Angels Two Demon One

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Copyright Oggbashan February 2016

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


I should have listened to my sister Julie. She told me that her friends Mary and Anne were hard on their boyfriends. That was an understatement. If I had understood what she meant I wouldn’t be in the awkward position am I now.

Julie’s laughing at me as she holds my lager to my lips. I need her help because my hands are in red mittens and my elbows are cuffed to the wide belt around my waist. I can’t do anything for myself.

“I told you, Alan,” Julie said as she lowered the glass. “But even I didn’t expect them to bring you to the party like this.”

How did I get to be in such an embarrassing situation?

Mary had been in the same year as Julie at school. Both of them and Mary’s slightly older sister Anne had gone to ballet classes until all three of them grew far too tall for ballet.

All four of us are in a housing co-operative renovating an old hotel to be apartments. Our parents and other parents had bought the hotel and set up the co-operative. We, the tenants and part owners, had to repair, sub-divide and improve the building to make apartments we would eventually own. Each of us had to learn one or more building skills to do the work ourselves.

I had a two bedroom apartment. Julie had another. Mary and Anne shared a three bedroom one. All of us had been living simply while we worked on the building in our spare time. That meant ALL our spare time and most of our money went into the building works.

Valentine’s Day was coming but none of us had any money for the expensive events so we decided to hold a costume party in one of the empty apartments.

Mary and Anne’s skills were curtain making, loose covers, and wallpapering. My skills were plumbing and electrical wiring with Julie as my assistant when she wasn’t painting. Mary and Anne offered to make a costume for me in exchange for the kitchen fitting I had recently completed for them. The units had come from Free Cycle and needed adapting for the space.

They would dress as Angels. My costume would be as a Demon, with horns and a tail. Their idea was that I should partner both of them because there are more women than men in the building. When I told Julie she warned me to be careful. She knew that I liked both of them and wouldn’t mind being a boyfriend of either, but which one? Julie suggested that I should stay clear but they seemed to like me too.

I had enjoyed my time with Mary and Anne as they measured me for my demon costume. Their hands wandered, they hugged and kissed me, and after each session of costume making I was painfully aroused. Until this evening they hadn’t revealed the full version of my costume. I had objected but my protests were overruled with kisses and promises of more to come if I behaved.

The costume I thought I would be wearing was a bright red Lycra one-piece suit, zipped up at the back with another zipped opening at my crotch. My feet were decorated as hooves, a tail hung down my back, and the hood flipped up to show small black horns.

I hadn’t seen the modifications they had made after my last fitting. The back zip now ended with a tiny padlock. Around my neck was a black collar attached to a halter. Around my waist was a wide black belt and my elbows were cuffed to it. My hands were covered with bagged mittens locked in place with Velcro. I couldn’t hold anything or anyone, couldn’t get free from my restraints and couldn’t even go to a toilet unaided.

Mary and Anne were dressed as angels in flowing white dresses with gold trimmings, gold belts, and gold headbands supporting their halos. Their blonde hair glistened with gold highlights and their faces were sprinkled with gold glitter. Their enormous curved wings spread six feet wide behind them and arched above their heads to nearly eight feet high. They weren’t feathered but made of fluffy fabric on the outside and lined with white satin inside.

Anne led me into the party by the halter attached to my neck collar. The angels had captured the demon. What would be his fate?

At first I was embarrassed. I was helpless surrounded by my friends. I began to enjoy myself when the oversupply of women began to take advantage of my predicament by kissing and cuddling me while I couldn’t resist. The disadvantages were obvious. I couldn’t eat or drink by myself.

They shed their enormous wings and leant them against the wall. Mary sat on my lap and fed me from the buffet. When she went to refill her plate Anne sat on my lap with a glass of lager. Their skirts spread wide, hiding my erection. Both of them are women I would like to have a relationship with, but which one should I choose? Or which one will choose me? They were both teasing me.

Their wings hid me as they kissed. Their skirts illegal bahis wrapped around me as a hand or two checked my erection. Apart from appearing to be their prisoner they were using my helplessness to seduce me. I admit it. I found their attentions enjoyable and my situation arousing. Two attractive women were making the most of their opportunities.

I danced with both of them and with other women from time to time. Julie came over when I was sitting down and helped me to finish that glass of lager.

“Julie?” I whispered, “I need the loo, and…”

“You’d rather it wasn’t Mary or Anne that helped you? OK, brother. You’ve helped me in embarrassing predicaments. Now it’s my turn. Come on.”

In the bathroom Julie unzipped my crotch, eased my penis out, held it, shook it at the end, and wiped it with a piece of toilet paper. She eased it back in and zipped me up again. She washed her hands and dried them.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Alan?”

“Enjoying relying on my sister…”

“No, not that. Enjoying being Mary and Ann’s prisoner.”

“Yes, Julie. I suppose so. But I’m slightly concerned about what might happen later when I go back to their apartment.”

“Afraid they might rape you?”

“No. I wouldn’t object to either of them, but both? When I’m helpless? It could be awkward.”

“OK, Alan. I’m supposed to be with George this evening but he’s not drinking and will be leaving soon. He’s on duty at midnight. I’ll keep an eye on you at the party. If you have to escape and need getting out of your bonds I’ll be in. That padlock on your back zip is more symbolic than a real restraint. I could cut it off in seconds with some of our tools.”

George is Julie’s possible boyfriend. They are in the early stages of their relationship and treading carefully. He is a qualified paramedic and could be an emergency doctor in a couple of years, but his shift work means time with Julie is limited.

“Thank you, Julie. I don’t think I’m in serious danger, just a potential toy for them to play with. I’d like one of them as a girlfriend, but two? Could I cope?”

“Many men think a threesome is great,” Julie retorted.

“As an idea, yes. As a reality? Most men can’t really satisfy one sex-hungry woman.”

As we walked back into the party, Mary and Anne were waiting for us.

“Alan, Julie,” Mary said. “We want you to demonstrate why our wings are so large.”

“Demonstrate? What do you mean, demonstrate?” Julie asked.

“They are not just decorative,” Anne said. “They have a use. Please stand there, you two.”

They picked up a pair of wings and folded them around Julie. They completely covered Julie from head to foot.

“Hey! What’s the idea?” Julie’s muffled voice sounded from inside her fluffy prison. The wings shook as she struggled inside.

“It’s an angel jail,” Mary said. “We fold you in our wings. Alan? If you want Julie released, you’ll have to be our prisoner.”

“I am already,” I sighed. “But go on. Julie wants to be with George.”

They wrapped the other pair of wings around me. Somehow they locked together. My whole body was shrouded in white satin and I was in complete darkness. I heard Julie’s voice.

“Anne, Mary, please treat Alan well,” she said. “You have already embarrassed him in front of our friends. He doesn’t deserve that from you.”

Mary sounded contrite.

“Sorry, Julie. We thought he’d like it. We’ll be good to him and stop whenever he wants. OK?”

“I suppose so, Mary. But Alan is right. I want George before he goes on duty.”

The wings opened. Anne came between them and pressed against me as they closed around the two of us.

“Now no one can see us,” she whispered.

Her hands fumbled upwards in the darkness to find my head. She pulled us into a kiss. I was very aware of her erect nipples against my chest.

“Down boy,” Anne ordered, pressing on my shoulders.


“Down. Kneel.” She emphasised.

It was a wriggle but I knelt inside the constricting wings. Anne’s hands were busy at her shoulders. Her hands directed my face towards her breasts, warm naked breasts. My lips kissed and caressed as she pushed her nipples at me. I opened my mouth to receive first the nipple then nearly half a breast. Anne’s hands held my head tightly.

“You can have more later, perhaps all four breasts, if you’ll come with us. Would you like that?”

I couldn’t answer with a mouth stuffed with tit. I nodded.

“Good demon,” Anne said. “You won’t regret it. Now I’ll get decent again and Mary will let us out.”

It was a struggle for her to replace her bra and fasten her dress back as it should be. She whispered for Mary to release us. Nothing happened. I was still on my knees with my head in her cleavage. Anne whispered louder. Still no response. Anne shook her body to make the wings move around us. Nothing happened.

“What’s Mary up to?” She whispered to me. “She was supposed to open the wings as soon as I whispered to her.”

Anne illegal bahis siteleri shook and struggled inside the white satin. My head was forced deeper into her cleavage. She felt my head there and clamped her arms around so tightly that I was struggling to breathe.

Suddenly there was light at the junction of the wings.

“Alan?” It was Julie’s voice. “Come out. Anne? Stay there!”

Julie hand reached in between the wing edges, found my head and eased me out. I sprawled on the floor as Julie closed the wings behind me.

“What?” I spluttered.

“George and I decided that Mary and Anne had gone too far by trapping me. He grabbed Mary and shoved her inside her own wings. They clamp together easily. She’s still there. It took us a little while to work out how to undo the fastening otherwise we would have got you out earlier. Now the two angels are captives in their own winged prisons. We’ll let them out in a few minutes.”

“Or we might not,” George said as he helped me to stand. “What we will do is take your mittens off, cut that padlock, release your elbows, and you can decide what to do to the angels.”

Julie unfastened the mittens. George took pliers to the padlock on the back zip. It broke in seconds. The restraints around my elbows took at little longer. I unbuckled and removed the belt.

I looked around. Apart from two wriggling sets of angel wings, and the three of us, the room was empty.

“Where’s everybody gone?” I asked.

“It’s quarter past 11 o’clock,” Julie answered. “we had decided long ago that the Valentine party should end then. We’re all tired and need our sleep, except George who’ll be on duty. So, Alan, what do you want to do with our pinioned angels?”

“If the party’s over, they should go home,” I said. “Can we carry them as they are?”

“Yes, I think so,” George replied. “One at a time.”

“Let’s do it,” I said. “Julie? Could you tell them we’re taking them to their apartment and leaving me to release them once they’re there?”

Julie did. There were muffled protests and frantically wobbling sets of wings but there was no escape from their own angelic prisons.

As with all our apartments there are no locks yet on the outer doors. Julie held the door wide as George and I carried the wings containing Anne into their guest bedroom and put her down on the double bed. We went back for Mary. Julie pecked me on the cheek before she left for a few minutes kiss and cuddle time with George.

I sat down at the end of the bed. Which angelic prison should I open first? Anne or Mary? Did I prefer one? I didn’t know so I opened both as quickly as I could. They climbed out and stood beside the bed. Their halos were slightly bent and their dresses were crumpled. I waited for their reaction as they shook out their skirts. Mary reached up to remove her headband and halo. She detached the halo and put it and the headband on the dressing table. Anne did the same. Mary stood one pair of wings against the wall.

Their silence was worrying me. Were they angry with me? At worst I now had use of my hands and arms. I could run away, out of their bedroom and get Julie to remove my costume once George had gone to work.

Eventually Anne smiled.

“We boobed, didn’t we Mary? We should have made an internal release but…”

“…we expected to be the jailors, not the prisoners,” Mary completed.

“What happens now?” I asked cautiously.

“What do you want to happen?” Anne retorted.


I hadn’t time to finish. Both of them were hugging and kissing me.

“Anne’s been imprisoned with you,” Mary said. “I haven’t. I’d like to try.”

She climbed on to the bed and on to half of the angels’ wings. She held out her arms to me. I joined her, laying over her.

“Oof!” Mary said. “I’d like to be on top.”

We rolled as Anne closed the other half of the angel’s wings over us. Without the background music of the party I heard the click as the locking mechanism engaged.

“Why angel’s wings?” I asked as Mary was wriggling up my body.

“It was Angela’s idea,” Mary said as if that explained everything.

Angela had been my girlfriend last autumn before she took a job in Australia and we agreed to part.

“Angela’s?” I queried.

“Yes. She was working with us on costumes for last year’s Halloween Party. She wanted to be an angel, so she was, with much smaller wings. They would fold around her upper body but no further. They didn’t fold around you, Alan, did they?”

“No. She did, but not her wings. She shed them shortly after the party started.”

“After the party we talked about costumes. Remember ours?”

“Yes. You were Victorian Lady Ghosts wearing massive white crinolines.”

“And those crinolines became part of our wings for tonight. The plastic hoops stiffened the wings into quarter circles and made the upper arch. The material was the basic structure that we covered with fluffy fabric outside and white satin inside…”

As she talked Mary canlı bahis siteleri had moved so her face was immediately above mine. I could see her dimly, perhaps because the bedroom lighting was stronger than the reduced lights at the party. She kissed me before continuing.

“…the white satin was to have been yards of flowing nightdresses before we decided on crinolines. We used some to line Angela’s bridesmaid’s dress. Remember that dress?”

“Yes, why?”

“Angela told us something about you and that dress.”

Now I was worried. What had Angela said?

“That gave us the idea for making you our prisoner. She didn’t say much, only that she had enjoyed you inside her skirt. You haven’t been inside ours, yet, but there’s plenty of room. Which reminds me. Anne!”

There was no response.

“Anne!” Mary shouted louder.

“Wait,” Anne’s voice was some distance away. “I’m making the coffee. Stay there!”

Mary struggled to reach the closure of the wings and tried to pry them apart. As Julie had discovered, it was impossible. We just had to wait until Anne released us a couple of minutes later.

“I thought you should see what it was like,” Anne said as Mary climbed out. “We should have made a release mechanism.”

Anne took the wings off the bed and stood them next to the others. We sat down with our coffee. I was between them with my legs swathed in their skirts.

“I was telling Alan that Angela gave us the idea for the wings and the imprisonment,” Mary said. “And that Alan liked being under her skirt.”

“It was a big skirt, wasn’t it?” Anne said. “Angela didn’t like that dress but she went along with what the bride wanted. Except that our skirts aren’t stiffened, they’re larger than hers.”

“And what we would like, Alan, when you’ve drunk your coffee, is a demonstration of what you can do under a skirt.” Mary said “Earlier this evening we tossed a coin. Anne won so you go under her skirt first. If you have as much impact on us as you seem to have made on Angela, you’ll be well rewarded tonight, won’t he Anne?”

Anne nodded.

“We had intended you to be restrained in your costume. You’re not, now, but I don’t think it matters. Once under a skirt you have nowhere to go.”


Anne was right. Once I was inside her skirt Mary wrapped a satin ribbon around it and knotted it tight. I couldn’t get out but I was faced with a warm expectant cleft that needed my lips and tongue. Angela had told me I was the best she had known. Had she told Anne and Mary? Whether she had or not, I had work to do.

Anne was soon squealing and wriggling. Her hands pressed on her skirt to direct my tongue to arouse her better. Under her skirt was getting warmer and damper as I continued. Anne’s squeals became gasps as she started a whole series of shudders, clamping my head tight between her thighs.

When Mary untied the skirt and I crawled out, I was sweating from the effort and the warmth of Anne’s skin. Mary helped me to shed the demon costume which was slick with my sweat. Anne hoisted her skirt to cool her legs while I used their shower. I returned with a towel wrapped around my waist.

I saw the satin ribbon at the foot of the bed. It looked the same as the ribbon Angela had used. She had made a game of tying me up with it. I had been naked when she started, and helplessly restrained on her bed when she had finished. She had fitted a condom on my erection before hauling up her bridesmaid dress and riding me to a climax. That dress had swamped me as Angela bounced up and down. Later that night, still wrapped in satin ribbon, and stuffed inside her skirt, I had tongued her for a long time.

Angela had untied me before riding me again. I had fallen asleep in her arms, my head cradled against her bodice and my legs tangled in her skirt. The ribbon had reminded me that I missed Angela. She might not be back for three years at least which is why we had decided to part. I had felt safe with Angela. I had trusted her implicitly. I wasn’t sure whether I should trust Mary and Anne. Angela had tied me up with my willing consent. They had asked me when confining me in my costume, but at that point I had little choice but to agree. The angelic prison first for Julie and then for me had been a surprise. Would there be more surprises?


Mary was waiting for me with her skirt lifted. I crawled inside and waited while Anne tied me in. Mary was already more aroused than Anne had been. Almost as soon as my tongue touched between her legs she was excited. I had to brace my body as Mary thrashed around. After half the time I had spent between Anne’s legs Mary was in the throes of orgasm. At least I hadn’t been bathed in sweat this time. My naked skin was soothed by the satin sliding across it as Mary moved.

Anne let me out. I rested my head in Mary’s lap. She stroked my head gently.

“Thank you, Alan,” she said. “Angela was right. You are good at cunnilingus.”

“Good?” Anne protested. “He’s brilliant!”

“OK, Anne. He’s brilliant. Now we need to repay him. Have you got it?”

It? Anne understood. I didn’t, until she produced a condom packet from one of a pair of bowls on the bedside table.

“Come on, Alan,” Mary said. “On the bed. We’ll strip and join you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20