Average Joe Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Joey’s First Time

Mary and I headed up to my apartment. I was so nervous and I knew it showed. Mary was so nice and I sure didn’t want to ruin my chances the first time. I knew it would be something I would always remember.

Mary slipped off her top and I could see her breasts. She was so beautiful. I really wasn’t sure where to begin. I wanted to touch her but wanted to do it right. I knew she could sense my ineptness and she told me not to worry.

“Joey, since this is your first time you will be coming quickly. We’ll worry about lessons and pleasing each other later. Right now we will just have some quick sex.”

Needless to say that was alright with me. I was as nervous as hell standing there with a hard on.

She pulled my shorts down and my hard cock popped out. It stuck straight out. As I stepped out of my shorts, Mary was sitting on the bed even with my cock. She reached out and put her hand around my rock hard shaft. She moved her head forwards, and her full, soft lips slid wetly over the swollen head, sucking it slowly into her mouth. Damn, her mouth was so hot.

“Joey, you’re not going to last long this first time. Let’s hurry up and get it over with for you.”

She slipped out of her bottoms and climbed to the middle of the bed. She spread her legs and for the first time I saw a real woman’s pussy up close and personal. I reached out and touched it and she was really wet.

“Ok, get between my legs and stick your cock in me, Joey.”

I did what she said. I pushed my hard-on into her pussy. It slid right in, and I pushed in hard till the full length of my swollen cock was in her. Her pussy was so hot. She moaned and said it felt so great and for me to keep pumping till I came. Unfortunately it didn’t take long. I hardly got started when I felt tension in my body and I started shooting my load deep into Mary.

“I’m sorry Mary, we hardly got started and I know you didn’t come. It couldn’t have been very enjoyable for you.”

“That’s ok Joey, I expected that. I have a whole night to climax. I just figured once you shot your first load into me that it would be awhile before you came again. That’s already twice in one hour.”

She was talking about me shooting off on her breasts earlier. Hopefully it would be a while before I needed to come again!

I got up and got us each a cool drink, which we both drank gratefully, our throats parched from our cries of passion. Mary got up and used the bathroom. She put her swimsuit on and said she would be right back. At first I was worried until she smiled at me.

She was back in about ten minutes dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. She also had a bra on. She had a box of stuff with her. I replenished her drink and we sat down on the couch.

“Joey, I brought things over to help us while having sex. I’ll explain the different things and what they are used for. Let’s start with these creams.”

After explaining about some of the things she brought over she asked me to lie down on the bed. All I had on was a pair of jockey shorts. She took one of her creams straddled me and began rubbing the massage oil on me. She put it on my chest and around my nipples. It felt so good the way she did it. It was so sexually arousing.

I knew I was becoming hard again. She got off of me and removed my underwear and with oil on her hands she slipped her hand around my cock; it felt so darn good.

“Mary, let me do to you what you just did for me.” She smiled as she took off her shirt and bra and lay down on the bed on her back.

“Just be gentle Joey, massage a woman’s breasts by starting on the top and sides. Don’t rub her nipples until she gets used to your touch. Always squeeze her breasts gently until she tells you to squeeze harder.”

Mary was moaning lightly as I rubbed oil on her breasts. I did just as she said and stayed away from her nipples till they started to become hard. She told me to take an ice cube out of my drink and rub her nipples with it. They became instantly harder.

I couldn’t help myself as I bent over and began sucking on her tits. Making Mary sexually aroused was turning me on. I was getting harder by the second.

I got off the bed and removed Mary’s shorts. She had me lie on my back with my cock sticking straight up. She in turn got on top of me and slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. God, she felt so good. I was able to play with her tits as she moved up and down over my cock.

We were going at it for awhile when Mary lowered herself all the way down and we were rubbing our pelvic areas against each other. She was beginning to make strange noises and cried out that she was about to come. She fell forwards on top of me, her breasts mashing against my chest, her tight, wet pussy clenching around my cock as she shuddered into a huge orgasm.

I couldn’t last any longer as I began to shoot my third load of the day into Mary. She stayed on top of me and I felt a number of spasms squeezing my cock. I felt so good that I was able to help Mary reach casino oyna an orgasm.

She rolled off of me and told me how good I was. Over the rest of the day she taught me how to rub a woman’s entire body. She always did it to me first so I would know how to do it and know how good it felt.

We ordered a pizza and relaxed till later in the evening when Mary began showing me how to have oral sex. As I mentioned she always did me first. We were sitting on the couch resting when Mary got on the floor in front of me. She put her hand around my cock and lowered her mouth to where her hand was. She said this way she could take as much as she wanted into her mouth.

It felt so good as I felt her tongue swirling around my cock. I put my hands on her head. I wanted to hold her there. She told me I could hold a woman’s head lightly but never force a woman’s head down on my cock. It was only the first day with Mary and I had learned so much.

I told her I wanted to give her oral sex so we switched places. She showed me how to use my tongue and where to actually lick her. She had quite a bit of hair on her pussy. I was rubbing my hand through her bush while she explained how sensitive the nub was and how some women can have an orgasm by their lover licking it long enough.

I removed my hand from her bush and when I finally pushed my tongue into her she was wet. I wondered how it would taste and I found it to be a turn-on. I buried my face into her pussy. I wanted to try and make her come. My only problem was I needed to come again myself. Mary saw this and we both got on the floor and Mary had me get on top of her and I pumped hard and long till we both reached an orgasm.

After we finished, we went to my bed and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I was alone and Mary was gone. At first I began to think I had one hell of a great dream. I laid there smiling thinking why would Mary want to have sex with me?

I sat up and saw a note on the end table. “Joey, I couldn’t take a chance on spending the night. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. You made me one very happy woman. Please keep your promise and don’t tell anyone. Hopefully we can get together again. I have so much I want to teach you. You are a wonderful lover.” The note was signed your secret lover, Mary.

She also wrote, “I put the toys, oils and lotion in the nightstand.” I looked in the drawer and there was her sexual stuff. I knew that meant she would be back. I smiled as I put on a pair of shorts and a clean shirt. I sat down and began eating a bowl of cereal when I heard people talking in the back yard.

I glanced out the window into the yard and noticed a man talking to Mary. She was smiling at him. I thought it might be her son, Robert. He was a pretty big guy and I guess he wouldn’t have any problems attracting women. Mary told me he played sports in high school and college.

He recently graduated and that’s how I got my apartment when he moved to a nearby city for his new engineering job. I stepped outside to introduce myself. Mary saw me and waved to me to come and meet her son. I do have to say I felt a bit odd since I just had sex with Mary the night before.

“Joey, this is my son, Robert.” She said it and gave him a hug. “Robert, this is Joey, he’s renting your old apartment.”

“Good to meet you Joey, how is the old apartment? I’ve had many good times there, Oh, sorry mom, that didn’t come out quite right.” They both laughed and I kind of smiled myself.

“I love the place. It’s just right for me and your mom is a great landlady. Once in a while I have dinner with her and Nancy. Boy, she sure can cook. Are you going to close the pool today?” I asked.

“Yep! As soon as Kim and Larry get here. They’re always late,” said Robert as he looked at his watch.

“If you want to get started, I’ll give you a hand. I don’t know what to do but I’m good at following orders.” I said with a smile and thinking about the night before with Mary.

“That would be great if you really don’t mind,” Robert replied.

Mary went back in the house and Robert and I got started. We talked while we worked. He asked me about myself and told me about his past. One thing for sure, last night wasn’t the first time that my apartment was used for sex. Robert had made good use of it.

“Mom sure seems a lot happier today,” said Robert.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“Ever since her divorce she has been so down on herself. The only time I saw her truly happy was at Kim’s wedding. I told her she ought to find a boyfriend or something. Today she does seem happier.”

“She’s a nice lady. She treats me good and even feeds me once in awhile,” I replied.

We had the solar cover off the pool and Robert started letting some of the water out of the pool. He said he lowers it just below the skimmer because he undoes all the plastic pipes and puts them in a small shed along with the motor and other parts. He leaves the filter out but covers it from the weather. He told me that if water gets slot oyna into the plastic pipes they will freeze and break, he said it’s happened before.

We were moving along pretty good when a woman and man entered the yard. Damn! She was pretty. I figured it was Kim and her husband Larry.

“Hi Sis, good to see you.” Robert gave her a light kiss and said hi to Larry. “This is Joey, he’s renting my old room from mom.”

I said hi to both of them. Kim was a looker and her husband looked like an ex-jock also. Man this was a good looking family.

“Mom sure seems happy since I last saw her,” said Kim. “When I asked her what made her so happy she told me that she was just happy that her kids were here. I’m just glad to see her this way,” remarked Kim.

Kim went back in the house to be with her mom. Robert, Larry and I continued closing the pool. Robert said it was just as hard to close the pool as it was to open it. He did say that it didn’t take all that much care once it was opened.

We spent the next couple of hours closing the pool. Kim came out and mentioned to Robert and Larry that their father was there dropping off Nancy if they wanted to see him.

Robert said he would be back in a few minutes. Larry looked at me and said, “I guess I should go and say hello. I’m not overly fond of the guy but it is Kim’s father. I’ll see you and a few minutes.”

I went ahead and folded up the solar cover and put it in the shed. I gathered up and deflated the floats and put them away also. When Robert and Larry returned all we had to do was tie down the winter cover and Robert also put a leaf cover on the pool to make it easier to open the following year.

Mary came out and said they would be eating dinner in about an hour. She invited me to eat with them. “Of course he’s going to eat with us,” said Robert with a smile. “He worked hard out here. The least we can do for him is feed him and put some meat on his bones.”

Yes, I guess I was on the skinny side. I knew Robert didn’t mean anything by it. I told Mary that I needed to clean up and would see them in an hour.

I thought I would feel funny being with their family but I felt great. I almost felt like part of the family and Mary was such a great cook. Fried chicken and home made dumplings, biscuits, I felt like I was eating at a fancy restaurant only the food was better.


Mary and I got together at least every other weekend for my learning sessions. Once in awhile we might just work in a quickie. I really did like the teaching sessions. I could almost write a book on everything that Mary had taught me.

It’s funny when I went to kiss Mary and she told me ‘No’. “Joey, we are just friends and I guess I should say ‘with benefits’. You have to understand that this is a phase we are both going through. We are just too far apart in age. I need for you to understand that.”

“Mary, I think I love you, I don’t care about the age.”

“No Joey, you love the sex. It’s new and exciting but after awhile it won’t be quite as exciting as it is now. You need to find a young woman that you share interests with, that just being with her is sometimes enough. In a true relationship it’s not just about the sex, but about companionship, true love, feelings other than sex. Someday Joey, you’ll find that woman and you will understand.

“Passionate kissing is something you do with the one you truly love. If you want me to show you that type of kissing I will later but not while having sex. Joey, I’m looking for that special person too. Someone my age that can make me feel the way you make me feel. Someone that shares the same music and other interests that I like.”

I knew she was right. I loved her but it was all about sex. We really didn’t have anything else in common. “Mary, is it alright to say I love you while we’re having sex?”

“Of course, I might say it too but you need to know that it’s the passion of the moment that makes us say things like that,” replied Mary.

Mary showed me something new. It was a vibrator that was the size of a pen and it slipped over a person’s finger. As I was lying naked on the bed she started giving me a blow job. She always held her hand around my cock so she knew how much she could take in her mouth without gagging. Damn! She was good. As she rubbed the mini vibrator over my cock and I felt the tingle go through my whole body.

Then, she started rubbing it against my balls. I was ready to shoot a load and we had just started. Mary laughed as she handed me some tissues to come in.

“Ok, your turn,” she told me.

When she got on the bed naked I noticed she had trimmed up her bush. It looked so neat and inviting. She looked up at me and said, “I did it for you so you didn’t have to play in the forest.” We both laughed as I buried my face in her bush.

I put the little vibrator on my finger and began to rub her clit with it. As she began to move her hips I sank two fingers into her pussy. She was plenty wet and ready for more. I added a third finger and pumped canlı casino siteleri them in and out of her.

“Oh God, that feels so good. I’m ready whenever you are,” exclaimed Mary.

I quickly got between her upraised legs and held them up for her to make it easier on her. She reached between her legs and got hold of my hard cock and guided to her waiting pussy. I was getting pretty good at this and we lasted quite awhile. It always felt great when I came but felt even better when I was able to help Mary reach an orgasm.

Our sexual liaisons went on for a few months. They were some of the best months of my life.

Mary came upstairs to see me a week before Christmas. She said she had met an old friend during the school Christmas party. She said he was one of the teachers at school that she had known for years. His wife passed away from cancer just under two years ago. He had two grown children of his own who were already married and he was a grandfather.

“Joey, he asked me out for New Years Eve and I said yes. If he and I become close friends and get intimate, I can no longer have sex with you. I wouldn’t cheat on him. I never cheated on my husband and I won’t cheat on Henry either. I hope you understand. We both knew this would happen one day.”

“Have you made love or had sex with him?” I asked.

“No, but I’m fairly sure that being such good friends that we are it will probably happen. I just want you to know that you have been the best sexual partner I’ve ever been with. Believe me, you will find a woman one day and she will be darn lucky to have you.”

“So, are we going to make love or have sex tonight?” I asked.

“Yes, Joey, we are and it will probably be the last time, but we will always be friends. I know this is going to sound funny but I love you like a son and before you ask, ‘No!’ I never ever did anything with my son.”

“I’m going to miss having sex with you. It will never be the same with any other woman,” I responded.

“You may be right since I was your first but it doesn’t mean it can’t be good, especially when you find that special woman. By the way, I have two surprises for you since this is going to be your last lesson.” With that said, we both took off our clothes and got on the bed.

“First I promised you I would show you how to kiss. This will be how you kiss your lover when you meet her. Save the special kisses for her.”

“How will I know when and if the woman is the right one?”

“You’ll know, believe me. You’ll feel it not only in your loins but in your heart.” Mary smiled at me.

I lay down on the bed and she brought her lips to mine and just gave a couple of quick kisses, just lip touches. She then said to open my lips just a little and to moisten them with my tongue. She did the same thing. She pressed her lips against mine and ever so slowly applied pressure.

I couldn’t help it but I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. I had heard of and had seen French kissing and started to do it with her. She opened her mouth and our tongues met. I applied more pressure. I couldn’t get enough and Mary pulled back. “That’s enough of that Joey. You know what you are doing,” Mary said with a smile.

She let me kiss her on the neck and around the ears. I did it like I had seen it done in the movies. I worked my way down to her breasts and sucked on her nipples the way she showed me.

By this time she was on her back, and I had one hand between her legs. I rubbed my fingers through her bush and worked my way down to her pussy. I took my finger vibrator out of the drawer and began rubbing her nub with it. She was squirming and asking me for more.

It wasn’t long before she had her legs spread and I had my cock pumping into her. She was making noise and I was making noises also. It felt so damn good. I eventually came in her and held it there till after she had a huge orgasm.

We rested awhile and I even ordered us a pizza. We talked while we ate. She was such a wonderful woman, she doesn’t deserve to be alone. I told her I hope Henry is what she’s looking for. If not, I told her I’ll be here for her.

She had taught me so much in such a short time. How to treat a woman. How important foreplay is. The signs to watch for and that no means no. I learned that if I always put the woman first I would receive better sex. Women love to give back when they are treated well.

Mary also told me to use condoms. Don’t take it for granted that a woman is using birth control and most of all, there are too many disease’s out there. We didn’t need to use condoms because Mary had a hysterectomy years ago after Nancy was born. She had me use condoms a couple of times so I could feel the difference. It wasn’t as good, but it was better than being a father at twenty or catching some kind of disease.

As I have said, Mary meant a lot to me. Sometimes like a mother, other times like a teacher, and even my lover but always a friend. I knew I would miss having sex with her but she was honest with me from the beginning.

Her family always treated me well and Nancy was like the little sister that I had lost. From time to time Nancy and her mom would invite me over to watch a movie on DVD after having dinner. Yes, they were like a second family to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20