Amy, Part 1

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Amy, Part 1

On a campus of beautiful young women, Amy stood out. She had no curves to her body, small breasts, but she did have a gorgeous ass. What stood out about Amy was her face. She could have been a model for a portrait of Queen Nefertiti on the wall of an Egyptian temple. She was of mixed ethnicity, her dad was German, her mom was Singaporean. The combination of these two ethnicities gave Amy an unbelievably beautiful face. High Asian cheekbones, skin not quite white, piercing blue German eyes.

But Amy was more than just attractive or beautiful. Her face was beautiful to be sure, but she had something extra, something smoldering and sensual that went beyond just beauty. I don’t know if I can explain it but I’ll try. My college campus is full of beautiful women. Tall, short, buxom, whatever you can imagine. And anyone would call these women beautiful. But Amy had something more that I think was only seen by guys. Maybe she was giving off mega pheromones, but when you saw Amy, you didn’t just think, “Wow, she is gorgeous.” Most men, including me, also immediately thought, “Wow I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her right here and right now. And she looks like she would love that.” It’s the kind of look some of the more sultry Victoria’s Secret models have.

You couldn’t miss Amy on campus. Well, actually you could miss seeing her, because she was always surrounded by a set of guys, all vying for her attention. Gorgeous women often hate the attention they attract, but not Amy. She seemed to thrive on all the attention. She was adept at deflecting the advances of would be suitors without hurting their feelings. Everyone, even girls jealous of the attention she received from boys, described Amy as “the nicest person.” She had the combination of amazing looks, but a warm and inviting personality.

Or so I was told. While I had seen her around campus—who hadn’t—I did not have Amy in a class of mine until the first semester of her junior year. In true Amy form, she always sat in a sea of boys, but managed to ignore them and listen to what was going on in class. I did not have expectations about her academic talent one way or the other, but after the first two or three assignments, it was clear I was dealing with a very intelligent girl.

I didn’t know at the time whether or not Amy had a boyfriend, but it didn’t matter, certainly a girl like Amy had her choice of men on campus. As the course had a section on marriage and gender power, it was not unusual for students to discuss sexual topics in my office hours. But the conversations almost always related to the course material and not their personal lives. Even so, I was not really surprised when Amy started discussing her sex life, if only tangentially.

“Professor, I thought it was really interesting to learn about the different theories about how people find their match in life. Sociologists think it all has to do with social class and power relations in society. Economists think it all has to do with search costs; like, whether or not I should dump this boyfriend depends on whether I believe the chances of finding someone better outweighs the cost of looking further. Which one do you believe? There is so much that can change in the future, jobs, education, fate, how would I know if I were trading up? And where does love appear in all of this?”

I stifled a laugh. This girl was good. I tried to start my answer with something to lighten the mood.

“Well Amy, economists would condemn you to a lifetime of searching! You can always attract someone better, and you won’t have to look long so your search costs are low. Just look at the line outside your door.”

Amy blushed a bit and looked down at her lap. “Thank you Professor. That was a very kind thing to say. I wish it was that easy.”

“Oh, Amy, forgive me, I was just trying to make a joke and give you a compliment at the same time. I’m sorry the joke missed the mark. With so many to choose from, I have no doubt that your dating life is complicated at times.”

“Boys follow me everywhere! I can’t go to the ladies room without four or five boys waiting for me when I come out. I try to be nice to everyone and I think I succeed,”

I interjected, “Amy, from what I understand no one on campus has a bad word to say about you.”

Amy blushed again, “Thank you Professor. I try. But these theories have made me think about my own life. Let’s face it, at this point in life college students are pretty much the same. Some have better prospects than others, but who knows whether their potential will be realized. You can’t tell. My dad barely finished university in Germany, and had no prospects at all. He had to go to Singapore to find a wife. German girls wanted to have nothing to do with him. But now he is head of Asian operations for a big German manufacturing firm. Nobody would have guessed that when he was in college”

“Amy, knowing what kind of person you are, even the little bit that I know, I think it is clear that your dad made the right choice of mate.”

“Thank you again, Professor. You are really flattering me today.”

“No, it is only flattery if it’s not true. I haven’t said anything that’s not true. But let’s get back to your thoughts about these theories.” I was running the risk of getting too personal with a female student, and that can come back to bite you these days.

“Okay. Just hypothetically speaking. Wouldn’t this theory suggest that women, college women, should go after older men? Those men are established, have careers, there is less uncertainty about what you are getting. Of course this takes love out of the equation completely. For example, Professor, you are single, you are established, so as an older man you have more certain prospects than any of the boys running around here. Who knows what will become of them?”

I bit my tongue and did not say how thrilled I would be if Amy dated an older man—me for example.

“First of all, don’t assume that’s not true. That would be a good term paper. Compare female college graduates to female high school graduates as to the age of their first husbands. Second, don’t you think your observation about being more certain of a mate’s prospects might explain why women are marrying later than they used to?”

“Oh, that makes sense!” Amy exclaimed as the lightbulb went on over her pretty head. I get it. But I am going to start dating older men anyway.”

Her change in preference caught me by surprise, as it seemed out of sync with what we were discussing. “I don’t understand what’s wrong with younger men, Amy. Except of course their more uncertain prospects.”

Amy sighed heavily, as if there was some burden she needed to unload. “It’s more than that Professor. You know these college boys. They don’t care if I’m smart, stupid, nice, mean, rich, poor. They just want to fu–, uh, sorry, they just want to get in my…uhh sorry again, they just want to…”

“Make love? Have sex? Bump nasties?” I smiled at Amy’s discomfort, as she turned redder than ever. “I have been at this job a long time, Amy, words like “fuck” don’t even register. But thank you for trying!

“Okay,” she said somewhat defiantly, “every one of the guys who hit on me all day long, all they want to do is fuck me and then brag about it to their friends and broadcast it all over campus. It happened with my first two “boyfriends” on campus which is why I’ll never date a college boy again!”

“Be happy Amy that you have so many prospects, you have your pick of the litter. You’ll know it when you find him. There will be someone who will respect you and love you for everything you are. Maybe he’s not here at college. Maybe it will be an older man.” I paused and smiled. I couldn’t resist. “And if you go the older man route, remember that I’m available!”

Amy looked up at me, jaw dropped, shocked look on her face. She mellowed when she figured out that I was kidding. Kind of.

“I’m sorry Professor, but that’s just what I mean. We have been talking a long time and you take me serious and treat me with respect, and I love that. I think I would be so much happier if I was dating someone like you.”

Amy said this last sentence in a way that said that she really meant someone like me—not me. Oh well.

It kind of became a not especially funny joke between us. I would see Amy in the hall and call out, “Hey Amy, I’m free tonight!” She would respond, “I’m not.” Or she would casino oyna ask me, “Professor, you busy this weekend?” “Of course! Always for you!” And she would respond “Dream on.” We laughed. I honestly didn’t think it was that funny.

Over remainder of that semester, it did seem like Amy’s behavior towards me changed somewhat. She was dumping her entourage and sitting in the front of the class (the boys were petrified to sit in the front row). Or maybe my lectures are just fascinating. Amy took to wearing more low cut blouses, but her relative lack of tits made this not terribly exciting. Going braless and having perpetually hard nipples poking through the fabric, on the other hand was very interesting. Lots of girls go braless, showing nipples, or deep cleavage. But that is usually for public consumption, so to speak. Amy’s show likely had nothing to do with me.

I really don’t know if Amy had a previous practice, but I noticed when Amy moved to the front row she did not wear any underwear under her skirts. She showed enough that I could see her pussy was clean shaven. Again, this likely nothing to do with me, but I couldn’t help but notice that when I looked her way her legs appeared to spread a little farther apart.

Once during an exam, the students were working and I was sitting at the desk in front. Amy sat in the front row. I was daydreaming not paying attention to what I was doing and found myself staring at Amy’s shaved pussy. Amy noticed me staring I guess. She cleared her throat to get my attention. When I looked up, she smiled at me. As she looked back down at her exam, she spread her legs wider and she shifted down in her seat. Now that had no purpose at all except to give me a better view of her cunt. Of course, it could be all a tease. My cock took quite a beating back in my office after that exam.

Amy also joined my law class for the second semester. I was happy to see her again, and we continued to banter amicably, maybe with fewer overtones. Amy still sat in the front row, smiled when she saw me check out her pussy, but otherwise she was the good, even angelic Amy everyone knew.

I was soon to find out that Amy was far from the good girl everyone thought she was. At the end of the semester in May and again when she returned to campus in the fall, Amy was going to surprise me both times. These two experiences showed the bad side of Amy; and it was so much hotter and much more fun than the angelic side of Amy.


The first surprise came after the final exam in my law class.

At the final in May, it was a warm day and the building was not air-conditioned. I noticed Amy when she came in because she was wearing a spandex top and sweat pants. Not an unusual outfit for the grind of finals week, but very different from the understated elegance that Amy usually displayed.

The exam ended, and students were leaving. Most said goodbye and wished me a good summer, and a few stopped to ask me questions about the material. As Amy left, she called across the room

“Professor, are you free?”

“For the weekend? I can work you in I suppose.”

“You wish. Seriously, Professor”, she said as she approached. “You are my advisor for my senior project next year and I need to talk about some ideas. Are you free now for a few minutes? I am leaving for home in the morning.”

“Of course,” I said. I told her to wait by my office and I would join her shortly. When I let Amy in my office I noticed she closed the door behind her. It was slightly unusual, because I always keep my door partly open when meeting with any students, especially female students. But Amy was the quintessential good girl, so I didn’t give it a second thought.

We talked for a bit about her project, made plans to be in touch over the summer, and Amy got up to leave. I wished her a good summer, and went to exchange that friendly hug that is often exchanged between teachers and students. But rather than breaking from the hug, Amy faced me and kissed me hard on the lips. Not any peck, but a full, hard kiss, with her tongue exploring my mouth. I did not expect anything like this at all, so my first reaction was confusion. But my bafflement did not stop me from returning her kiss. My mind was not really working as all my blood rushed to harden my cock, but the feeling was electric. We both felt it. Our kiss became more intense, more frantic the longer it lasted. That kiss registered a connection with a woman that I had not had in a long time. And never had one so intense. I think Amy felt it too, because she too did not want to release from this embrace. I don’t know if Amy meant to do it, but the passion released in us both by this one kiss started a fire inside us that was only going to end one way.

My arms were wrapped around Amy’s bare waist, caressing the smooth young skin. The feeling of her small waist and toned abs almost made me cum right there. I had to resist the strong urge to reach into Amy’s sweat pants and feel her ass. I wanted to run my fingers along what must be the most beautiful bum crack on the planet. To vent that desire, I reached up and grabbed a handful of Amy’s dark hair and pulled hard.

“Uhhh…yeah…oh yeah,” Amy whispered through our kiss. I pulled her head back by the hair, exposing her exquisite neck. My lips left hers, and I began exploring her neck, kissing, nibbling, gently licking.

Amy drew in her breath sharply when my roving tongue ventured down to the top of her cleavage. “Oh God, yes…do that…that gets me so hot…” She grabbed my hair and tried to push my head down into her cleavage. The tight sports bra kept me from reaching her breasts, but she pushed my head down farther until my lips closed around one of her small, rock hard nipples. I pulled and sucked on this tiny nipple through her shirt, leaving a round wet spot on her top. I did the same for her other nipple.

I still had no idea what was happening or why. Actually, to this day I do not know how what happened in my office happened that day. Sure, I lusted after Amy. There is not a man alive who would not have lusted after Amy. But this young woman who could command any young stud on campus was climbing up on me. Don’t know why, but why ask questions? Give her what she wants before she returns to her senses.

Things did not get any clearer when Amy, never breaking from our embrace, took one arm from about my neck, untied her sweatpants and let them drop to the floor. Of course, Amy was not wearing any panties. I slid my hand down Amy’s back to fondle her firm, tight and shapely bum. I spread her ass part way and slid my hands into her bum crack. Amy wiggled her bum playfully as I explored it with my hands.

As my hands were already on her bum, Amy kicked her pants off of her ankles and leapt into my arms, wrapping her legs about my waist. I could not believe at first that a fully grown woman could weigh so little. She looked me in the eye with those fantastic blue eyes, charming me like a cobra charms its prey.

Amy tightened her legs about my waist and attacked my mouth in a savage way, biting my lip and kissing me hard on the mouth. Her slim hips were grinding that shaved pussy against my pant leg. I could feel the heat emanating from her hot pussy, and her juices were getting my pant leg quite wet. I vowed never to wash those pants again.

She finally withdrew from her kiss, and riveted my attention with those lovely blue eyes, just inches from my own. She cocked her head at me, maybe somewhat quizzically, as if she were going to ask what is coming next. I began to speak, a gibberish of protest and question and probably nonsense. Amy put her finger on my lips.

“Shhh….quiet,” she whispered. I obeyed. She motioned towards my desk with her head. She put her lips by my ear and whispered,

“Eat me.”

This day just keeps getting better, I thought.My desk was cluttered with freshly written exams and term papers. I carried Amy to my desk, pushed as many papers onto the floor as I could easily reach. I placed Amy down on top of the thin stack of papers that remained. I remember thinking, “That’s going to be hard to explain,” but of course I would worry about that later.

I dropped to my knees while Amy wrapped her legs around my neck. She leaned back on her elbows so she could watch. Her shaved pussy was already very wet and very hot. I never wanted a pussy in my mouth so badly. I buried my face in her womanhood, slot oyna grabbing her tight ass to hold her in my mouth.. She smelled and tasted heavenly. I slid my tongue up inside her as far as I could. I dragged my tongue along the roof of her vag, trying to hit her G-spot. I don’t think I hit it, but the effort made Amy buck her hips wildly and hold my face in her pussy by my hair. I then started licking in long strokes from the base of her hole to the top of her lips. She moaned loudly as my tongue raked across her clit several times. She was grinding into my face, pushing with her heels on my back to draw me closer and keep my face in her pussy. As her orgasm built within her body she pulled my hair hard and held my head in place, whispering “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!!” I glanced up at Amy’s face as she held my hair. Her face was a mask of intensity and determination I had never seen on her before. I sucked her clit into my mouth, holding it gently in my teeth as I flicked it rapidly with my tongue. “Ohhhh…ohhh…OHHH…yes! Yes!” as she came in my mouth.

I kept my grip on her ass with one hand, my mouth on her clit as I slid a finger into her dripping pussy, looking to play with her G-spot. My finger fared better than my tongue, as her hips gyrated and she cried out when my finger found its mark. I started to work on her next orgasm. Soon her hips started grinding again, this time on my finger, rubbing her spot on my finger and holding my face deep in her soft pussy. Her breathing became more rapid, shallower. She sat up halfway on my desk and grabbed my head by the ears and pulled. Amy told me later that she needed something solid to hold onto as she got closer and closer to cumming again. “Mmmmm…yes…right there…yes…” and then she let out a soft scream as her body tensed, her hips kept rubbing her pussy against my face until she came on my face a second time. She shuddered a few times as the waves of pleasure dissipated.

Amy was befuddled and weak kneed from the multiple orgasms she had just experienced.

“I’ve never cum more than once with a man,” she mumbled.

“Then you are welcome. Was that because the first one was so strong that you couldn’t cum again, or did the boy not even try?”

Amy grinned. “You are the first to try. How’d that go for you?”

I just smiled in response, “Slide off the desk and stand up,” I commanded, although still on my knees. She complied. I held her hips and spun her around to face the desk.

“Bend over,” I said. Amy would have done just about anything at that point. She was still in a post-orgasmic fog. She probably imagined that I was going to fuck her from behind, which was still on the list of possibilities. But right now there was another Amy fantasy I was going to check off the list. I took her bum cheeks and spread them wide, exposing her tight asshole. I began to rim Amy’s butthole. Amy began to moan,

“Mmmmmuhh…Good God!…Yeah, Oh Yeah…Right there…” and other words to that effect. My tongue was no match for Amy’s very tight anal sphincter. But Amy came to my rescue.

“Let me help you with that,” Amy said. Resting her head and tits on my desk—my students were going to get back the most unusual exams ever–Amy spread her cheeks for me, leaving me alone facing her beautiful asshole. I licked several times from her cunt, across her taint, across her tasty asshole, pausing to lick and entertain her butthole before licking and kissing my way up the remainder of her beautiful ass crack. Then I returned my full attention to her tight butthole, where I was trying to get her asshole to submit to my tongue. It was tightly puckered, and it looked like I would be confined to rimming Amy’s ass only.

What made the difference is that Amy wanted what I wanted—my tongue in her ass. She slid her hands across her ass, placing her fingers on either side of her asshole. Right in front of my face Amy inserted the index fingers of both hands into her bum and pulled.

“Umm….ummm, I am tight today. Try it now.” Amy’s fingers had created an oval shaped opening where I could get almost an inch of my tongue into her anus. I grabbed her hips and pulled, forcing my tongue into her sweet ass.

“Oh!…Oh my!…so good,” Amy mumbled. After a bit of probing with my tongue her sphincter relaxed enough that I could keep my tongue inserted almost all the way in her ass without the need for her fingers to hold it open. She placed her palms on my desk and pushed up, arching her back and giving her more leverage to put her ass on my outstretched tongue. Amy and I got a rhythm going with her thrusting her ass onto my tongue and me pushing back, plunging deeper into her rectum. It was awesome.

“Why Professor, you like eating ass! Who knew?” Amy said breathlessly between the grunts and groans a person makes when their ass is being stretched. I was enjoying eating that ass too much to answer—I knew I liked the taste of ass, and I loved the taste of this ass.

Amy took one hand off the desk and began pulling and twisting her nipples. Her moaning and grunting rose an octave. In addition to thrusting my tongue in and out of her bum, I slid a finger into her pussy to massage Amy’s G-spot. The change in her position made her spot more easily reachable, so I could rub it and push on it harder than before. I then used my thumb to massage her clit. That was more than her nerve endings could take. Amy was grinding hard against my face, shoving her ass onto my tongue. She rubbed her G-spot and her clit against my hand. She wet her finger and played with her taut nipples. Every pleasure center in her pelvis was being stimulated at once and an orgasm could start at any of them. I think they all went off at once, if such a thing is possible. Amy’s legs got rubbery and her arms began to shake she put her head down on the desk as the rest of her body began to visibly vibrate.

“Wha..! Ohhhh…shit! Fuck! Oww!” Amy’s grunting gave way to a series of exclaimations. “Holy fuck! Holy fuck fuck fuck!!” I pulled my tongue out of her ass.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeeesss! Yeess! Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Amy said with a gasp. I jammed my tongue back into her asshole. Amy’s convulsion came to a peak,

“Whoa…Whoa…uhhh…uhhh…fuuuck…” Amy arched her back and cried out one last time as her orgasm finished with a series of full-body shudders. Amy collapsed onto the desk, breathing heavily. I was still on my knees looking at her stretched bum. As she caught her breath, Amy started talking quickly.

“Holy fuck! Fuck this! Forget dicks, forget toys this is what I want, every time. No cock can do this!” She paused to take a few deep breaths, “By the way, what did you do? Did you plan this?”

I laughed out loud. “Amy, having you half naked bent over my desk with your bum stretched like this is the very last thing I thought would happen today. You asked to come to my office after the exam, remember?”

It was her turn to laugh, “Yeah, the exam. I forgot. I assume this means I get an A, right?”

“Oh, I have no doubt you got an A on your own, girl. You’ve been crushing that course.”

“Whatever,” she sighed. “Seriously, how did you do that?”

“I have no idea. It just happened. It was pretty amazing.” I was serious. I’d eaten ass before, I’ve seen some great orgasms and not so great orgasms but I just rocked this beauty’s world. I’d smoke a cigarette if I had one and I don’t smoke. I rose from my knees. Amy, still bent over the desk, looked back over her shoulder.

“Wait. How do you still have your pants on? I’m down to a sweaty sports bra and you look ready to teach a class.”

I smiled, “My pants are still on because no one took them off of me.”

“Can’t have that,” Amy said, sliding from the desk to her knees in front of me. She opened my pants and slid them off my legs. Then she tugged at my underwear slowly, watching intently as my cock slithered out of the top of my underwear.

“Oooooh, Professor, you are packing some heat here.” Amy was being very generous. I may be a bit above average, but my size is not spectacular. I like to think that whatever my cock lacks in size it makes up for in enthusiasm. Amy stroked hard and pulled my cock, as if checking its resilience. Her other hand was cupping my dangling balls, sometimes tugging the skin on my sack. She held my cock against my stomach and licked my shaved balls, sometimes taking the skin of my sack between her teeth and pulling. She took each of my balls canlı casino siteleri into her mouth and played with them, making them slick with her saliva. She paused for a moment.

“Hmmm…such good grooming! I love to lick a clean shaven cock and balls. You were expecting me maybe?”

“Ha!” I laughed. “I could only expect you in my dreams, Amy, just like you said. In my dreams.”

“Dreams can come true,” she said with a smile. Her tongue started licking at the base of my shaft. She played with the head of my cock with one hand, caressing my wet, slick balls with the other. Her finger found a wad of cum at the tip of my cock. She rubbed the slippery sperm around the throbbing head of my cock.

“A snack for later,” she said mischievously.

Her tongue slid along my shaft, her blue eyes watching my expression. She was focused on my face, watching and gauging my reaction to each touch. She still had me locked on those blue eyes as she reached the head of my cock, wrapping her wet tongue around the head and slowly cleaning it of my cum.

“Oh my…I love an amuse bouche!”

It was amazing. Given the stimulation of tongue-fucking Amy’s bum, I had to concentrate to keep from busting right away. While she played with my cock, Amy kept those blue eyes focused on my face, smiling as she licked and sucked and bit my aching member. Amy only blew me for about five minutes, but it was the best five minutes of oral I had ever had. It was more than a blowjob. It was “oral artistry.”

Amy seemed to catch a second wind from sucking my cock. She licked my balls and massaged my taint, becoming more animated and enthusiastic as she went along. What was most notable about this brief oral interlude was how Amy kept me on the verge of busting the entire time, without pushing me over the edge.

Amy slapped my cock playfully as she stood up. She grabbed my neck with one hand and stroked my cock with the other as her tongue slid into my mouth. I got just the slightest taste of my salty semen on her tongue. Amy released my cock and put both hands around my neck and climbed up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. I boosted her up with my hands on her ass, and slid her back and forth on my erect dick, wetting it with her juices. After another long, wet electrifying kiss, Amy smiled, riveted me with those German blue eyes and whispered,

“Fuck me. Now.”

With that, Amy pulled herself up, reached down with one hand and guided my cock into her pussy. With both hands back around my neck, Amy smiled at me and watched my face as she slid herself up and down on my erect cock. Her pussy was hot and wet, and so tight from her youth.

“Oh Jesus Fucking Christ, Amy!” Her pussy felt so good.

“Yeah, exactly,” Amy closed her eyes and threw her head back momentarily to enjoy the ride.

I had never fucked anyone standing up. I mean, yeah, if she’s bent over and I’m standing behind her, yeah. But I never had a woman bouncing on my cock with me standing and her held up only by my hands and my dick. I’d seen it in porn movies and such, but those guys are more ripped and muscular than I. To tell the truth, I had never fucked a woman light enough for me to fuck like this. It was awesome.

Amy was slowly riding up and down on my cock, alternately kissing me and smiling at me as she did. You could tell she enjoyed the effect her hot tight body had on her partner. I loved the sensation of my cock sliding upwards inside Amy as she began to ride me harder. She shifted her weight in my hands so my cock would massage a more sensitive spot inside her cunt. She was using my cock as her own personal sex toy, putting just where she wanted it. When she found what she wanted, she leaned closer and whispered in my ear,

“Harder…fuck me harder.” I moved over to my filing drawers and leaned her back up against the drawers. Now I could take advantage of the leverage and slam my cock hard into her pussy as her ass banged against the metal filing cabinet. Amy’s eyes rolled back in her head as my cock rammed into her pussy and my balls swung up and smacked her taint. I could hear the liquid, slurping and sliding sound of fuck coming from our hips. She was staring intently into my eyes as our bodies slammed together. Her ass banging the metal filing cabinets raised a loud racket. The rhythm of the banging would leave no doubt in the mind of passers by what was happening in my office. Staring into my eyes, Amy started talking shit.

“What do you think, Professor? You like fucking little Amy? Are you going to make me cum with your big dick? You know this is the best ass you’ll ever get, right? You’d better cum hard while you can. You going to fill my pussy with your jizz? Come on Professor, fuck me hard. I can take it! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can.”

The metal cabinet made even a louder noise as I slammed my cock inside Amy as hard as I could. I couldn’t believe that sweet little Amy was talking smack like this. I have to say, it was freaking hot.

“That’s it Professor. Give it to me as hard as you can. Uh-huh, that’s it. Make me cum. Fuck me like the little slut that I am.”

I felt her pussy begin to squeeze my cock harder. Amy stopped talking and threw her head back as her pussy took control of her body.

“Uh-huh!…..Yeeeeeeeeeessss! Holy fucking shit.” Amy cried out as her body shook with a violent orgasm. “God! God damn!” she whispered as the shaking subsided.. The violence of her orgasm sent me over the edge and my cock spewed my seed deep inside her tight pussy.

“Uwrrr…” is about all I could grunt as I deposited a big load of sperm inside her wet cunt. I held her up against the filing cabinet as I could feel my cum and her juices drain from her pussy, down over my balls and drip to the floor at my feet. I couldn’t see it, but it felt like a huge creampie as it flowed out of her fuck hole.

She slowly released her grip with her legs and put her feet on the floor as my spent cock retreated from her pussy. She kept her arms around my neck and kissed me as we heard wads of cum and pussy juice fall to the floor. We looked down at the mess we made. Amy laughed.

“Let me know how you explain that mess to building maintenance!”

“Forget the floor,” I laughed, “Look at my filing drawers!” The side of my filing cabinet was badly dented inward. “The dent looks kind of round, about the shape of your ass,” I observed.

“That’s it. Tell them that my ass made those dents. Let me know how that works out when your explanation gets back to the Dean.”

Without another word, Amy knelt down in the mess we made and began cleaning my cock with her tongue. She looked up at me playfully as she flicked some of the detritus of our fucking into her mouth.

“You know, you did alright for an old guy,” she observed, licking and sucking my flaccid dick as she spoke. “I guess old wood does make the best instruments.”

“Funny. Very funny. I won’t be able to move tomorrow. You gave me quite the workout. Better than Jane Fonda’s.”

“And a whole lot more fun.” I helped Amy to her feet. As she reached for her sweatpants, I saw large streams of cum sliding down both thighs. I offered her some tissues to clean up. She refused.

“I like staying sticky. It’s a thing I have. Makes me feel like a slut.” With that she slid into her baggy pants, her pussy still dripping from our fucking. As she was sliding into her clogs, I had to ask a question,

“Amy, can I ask you something? When you asked to come to my office today, were you planning on fucking me?”

She laughed pretty hard, “Hell no! I was thinking I might give you a “Good bye for the summer” blowjob if the opportunity arose, so to speak. This was so much better. I don’t know how you did that.”

“Ha! Neither do I. But you’re right. It was pretty unbelievable.”

You need to put pants on before I leave,” she smiled at me collapsed in my office chair. I slid my pants on, forgetting about my underwear or shoes. “Have a good summer. I’ll see you in September.” The spring was back in Amy’s step as she grabbed her bag, gave me a peck on the cheek, and bounded out of the office like nothing unusual had happened. Ah, youth! Me? I doubt I moved a muscle for two or three hours.

I didn’t hear from Amy over the summer, which is not unusual for students, even ones whose project I’m advising. I beat off thinking of fucking Amy almost every day for most of the summer. But I was under no illusion that it would happen again. She was horny after the exam and I was there. End of story. Sad but true, I thought. Ha.

…to be continued

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