Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 40

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When the second man kneeled in front me, I opened the poppers bottle, feeling how he began sharing my cock with the other man already going down on me. It was exquisite surrendering to both men, two mouths worshipping a cock that felt increasingly immense, guiding them over its vast length. Breathing out, lost in heaven, seeing other men have sex around us as two horny strangers went down on me, leading to face fucking them both in turn. The rush added its own level of glorious sexual intensity, an irresistible combination when having anonymous group sex, shedding all inhibitions in front of other horny men.

Particularly when indulging in decadent sex at the baths with other equally turned on partners. Finding a place where multiple men are available is the first basic step in having male group sex. And after experiencing the delightful attractions found at a male only sauna, becoming a regular visitor is easy. Something discovered, then shared by a number of men who want to get off with each other. With these poppers, bought at a leathershop after talking with several men, all of whom knew about having hot sex using them, the pleasure remains incredible, stretching on.

At some point, the sucking became even sluttier. My left hand strayed down from an erect nipple to a half hard cock, then over a stranger’s hairy balls, feeling the motion his hips were making, already knowing what was happening from how he was taking my cock in distracted perfection. I too was becoming more distracted, being teabagged by the other man still kneeling on the smooth floor. A man who I watched play with his hard rod, just another turn-on of having luxuriously uninhibited threesome sex.

Or foursome sex, as the case may be, hand going past a nicely hairy sack, beginning to slide over lubed stretched skin, becoming ever hornier as I explored two men enjoying naked fucking, knowing that another hard cock was in easy reach. Even while insisting on condoms personally, in the past years I have given up any concerns about men having sex with each other. Especially when my fingers feel a rigid cock fucking a man going down on me, and particularly with another man’s tongue bathing my balls, after having turned into a total poppers slut. Feeling a man’s fingers slide over my chest, turning my head to see that the new man was the one sliding his finger over an erect nipple.

As the fucking became harder, the bent over man rose off my cock, holding the wall for support with his right hand, panting in rhythm to being slammed deep. Making his now hard cock easy to stroke, feeling my cock sink into another man’s willing mouth. Moving my left hand together with my right to the sides of jacking off cock sucker’s head, pulling him up. As he stood, my right hand went to his cock, my left hand cupping behind his neck, beginning to kiss him, deeply and passionately.

Kissing cock suckers is a delightful treat, one enjoyed since the first experience of kissing a man. This time, kissing, I brought his cock against mine, slippery with spit, reaching out to the fucked man, my hand caressing his head as he rocked, tempting him to return between my legs. Which he soon did, taking both of our cocks into his soft wetness, my tongue deep in another man’s mouth, all of us completely lost in a perfect haze of freely shared male sex.

The best group sex involves this sort of open sharing, no one concerned about anything but getting off. Clearly, we were all experienced, entranced by another opportunity to indulge ourselves so completely. Along with simply accepting what was going on, unconcerned about anything except canlı bahis şirketleri how fantastically good it felt to play with other men.

A bathhouse steam room is one of the better places to encounter other horny men, just like today. After entering the steamy dimness today, the sounds of sex were obvious, unsurprising considering the towels in the cubbyholes. It did not take long to discover a willing partner, entering through the nearer front passage, finding someone to play with at the top of the curved wall stretching along the back of the interior shower.

And it did not take long after touching each other’s sexy cocks before he went down on me, making my cock extremely hard before he stood and turned, offering his ass. Of course I gave in to that initial temptation, the just finished beer and recent bowl making it easy to indulge a pleasure I am finding increasingly hard to resist. Soon sliding a slippery shaft between his ass cheeks, enjoying how good it felt to move between them, my mind losing any ability to influence my actions, while willingly going along with them. Temptation to indulge freely is part of what makes the baths so irresistible, with partners equally turned on, lost in paradise.

Putting both hands on his hips, thrusting my hard wet cock between his soft ass cheeks, cock head pressing against his yielding sack. His motions against mine showed his own pleasure, both of us in heaven as my cock tip began touching his soft anal ring. My hands left his hips, one reaching around to stroke his erect length, the other gripping my rod.

Anyone who has felt their naked cock pressing against a man’s willing hole knows how good it feels. So good that I have come to crave it. Even if naked fucking is still avoided, these days having my bare cock head pressing against another man’s yielding anus has become part of my normal cruising fun. Especially after pre-cum flows, its magical slipperiness turning us on even more, one hand stroking my shaft, starting to ride him as he bent lower, leading me on. Neither of us were worried about playing like this, especially while jacking off his jutting cock in rhythm to mine, both of us totally aroused in the humid space.

Never going in very deep, though unable to stop myself from remaining inside his hot hole. It was fantastic to stroke my shaft with my cock head inside his squeezing ring, his own pre-cum making my sliding hand bring him to the quivering edge of orgasm. This was not fucking, exactly, but it was the sort of hot naked anal play that becomes delightfully addictive while at the baths, as I keep discovering the more often it happens.

When we separated, he began to go down on another man. A new man to the right started to go down on my more than willing and now available shaft. In the steambath, it is difficult to keep track of who is doing what, leading me to go from one stranger to another, then two strangers at once, to an entrancing foursome. The heat and humidity leads to a certain natural turnover, something that likely contributes to how easy it is to have group sex here.

After the foursome broke up, with at least two of the men leaving, I wandered just a bit, before deciding that it was time to cool off. Mainly involving soaping my cock, lost in the pleasure leaning against the divider, a cock ready to be used in my grip.

Going upstairs, the porn room was filled with men having sex, with no place actually free. Not that I minded, jacking myself hard watching the group sex going on in front of me. One pair broke up, the man who had been sucked leaving, with the cock sucker canlı kaçak iddaa staying on the bottom row.

Providing an opportunity to sit in front of him, cock hard. Unfortunately, he left, leaving the bottom left spot free. Playing with myself while watching other men have sex remains even better than porn, especially when a stranger sits down, and starts to stroke along my legs. He was soon taking my cock past soft lips, making me moan.

The sucking continued as the man in the middle of the middle row turned to go down on the man in front of him, on his knees, ass available. An opportunity taken by a third man, who started rimming the kneeling cock sucker. You could see how the pleasure affected his blow job, just as the facial expression of the sucked man showed how thoroughly he appreciated the state his sucker was in.

At the baths, nothing is hidden, especially just how decadently slutty men can get. Letting themselves be used, watching as the man in the middle started being fucked by a rigid rod. Hearing him moan with a cock filling his ass and mouth. My cocksucker went to the top row, so I turned and started going down on him. The threesome split up, the fucking man leaving, cock half hard, with the fucked man begging to be taken again. The man he had been sucking went down a row, positioning himself, soon sliding deep inside an already fucked hole.

I saw this happen with a cock in my mouth, right hand stroking my horny length openly. The fucked man was quite vocal, talking about how good it felt to be filled like this, wanting cock. The next man soon came also, riding hard into a willing hole, leaving the fucked man limp and sprawled, a slut available to anyone. I still fantasize about just letting go completely like that, though obviously such naked fun with hot cum is better resisted.

He begged for more fucking while playing with his cock until I left.

Returning to the now quite crowded steam room, I finally end up against the far wall, observing the number of men not having sex at the moment, anticipating what might happen. Anticipation that somehow is generally less entrancing than the reality of what occurs. In this case, of a stranger approaching, touching me lightly just a bit before finding his thigh with a questing hand, both of us equally interested in seducing an available playmate.

As often happens after such initially subtle contact between two naked strangers in a place where men come to have sex, we began to play with each other, this time with me trying to take time teasing him. Something challenging in a way, as he was much more direct, making my cock hard quickly.

When my fingers finally slid over his lovely erect shaft, he stepped back and bent down, taking my length into his mouth. After letting him worship my willing cock, I pulled his head up, to start kissing a stranger, getting increasingly impassioned, tongue probing and swirling. Finding a good kisser at the baths is not hard, but still a delightful circumstance when it happens. Kissing combined with nipple and cock play, necks and ears being explored, lost in mutual satisfaction in the steamy dimness.

My fantasies about bathhouses go back to my teenage years, but kissing was never part of them. An omission that was brought to light the first time I kissed a man, losing myself in his mouth, teasing and being teased, holding each other naked. That was the an extraordinary introduction to having true sex with a man, and the kissing was spectacular.

Good kissing seems timeless, but when the man I was kissing opened his mouth wider, slumping as his tongue canlı kaçak bahis grew distracted, it was clear that he was getting head from a stranger. A perfectly fine way to make an introduction in a male only sauna, especially in a situation like ours. It took little time before this third man’s hand found my cock also, making my kissing much sluttier in turn. When he stood up, I greedily pulled his face against mine, pressing my lips against his, tongue replacing the cock he had just been going down on.

My left hand played with his stiff dick while my right hand guided the sucked man’s cock to start sliding against the new man’s available cock. His kissing grew wonderfully sloppy, and it was exquisite to have my nipple sucked while kissing a new man. Soon, just my left hand was holding two slippery smooth cocks together, starting to play with myself, being kissed passionately by a stranger.

A passion that soon surrounded my length as he went down on me. My right hand was playing with the other man’s cock, my tongue past his lips, swirling inside. As the blow job continued, I began positioning another cock near mine, and soon, we were being sucked off together, kissing the entire time, lost in bathhouse group sex paradise. The sort of easy sex that becomes so addictive once experienced, something frequently available at a male only sauna filled with visitors.

When the third man stood again, we began mutual kissing, in turn and together, nipples being played with, tongues and cocks merging in blissful contact. Losing ourselves in oral pleasures, three cocks and mouths being shared shamelessly, riding the moaning edge of mutual orgasm, submerged in a sea of exquisite sexual sensations. This continued for a while, until the heat grew too much for the second man. The other man could be tempted to remain longer, unwilling to break away as I sucked a nipple or bit his neck lightly as he kept jacking his erect length, but finally, he mentioned the heat being too much, and left after a last lingering kiss.

Wandering around, the various areas were crowded, but nothing was going on. My last destination was the darkroom, which was empty when I entered. Stretching out, relaxing and wondering how long being alone in the dim space would last. As it turned out, a decent interval, ending when a hand reached over my left foot, stretched near the edge of the platform.

His directness was exactly what I had hoped to encounter, getting the poppers ready in anticipation. With my first girlfriend, and all others following, each had indulged my delight of getting sucked after enjoying the scent from the magic brown bottle. Later, I discovered the intense pleasure of sucking cock after doing a hit of rush at a gloryhole.

A pleasure now freely indulged in at the baths, among other men who know precisely what poppers do. As soon as his lips went over my cock head, I opened the bottle and did a hit. Holding my breath as he went further along my shaft, legs opening as my cock began expanding, surrounded by soft wetness, indulging in anonymous male sex.

The sensations were fantastic, letting myself go, pumping my cock into his mouth, riding the waves of wet motions, moaning in helpless desire as his slippery finger began to touch my ass. Unlike many men, he understood that clumsiness is a turn off, being wonderfully skilled in seducing me into begging for him to finger me. When he began to gently push deeper, I did another hit, no longer intending to stay in control.

His mouth continued to surround my growing rod as his finger went inside me, forcing me to moan helplessly as the sensations continued. “Fuck yes .. oh fuck .. yes .. a man .. knows .. fucking .. god yes” and variations of the same theme continued to fill my mind, my hole squeezing his finger in waves, which felt as if it was inside my throbbing cock as I came so good.

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