Bad Night Turns to Day

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A bad night turns to day.

I never been the type to give in to pleasure. I was brought up in a tough home, where food was scarce and love even scarcer. So as soon as I was old enough I found the best way to fend for myself and joined the army. My strong body and tall frame made me a good candidate, but I was also soft and lost in my mind. I needed guidance and to feel like I belonged somewhere.

It was during my training that I met him. We were allowed to go back home for the weekend, so I was planning on going out with some of the other soldiers and hopefully get laid. So we went to this local bar and had some drinks, everyone could tell us apart from our buzz cuts. I was showing off my guns when one of the girls from the bar came to talk to us.

She was obviously interested in us. She was cute and I was hoping to get some action, so I flirted with here. I considered myself as a good looking guy, not tall or buff but I had my mother’s big brown eyes and a nice smile.

We were all having a good time. We laughed and suddenly I felt the need to take a piss. I went to the bathroom and went to the urinals. I think I saw a guy kinda checking me out. He was tall and maybe a few years older than me. I didn’t think much of it, because I don’t like guys so I just ignored him. Then I came back to the table and saw the girl I liked just leaving with one of my friends.

Man… it sucked and there weren’t that many girls in that place. Maybe it was the fact that I was so desperate. But I felt like I lost my chance to have sex and decided to just get drunk and forget about everything for the night. One bottle, a shot of tequila, some whisky and I don’t know what else. I remember my friends ignoring me, everything was fuzzy. I became silent and I just saw them talking about girls this and that… I went outside and rested on a wall. I looked down my phone and it was around midnight I think. I closed my eyes and decided to walk home.

‘Need a ride?’ said a deep voice.

I opened my eyes.

‘Who are you?’ I said slurring my words.

‘You having a rough night? Your friends seem to be having a good time but here you are…’ said the tall young guy as if he was stating facts, not trying to sound rude.

‘What do you care?’ I replied like a brat.

‘Let’s say…you remind me of someone… and I wanna help…’ He said in a calm voice.

I could tell he sounded like a decent person.

‘Fuck off..ughh’ as I was telling him off I started to barf.

Puke was all over my shoes. I felt weak and I couldn’t stand up. Man, I wished my friends were next to me. He grabbed me and carried me to his car, he was definitely strong as he managed to move me around easily. illegal bahis I didn’t refuse at that point. He opened the door and let me rest on the back seat. It felt nice and warm, I think he put his jacket on me. I closed my eyes and rested on the seat, then I blacked out.

“Hey…” “Hey…” “You okay boy?” I heard his voice sounding clearer, and it comforted me.

He was patting my face. I was still in the car, but I don’t know how long I had been out. I think this was the only car left in the parking lot.

I opened my eyes and sat on the car seat and focused on his face. Even in the darkness, I could still see he was a good looking guy and probably in his late twenties. His face was tanned and shaved, his green eyes were looking at me. He handed me some water, and I felt a bit bad for thinking he was a creep. It was true that I drank too much and none of my so call friends came after me when I went outside, still this stranger was helping me out. I don’t know why but I started rambling, maybe it was the alcohol talking.

“Man…I was supposed to get laid tonight…”. “Can you believe she… she went home with Paul?” I said in a low voice while looking out the window.

I was honestly feeling like crap, but he was making me feel better.

“He knew I had my eyes on her, that bastard…”

I said facing him and he looked at me in a different way. I saw his green eyes and recognized him from the bar. He was the tall guy checking me out in the bar’s toilet.

He then looked down my crotch and unzipped my pants, with his right hand. He did it while looking at me, as if he was waiting to see if I would stop him. I didn’t stop him. I felt his strong hand grabbing my cock over my grey briefs. He was very calm and in total control of the situation. I could barely understand what was happening.

“You can get laid tonight…that is if you still want to…” he said looking me in the eye while he was playing with my cock.

“I…I’m not a fag…” I replied yet I was letting him touch me because it felt so good.

Maybe the shot of tequila in my system was making me forget I was straight.

“Close your eyes…it doesn’t matter if I’m a guy or a girl…” he ordered and then whipped my cock out to stroke it with ease.

I looked at him, and did as he told me. My head went back and I decided to enjoy whatever this guy was doing. He was definitely experienced, his hands were touching me in all the right places. As a young man, I had only fucked a few girls so I didn’t know that much about sex. He grabbed my balls and started jerking me off with his other hand. I heard him spit in the head, and he started stroking me and caressing the top over and over. Man, illegal bahis siteleri it was driving me nuts. I started panting and enjoying myself more than I dared to admit.

“You like this…don’t you?” he teased.

“Fuck… it feels good…” I said between breaths.

My excitement was more than evident.

He then got on his knees and took off my pants. He could barely fit in there, but he managed to grab my cock and started to play with it. He would spit on it and stroke it and than slapped my white meat on his face. He then started kissing just the tip, that was already dripping. He would stroke and lick the tip, pulling the skin carefully. It was amazing.

“God… fuck man…” I blurted as I let myself give in to pleasure.

Even though he was on his knees, I could tell he was leading. I opened my eyes and saw his green eyes looking hungrily at my cock. I was captivated by how damn good he was at this. He licked his lips, and then he went and took all of my cock in his mouth. All while looking at me. It was the first time, someone deep throated me with that ease. My cock was not that big but it was definitely thick. Up and down he sucked, while he played with my balls.

Suddenly, I felt him touch somewhere beyond my balls. I felt scared but let him touch that part. He knew where to push his finger, and my body started to feel like I could cum any minute.

“Man… I’m about to cum…” he didn’t stop.

He continued to suck relentlessly. I felt an orgasm build up like never before. My body tensed up, he could read my body cause he just went deep. My cock shot tons of cum and swallowed every drop. I was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm. For a moment, I forgot I was in some stranger’s car.

This guy wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He seemed satisfied. I thought this was not what I was expecting. He then rose to the seat, and I saw his huge erection. His hands unbuttoning his shirt, showing his toned chest and abs. Slowly, he put his hand in his pants to reveal a monster of a cock with veins all over. I just sat there in fear.

“Now it’s your turn to return the favour…” he stated, with his cock on his hand.

“Look man…I told you I’m not gay…” I said feeling not convinced anymore of my own words.

I looked at the door and realized the doors were locked so there wasn’t much I could do to escape and I was still a bit drunk. He got closer and put my hand don his big cock. I don’t know what got me. I felt ashamed I was just letting him do what he wanted. Or maybe I was enjoying it? My mind was blocking the fact that this guy was obviously attractive and had the biggest cock I had seen in real life.

“Just canlı bahis siteleri touch it…” “I’ll tell you what to do, since you apparently don’t know” He said confidently.

I just saw him with my big brown eyes, not knowing what to do. I timidly stroked his cock and felt the girth and warmth of it in my hand. Suddenly, one hand was not enough and I found myself stroking him with both hands. It was an impressive size. Nice and hard, it was already wet from before. He was probably touching himself while he sucked me.

“That’s it… harder… don’t be shy…” He said closing his eyes as to not make me feel ashamed.

My objective became to make this hot guy cum. I stroked hard and I was satisfied to hear him moan. I saw him caress his nipples and chest. I couldn’t help to notice he had a great body. Without knowing, I found myself licking my lips and looking at his cock. I could lie to myself all I wanted but I was getting curious as to what it felt to have a cock in my mouth. Slowly, I opened my lips and put his cock in my mouth.

He noticed my poor try to fit his monster in my mouth. He smiled and started to gently touch my head. I felt hot and full, I could only take a third of that thing but it felt strangely good. I started moving my head trying to imitate him, sadly my jaws got tired and I took it out. He touched my face and wiped my lips with his thumb, looking at me kindly. He then changed his expression.

“Come on now… do it faster… make me cum already…” He commanded.

I started milking him as fast as I could. Pulling the skin and felt his body was close. It took a few minutes of stroking, and then his cock shot tons of cum all over his bare chest and abs, some of it falling on my jeans too. It was the first time I had some guy’s cock in my hands and mouth and I was reluctant to admit I kinda liked it.

He then got dressed and I did the same thing, pulling my pants up. It had been a very strange night, the sky was turning blue. It was probably almost 4 am.

He offered me a ride home and I took it. I sat next to him on the front seat. He said I looked like one of the guys he had a crush on when he was in the army, that’s why he got interested in me. That also explained his toned body, although he wasn’t a soldier anymore he worked out a lot.

I didn’t say much on the ride, as I was kind of embarrassed of what had just happened. He asked me for my number.

“What for?” I said stupidly.

“To call you the next time I have a boner.” He said casually while he was turning on a corner. I think my face turned red.

“If I gave you my number, you wouldn’t call me anyways…” He said accurately.

I gave him my number and got out of the car. He waved good bye and I saw the car leave. That night I went to bed happily, although my shoes and clothes were dirty. I did get laid and I had the best blow job of my life. If this guy ever called, I would definitely answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20