An Effective Sales Technique Ch. 01

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John was looking over Megan’s statements for the last month quickly adding in his head the inflows and outflows of money while she waited in the chair next to him. She had come in for a six month meeting she kept regularly since her parents had freed up her trust to her. The large sum of money they had passed on to her was about half of what she started with three years earlier when she turned twenty-one.

She shifted in her chair uncrossing and re-crossing her legs. The sound of her black nylons swishing momentarily distracted John but he redirected his attention back to the statements, “Megan all I can say is you are definitely spending a lot more than you are making,” he said shaking his head. “At this rate you will be out of money in another four or five years.”

“So what do you suggest I do then,” Megan was not quite pleading, she sounded more like she was pouting. Her full pink lips were slightly downturned and shined from the gloss she had on. Megan was extremely attractive, the only word John could put to her was hot. She wore make-up and clothes that only made her looks more apparent. The black skirt and white blouse were very form fitting, yet stylish at the same time. He had already been admiring her shapely legs encased in black hose. She was fifteen years his junior and an important client’s only daughter which he always kept in perspective.

“Megan,” he said letting out a deep breath,” you can either make more or spend less. Those are your two choices.”

“John I don’t want to give up my lifestyle,” her hand moving up to push her dirty blond hair back from her face.

“Then I suggest you sell a lot more drugs for the pharma company you have been working for,” he said leaning back in his chair and putting her statements down on the table.

“You say it like you think I’m not good at my job,” as she tilted her head while her eyes picked up a little intensity in their stare.

“Megan come now,” he said pausing to calm her before continuing on,” you’re are still young and building your career. Just ease back the throttle a bit on your lifestyle for now. Standard of living is one of the hardest things to change and easiest to get used to.”

Megan pulled her chair in a little closer cutting the distance between them,” John I think you just doubt my abilities to be persuasive…”

“It’s illegal bahis not that Megan I am just trying to help you understand…”

“No I understand just fine,” she said interrupting him,” you just need to be persuaded yourself.”

“What exactly do you mean by that? You’re going to tell me how you will start spending less so you don’t squander all you’ve been given?” John said a bit annoyed.

“Don’t be angry with me John,” she said lightening her tone as she once again uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. Johns reflex looked down again before he looked back up at her. Megan’s eyes had not left him and she was smiling coyly. “When did you start here John? Wasn’t it right around when I left for college?”

“Sometime around then, yes.”

“I sure do miss those care free days. Now I have all this responsibility weighing me down,” she looked down for a moment.

“Megan it’s alright,” John said consolingly.

“I know, I know…but thanks,” Megan reached out and touched his knee the light shining off her pink and black manicured nails. John looked for a moment trying to discern the design. “You know I always had a crush on you John,” her eyes smiling at him.

“Now Megan,” he said shifting in his chair but her hand did not leave his knee.

“Oh my folks would come in and I always wanted to come with them. I always tried to find something sexy to wear hoping you would notice me,” she started sliding forward in her chair getting closer to him.

“Megan that is sweet and all but…”

“No buts John, I know you were looking,” her hand started sliding up his thigh,” ever think what I looked like in just lingerie, stockings, and heels John?”

She closed on him quickly and he would have pulled back but the back of his chair had nowhere to go. Her lips touched his and they were so sweet and soft he could not help but kiss her back.

She broke the kiss briefly and breathed,” oh I know you have,” and kissed him again as her hand traveled up his thigh until it met his already hard cock. Her hand ran gently up and down the length of the shaft through his slacks.

“Ever rubbed on this while thinking of me in black lace panties and garters that match these stockings,” her hand rubbed gently back and forth,” have you John?” She waited only a moment with no reply forthcoming illegal bahis siteleri before continuing on,” oh I know you have. You’ve fantasized about my hot body rubbing up against yours, my sweet little pussy wrapping up this cock,” she jerked on it a little more aggressively as she said the words.

“Megan we shouldn’t,” John started to say but she could see the burning lust in his eyes.

“John what kind of a girl do you take me for?” she asked as she slowly pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock. “Just relax,” her hand reached back to her purse and came back with a small bottle of hand lotion.

“What are you…”

“Do you want me to stop?” her hand stopped stroking but still gripped him. John tried but could not mouth the word ‘yes’.

“I didn’t think so,” she squeezed some lotion over the head of his cock with one hand while the other began to rub it up and down. “Just sit back and don’t move sweety,” her hand was working at a nice and steady pace,” Miss Megan will take care of everything.”

She rubbed up and down his cock slowly then faster until his hips began lifting up in the chair,” oh not so fast,” her hand would stop,” take a deep breath John,” he complied without even thinking about it. “Good,” her hand began to move again a slower pace,” do you feel that heavy lethargy mixed in with all that pleasure John?,” she continued without waiting for the answer she already knew,” that’s me taking your power away from you. Your getting so turned on you will do whatever I want if only I’ll let you come.”

John just kept his eyes close trying to deny to himself what she was saying but it felt so good. Her was giving him more pleasure than any sex he could remember having. He did not want her to stop. All he could do was sit back in his chair and let this young woman rub her soft hand up and down his cock.

“Oh I’ve got you now John,” John’s hips started lifting up again,” oh baby,” her hand stopped,” take another deep breath.” John sucked in all the air he could before letting it out again. “Perfect Johnny,” she said before starting to move her hand again.

“You feel it don’t you? I’ve got your cock now Johnny. Most guys don’t realize how much their cocks really control their actions and laugh when people say how they are led around by their cocks.” She squirted canlı bahis siteleri a little more lotion on the head and rubbed it gently up and down his shaft. “But you will see soon enough how true it really is. I am going to use this cock of yours to lead you around with. It feels so good and just have this feeling again you’ll do anything for me won’t you?”

John did not answer only whimpered in his chair.

“How about we lower my fee 25 basis points John?”

“I…I don’t know if…”

“How about I put it this way,” she began to rub a little faster,” if you want to come it’s going to cost you 25 basis points. Well Johnny?”

John felt his orgasm begin to build again. It felt so good all he wanted was release. Megan had already kept him from cumming twice and he wanted it so bad,” Yes,” he breathed out.

“I know baby. I just have to show you how much it means to you to have me make you feel soooo good,” her mouth was right next to his ear. Her breath was hot and wet. “Just feel how good it is to give up that power to me Johnny.”

John lurched in his chair and the first cry came out before he realized he was still in the conference room. The rest were muffled as the waves of pleasure racked his body. On after the other, it felt like a great flood leaving his body being pulled out through his cock by the hand of an incredibly hot twenty-four year old woman.

When his orgasm subsided he felt completely drained physically and mentally. Megan placed a small packet of tissues in front of him on the table,” we can’t have you looking like this when you go over to billing to have my fee dropped now can we?”

John felt a bit humiliated being so easily coerced by someone, let alone a younger woman. He cleaned himself up and thought about telling her we would do no such thing but could only imagine what would happen if anyone found out about what happened today.

“I don’t think you’ll doubt my abilities as a sales woman again will you? At least not where men are concerned,” she added smiling to herself. “I do so love coming to see you Johnny,” she leaned in and brushed his cheek with a kiss before standing up and gathering her things.

John looked up at her and found himself imagining what she looked like in lingerie just as she had described.

“You know where to reach me if there’s anything you need Johnny,” she said before turning and walking out of the conference room leaving John to finish cleaning himself up. The day was only half over and he had just experienced a setback larger than he could possibly imagine.

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