Ask Her to Join You

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(author’s note; true story)

I reclined against the back of my chair, my feet on the desk, legs spread wide. I was chatting suggestively with a friend, Conner, online, and I was dripping wet. I glanced over at my roommate, a major prude, who sat on the couch. I wished she would just get out, so I could touch myself.

I ran a hand through my long, dark brown hair, and looked down over my body. My bare legs were long and thin, and my tan body was toned, but still curvy enough to be irresistibly sexy, even to myself. The sight of my own body made me ache to be touched, fondled, fucked…

I vented my frustrations to my friend, who laughed, and instructed me to rub the inside of my thigh, for Carla, my roommate to see. I had on soft short shorts, and my hand against my bare thigh sent shivers up my spine.

Conner instructed me to take off my shirt, and I did. I rubbed my round tits over my bra, and slid one hand down my flat stomach. My fingertips rested just under the waistband of my panties. I snuck a look at Carla. Her big blue eyes looked away quickly as I caught their gaze. I smiled, and informed Conner of the progress.

“Good.” He said. “Now take off your shorts, baby. I want you to rub your illegal bahis pussy for me. And moan a little bit. Get her goin’.”

On reading this, my clit throbbed, begging for the attention. I watched Carla out of the corner of my eyes as I lifted my hips off the chair, and slid the thin cotton shorts off. I spread my legs farther apart, and slid one hand under my panties. I threw my head back as I slid two fingers between my pussy lips. I let out a soft moan as I stroked my clit. I ran my free hand over my breasts, and slid two fingers into my tight hole. Carla was staring, jaw open, legs crossed. She tucked a stray piece of blonde hair behind her ears as she watched me intently.

“She’s staring.” I informed Conner, smiling, my fingers still stuck up my pussy.

“Are you naked? Get naked. Ask her to join you.”

I turned from the computer to face my roommate, slowly finger-fucking my pussy. She didn’t even attempt to look away. Her eyes were fixed on my body, and I played it up: arching my back, moaning loudly, rubbing my breasts. I rubbed my bare pussy with my palm, spreading the wetness to my thighs. I imagined her palm between my thighs, and shivered in anticipation.

I slid a third finger into my tight, illegal bahis siteleri slippery cunt, and moaned when I discovered my roommate, rubbing her own cunt through her jeans. “Take ’em off Carla.. I wanna watch you,” I encouraged, licking my juices off my fingers seductively. “Come here baby.”

She didn’t hesitate. She headed dizzily over to my chair. I grabbed her by the waistband of her jeans, and licked my lips as I looked up at her. I slid my fingers slowly under her jeans and watched her breathing quicken. I unzipped her jeans slowly, and slid my hand inside. The crotch of her panties were soaked, and I couldn’t wait to taste.

She pulled her pants down, and stepped out of them. She wore maroon panties, and I could see how wet she was for me.

She slid her shirt over her head, and I was at her tits before she had a chance to take off her bra. I slipped one breast out of her bra, and began sucking on her little pink nipple. She moaned, and pushed her hips into me. Her wet cunt slid against mine, and we thrusted against each other as I sucked and bit greedily on her nipples.

I gasped for air as one of her hands began traveling down the front of my stomach, and over my pussy. Her forefinger canlı bahis siteleri rubbed my clit in a fast circle, and I worked on unhooking her bra. I pulled her to the floor, and straddled her, my pussy against hers. I leaned back and rocked, my cunt thrusting against her clit. I leaned back and rubbed my tits, still putting on a show. I ran one hand over her little body, and kneaded her nipples with my free hand.

I needed my tongue in her tight, hot hole, and I moved down between her legs. I sucked softly on one lip of her pussy, and then the other. I couldn’t believe how good her cunt tasted, and I needed more. I licked her outer lips with the tip of my tongue, and licked down the length of her pussy. I slid my tongue briefly in her tight, wet hole, before moving back up to her clit. Her hips lifted off of the floor and I sucked her clit into my mouth. I sucked her wet cunt greedily, licking her juice off my lips as I went. She grinded her little cunt against my face, moaning like I’d never imagined. I sucked sloppily of her perfect pink pussy, ready for her to cum on my face.

And she did. She came loudly, legs shaking, hands grasping for anything they could reach. Her hot juice was all over my face, and I loved it. I sat up, licking her off of my lips as I watched her lay breathless. Her hands groped her own body as she tried to recover. She looked up at me, and ran her tongue over her plump pink lips…

“I wanna taste YOU now…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20