Beautiful Dawn

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Taking the last bottle of Bud left from the night before out of the cool-box and opening it; Dawn slipped two aspirin onto her tongue and washed them down. “Damn, I sure need this,” she spoke to herself. Her head ached badly; it felt like a little guy wearing big boots was kicking inside her brain in time with her pulse.

Then she went to the washroom, splashed some cold water on her face and scraped back her long hair into a band. Flipping on a radio that sat on a shelf near the sink, the beautiful slim, young brunette heard, at a low volume, a very, very apt song start and laughed to herself. It was ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ by Johnny Cash. The first verse played:

Well, I woke up Sunday morning
With no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad,
So I had one more for dessert.

Looking in the mirror, green eyes flashed back at her. She muttered, “Hmmm, well I look better than I feel, that’s for sure.” And she did, as always she looked gorgeous, despite a vague hint of black shadows beneath her eyes.

Strangely, whenever she woke after some drinks the night before she felt kind of horny. Beneath the massively oversized T-Shirt she was wearing (given to her by her one time teacher, who was also an old boyfriend) she was naked; her nipples were sticking out hard, and her clit was firming up. She slid a hand under her shirt and briefly cupped and squeezed her breasts, before she ran it down her flat stomach and pressed on her clit a few times.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned to herself softly, then blew a kiss at her reflection in the mirror and laughed. The aspirin and beer was rapidly chasing the headache away and the horny feeling was rising.

Dawn ambled into the kitchen, filled and switched her coffee machine on and got some bread out to toast. She slipped back to the night before in her mind.

It had been a fun night, well no sex which was a downer, but still fun. Dawn had met some buddies in a local bar in her small town in Iowa, and they had just chilled out some, drinking beer and joking around. A terrible band started playing out of key on a stage and after a few dissatisfied murmurs from the crowd she and her friend Trista had got up and danced to liven the joint up. Trista was a good-looking young woman with a shapely slim body and long blonde hair.

They were the only ones on the dance floor and were, if not drunk, getting that way. Despite this they were both cool, natural movers and they hit a good groove even with the terrible music. Both of them were bisexual, and had been lovers in the past. Usually Trista leant more towards women and Dawn towards men. Pretty soon the inevitable happened and they started kissing and grinding their hips together. Everyone in that bar just loved it. It was one hot show.

Their tongues were twisting inside each others mouths, and their breasts were rubbing. Sadly, the bar owner, worried about his license after some recent warnings from the cops about lewd behaviour and public drunkenness, came and kind of separated them, and told them to calm it down. Although to show he had no hard feelings he sent a round of free drinks to their table.

Pretty much their group continued on having a blast. Dawn loved it, putting some recent troubles she had experienced behind her, letting herself act and talk freely in good company. She had also got so horny dancing with Trista that she hoped later to have some good hard sex, with a man, a woman, or both together, whatever, she needed some loving bad!

After a few more drinks and plenty of laughs, she invited everyone “back to my place.” If she recalled correctly there were three other girls and four guys who eventually got there. One of her old friends, Rick, and a guy new to the area called Rob, had got hold of a couple bottles of Jack Daniel’s and a huge crate of Bud from somewhere, and the party rolled.

This was about all Dawn recalled accurately, after this, things became a bit of a drunken blur. At one point she recalled dancing, sandwiched between Trista and Rob, kissing them both, which was a turn on, but that was about all.

What was vivid though was that when she woke this morning, she, Rob and Trista were all bundled up together on her big soft bed. Trista was dressed only in a brief thong and bra, and Rob was face down snoring lightly wearing only briefs. Dawn had snuck quietly out of bed so as not to wake them, but had felt her clit tingle and her pussy dampen; she planned to return soon and screw with them both.

Well, the coffee was now brewed and the toast was done. Dawn poured herself a cup, and spread some butter on the toast and fed her now rumbling tummy. As she was a good hostess, she got a tray and decided to take the two sleepy-heads some breakfast in bed.

Entering her bedroom, Dawn opened the curtains which woke Trista. “Hi girlfriend,” Dawn said. Trista smiled back and rubbed her eyes. After she had drunk some of the coffee Dawn had poured her, and downed two aspirin that were on the tray, Trista gave her friend a quick hug and a soft kiss on the lips. They then fell into a tight embrace, kissed with feeling and held each others faces. They were probably about to get down to a hot sex session when Rob sort of moaned and then woke.

They pulled back from the kiss and looked at him. He was older than the regular group of her friends, who were mainly aged 19-25 or so, and all from her native Iowa. Rob was probably in his mid-thirties, and was English. He had recently moved into the area and was writing for a local newspaper. That was about all they did know about him though. He was tall, about 6, 2″ or 3″ and had short dark hair. He had a large muscular body, with just a few soft pounds around his middle; had a deep voice, and had a kind of slow, sexy way of talking. Although he was fairly quiet, he was always ready to laugh and had a warm persona. Dawn liked him a lot.

Well, Rob turned over and the girls looked down to a seriously impressive bulge at the front of his briefs. Looking confused, and wondering for a second where on earth he was, Rob pulled the quilt up to provide some modesty, and kind of croaked out, “Hi.”

Dawn and Trista greeted him back, then looked at each other, exchanged a knowing smile and laughed. Dawn poured him some coffee and offered him some aspirin.

Rob greedily attacked the coffee but was a pretty hardened drinker, and rarely suffered casino oyna hangovers, so declined pain relief. If he had woken confused, now he was getting hard beneath the quilt, and who wouldn’t, these were two cute girls sat in front of him on the bed, in fact Dawn was absolutely stunning, a natural beauty. He could see she had hard nipples under her loose T-shirt, and her shapely smooth long legs were fully on show. Trista was looking hot as hell too, in a half cut bra and thong, but he was most drawn to Dawn.

Rob knew what he wanted to do: basically have hot sex with them both, but unless he had a few drinks in him, he was actually quite a shy person. He found himself asking Dawn, “Would it be ok if I use your shower?”

“Sure baby, no problem, first on the left outside this door,” she replied, but then added mischievously, “We’ll sort out what payment you owe me for the overnight stay after you come out.”

Rob looked confused at this; in the month he had been around this small Iowa town, he had found the locals very kind and hospitable. ‘This is weird,’ he thought to himself, and remembered he actually had spent the last of the money he had brought out buying some alcohol from a barman to take out last night, his car was parked near the bar, at least five miles away, and his cards were all back in his rented apartment in Des Moines.

“Oh, by-the-way Rob, I don’t want your payment in dollars baby,” Dawn laughed out at him, before almost collapsing in shared giggles with Trista as his confused face turned red.

Rob looked around the room for his clothes, but couldn’t see them. ‘Bloody hell, I drunk too much last night,’ he thought. There was nothing for it he decided, so he pulled back the quilt and made to go out the door. However, as he tried to stand up both girls pushed him back down and pinned him there. Dawn attacked his mouth with a ferocious kiss. Despite the alcohol last night, she loved his slightly beery taste.

“Mmmmm,’ she moaned. Trista then eased Dawn back and kissed her friend before taking her turn at Rob’s full lips. He himself was relaxed now, his hormones kicked in and he was up for any fun they wanted.

As Trista carried on kissing with him, Dawn saw his cock straining against the material covering it, forming a tent shape. She scooted down and lifted then pulled, Rob’s briefs off him, taking them right of his ankles. Then she stared a second at his long, thick penis with total lust in her eyes, before popping his enlarged cock-head into her cunning, clever sweet mouth.

Dawn kind of lolled his cock around in her mouth, savouring the taste of his leaking clear pre-cum. Then while Trista and Rob continued kissing, she sucked on his balls and ran her tongue up and down his thick shaft.

Dawn deliberately groaned loud enough so they both heard her, “Mmmmmmmm, I love this cock.”

Trista and Rob broke the kiss and stared at her pretty mouth working all around the thick meat. Trista then got behind Dawn and eased her friend away from Rob’s cock, and took her place. As Trista’s blond head bobbed up and down, Dawn stood and pulled her big T-Shirt over her head. Now she was totally naked. Rob stared at her with a kind of awestruck expression on his face; he had never seen anyone this beautiful in his whole life: she was had a sculpted looking, sensuous face and mischievous green eyes, and her body…. “Wow,” he said, “You are just gorgeous baby.”

Dawn just smiled at him, and ran her hands over her high, pert breasts, tweaking her own hard nipples before provocatively wetting a finger in her mouth and rubbing her own clit. Her pussy was totally shaved and its lips were pouting and glistening with her aroused wetness.

As Trista continued working Rob’s cock on her mouth, Dawn got back on the bed and sat on his broad chest. She opened her legs wide and then pulled her pussy lips apart, showing Rob her tight red love tunnel.

“You like this Daddy?” she asked teasingly, and started fingering herself, rubbing her clit and also slipping two fingers inside her.

“Oh yeah, that is beautiful baby girl,” he found himself replying, surprised yet turned on even more by her choice of language.

Rob bent his head forward, and with Dawn’s compliance, he lapped all around her pretty pussy lips and clit with his tongue. He just loved the taste, feel and smell of her, and that she groaned deeply in her throat when he applied some pressure on her clit.

Dawn sat still a while, enjoying being eaten, then said, “Trista, ease back please girlfriend, I need to ride this big cock.”

Trista did this and Dawn scooted back a bit and eased herself down on his thick long cock. She shuddered slightly as he filled her up so delightfully. For his part, Rob just loved the feel of her wet, tight pussy swallowing him up.

Dawn began to ride up and down quite slowly and rhythmically at first, but as Rob rose in unison with her, she thrust faster and deeper. Trista stripped naked and joined in the fun, kissing them both in turn and running her cunning fingers over Dawn’s prominent hard clit. They played this way for a long time.

Dawn felt a familiar tension build deep inside her body, and she hit a big satisfying orgasm. This in turn sent copious amounts of pussy juice down Rob’s cock and onto his big full balls. The sensation of her wetting him so much, and the fact that her contracting pussy was squeezing and milking him set him off, and with a loud, “Arggghhhhh,” he shot waves of thick cum splattering deep inside of her.

Trista moved back a touch, and Dawn fell down onto Rob’s chest, before they met in a hard, intense kiss. They were both drenched in sweat, and this together with their cum left a strong, sensuous sweet sexual aroma in that bedroom.

Dawn was just feeling just so naughty this morning. She looked Rob in the eye and said, “Thank-you Daddy, you made your baby girl feel very, very special,” then kissed his full lips again.

Trista was feeling hot as hell herself, and needed some attention. As Rob lay back, just drinking in the moment and regaining some rhythm to his ragged breathing, Dawn sensed her friend’s need, and met her in a tight embrace. They then shifted around on the big bed, and sat opposite each other on the big bead. They kissed, and also rubbed each others pussies. Soon they fell into a sixty-nine, with Dawn on top. Dawn worked Trista good, using her tongue and fingers to make her friend good slot oyna and wet in not time at all.

For her part, Trista felt both somehow slightly guilty, yet incredibly turned-on as she slurped on the mix of male and female cum seeping down from Dawn’s beautiful pussy. The two girls were so wrapped up in this hot action that Rob was content to lay back, watch and enjoy, and play with his rapidly re-hardening cock and soft balls.

Between mouthfuls of sweet cunt, the girls were talking to each other from time to time, a mass of short sentences and single words; they were seemingly lost in some kind of a personal language, saying things like: “Eat me…. Love me…. Hmmmmmm I want you baby…. More girlfriend more…. Please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

Dawn’s body shimmered and she felt herself orgasm once again. She eased her mouth away from Trista’s pussy and moaned out loud, “Ohhhhhhh, ohhh fuck, love you Trista, love you honey.”

Trista had fresh love juice and the remnants of the earlier mixed pussy/cock cum all over her tongue, seeping back in her throat and spread on her lips and on her chin, forming a mass of beautiful, clinging, glistening jism.

Dawn twisted around and kissed Trista’s mouth, licking at the cum, which to her seemed like nectar. For Dawn this was the wildest, most enjoyable sex she had experienced since she had screwed with two gorgeous bi-guys two or three years ago. A thought slipped from her lips, “Mmmm even better, best ever.”

With a devilish flash in her green eyes, Dawn then knelt between Trist’a legs, licked her friend’s hard clit and worked some fingers deep inside her pussy. She went in deep with her fingers, feeling for the ‘G’ spot high inside. Locating it partly from memory and partly by judging Trista’s movements, she hit it, and worked it good, all the time tonguing that lovely bud-like clit.

Dawn really fucked Trista hard with her fingers, jamming them in and out, probing and rubbing on the hot-spot. In a short time, Trista was moaning with increasing intensity, finally enjoying a prolonged powerful orgasm. Dawn eased up a bit with the finger fucking; then, when she felt they were moist as they could possibly be, she pulled them out and brought them to her mouth.

“Oh baby, you taste soooooooo damn good,” she drawled in her sexy, throaty voiced way.

Unable to resist, Dawn lowered her mouth yet again to Trista’s seeping pussy and tongued more nectar inside her mouth. Dawn was actually purring like a cat with pleasure, and Trista moaning softly with her eyes closed and a totally satisfied smile drawn on her pretty face.

Soon, Dawn was back lying on top of Trista. They opened and moved their legs in way so that their sweet cunts were friction rubbing each other. They were also kissing each others mouths with love and tenderness.

They were so intense in their lovemaking that Rob, although incredibly turned-on, and sporting a very hard erection, resisted the massive temptation to join in. Although his senses were ablaze, he felt slightly uncomfortable, almost feeling like a voyeur. He eased off the bed and made to go for a shower. Dawn became aware of him leaving, broke her kiss with Trista briefly, and called to him, asking where he was going. When he told her, he received just the most delicious sexy order in reply, “Hurry back then Daddy, I want more from you!”

Standing under the shower, feeling those warm healing jets of water loosen his muscles, and with his cock literally twitching, Rob resisted a big temptation to jerk off. His mind was spinning.

Back in that big soft bed, Trista was now kneeling on all-fours, with her cute butt thrust out, pussy glistening in the bright light the morning sun had brought to Dawn’s bedroom.

Dawn had asked her to take this position, and she was curious about it, “What’s happening girlfriend?” she asked.

“You’re about to get a fun surprise baby, no look forward, and no peeping,” Dawn replied with laughter in her voice.

Trista just smiled to herself then, happy to give in to whatever her beautiful lover wanted. From a draw of a cabinet, Dawn took out an item she had recently purchased and was desperately keen to use for the first time: it was a strap-on; a good sized black battery powered dildo, which was attached via a kind of pouch to a belt. Dawn fastened the belt, which tightened around her lower tummy and hips, and also formed a tight thong between the valley of her ass-cheeks and over her slit. Best of all it was designed so that when she fucked a person wearing it, a special small pad would push and vibrate around her clit. She was literally tingling with anticipation as she fitted it on for the first time.

Dawn checked it. “Mmmmm, perfect fit,” she muttered, “Here I come Trista baby.”

She eased up behind Trista, and then kissed the back of the cute blonde’s neck. Looking down, Dawn saw the black ‘cock’ jut out obscenely; it was about 8″ long and was pretty thick. A delicious thought struck her, and she laughed lightly, comparing it in her mind with Rob’s impressive dick and coming to the conclusion they were pretty much identical in size.

Trista then felt Dawn’s hands cup her swollen aching breasts and pinch her nipples hard enough to hit that magic point where pain and pleasure overlap so seductively. She felt a firmness against the slick opening of her pussy and pushed herself back against it steadily. Slowly, she swallowed the rubber cock deep inside her, and it felt damned good!

Behind her, Dawn started fucking away with a gentle rhythm, hitting a groove. In a way it felt to Dawn as though she was dancing, grooving to the beat of a bass guitar. She also just loved how her new toy pushed and buzzed against her receptive clit, working it good.

Soon Trista felt one smack of a palm against her full taught ass-cheeks. It was simultaneously both stinging and arousing. Then again, “Smack,” this time harder. “Oh Lord, Dawn spank me you bitch,” she almost screamed.

Dawn responded to this by spanking her cute blonde buddy’s cheeks fast, and also she picked up the pace of her fucking; she slammed Trista hard and deep every thrust.

Trista was now full on screaming her pretty head off: “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh Lord, fuck me Dawn, spank me, fuck me, treat me like a slut, fucking hammer me bitch, PLEASE?”

Dawn started talking too, leaning close to Trista’s ear, saying, “Yeah baby, gonna ride you good, gonna slam canlı casino siteleri your pussy girlfriend. Come for me baby, come for me, wanna feel you cum, wanna ride that wave you cute little slut.”

Sweat was pouring down Dawn’s forehead as she strained all of her body’s taut muscles to slam Trista hard, all the time spanking those round stuck out butt-cheeks.

Trista was virtually on fire, her wet pussy was being rammed hard and fast, more intensely than anything she had ever experienced. Finally, with a loud “YES YES YES,” she came big, feeling waves of ecstasy overcome her whole body and pass into her drenched pussy. She projectile came, literally shooting juice against the dildo and out of her cunt like it was a small fountain.

Trista slumped down, face forward in a pillow. The dildo slipped out of her pussy and she lay sobbing. Tears of pure joy ran down her cheeks, the slightly salty taste of them even penetrating her lips as she tasted them on her tongue.

No words came from Dawn’s clever expressive mouth; instead she just pulled that glistening, juice covered dildo to her, and sucked it clean. The taste both thrilled her and curiously left her wanting even more. Truth to tell, Dawn had had some bad problems lately, and now that they were thankfully nothing more than a bad memory, she was in sexual overdrive. She needed this harsh, intense, physical loving to clear and heal her recently troubled mind.

The two girls, both twenty-two summers old, lay down next to each other with their heads on the pillow and a hand of each draped over the others shoulder. This is how the returning Rob saw them, lying together like two wanton good-bad beautiful angels.

The big Englishman had still been unable to locate any of his clothes and was wrapped in a ridiculously small towel he had found in the bathroom. It was a present given to Dawn by her young niece who had visited Disneyland. On the front of it was depicted the grinning face of Daffy Duck. The absurdity of his attire merely added to Rob’s sense of disorientation, which, twinned with the massive arousal he felt looking at the two girls smooth, curvaceous bare butts, sent his head spinning again.

His horniness winning over his sense of embarrassment; he simply lay down on the bed, said, “Hi again,” and did what he wanted, which was initially to part Dawn’s cute butt-cheeks and slip his tongue into her asshole and lick away, rimming this beauty good.

Dawn squirmed a little with excitement at this; she had a very sensitive butt and loved to have it played with. Without thinking, she drew herself up so that she was on her knees. She parted her own ass-cheeks so that Rob could get easier access as he slurped around inside of her.

Hearing Dawn moan, Trista turned and checked what was happening. A cool thought hit her, and she said, “Rob honey, stay there bro, stay right as you are for a minute.”

Trista then went to the cabinet where Dawn had got the strap-on from. It was what Dawn like to call her ‘naughty drawer.’ She looked inside and found there were a couple of vibrators, an odourless gel, as well as some sexy lingerie. Removing the gel and a white battery operated vibrator, about 5″ long and quite slim, Trista returned to the bed.

From being most definitely the ‘sub’ during the sex, Trista now felt like playing at being the ‘dom.’ What she did by verbal command, and by actually physically pushing them around, was to have Rob slide his cock into Dawn’s pouting, glistening pussy from the side. They were face on together and Dawn held and lifted one leg high so as to make extra room as Rob began thrusting gently into her with that big hard cock.

This position allowed Trista the angle she wanted. She got to the side, behind Dawn, and began lubing up the beautiful brunettes tight asshole with the gel on her fingers. Slicking her up good, and working that tight ring of muscle cunningly, she soon had Dawn loosened up nicely. Then, as Rob fucked Dawn energetically from her front, Trista switched on and rammed the pulsating vibrator into her sweet ass.

It was a hard-on threesome now, with Dawn as the hot filling in a very sexy sandwich. She herself felt just sooooo turned-on; it was as though her body was on fire. Trista was fucking her ass with the vibe in time to Rob’s deep pushes into her pussy. The feeling was delicious to her; the sheath of skin between her two tight holes was being squeezed tight and felt, in her words, “Fucking beautiful.”

Both Trista, with the vibe in her hand, and Rob tuned in on what Dawn wanted and needed, which was aggressive sex; to be fucked hard. They slammed away, pounding the beautiful brunette for minute after minute. Trista returned some of the spanking she had loved getting earlier from Dawn, giving it out firmly in return, making those tight rounded buns redden.

Al-the-while Rob kissed Dawn’s sweet mouth and rolled and pinched her bullet hard red nipples, whole Dawn herself pressed hard on her own clit. She was ridden by them for a long time, cumming several times, until her asshole stung and her pussy was utterly satisfied.

The three of them eased back, and the vibrator was turned off and tossed aside. Dawn was more sexually satisfied than she had ever been in her life. Rob and Trista needed another release though, and she got on all-fours again. Rob moved behind the blonde beauty, gripped her hips firmly in his strong hands and slipped his cock into her tight wet cunt, while Dawn scooted behind, stuck her tongue in his ass and gently squeezed his balls and circled Trista’s clit with one clever finger. This fuck was short and fast, hard and deep. Quickly Trista moaned out, “Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh,” and came once more.

Rob pulled out, and then in a delicious final act in this hot Sunday morning of sex, stroked his cock as Dawn and Trista put their mouths close to its plum-like end. He came hard and powerfully, working jets of cum alternatively between both the girls’ hungry open mouths. Finally, when he was utterly spent, the three of them collapsed down on to the big bed, limbs entwined; warm flesh pressed on warm flesh and the sweet smell of sex flooded the room. The three of them kissed, sharing his cum.

“Thanks guys,” Dawn laughed out, as drops of cum glistened on her lips. “Ummm, does anyone feel like staying here for dinner later?”


I love getting feedback on my stories, and if anyone wants to write to me with any comments or suggestions, then that will be great. My address is: [email protected] If you leave me your e-mail address, I promise to reply.
– Jay

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20