Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood Ch. 07

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One week and two days since last entry, diary. SUNDAY.

My past week has been… tough. Mom has been coerced into staying in Chicago a bit longer. Okay, so some things she did back when she was a kid were much more surprising than I had known.

That mug shot, where she beat up that girl, wasn’t the only one she had. Just the first.

Turns out that Mom ran around with some real punks, more like, thugs.

I am glad I put a lock on you. If anyone asks, she’s helping Chien’s aging grandmother.

To think my mother and father could run with a bonafied gang. Not to mention some of the names she dropped when telling me about it.

I have seen a few of these people on the news. Some got their act together, it seems, but Frankie Fatone, or something, just got the chair!

He was some sort of cleaner or mechanic. I wonder what he could have done to get fried?

Anyway, back to Mom. She helped hold up a few stores! Apparently a friend of theirs needed cash… orphans are notoriously poor… and chores at the orphanage didn’t pay. Couple that with some other friends just being, well, criminal types.

You think you know your parents. Dad wasn’t involved in this! But to think my mother, so polite and well behaved… WOW!

Anyway, some guy sold Mom and a few others out for a lesser sentence on a different charge on account someone died during one of the robberies, supposedly part of that spree Mom was in.

There is no statute of limitations on murder. The coppers saw my mother, nabbed her off the street.

I plan to send care packages. Forward them to Chien, then he can send them to Mom. No need to get the locals in a stir. Not over this anyway.

Especially with the neighborhood busy body stepping up her snooping. She was in the garbage last pickup day. Rooting through the recyclables. Remind me to shred my mail from now on.

Dina has been good. Really good!

We have nightly talks. I get a little show. Show off a bit myself.

Sucks having to take it easy!

Oooh man! Should have seen her in the spandex shorts she bought. It was like a second skin and the damp spot that formed when I told her what I wanted her to do!

She has also won a few games. Out of the three they had so far… so three for three.

She admits we are lower ranked than other teams, so this is about the normal for them. By we I mean the school. We’re bottom of the barrel, you know.

It’ll be a tough shot.

Last year the striker and one of the others as well as the goalie all got transferred with their parents. The team was effectively no more.

I guess only the little po-dunk town we live in cares about our team, though.

Still, Dina is impressive. Last year Dina was short being MVP because of a senior, Shelley Colton. Last I heard Ms. Colton was dumping on our town, yet she still seems to be in close touch with her momma. As for her peers, we apparently are all stupid, inbred and backwards. As well as useless.

My mind is wandering. Pills kicking in.

Had a doctor visit Thursday, Dr. Shoals says I’m coming along splendidly! Still hurts… Anna has been a great help, Marissa is great too.

Feel like I got two sisters around the house. Only one goes back home and the other doesn’t bring her flings over.

Marissa and her new boyfriend have hit the fold out bed five times this week. I really don’t mind, if HE wasn’t so loud. I thought only women were screamers. Marissa is surprisingly filthy with the dirty talk, both in English and Spanish.

It is amusing, when they aren’t over late.

Later, diary. I’m getting some more sleep. Wish me luck on my “investigation” because so many are unwilling to open up about their experiences with Lucinda.

Maybe I can bait her?


Marissa is absent. So is her dark, chocolate hunk.

The girl is hardly absent and I have to admit, I am lonely. No Dina, no friends.

I set up a petty revenge on behalf of someone. I don’t know why but how they had been treated earlier was really hitting home.

I don’t even know them or the jerk that was bullying them.

I guess I’m just bored.

“What are you doing?” I nearly shit myself as the voice breaks the silence in the hallway. The jump of fright causes me to smack my head on the locker and my ribs are jostled.

I see a hall pass clatter to the ground at my feet and feel gentle hands on my shoulders. “Are you okay?”

“Hey, Germaine.” I say recognizing the voice. “Just a little payback for someone.” I tell her honestly.

“You think it would make it worse for him? The guy you’re doing this for.”

I think about it. I decide that maybe Germaine is right. “Want to help me get this in Lucinda’s locker?” I ask deconstructing the stink bomb.

“Sure!” She seems all too excited. “But I need to pee first!” She snatches up the hall pass and sprints to the ladies room.

By the time Germaine returns, I’ve got my little device all set up. I toss my partner in crime a set of rubber gloves and we take illegal bahis it to the hypocrite’s locker.

I have the thing open in no time, and she looks both surprised and as if she realized something.

“Apparently I’m good with locks.” I say. “And petty.” I glance back with a grin.

The device is small. Can easily be hidden by the inside edge of the door, and has multiple uses. It’ll get about ten, maybe twelve. I made it silent. It is just a spritz of awful smelling stuff I ordered a few years back, some sort of repellant for the garden.

Germaine is grinning back at me. “I feel so bad!” She seems a bit giddy. “So, what is this stuff?”

“Stinky. That’s what it is. Don’t get it on you!” I inform and warn her. She gives it a small spray, I mean the thing just goes down half way and already we both feel like we walked into a morgue.

“Lucinda is going to LOVE this!” The sarcasm in her voice is so thick I could spread in on bread like jelly.

“Hey, I’m ready!” I put the little bottle in the front corner of Lucinda’s locker. We close it up and I look at her. “Why did you help?”

Germaine’s expression darkens. “I have my reasons.” Is all I get. The even ‘I don’t care, I’m bored’ mix look she mostly wears returns. “I’d better get to class. Good luck!”

“Thank you!” I feel as if I am making progress in the friends department. “Hope we are around to see the show.”

“Me too!” She laughs and then we part ways.

I take my books to the library and dig into them, forgetting all about my little surprise for the she devil of the school.

Lunch rolls around. I’m at my locker and suddenly a commotion starts up down the hall. I’m a bit surprised until I hear in the midst of it all. “What DIED?” and suddenly there is a void around Lucinda’s locker.

I cheerily put away my books but as the janitor walks by, he stops and puts a hand on my shoulder. “You owe me for this one.” He has his mop and bucket, I see.

“Twenty four pack of the good stuff?” I ask. The good stuff is Heineken to him

“And a bottle of something nice!” He adds and continues on.

I then see the multicolor splashes in the hall.

To say the least, at least a dozen kids didn’t eat lunch. Lucinda and a third of her entourage went home sick.

I felt pretty good about myself as I loaded up with two extra slices of pizza, grabbing a couple for Germaine as well.

I handed her the tray as I passed her, she happily accepted and stepped out of line, thanking me as she did.

“Not a problem!” We bumped fists and went our separate ways. Me to my favorite alone spot and she to her main group of friends.

I told my ol’ buddy with the keys to everything to swing by the market and Pete will hook him up.

I let Pete know about the arrangement and to tack on, not one, but two bottles of the really good stuff. Stuff that sits until there is a special occasion in town, like a wedding or something.

I swing by Marissa’s with her missed work, and a ‘study sheet’ then head home.

Oh, I also reminded Felix that the door had to be opened a third of the way and then the bottle removed.

He said “Thanks, but I’ll wait until it is empty.” and we had a laugh. Apparently, Lucinda had gotten the idea to throw hot dogs at him after seeing Joe Dirt. He doesn’t like her either.


Week was boring. The smell from my device permeated a few classrooms and down the hall.

Note to self, check and see if stinky spray is oil based in future.

It decided to cling to the walls and even though Felix got the trap out and blamed the smell on a dead raccoon in the wall, it still reeks.

Some classes were canceled, some moved outside. The hall is blocked off.

On a high note, Lucinda lost a few things that need to be replaced. A pair of headphones. A few books, totally worth burning in my opinion.

The kicker was when a big box of condoms fell out of her locker and scattered all over the floor. It was half empty.

To top it off, there were several polaroid photos with unidentifiable males underneath her topless or naked self.

Except for one, Milton Bradly, his parents thought it would be funny to name him Milton. He had dated two girls, not at the same time, but there wasn’t any in between time. He no longer goes to school there, but the girls still do, and they aren’t happy that Lucinda was with him.

To say the least, those slut remarks have been falling back on her hard!

I have slept like a baby since Tuesday!

Anna and I have been making memes, but we haven’t posted any… this isn’t the destruction I want however, but I have been getting information on small things here and there that I can use against her.

Mostly to stir up more shit. I need to be careful what I say. Can’t be giving away my sources.

Lucinda still denies having done all that with those boys. That it was photo shopped.

I’m wondering how she is going to explain how polaroid pictures are photo shopped. You know, at the meeting they have illegal bahis siteleri set for next Monday.

“Anna!” I shout. “Popcorn’s ready!”

Anna comes skipping down the stairs. She’s in a long, red, cotton shirt.

She plops down beside me.

“I don’t think it is going to work with Texas.” She tells me as she grabbed a handful. “He is a nice guy and all, but, things are getting boring and he doesn’t want to try anything new.” She stuffed her mouth and I think about how she looks like a chipmunk. “I even offered a free-some!”

“Free-some?” I ask.

She holds up three fingers on her free hand, stuffing her mouth some more. “Free. Free-some. Foo girls…” She chews and swallows. “… and a guy.”

I am surprised. Anna had never entertained the idea of sharing with another girl before. Texas, as he has become known, honestly I don’t remember his real name. The guys in camp have sort of faded from his social circle as well. They haven’t said why, but I have a few guesses.

“Plus he talks about Texas all the time. I am from Texas! I love my birth state! It is not all I care about.” She slows on her popcorn consumption. “He has a big dick, though. Upper end. Ten, maybe.”

“On what scale?” I ask as I browse the channels while we talk.

“Inches.” She replies. “Not that thick but I feel it deep.” She pops a single kernel into the air and catches it. “Yay!” But there is not any real elation there.

“He also talks about his ex, a bit obsessively.” She adds and I catch a small flash of a frown.

“What do you think your favorite length is?” She quirks an eyebrow in my direction. “Just curious, you know, for when I buy something to help Dina and I… in… bed…” I am beet red I bet.

“Hey, there’s a good idea!” I perk up at my BFF’s words and tone. “Give that to her and tell her to go fuck herself!” She busts out laughing.

I am not amused.

Suddenly my idea of getting something like that is dashed and I start up Netflix.

“I am so happy your mom got the signal booster!” Anna sits back and gets comfy. “You need Hulu!”

I pick a random movie and spend the entire time lost in thought.

Anna makes popcorn at least once. I take the time to indirectly ask Dina what she thinks of a few toys in bed.

I get a picture of her bench-warming at a night game. Another comes in right after of her left leg, which has a bruise on it, halfway up her calf. “Got tackled!” and an angry face.

“In soccer?” I ask back.

“Different meaning. Someone stole the ball, but got me with the kick. Wish I had my personal nurse with me.” I got a wink face with that last part. Then she addresses my earlier question, but not how I meant. “I’ll get you a stuffed bear or something. Got tomorrow off and the carnival is in town.” A kiss emoji. “I’m in! Wish me luck!” A heart emoji.

Anna returns to see me staring at the now blank screen of my phone.

“You okay, Tet?” Anna sits beside me and holds the popcorn bowl up for me. “Wanna talk?”

“Dina has a bruise on her leg.” That fact does bother me. So I wasn’t lying.

“Broken ribs and you worry about someone’s bruised leg.” She pecks my cheek. “That’s my sister!”

I smile.

“I told Texas we’re done.” She tells me as she hits play. “Why’d you pick such a shitty movie?”

“Why?” I ask. She hands me her phone and I get to read about fifty texts from Texas about his ex. Included are screenshots of her social media pages. “I think you dodged a bullet, Anna.”

“So, you mentioned having the guys come over for cards this weekend?” Anna asked.

“Yeah. No uniforms…” I am explaining.

She cuts me off. “Ooh, naked poker!” Then laughs.

“No.” I fidget. I feel her hand on my leg.

“Tet, I was just joking.”

“I know, Anna. I guess I still haven’t gotten over all of my embarrassment yet.” I give a half hearted smile. “It still gets to me at times. Talking about it.”

“You’ll grow into it.” She slings an arm around me. “You are your mother’s child!” She sing-songs.


Banging on the front door. Loud banging. Frantic banging.

I get up with the idea of answering it and happen to see Anna in the same mind set. She is supporting herself against the wall, half asleep and drooling.

“Dib we dwink lass nigh?” She wipes her chin with her sleeve.

It takes me a moment in my dazed state. I shake my head no after some thought.

“So nod hum-gover?” She asks.

“Early.” I simply say and we start for the door again.

By the time we reach it, the knocking has stopped and we hear a car speed off.

We open the door, but nothing is left for anyone. Everything seems fine.

“Cweepy…” Anna clears her throat. “Creepy clown?” She asks. Waking up a bit more.

“No. He never knocked.” I answer then close the door up.

“Coffee?” Anna asks.

“Bed.” I reply and head back to my room.

I lie there a while. In and out of it.

The smell of coffee wafts up and I consider it. Dina is back in another canlı bahis siteleri week.

Her ‘parents’ wrangled an earlier court date, apparently trying to catch her up and have her miss it.

Dina got informed ahead of time and already had a ride back. I was excited about that and started to wake up some.

I stumble back down and Anna is peachy! Practically prancing around the room.

I glare at her.

“What?” She asks. “Oh, coffee!” In a rush, with grace, she has a warm cup, two sugars and a splash of cream in front of me. “Is there any more I can do for M’lady?”

“I saw a marmoset once. Got to pet a goat.” I say. I know there is no relevance there, but that is what my brain chose. “Monkeys threw poop at you!”

“You said we wouldn’t talk about that!” She hisses at me.

“I think you reason woke me up.” I fumble and make some sense. I think.

“So you’re mad at me?” She asks with concern.

I shake my head no. “Sleepy.” I sip my coffee. “Sorry.” I pat her hand as I apologize. “Love soup!”

“I though you loved Dina.” She smirks.

I smirk back. “She good soup!” I manage a wicked grin and lick coffee off my upper lip.

“T M I, Tet. T M I.” She has a serious tone, but even my dazed state picks up the similar smirk that I wear.

A few hours later Anna is at the store. Me, I’m in my room, guitar across my lap, strumming along like it is a steel guitar. I need time to play with my slide anyway.

Today I’m working on Terraplane Blues as originally done by Robert Johnson. I keep slipping into the Foghat cover. About my fifth try I say “Fuck it!” and start to play like Rod Price.

Yes, I know who is who!

Academics is a fall back for me. I want to shred!

Tony Iomi, Slash, Joey Santiago, Vernon Reid!

Dad used to play Planet Caravan from Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album to help me get to sleep.

Anna’s dad would pick us up from school to Guns N Roses’ hit Sweet Child Of Mine.

Mom used to play Where Is My Mind by Pixies when I would wake up in the mornings.

The first time I got in a fight, it was with a brat at a water park over one summer.

Living Colour was playing in the background. I don’t remember the song. Most likely Cult Of Personality.

The fight was a draw. We both tottered off to our parents, bruised and scraped, and subsequently got banned from the water park.

Good times!

Before I know it I’m jamming out to Cosmic Highway by Les Claypool’s Fearless Frog Brigade.

I know, surprises me too.

I set aside my gitbox and start to stretch and move some. I feel a bit of heavy feeling in my lung. Not fun. I try coughing. It hurts! I do this a few times and finally bring up a nasty loogie. I send the batch of yuck right out the window and gently rub my side.

“Shower time!” I tell myself. Less with happiness and more like desperation. I could use the soothing warmth right now. Really I can.

I’m not in the warm spray a minute when my phone rings. I step out, dry my hair and hands and answer.

“Tuyet, speaking. Who’s calling?”

I listen to a hard to make out whisper of my friend.

“Speak up, Anna.” I tell her.

I put the phone on speaker and start brushing my teeth. Normally I would have waited but I think heading into town with bits of green stuff in my chompers would be unsightly.

“Speak up.” I say again.

“Texas is here.” I finally hear her say. “Pete has him stalled in the front of the store but he is obviously not happy with being dumped.” Anna must be hiding in the break room. “What’s more, I got a notification from his ex. She said he actively stalked her, but The Corpse transferred him before she filed a complaint.”

“So did she file a complaint?” I ask, suddenly interested in this and worried for my friend.

“She has for the online stalking. He hasn’t contacted her in a while, but I did explain that he has a way to view her page. She is dropping any account she doesn’t know personally since I told her.” Anna sighs. “She also says a girl he dated in high school moved because of him. A mutual friend of theirs that he fell out of favor with warned her with that fact.”

“So hear say?” I ask as I slip on my sweats.

“No. She contacted the girl, woman now, and this Haley girl said he had set her car on fire. There isn’t proof, so no charges were filed. Her cat also went missing. I have her number. I called, but, I haven’t heard back yet.”

“Okay, Anna, I’ll be there shortly. Don’t worry, stay put.” I sigh as she hangs up.

A quick trip to Mom’s room, I grab the sidearm there, and put on the holster. I just hope I don’t have to use it. The last time I fired this was at a coffee can and Dad was giving me a nickel for every time I hit it at fifteen yards.

I made seven bucks! But I was a kid, and that was a feat on a small target.

Dad also had me disassemble, clean and reassemble the Beretta. “Gun safety is knowledge, awareness and maintenance.” Dad would say. “Know how to handle it safely. Be aware of where you point it and that the safety is on or off. Keep it clean.”

I realize I have dressed fully while I remembered Dad’s lessons. Mom had fired and cleaned this a few days before she left.

Guess it’ll be my job now. At least for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20