Anne Pt. 03

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Everyone in this story is 18 or older. This is just chapter 3 of a longer story that I will hopefully be uploading here soon. Enjoy.

– Asyncronous


Anne and I had finally made it to the bedroom. I…I don’t know what I was feeling. I was flooded with a plethora of different emotions: lust, timidity, joy, anticipation. I was slightly drunk so that didn’t help. It was lowering my reasoning. All I wanted right now was Anne. Even though it was my first time I was still experiencing so much lust for Anne at that moment that I didn’t think I could pull myself away from it.

I began kissing Anne so passionately it looked like we should be at the end of a long war movie when the soldier comes home. As I was exploring her mouth with my tongue she pulled away. I whined. Anne guided me to her bed and then pushed me down onto it. She began stripping off her clothes in an extremely erotic way. First she was teasing me with pretending to take her top off before turning around and taking it off. I could feel my loins were burning with desire. She unclasped her bra and turned around. She had magnificent looking breasts. Glorious orbs that seemed to defy the laws of physics by standing so perky upon her chest. I immediately felt jealous of her because of my almost non existent breasts.

Anne then straddled me and began kissing me and taking my top off. When she finally managed to get it off she reached around and unclasped my bra. Anne began kissing me more and grinding herself on me. I could hear her moaning in her sexy french voice. I figured now was the perfect opportunity to flip the tables on her and flipped her over onto the bed in a playful manner. I got off her and the bed then proceeded to strip off my bottoms as seductively as I possibly could. As I was pulling down my bottoms I could see a huge wet spot in my panties. canlı bahis şirketleri I laughed slightly in my head realising how turned on I was.

I went over to Anne on the bed and she quickly pulled me down onto the bed and sat on top of me. Damn she was quick and strong for her physique. She leaned in and began kissing and licking my neck sensually. God I was turned on. Anne began moving down to my breasts and teased me the entire way. She really knew how to work a woman. By time she made it to my breasts and began suckling on them I was screaming “please” to her. She reached up and put her finger over my lip in a motion to hush me while she was suckling and kissing my breasts.

Finally after the long “torment” of her toying with my breasts she began moving lower and lower down to my pussy. Finally when Anne made it down to my pussy I felt relieved. Everything stopped. What was she doing? I looked down. She was just staring.

“Fiona? Honey? What’s this?” She asked confused. Shit I forgot all about them. My scars from cutting. Shit. Shit. Shit. I sat up in bed and pulled her close.

“Can we talk about this later? I’m uhh you know…” I said meekly. She chuckled lightly.

“Yes, but we will discuss this later.” She said sternly. She kissed me on the cheek and then began her wonderful descent down my body and back to my pussy. Truth be told it almost killed the mood, but she brought me right back up there fast. When she made it to my pussy again she began kissing around it. A couple kisses later and I could feel her tongue on my pussy, boy did it feel good. In seconds I was ready to cum. I was squirming trying to pull myself away from her because it was too much, but she held onto me tight and wouldn’t let me go anywhere. I was screaming her name and grasping the bedsheets tight. Then finally I came…hard.

Next canlı kaçak iddaa thing I knew Anne was on top of me kissing me all over. I could hardly move so I just let her attack my body with her mouth. When I was finally able to get the strength to move again I grabbed Anne and pulled her close. I began kissing her, as best as I could because I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with it. I started my descent on her only to have her pull me back up.

“No. Maybe some other time my love. For now we need to talk.” She said sternly. After that we began a long conversation about my life and what the scars meant and why they were there. I even told her about the rape. At the end of the talk I could see the sun coming out and that reminded me of work.

“Anne? We need to get to work soon.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. We will just call in sick.” She said while rubbing my arm.

“You sure?” I questioned her.

“Of course. Perks of dating the boss’s daughter.” She said and chuckled. I wasn’t sure if it was what just happened before, or the fact that Anne was inferring we were in a relationship.

“Does that mean?…” I said kinda trailing off for a second because I was worried that it was just a slip of the tongue. She leaned in and kissed me then leaned over to my ear and whispered a light “yes” in a seductive tone. She then began nibbling on my ear a little causing me to shudder a bit because of a wave of arousal flowing through me. I returned the kiss but I pushed her away after a few seconds.

“Anne, I need to get back to my house before Amy starts freaking.” I said. Reality is a bitch sometimes. I would have preferred to stay at Anne’s forever but Amy would freak if she didn’t hear anything from me by the morning. Which it was. So Anne and I got dressed and rode over to my house. The canlı kaçak bahis beginning of the ride there was filled with awkward silence till Anne decided to try and hold my hand while driving. I pulled my hand away and she apologized.

“Sorry” She said.

“No, it isn’t you it’s just I’ve never had a girlfriend before.” I said sort of meekly.

“oh…OH…” She responded a bit overzealously in the last part.

“So that means that I was your first, yes?” She questioned. I could see a hint of something I’ve only ever seen in her eyes once before.

“Yeah…” I trailed off because it sounded stupid for a 19 year old girl to have no sexual experience at all.

“Wonderful!” Anne said. I blushed. I was worried that I would turn her off on me because of my lack of experience but she seemed more pleased that I was lacking in experience.

The rest of the ride was surprisingly calm. There wasn’t much of a discussion just chit-chat. When we made it home though there was hell. Amy was freaking out on me because she hadn’t heard from me for a while and immediately thought the worst, which given my prior experience with this city is fine.

“Where have you been?” Amy scolded me like my mum as Anne and I walked through the door.

“Ummm” I said hesitantly looking at Anne.

“She was with me” Anne looked at Amy with a weird facial expression. Looked something like a cross stare and a stern look. But thank god for Anne taking control of the situation.

“OH. You two fucked didn’t you?” Amy questioned in a mocking way. Immediately I began blushing bright bright red. I just kinda stared at Anne to see if she would catch on and help me out of this situation.

“Yes we did” Anne said. Geez was she going to tell Amy everything or something?

“And honestly Fiona here was beautiful.” Anne said matter-of-factly. I was about ready to leave when Anne pulled me close and gave me a long kiss and told me she would be back later tonight because she had some errands to run. I was tired so I got in the shower then took a light nap, all the while thinking about Anne.

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