick.

“Aw, such a good boy you are. God I love it when your cock gets super stiff like that,” she said, continuing to masturbate herself on it. “Now, think of my yummy butt. Ooo, that’s it! You’ve been waiting sooo long to get your dick in there, I know you have. Mmmmhm, yeah…” She was starting to feel the familiar tingly ache building up. “Almost ready to fuck me, Mark? Cause I’m almost ready for this big meat.”

When she got going like this, he had learned to let her just do what she wanted, since she always turned out to have his best interest in mind. It was time to beg. “Are you gonna let me fuck you? Please? Put it in there, Dee. God, you’re so wet now.” His dick was almost slipping out of her hand.

“Just a minute, mister,” she whispered. “First I’m gonna get us both used to the idea of my ass.” She raised herself up and pushed his cock upright, easing it behind her so that it slid up and down her crack. She reached back to hold it up to her, letting it slide along her cheeks. Then she placed it at her anus, and slowly pressed the head against it. She moved it forward, and slightly into her soaking snatch to get some wetness back there, then put it back against her hole. The pressure and wetness of it made relaxing easier, and she gradually opened to its insistence. She let him in just enough for the very tip to feel the squeeze of resistance, then pulled him back and slid him between her cheeks.

“Ooo, baby, I don’t know which of us is looking more forward to that, me or you,” she smiled at him. Read to fuck?” She raised up, brought him forward, and came down fully engulfing his cock all the way up into her. “Oh God…,” they both exclaimed, as she rode him easily, grinding aggressively against him at the bottom of each thrust.

“Good thing we already got some cum out of you,” she said hoarsely, obviously wanting to cum as fast as possible. “Otherwise I bet you’d pop before we got to your treat. C’mon, Mark. Fuck me harder than that. Get my little pussy off.” She rode him hard, bouncing herself on him with the single-minded purpose of cumming. Her eyes were shut, her hand on his chest supporting her as she slammed down onto him, her little boobs giggling away.

“Oh god, yes. Come on, mister. Fuck your little bitch. Oh god! Fuck!” She was shouting now as her orgasm hit her, and she continued to bounce hard against him. “Oh yes! Gimme that big dick, oh fuck yes!” He was really enjoying watching her come, for once not distracted by his own orgasm. She was such a filthy fucking sex pot, and came so deliciously well. With one big shriek she slammed down on him and held it there, head down, body tense, then ground herself violently into him, shouting again. He could feel her pussy squeezing him, trying to milk from him what he wouldn’t give.

She raised her head suddenly, and lifted up. “ Ok, dammit,” she said with more lust in her voice than he ever heard. “Let’s get that dick in there.” Her body was still quivering as she positioned him at her tight hole, wet with her cum. She was surprisingly receptive as he felt the head pop in straight away. She let out a little “Ooo!” as it went past the barrier of resistance and pain.

“Oh my god! Ok, ok. Ok.” she was panting, “Just,.. just hold it a second. Whew! That was a little too fast.” It was more than she was expecting, but the swirl of sensations was tantalizing and kind of overwhelming at first.

“God, you are so fucking cute! I’m sorry but I had to say that.” He was so impressed with how eager she was to do things with him. “It’s just you’re so adorable taking my cock in there like that. Oh my god that feels good. I’ll be good, promise, but jesus I want to fuck you so much.”

“Ah, oo! Dammit, don’t get big like that! I’m still getting used to it.” She was almost gigging and panting at the sweet sickening mixture of pleasure and pain. Her ass gripped him tight, just below the head at his most sensitive spot. But she was just holding him there, refusing to let him slide in further. She felt the imperceptible movement of him wanting in, and stopped him.

“Don’t, Mark. Wait for me. Gimme a minute more.” She closed her eyes and concentrated, holding herself on all fours with his dick right up her bum. The discomfort was slowly turning to a pleasurable ache, and her anus started to tingle rather than sting. She leaned forward just a little, then leaned back again, ever so slowly, the skin of his dick just tugging on her, not really sliding yet. It was getting better now, and she let him slide, a little more with each motion forward and back.

“Oh, fuck, Dee, that feels so amazing,” he said. It really did. The tightness of her ass followed by the wonderful enveloping softness inside was an irresistible combination. She was really opening to him now, easing him almost completely in, his cock penetrating deep into her.

For her part she it was becoming equally good. The friction on her anus and the fullness of his dick made her ache in a wholly new way. She could feel there was an orgasm in there somewhere, but it was going to come from someplace new and with a different flavor. She was rocking steadily on him now, fully used to the sensations and ready let him fuck her. There was a wonderful, achy flow to this position, but she wanted to let him give it to her on his own. She rocked back, putting him all the way up and stopped.

“Ok, mister. Wanna drive?” She eased up and slowly off of him, letting him gently slide out, which was a surprising shock. “Whooo!,” she squealed at it, laying down on the bed beside him. “Come on, Mark, get on top of me and fuck my little ass.”

Not needing to be told twice he positioned himself between her legs, which she drew up to her chest, exposing her softened hole. He dipped into her pussy to get himself re-wetted, and added some saliva for good measure, and eased himself back into her bum. It was easier this time, and she let him set a smooth rhythm as his cock slid fully in and out of her. He was really only able to moan at the pleasure, not coherent enough to express himself. She loved it when he got to that point, and egged him on.

“Yeah, feel that tight ass, baby. Don’t you like your sweet, dirty Dee giving you her very best treat. Mmm, hm, yes you do. Fuck me, please. Please? Fuck my little butt like it needs to be fucked.” It was getting them both off to hear her talk so exquisitely nasty. “Want me to rub my little pussy like this for you, too? Huh? Does that make it even better?” Her fingers found her clit and she let out a gasp at the additional sensation. He tried to warn her of her actions.

“You’d better shut up if you want me to last in here, fucker.” Was all he was able to get out, as he moaned continuously at the enormous pleasure of her. He had to keep his eyes shut, because watching her was devastating. She was so undeniably cute, and so fantastically dirty at the same time. Now watching his dick disappear in her beautiful butt while she played with herself was really far more than any man should be forced to endure.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” she cooed in a baby doll voice. “Am I being a bad girl? I don’t want to be a bad girl, you know. Uh, uh. I just want your cock up my butt. That’s not bad, is it? Can’t I be a good little girl and let you fuck my ass at the same time? Please fuck me there. Please fuck my good little ass.”

“Shut. Up.” He was trying so hard to resist and make it last, but she was absolutely killing him now. It was a losing battle, he knew, but he fought valiantly for a few moments longer. Then she talked it right out of him in an instant.

“Cum in my ass,” was all she said. The abruptness and simplicity of her command caught him off guard, and his dick responded before he could help himself. With a loud moan, he shot her butt with his first jet, then quickened his pace, fucking her hard to give her the rest of his load.

His hot cum felt amazing in her, and she could feel each new spurt warming her insides, causing her aching orgasm to slowly roll through the lower part of her body. He fingers on her pussy made every part of her electrified with pleasure, and the fullness in her ass was wonderfully satisfying.

He slowed himself down, letting his dick float in her warm snugness while it kept trying to urge more semen out. She held him in for a few minutes until she started to get a little uncomfortable again, and asked him to slowly back out. Her body was completely used up in every sexual capacity, and she’d undoubtedly be sore in multiple places tomorrow. As would he.

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