Bachelor Party Fantasy Ch. 02

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Note: This is the second part of the story Bachelor Party Fantasy. This is the story of myself Ken and my fiance Judy just before our wedding. Please read the first part of the story before continuing.

Rick Dalton.

Judy’s Bachelorette party is happening tonight. Originally she wasn’t going to have one but her matron of honour convinced her to have one. It was being held at her best friend’s house.

Since my fiance was going to be out all evening I saw no reason not to have my own party. My two brothers were in town for the wedding and I also invited Judy’s nephew and the other three guys from my bachelor party. Rick had talked me into playing the sex tapes that Judy and I had made that were part of the entertainment at my bachelor party. Judy and I had not discussed this and I thought that I would keep this our little secret.

I am not sure why the thought of this made me so hot. Perhaps it was the forbidden fruit aspect that excited me and the fact that I was very proud of her. The other guys agreed that this was very hot. As Rick explained it to me, it wasn’t just any nude woman, although she was very hot, but it was the fact that he had known her all these years and had imagined what she looked like nude. Suddenly he was able to know exactly what she looked like under her clothes and could visualize it every time he met her again.

About 6:30 Pam arrived to pick Judy up. “Have a great time.” I told her as she went out the door.

“I will. Don’t wait up for me.” she said.

Shortly after, the first of the guys showed up. I rented a hot tub and had it set up in the garage. We were drinking and watching casino oyna the sex tapes for a couple of hours when we noticed that I was almost out of mix and snacks. The guys were getting awfully hot watching the tapes and I thought that they should take a break. I was in some of the videos and I was tired of seeing my naked butt!

“Why don’t you guys get into the hot tub while I go to the store and pick up some mix?” I said as I headed for the door.

I was almost at the store when my cell rang. It was my mother. She must have talked for half an hour. I hung up and went into the store and bought my snacks and mix and got back as fast as I could. As I arrived back in the driveway I received a text message from Pam, Judy’s matron of honour. She said in the message:

“Ken, I wanted to explain why I had Joan drop Judy back at home so soon. We were having shooters and Rita was making them for us. She thought that it would be funny to make Judy’s shots with 190 proof EverClear. Judy was getting hammered and I was worried about her. We had a guy stripping for us and Judy wanted to fuck him. Joan made sure that Judy got back inside before she left. Let me know how she feels tomorrow. I hope she will be alright.


“She is home already? She didn’t tell me there was going to be a stripper.” I thought. I went into the house and heard the unmistakable sound of Judy coming while having sex. She is a screamer “Those guys must have put the tape back in.” I thought to myself. I hope Judy didn’t catch them playing it. They better turn that down. If Pam was right, then Judy is probably sleeping it off by now.

As I got to the living slot oyna room I saw something that I will never in a million years forget. My sweet Judy who has never had sex with any other man but me, being fucked from behind by her nephew while sucking the cock of one of my brothers. The other four guys had their hands all over her body.

She screamed “That feels sooooo good! I want to fuck you all.” I was so shocked and turned on at the same time I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there for I am not sure how long watching. Finally Judy said “Nighty night.” And passed out. I finally snapped out of my daze and had Dave help me carry her to bed. As we left the bedroom I turned to Dave and said:

“OK Dave, what the fuck was going on here when I was gone.”

Dave explained “We were in the hot tub when Judy got home. She looked pretty out of it. She said that she was so cold she wondered if she could get in with us. Rick joked that there was a no suits policy in here. She then stripped off all her clothes and got in with us. I could see that her already large nipples (from what I had seen from the tapes) were now huge. As she stepped over the side of the tub I could see clearly that her cunt was very wet. As soon as she got into the tub I noticed that a lot of hands were all over her tits and inserted in her pussy(after a few drinks and getting all horny from the tapes there was no stopping them). She said that she was so horny. This is the point at which everybody went into the living room and started fucking on the rug. Everybody but me that is.” I looked at him and could tell that he was hiding something.

“OK Dave what else is canlı casino siteleri there?”

“Well I didn’t fuck her, but she did give me a blow job while someone else was fucking her. I also got my hands all over her tits and pussy. Everybody there either had a quick fuck or got a blow job. I am not naming names!” By the time I got back to the living room everyone else had left.

I got her cleaned up the best that I could. She had been oozing cum from her cunt and was all covered with it. Judy only got up to throw up once during the night. I kept an eye on her breathing to make sure that she was all right. She was really sick the next day and had some effects the day after. As soon as she was feeling better she told me about what she remembered. She only remembered that there was a hot stripper there and that she was really getting horny. She remembered absolutely nothing after that. The next thing she remembered was waking up in bed. Pam assured her that nothing happened with the stripper.

“Was I out of it when I got home” she asked. Thinking that the truth has got me in trouble in the past, I lied.

“You looked pretty out of it when you got home, said hi to the guys, and then I put you to bed. You were so horny that you made me have sex.”

“You must have had some stamina because I was very sore. Even my ass was sore. “

Thinking fast I told her that she also went at it with sex toys.

“I am sorry that you had to leave your guests like that. Maybe we can do something for them in the future. I hope they weren’t too disappointed”

“I am sure that you have done more than enough for them.” I said. “We had lots of drinks and snacks. In fact I know that they got more than they bargained for.”

We never told her what really happened. I sure hope nobody took cell phone pictures of this, and where did those tapes go?

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