Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Wench

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Participating in sexual activity while wearing the Hijab, is there anything hotter and naughtier than that? I sincerely doubt it. My name is Ayaan Ismail and I’m a young Somali-Canadian Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I attend Algonquin College and work part-time as a cleaner at one of the Capital’s major universities. It’s where I met the love of my life, Adam Stephens, the young biracial stud who makes my heart soar.

The two of us were walking around Gloucester after watching the movie Selma at the Silver City movie theater. Adam Stephens and I, holding hands, talking and laughing, two lovebirds without a care in the world. The movie rocked, and it’s too bad the racist bozos who run Hollywood won’t honor it with an Oscar. Damn white people. They’re always trying to make the world worse than it has to be with their greed and racism. It’s a good thing their demographics are dropping across the globe. Sorry if I sound bitter.

I know exactly why Hollywood won’t give an Oscar to the movie Selma. It’s a black movie that features black people in heroic roles instead of being subservient to whites, and the Hollywood establishment can’t have that. The only time you see a black actor or black actress win an Oscar is when they’re portraying a slave, a maid, a crack addict, or some type of social deviant who is inherently inferior to the film’s white hero. casino siteleri Their way of subliminally keeping us down, I guess. Bunch of haters if you ask me.

A lot of things are happening in the Canadian capital these days. Thanks to the actions of a few misguided fools who happen to be Muslim, the Canadian government is now looking at all Muslims with suspicion, especially at student organizations in local colleges and universities. I am a Muslim woman who believes in the Canadian values of democracy, religious freedom and diversity. Of course, in the eyes of the bigots who hate me, that doesn’t matter.

Sometimes, this stuff can really get me down, and although I tried to share my feelings with Adam Stephens, my boo doesn’t get it. Adam was born to a black immigrant father from the Caribbean and a white Canadian mother, but the brother is so whitewashed it’s not even funny. Adam is pretty clueless when it comes to issues of race, religion and culture. He sounds like pretty much what you imagine a guy from small-town Ontario would sound like, only he’s a person of color, so that makes it worse.

Guess I’ve made my bed and now I’ve got to lie in it. I am a Muslim woman with a Christian boyfriend. There are things about me which my boo simply doesn’t get. Anyhow, Adam and I were walking around, and walked into the Blair shopping center. That’s when we got slot oyna the urge, and went looking for a place to fuck. Now, there’s a Wal-Mart connected to the mall, and we figured its washrooms offered an interesting choice of places for a quickie.

Adam and I went near the men’s washroom, which happened to be closed for cleaning. Now, this presented us with some interesting possibilities. There was a sign telling people to use the mall’s public washroom instead. Grinning, I pushed the door open, and snuck in with a giggling Adam in tow. Once inside, Adam and I got our freak on. My sexy biracial stud, whose handsome face is a blend of Afro-Caribbean and European, smiled at me as he propped me up on the washroom counter.

I smiled back at Adam, hiked up my traditional Islamic long skirt, exposing pink panties. Adam grinned, and then he yanked down my panties and buried his face between my shapely legs. I inhaled sharply as Adam stuck his tongue into my cunt, and then began probing me gently with his fingers. I moaned softly as my sexy lover began exploring my womanly folds. Adam had me right in my sweet spot, and we both knew it.

Adam and I did our thing, and I leaned against the men’s washroom mirror, trying to relax as my boo pleasured me. I licked my lips and clucked my tongue, and Adam suddenly looked up at me. I shot him a look. Seriously, did I ask him to canlı casino siteleri stop? Nope. I told Adam to continue what he was doing, and my favorite biracial stud did as he was told, munching on my sweet pussy like a hungry man.

I closed my eyes as Adam stuck two fingers in my cunt while a third finger found its way into my asshole. I gasped aloud and smiled, for I love having my ass played with and my boo Adam most definitely knew it. Mixed or not, Adam is a brother in my eyes and I’ve yet to meet a brother who doesn’t like a big booty. I’ve got one of the best and Adam loves to lick it, fondle it and yes, fuck the hell out of it.

Adam Stephens smiled at me and told me to relax, then he stuck a second finger in my asshole. I moaned softly and urged Adam to continue, and pretty soon, I was breathing heavily and groaning loudly, loving the double whammy that Adam laid on me. With his tongue on my clit and his fingers up my asshole, Adam had me at his mercy and we both knew it. I was close to the edge, and Adam was ready to take me to the next level. Of course, that’s when a cleaner walked in, attracted by the noise we made. Awesome timing, eh?

Look, I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that Adam Stephens and I had to leave the east end Wal-Mart, and indeed the Blair shopping center itself, in a big hurry. We readjusted our clothes and made a mad dash for the exits. Finally, we reached the OC Transpo bus station, and got on the bus. Dammit, we got interrupted right when Adam was about to make me cum. Bad timing, man. At least we didn’t get our kinky asses arrested, eh?

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