Babysitting Daddy Ch. 03

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It had been a long day at work, but I finally arrived at home that evening where Robbi Jo was hanging out with the kids in the living room. My daughter was engaged in a board game with Robbi while my son was in the backyard squirting anything that moved with a spray bottle of water I primarily used to steam-clean my gas barbeque grill with.

I sat down on the love seat with a relaxed sigh – happy to see my beautiful children and their wonderful nanny. Robbi asked, as she always did, “How was your day?”

Almost too tired to answer, I muttered, “Okay, I guess. Nobody got hurt, nobody hurt me, customers are seemingly happy, and all is well.” I’m an executive for a unique food manufacturing company, and even though we are a small entity, we still have our fair share of challenges in today’s marketplace.

My daughter came and gave me a huge hug and kiss. “I missed you and I love you, Daddy,” she said while squeezing me tight around the neck.

“I missed you and love you, too, Honey,” I replied with my arms around her. “What’s your brother doing?”

“Stupid stuff as usual. He’s trying to kill flies and bugs with a spray bottle. I wanted to play a game with Robbi, but he just wanted to go outside and do boy stuff. He should come play with me and Robbi.”

I replied, “Well, Hun, he’s a boy and you’re a girl. You’re different. If your brother wants to do that, just let him. Keep doing what you want to do.”

Just then, my son came through the patio door. “Dad, what’s for dinner? I’m starving!”

“We’re having grilled carne asada with the usual side dishes,” I replied. “Can you start the grill for me, dude?”

“Yea, I know how to do that.” He then gave me a huge hug and went back out toward the grill and got it started up like I taught him.

My daughter, Robbi, and I began talking about the kids’ day when my son barged back inside through the patio door and said, “Dad, I filled the spray bottle back up with water to spray the grill like you said, but it won’t spray.”

I took the bottle over to the sink, loosened the cap to try and prime the spray nozzle, but it didn’t work this time. I tried it again and again to no avail. I walked back over to the living room where Robbi had now turned her attention to the struggles my son and I were having with the spray bottle.

“Let me see that,” Robbi insisted. I gave the bottle to her. Without hesitation, she grabbed the bottle with both hands. And, as if in slow-motion instant replay, I watched her seemingly dry lips surround the business end of the spray nozzle. I could then feel both my eyes and cock get bigger as I witnessed her facial cheeks quickly implode toward her tongue as she sucked on that nozzle like she was attempting to draw a bowling ball through a garden hose. She then squeezed the handle. Water began dripping from the corners of her mouth. Robbi then withdrew the nozzle from her mouth, pointed it at me, and after dousing me with atomized water said, “There, it’s working now.”

My eyes were still big, and my cock had gotten even bigger. I quickly turned to see if my son had seen any of this magnificent event (while hoping he had not, yet glad I had), but he was now playing the board game with his sister. “Whew,” I thought. Robbi later admitted she waited for my son’s attention to turn to something else before she did this in front of me.

The carne asada was now on the grill, my daughter was taking her nightly shower, my son was reading a book, and Robbi and I were now in the kitchen together making side dishes to supplement our main course. casino oyna Robbi and I both enjoyed cooking. She is more of the baking/pastry type while I am more of the main course/side-dishes type. We complement each other very well in the kitchen.

After we all ate dinner, Robbi asked, “Do you want anything special for dessert?”

“Like what?”

“Well, what’s your favorite?”

I replied, “Cherry pie. When I was about eight or nine years old, my mom stopped making me birthday cakes and made me cherry pie cuz that was my favorite.”

“You’re in luck! I picked bing cherries from the tree out back this morning. Look in the fridge. See them?”

I opened the fridge, looked up top, and saw a full two-quart bowl of ripe bing cherries. “Wow. I didn’t know they were ready to be picked.”

Robbi giggled and replied, “Yep. Ya just gotta know when to pick your cherries.”

She then prepared dough, unpitted the cherries, and put a cherry pie in the oven while I put my kids to bed after reading a story to them.

Once the kids were asleep in their rooms, I made my way toward the kitchen where I could smell the sweet essence of baking cherry pie. “Mmmmmmmmm,” I thought to myself. When I entered the kitchen, Robbi was nowhere to be found. I then sat on the couch, turned the T.V. on, and began watching ESPN.

Several minutes later, I heard a door open from down the hall. Robbi was coming out from her bedroom. My ears perked up as I turned down the television volume and listened to light footsteps coming down the hallway. I figured she must be wearing socks as I did not hear the common “sticking” noise of bare feet on my hardwood floors. She rounded the corner between the hallway and the living room and my jaw dropped into my lap. I initially focused on her feet just to confirm what I thought I heard coming toward me. I saw white ankle socks at first, then deeply tanned and toned bare legs that dissappeared in upper-thigh-high white silk bottoms. Above her waist band was a tanned, flat, and firm set of bare abs a quarter could ricochet from and possibly kill a human being. About four inches above her pierced navel was the lower side of her white, loose-fitting, spaghetti–strapped silk top. Robbi had brushed her shoulder-length hair to flow toward her backside, and she looked INCREDIBLE. She was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my life beyond my kids being born.

“The pie should be done in a few minutes. What do you like with your pie? Ice cream or whipped cream?”

I replied, “I prefer al a mode.”

“Perfect. I bought some French Vanilla ice cream at the store today.”

“Perfect, my favorite,” I said.

By now, I had my butt off the couch and was in the kitchen with Robbi Jo just to see her sexy ensemble. I watched her bend over and pull the pie out of the oven as I relished the thought of tasting some of HER personal cherry pie. We carried on a conversation about her afternoon at college. She was proud of her pie. I was proud of her pie and hadn’t even tasted it yet. Not to mention, I was proud of having this beautiful young woman dressed so inappropriately (to some) in my kitchen. “Thank you, God,” I said to myself as the kids were now fast asleep in their rooms.

We let the pie cool while we sat on the love seat together. Robbi snuggled up right next to me as she pretended to be cold. I didn’t see any goose bumps, but took the hint and went along with it. We flipped through the T.V. channels for a few minutes, then we both got up to help ourselves to this dessert Robbi Jo prepared all on her slot oyna own.

We each ate a small piece of cherry pie as it was getting late. I had to work the next day, and she had class early the next morning. The pie was delicious! But we both forgot about the ice cream in the freezer. I then asked, “Do you want any ice cream?”

Robbi replied, “Yea, but could you please put it in a bowl for me?”

While I opened then dipped into the French Vanilla container, Robbi had returned back to her room. I figured she had to go potty or something. Then, my cell phone buzzed (I always keep it on “vibrate” mode) as I left it on the kitchen counter earlier that evening. It was Robbi.

I looked at my phone and read the text, “Can u pls cum to my room with the ice cream?”

Without even responding to her text, I scampered toward her room with two big bowls of French Vanilla ice cream. Robbi’s bedroom door was partially open. I knocked just to be polite. “C’mon in. It’s open,” she whispered.

I entered the room. Her bedroom lights were off, but she had lit candles making her room glow with romantic excitement. I went past a small wall to where I could see Robbi Jo lying there on her bed surrounded by black satin sheets with white satin pillow cases, awaiting my arrival in her sexy white silk attire. “C’mon, I want my ice cream now.”

I approached her bed with the two bowls of ice cream — one in each hand. Standing next to her bed, Robbi sat up immediately. Looking and poking at the ice cream, she said, “It’s still pretty hard. We need to soften this ice cream up.” I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the ice cream to soften up, but I surely knew it didn’t take my dick long to start hardening up. Robbi then reached over and unbuttoned my pants. I helped her along with the task of taking them off. She then grabbed the front of my boxer brief waist band and yanked it downward – exposing my slightly-stiff soldier.

Robbi Jo looked at my cock and said to it in a baby-talk voice as if it were a young child, “We need to warm you up so we can melt this ice cream.” She grabbed my shirt and pulled me on to her bed, then made me lay on my back with my head against her second set of white satin pillows. Robbi took a bowl of ice cream from one of my hands and set it aside on her night stand, then grabbed the other bowl and began devouring it while kneeling between my thighs. She made sure the ice cream dripped from her lips and chin to excite me even more. Then, she poured a spoonful of melted cream over the cherry-red head of my now throbbing, fully-erect, cock. She put her bowl and spoon aside, and with her cold tongue and pink lips, Robbi leaned down and took my blood-red member in her mouth.

I could have cum right there, but I wanted more. I focused my mind on something else as this girl was taunting my toys to no end! Robbi teased the head at first. Her cold lips and tongue swirled and writhed around the tip of my swollen sword in porn-video fashion. She then took my cock deeper into her mouth where it was now much warmer. The sensation between cold and warm was enough to drive me crazy, but I maintained my focus on enjoying this as long as I could.

Robbi Jo gobbled up some more ice cream, then gobbled up my throbbing cock. My eyes rolled back in my head as I savored this ironic, yet exquisite, pleasure. I was not only hard and ready, I was now hot, cold, sticky, and sweet all at the same time. Robbi continued to drench her mouth with ice cream while warming her lips with my rod’s warm flesh. As if her tongue was a pole dancer, canlı casino siteleri she began swallowing my shaft lower and lower, getting closer and closer to my nuts with each and every rotation. I felt she wanted to show what she could do, so I lifted myself up, turned her over on her back, put my knees above her shoulders, then pulled and pointed my stiff cock straight downward between her sticky ice-cream drenched lips. I reached up and grabbed the headboard, stretched my legs out over her body, and pulled my waist up to her head while balancing the rest of my body on my toes.

Robbi was now on her back with my cock in her mouth while I gyrated round and round and up and down. I didn’t thrust too hard downward as I was not sure if she wanted or could take the whole thing. Robbi Jo then put her hands on my ass and pulled my waist toward her face, plunging my cock deep inside her throat. She choked a bit at first, but then relaxed her throat and tilted her head back — creating a hot, tight, fleshy tunnel for my explosively firm bullet train. Robbi’s mouth was small, and her throat squeezed my cock like I had penatrated a tight silk glove.

I looked down between my chest and her head and saw her throat swell up with my cock fully immersed inside her gorgeous mouth. My nuts were performing a ballet dance on her chin as I slowly rocked up and down into her warm, wet, tight, and hungry orifice. She swallowed my cock with unbelievable fervor. She pulled down on my ass harder and faster, as if she wanted my cock to pierce the back of her of neck. I reciprocated by sending my cock throat-diving for what was a dream come true for me. “Ooooohhhh, Robbi,” I cried out as she somehow managed to stimulate the fleshy portion at the back of my corona.

I was getting ready to cum, and Robbi Jo knew it. Just when my balls began to tingle and lock into place at the base of my cock, Robbi pushed my waist up leaving just the head in her mouth. With the greatest suction a man could ever feel on the head of his cock, Robbi Jo created a vacuum all the way to my semen sack like she was trying to get the last bit of juice from a frozen popsicle tube. I could feel an intense orgasm starting with a tingling in my toes as this electrifying sensation worked its way up to my waist. My climactic storm was now hovering over Robbi Jo’s oral oasis. Robbi sucked my pulsing head until her cheeks could no longer hold out. She gasped for a breath of air, then grabbed my ass once again — forcing my lightning bolt to the tight virgin depths of her soft, fleshy, warm throat. Like a torrential cloudburst, my white rain seemed to come all the way from my toes, forcing the veins in my cock to expand to near-bursting girth. “Oh my God, Robbi, I’m cumming,” I said as my entire body shook like I had just grabbed an electrical wire. Robbi let out an eager groan as she was not holding me back. She cocked her head back even more into her pillow as I buried my cock as deep into her throat as I could go. I erupted inside her mouth like a reverse volcano with an orgasm of pearl lava that seemed to last for several minutes. As if it were ice cream, Robbi swallowed every drop of my own French Vanilla. When my cock became too sensitive after my explosive and draining burst, and Robbi’s lips were now sparkling with an outline of my molten cream, I rolled over on my back next to her — fully satisfied and still tingling all over. Robbi then lifted herself up, kneeled between my thighs, and cleaned up my tongue-whipped tool with her cum-soaked mouth — looking at me with her big beautiful brown eyes.

Before we fell asleep together on her bed for the night, Robbi said, “Looks like I primed two spray bottles today!” We laughed out loud, kissed goodnight, then went to dreamland to savor our recent memory together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20