Back Hills Sex Ed

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It was the summer of their eighteenth year, Billy Bob and his twin sister Mary Lou had reached adulthood. Living in the hills of Kentucky with their ma and pa, they lead a somewhat sheltered life. There was no running water or electricity in the 3 bedroom house perched in the hills. As austere as it may seem, these were normal conditions for the time and the area. The local kids attended a one room school house and they were the oldest amongst the children who attended. Without having anyone else in the age group, it made it difficult to share ideas and learn stuff from the “kid on the corner”.

One day of their birthday, ma made for them a hardy breakfast. Since this was a special day, both were excused from chores. Ma told them, that after dinner tonight, she and Pa had a special birthday present for them. After eating, the kids put their dishes in a tub and headed out to the local swimming hole.

“Whadda think they got us Mary?” Billy asked.

“Not fer sure, Billy.” She responded.

Both of them swam in the watering hole, wearing the usual shorts and shirts. Billy had noticed how his sis was looking. Mary Lou was built like her mom. She stood about 5′ 2″ tall weighing about 105 pounds. She carried a 32 chest and he could see her large nipples through the wet shirt. Billy was like his father, standing 5’10’ tall weighing a180 pounds. He was clueless as to enormity of his cock. He had no others his age to compare against.

After spending the day at the watering hole, the kids returned home for dinner.

“Now I want both of you youngins to wash up before supper.” Scolded Ma.

Both of them cleaned up, put on clean clothes and headed into the kitchen. Ma had made a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn bread and other fixings. The family ate their dinner and after about 30 mins, the plates were eaten clean. The kids put their dirty dishes in the tub and went into the small living room. A few moments later, Ma and Pa walked in carry a birthday cake, singing happy birthday. The two smiled and began to sing along. Ma cut a slice for everyone.

When the cake was eaten, Ma looked at the kids and told them “For your special day, being adults now, your Pa and I thought it’d be best to teach and tell you about sex.”

The kids had a somewhat perplexed look on their face. Mary Lou asked Ma “What is sex?”

“See what I mean. You two have no clue about what sex is, how babies are made and how to do it.” Ma Responded.

Mary Lou responded “Is that like fornicating?”

Ma replied. “Fornicating is for sinful folks, whores and hussies. I’m talking bout when you’re married. casino siteleri Sex is for married folks like Pa and me.”

Pa added in. “Kids, fornicating is the work of the devil and you’ll burn in hell for it. Any other questions?”

Both kids shook their heads no. Ma started the lecture and stood up from her chair. “Now I’m gunna splain the parts of the women and your Pa will do the same for the men. Ma began to unbutton her shirt and pulled it off. Standing proud, she bared her tits. Holding one in one hand, she pointed to the nipple and said. “When women are preggers and after having babies, their teets get bigger and make milk for the baby. The baby sucks the milk from the mommies’ teet. Anyone got questions?” Both kids sat silently. Billy looked at how nice his Ma’s tits looked, full, firm and with large nipples.

Ma then proceeded to pull down her shorts. After stepping out of them, she sat down and spread her legs wide. Billy looked at the thick bush between her legs. She took her right hand and pointed it to her crotch. “This is called the coochie and this is wear Pa puts his pecker in. When Pa has his pecker in, he’ll push it in and out till he spurts his spooge in my coochie. If I’m ripe, your Pa’s spooge will get me preggars.

“How do you’re your ripe, Ma?” Mary Lou asked.

“I’d be a few days before your coochie starts ragging on.” Relied Ma.

Mary Lou asked ma “Can you have sex when your preggers?”

Ma replied “Sure can. And if you want to have sex and not get preggers, you have your husband stick his pecker up your chute.”

Mary Lou was trying to picture all of this in her mind. She noticed her coochie was wet and her nipples hard. Billie Bob was sporting a hard-on and his ma took notice of it.

:”Now let’s talk about the man’s pecker.” Ma Said looking at Pa. Pa got up from the chair and removed his pants. Mary Lou looked straight at his 8 inch pecker hanging down and his balls were the size of small eggs.

Pa grabbed his pecker with one and hand said. “This is a man’s pecker. They come in all sorts of sizes. See these two sacks hanging low? These carry my spooge. Sometimes if it be awhile since a man last spooged, when you’re a sleeping, it will spooge on its own.

Mary Lou was in awe of the size of his pecker. She looked at Pa and asked. “How does a man get his pecker hard?”

Ma piped in. It’s the woman’s job to get his man’s pecker hard. With that, Ma reached over towards PA and began stroking his cock. His cock began to twitch and began to stiffen. Mary Lou watch as his foreskin rolled back as his cock grew longer. Mary Lou felt her shorts getting slot oyna wet. Billy Bob knew he had his Pa’s cock and it was straining against his shorts. Soon Pa was standing there, pants around his ankles and a 10 inch cock pointing straight at Mary Lou.

Mary Lou looked at the kids. “Before we get started, I think it would be best for both of you to get nekkid, so you won’t feel outasorts.”

Mary Lou stood up and removed her shirt. Her firm 32C tits stood out proudly and her nipples extended almost an inch. She then unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Ma noticed her wet thick bush covering her coochie.

Billy Bob stood up and pulled off his shirt. Ma noticed the tip of his cock poking out of the top of his shorts. Billy removed his shorts and his large cock sprang up.

Ma looked at Billy Bob and said. “Looks like you pecker is already hard.” Why is that?’

Billy Bob replied. “Don’t know Ma.”

“It’s cause you’re a youngin and sometimes it gets hard a lot right?

“Yes Ma.”

Ma looked at everyone and told them it was time for everyone to go to their bedroom for more learning.

Once inside the bedroom, Ma told Pa to lie down on the bed. She told the kids to sit on each side of the bed. Ma stood at the foot of the bed and looked at Mary Lou. “I’m gunna show ya how to get a hard pecker up your coochie. It’s important that your coochie be wet and slippery. Ma knelt at the edge of the bad with her legs spread. She then started to rub and finger her coochie. “Mary Lou, you must only do this before takin a pecker, otherwise you’d behaving like a hussie whore.” Mary Lou nodded ok. Within a few minutes, Ma’s coochies was dripping wet. She moved up on the bed and was over Pa.

Mary Lou, I want you at the end of the bed so you can see this.. Mary Lou moved to the end and say her Ma’s coochie and chute over Pa’s pecker. Ma reached into her coochie once more time and them took her wet hand and slip up and down Pa’s pecker. When is was nice and wet, she pushed the tip of it inside her. Ma then began to slide down on his pecker. Mary Lou felt the wetness dripping from her coochie as Pa’s pecker spread Ma wide. She could see his nuts tighten up a bit.

“Now in this position, Mary Lou, your Ma has control over Pa’s pecker. I just bounce up and down as long and as hard as I want. If your Pa wants control then I could lie on my back with my legs wide open for him, any questions?”

Mary Lou asked. “What position do you use when your man wants to use the chute?”

“That’s a very good question. PA, lets show Mary Lou how you do my chute.”

“With pleasure.” canlı casino siteleri He replied.

Ma got off Pa and Pa got off the bed. Billy Bob’s cock was leaking precum and Ma got on the bed on all fours. Pa got behind her. Pa looked at Billy Bob and told him. Get your pecker nice and wet first using the coochie. Pa gave Ma a few strokes to get his pecker wet. Mary Lou and Billy Bob both watched as Pa put this tip of his pecker against Ma’s chute. He pushed the head in and slowly slid his pecker up Ma’s chute. Ma’s tits were hanging down and Pa looked at Billy Bob and told him. “When you’re doing the chute, you can reach around and squeeze and slap your woman’s teets. Fer sum reason, it makes them buck like a horse.”

“Here we go Ma.” Pa said as he began to pump her chute hard. Mary Lou and Billy Bob sat in amazement as their Pa banged his pecker hard up Ma’s chute. Ma began to moan and her coochie was dripping on the bed. Ma then began to yell. “Do me Pa. Do me hard. Fornicate me like a hussie whore. Pack my chute with that hard pecker. Pa reached around and began to molest her tits. He pulled his teets and slapped them hard. Ma was acting really slutty now.

“Pa give me your spooge. Fill my chute with your spooge. Show Mary Lou how hussies get it. Show her how hussies take it up the chute”

Pa was sweating and told Ma. “Squeeze my pecker and milk my spooge. Ma was contracting her chute around Pa’s pecker and soon Pa yelled “Pa’s gunna spooge your chute your fornicating hussy. ” and then began to empty his cock deep inside Ma’s chute. Ma was moanin like some wild animal. There was a bid wet spot on the bed where her coochie dripped.

She looked over at Billy Bob and then his pecker erupted. He wasn’t touching it, it went off and spooged her right in the face. Ma wiped it off her face and then liked her fingers clean. She then looked over at Mary Lou and saw her wet legs. She reached over to Mary Lou and put a hand up her legs and felt the sheer wetness. She took her wet hand and tasted the sweet nectar.

Pa pulled his pecker from Ma’s chute and told Ma. “Show your daughter what hussies do after taking it in the chute.” Ma turned around and grabbed Pa’s pecker and began to suck the mess off of it. Mary Lou was now rubbing her coochie and Billy Bob was stroking his pecker. There was Ma taking Pa’s chute stained pecker in her mouth like a hungry hussie, cleaning it off.

When she was done, she looked around and said. Ma’s now your hussy whore, kids. Billy Bob and Mary Lou any time you kids need sexing, see Ma and I’ll get ya off. Mary Lou, Ma will lick that coochie anytime and Billy Bob, you can use my chute anytime. Mary Lou smiled at Ma and asked. “Will you teach me to be a hussy whore?” Ma just smiled, looked at Pa and said. “How about it Pa? Pa replied. I think Billy Bob and me could use another hussy whore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20