Becoming His Prison Bitch Pt. 03

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Lexus laid on the bottom bunk, arms folded behind his head, legs bent at the knees and feet touching the floor. He heard the jingle of a guard, and sat up on the bottom bunk, unfolding his hands from behind his head. Benny strolled up and leaned against the bar. “You’ve got a visitor, boy.” He said to Lexus with a scowl. “Let’s go.”

Lexus looked over to Darian, who was shaving, and he just shrugged. No help at all. And he clearly wouldn’t be coming with him. Lexus took a deep breath and stood and followed Benny into the hall, venturing out on his own since his first day. Benny didn’t wait up for him, and they passed by open cells. Not many felt like stirring the pot and messing with him, but that damn bitch Randall sneered at him as he approached. He flinched towards him, flexing his arms back, and Randall tsked, but pressed against the wall as he passed. Ever since he punched him in the face, and since more and more people associated with him as protected by Darian, less people looked his way and tried to instigate fights. They came close to a scuffle or two since their stint in solitary but nothing serious.

It was a short walk to the visitors building. Benny led them to a room with a heavy metal door and a wire glass panel, and scanned his card to open it. Lexus walked in, and the first thing he saw was his mother, who barreled into him before he could even get through the door.

“My baby! Oh, look at you, in these awful clothes. They don’t even fit right!” She cried, tears flowing down her cheeks as she pulled at the cheap cotton white shirt they all wore. “Oh baby, were doing our best to get you out of here!”

Lexus laughed nervously at her upset and enthusiasm. It crossed his mind that he should probably feel the same way; he’d only been here 2 weeks and he was already settled into being under Darians boot. Well, figuratively. His mind wandered, wondering what Darian would look like in boots. His cock throbbed, blood flowing into a half risen cock, but it didn’t get much further. He let out a sigh.

“I uh, yeah the size up is too big so…” He cleared his throat. “What… What are you doing here?” He expected to meet with his lawyer but hadn’t realized his mom would be present. She made him feel… less than. A failure.

His mother looked a bit offended. She reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him to the seat on one side of the table on the side with a large mirror. “I’m not allowed to visit?” She cried, sniffling heavily and blowing into a cloth napkin she pulled from her designer handbag. She ran her hands through his hair, which was starting to grow long around his ears.

“Mom, there’s visiting hours 3 times a week here. You’ve had time to visit, and I haven’t seen you once.” He tried to hide the disappointment from his voice.

She tapped her foot with a scoff, her lip settling into a scowl. Her eyes narrowed; this was usually a look she reserved for things she didn’t like, like bargain racks, homeless people and a scuff marks on her designer heels. “Sweetie, I have no intention of being near the scum in this prison, let alone locked in a cage with a bunch of them and their lunatic friends and baby mamas. You know me better than that.”

His brow furrowed. Not that he was trying to defend the people in the prison where he resided, they were all criminals after all. But not all of them were inherently bad people. And he imagined, like him, a few of them may have been wrongly convicted.

He didn’t know why this was bothering him, his mother had always been a bit of a snob but now, he was on the other side. She didn’t consider him apart of the group, but he did associate… And was sexually subservient to… One of those ruffians who she feared and despised. And he may be the reason he was even in one piece and not a regular visitor to the infirmary or worse, cuffed to a bed in a hospital somewhere. But he didn’t tell her any of this.

His lawyer cleared his throat and sat down across from him. His mom joined him in the other chair on that side of the table. “Lexus.” He said, taking a file.out of his case and setting it down in front of them. “We’ve been digging, and it seems like there as some evidence they failed to submit to the judge without any reason not to-”

Lexus zoned out for several long minutes. He hadn’t been this far away from Darian since the dramatic events that landed them in solitary. His heart was racing a bit but he was o.k., he knew canlı bahis şirketleri he was safe. He wondered what he was doing, and he realized he was jealous as he imagined him breaking in another boy for him to use. He wouldn’t wish it on another, to be honest, he knew this wasn’t a very healthy relationship but then again, he’s never had a healthy one. Wait, did he just consider this to be a relationship?

He must have frowned and furrowed his brow in thought because the lawyer stopped and snapped his fingers. “Lexus, that wasn’t a bad thing. It’s good. I might be able to reduce your sentence to 6 months or get rid of it completely. Do you get what I’m saying?”

Lexus felt his heart stop. He looked up at his lawyer, dumbfounded. “What?” He said his eyes focusing on him for the first time. “6 months? I don’t understand.”

His mother scoffed. “See, this is what happens! They go stupid in these places, they get all… institutionalized! What if he’s rooming with a… you know…” She raised her perfectly filled and manicured eyebrows suggestively. “Bill get him out of here!”

His lawyer… Bill… Why was his mom on a first name basis with his lawyer? He shook his head, and tried to recall the conversation. “No, mom, hey. Don’t be like that. This is just a little overwhelming.” He struggled to catch up. He had stopped thinking about getting out entirely. He forgot that his lawyer was working on repealing his case. He realized that he was so fucking fortunate to have the luxury to forget, that he had people and money to take care of him. He always treated problems that way. He scowled, disappointed with himself.

His lawyer sighed. “Due to technicalities I can probably twist their arm into letting you out in only a fraction of the time.” He said, pulling a pair of glasses out of his front pocket. He slid them on and tilted his head slightly upward as he looked at his notes in the folder. “Of course there is the matter of you getting into fights.”

His mother interrupted again. “Fights? Bill, you didn’t say anything about that!”

Bill ignored his mother for a moment. “Landing yourself in solitary is not going to help your case.”

His mother lost it then. “Solitary? How the hell did my baby end up in solitary?” She threw her bag down onto the metal table in front of her and stood, her heels clicking their way over to the 2 way mirror. She started yelling at whomever she assumed was on the other side; how dare they put her soft, gentle and harmless baby in solitary! Lexus dropped his head in his heads, and groaned.

“Diane, please.” Bill said, standing and leaning over the table towards her. “Diane, you’re not helping anything!”

Lexus could barely think over the screeching behind him and Bills attempt to calm her. But he did catch the casual way they referred to each other. Then he realized; his mother hated being called Diane by “the staff” as she called them. A lawyer would be no different. “Why did you call her Diane?” He said his forehead creased as he looked up at Bill.

Then with a burst of anger he stood up, the chair screeching across the floor. It bumped into his mom, who didn’t flinch, and hadn’t stopped rambling at her reflection. “SHUT THE HELL UP!” He screamed, fuming. His mother stopped and turned to him open-mouthed. “Why the hell are you two on first name bases?” He demanded, his voice still raised. He looked between them. His mother refused to meet his gaze, and stepped back from the mirror sheepishly.

“Now sweetie, I…”

Lexus let out a squeak. “You’re cheating on dad? Does he know!?”

“Sweetie, this isn’t the time…”

“The hell it’s not!” He yelled. He never raised his voice at his mother before, and it drained the color from her face. “Tell me. Does dad know?”

“Yes! Your father and I have been separated since you were 16! Because of YOU!” she burst out, pointing a manicured finger at the middle of his chest.

Lexus stepped backwards in shock, glancing at Bill who fiddled with the file on the table. Since he was 16? What? They still lived together, called each other sweetheart. Was it truly all a lie? His dad was always working and so they never really bonded but… He still loved him and respected him. He didn’t exactly take off work to play ball with him or come to any games he tried playing in middle school, but he respected him for the hard work he did to provide such luxury from his family.

“Me?” he replied, dumbfounded. This was all too much.

“He didn’t want a faggot for a son he blamed me for letting women raise you! …And Fabio from Golden Cuts…” She added absentmindedly

“I wasn’t – I’m not gay!” He yelled, his face turning red. Thoughts of Darian flooded his mind, and his loyalty and adoration for the man was beyond normal. But these… These were extenuating circumstances. It didn’t count. He wasn’t gay when he was a teenager. He wasn’t gay now. This was circumstantial, whatever this was. But he wasn’t going to tell his mother that, or even tell her Darian’s canlı kaçak iddaa name.

“I’m not getting into it here.” She said, stalking around the table. She sat down and turned back to the lawyer. “Bill, sit down, you look like a fool.” She snapped, crossing her legs and tucking her hands into each crook of her arm. She sighed, and Bill slowly sat down in the seat beside her.

Lexus tapped his teeth together, working the muscle in his jaw. He was furious. He turned back to Bill. “A man tried to fight me. My bunk mate defended me. I punched a man in the face. I was in solitary. Let’s move on. What do I do now?”

The rest of their gathering was tense but went smoothly. Lexus learned that he could almost certainly be out of here in time for New Year’s party at Opal Tower. He chuckled out loud at the thought of actually being able to go to a party and talk to people, and his mother shot her famous homeless-man-is-gross glare at him. Admittedly, his laugh was random and out of context text, but he ignored her.

Lexus stood as his lawyer wrapped up. “We’re done, then?”

His mom stood and sidled around the table towards him, reaching up to give him a kiss on the cheek. He pulled back and glared down at her, before turning to the door and giving it a bang. He saw Benny pass by the small window and a buzz unlocked the door. He left without a word.

Lexus followed Benny back to the main building, and this time, Benny was quite chatty. “Your mom is a crazy bitch, ain’t she?” he laughed. Lexus said nothing; as always, he didn’t speak to anyone other than Darian. But Benny continued. “Cheating slut. You know what they deserve? A nice dry hate fuck up the arse. But maybe she’s like you, maybe she likes a bit fat dick in her poop chute.”

Lexus took a deep breath but he didn’t say anything. His anger and frustration boiled under the surface. His teeth clanged together as he entered the housing building, and he chewed on the inside of his cheek as he climbed the stairs. That did not go how he thought it should.


Lexus and Darian were often assigned to various tasks together, thanks to Benny. He wondered what sort of favors he gave to Benny for the special considerations. Either way, Lexus now found himself on his hands and knees with a scrub brush and a bucket of cleaning solvent, scrubbing the stained grout under a toilet. He was sore from his workout with Darian the day before, as he was teaching Lexus how to fight. But he said nothing. H’ed learned not to complain when he heard Darian pacing up and down the pain part of the bathroom, his footsteps echoing as he flipped the page of the book he was reading for the third time. He never did any scrubbing, instead let Lexus get his hands dirty.

“Rich boy like you needs to learn how to clean, so you’re going to do it. Besides, you’re used to being on your knees” he said last week, when Lexus whined about it the first time. Then he was fucked against the grimy toilet. He hadn’t complained since.

It was a few days since his chat with his mother and Bill. He was still in a sour mood, and apparently Darian noticed. Lexis heard his book slam shut and felt a foot under his groin, making him hiss. “What, Boss?” he asked, a bit too blunt than he meant it. He looked back over his shoulder. “I’m cleaning, I’m going as fast as I can.”

“You’ve been silent ever since you had your visit with your lawyer. You aren’t as talkative. What happened?”

Lexus took a deep breath and shook his head, scrubbing yellowed suds into a particularly stubborn spot in the tile. “Well… fine… why are you called DC when your last name is Grace?” Maybe if he talked more, he could avoid talking. But he felt a hand on his head and a sharp pain as he was yanked backwards. He yelled in surprise, but didn’t fight the sudden show of force. He scrambled to get his knees under him.

“First of all, that’s because its based on my middle name. Second of all, that’s not what I asked and I don’t take smart-ass comments as a currency.” He looked straight down into Lexus’ teary blue eyes, and his own declared this a no-bullshit kind of conversation.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Boss…” he whimpered, raising up on his knees to alleviate the pressure, but Darian only twisted his grip to apply more pressure. He hissed, his teeth clenched. “M-my mother came by. Sh-she’s sleeping with my lawyer.” Darian relaxed his grip at that, and pulled him back until he leaned against his legs, his hand cupped under his chin to keep him looking upward.

“Why is that upsetting?” He asked. “People sleep with people.”

“She’s still married to my dad…” he whispered. “And…” he wanted to tell him all of it, but he didn’t want to say it out loud. But he knew he wouldn’t give him a choice but to spill anyway. “She said they’ve been separated since I was a teen, because my dad thinks I’m gay.”

“You sound more upset about being gay than about them being separated.”

“They lied to me! They pretended everything was okay. For years… canlı kaçak bahis Besides, i’m not gay.”

Darian looked away from him, and took a deep breath, staring at the wall for a long moment in utter exasperation before looking back down at Lexus. “I don’t even know how to respond to that.” he admitted, his eyebrows raised in genuine shock. “Lexus…” he used his full name for the first time since they met. It grabbed his attention. “You are just as gay as I am.” he said, his eyebrows raised. His tone was surprisingly gentle, as if he was breaking shocking news to an emotional kid.

Lexus shook his head. “I am not. This… its all just circumstance…”

Darian grabbed him by the arm and pulled him upright and pulled him out of the stall, turning him towards the mirror over the sink. “Sorry, but… look at yourself and tell me that again.”

Lexus sighed, and glanced away from his face, “I’m not gay.”

Darian grabbed him by the chin and pinned his hips against the sink with his own. His cock pressed against the crack of his ass. “Look yourself in the eye. Say it.”

Lexus looked at Darian in the mirror, almost a full head taller and much wider and toned than he was. He sighed again, uncomfortable as he struggled to find his own eyes in the mirror. He took in the features of his own face; he hasn’t much looked at it since he got here. It wasn’t like he had to shave or anything, as he never did grow facial hair. His dark brown hair hung down, contrasting with his blue eyes. He did look depressed. The content he’d learned to enjoy was gone because of his dark thoughts since his visit. He could barely meet his own eyes, though.

“Say it…”

Lexus took a deep breath. He couldn’t. “I don’t want to be.” he whispered instead. Tears welled in his eyes.

“That’s not a choice you make.” Darian whispered. He’d never heard him be so gentle. “Do you think I would have taken your throat that first day if I thought you were straight?”

“But I like girls.” he whispered.

“Do you? Are you desperate for a girl right now, or my touch?” he asked, hooking his finger into the neck of his white shirt, tugging it until his shoulder was exposed. “Be honest, don’t tell me what I want to hear.”

Lexus said nothing, but at the sight of Darian’s eyes narrowing, demanding a response, he gulped. “Yours, Boss.” the thought of the soft touch of a girl paled in comparison to his rough hands which gripped his shoulder now. Lexus watched as he began to lower his head, his pulse quickening as Darian opened his mouth.

“Eyes on your own, not me.” he corrected him, before softly kissing the curve where his neck met his shoulder. His tongue swirled against his skin, drawing a moan from Lexus. Darian grasped the waistband of his pants and pushed them downward. Lexus tried to catch them to stop them from falling down to his ankles but Darian slapped his hand away. “Eyes open now…” he whispered, and his hot breath wafted up his neck, tickling his ear.

“But… I don’t…”


“I’m not… I’m not weak…” he whimpered.

“Am I weak?” Darian challenged him; after all, if just being gay was an indication of weakness, what did that make him? But he said nothing else, and only paused to speak as he sucked on his neck, leaving red marks from his shoulder up to his ear. His tongue ran along the lobe of his ear, sucking it into his mouth.

“N-no Boss.” he whined, tilting his head to give more space to Darian’s exploration. He’d never kissed him like this before. This sort of affection was never included in their sex. But it made him soft in his knees. His breath came out in rasping gasps, and he grasped the grimy sink in front of him. His cock was hard and dripping already. His only thought was his desperation to be touched by DC.

“Would you like me to stop?”

“N-no Boss!” he whined, struggling to remain standing. His weight was being supported by Darian now.

“So you’re not straight.”

He didn’t answer, and clenched his eyes shut, bowing his head as he moaned.

“Eyes open.” Darian said gently, cupping his chin and forcing his head up. “Look at you.”

He did. His face was flushed red, lips parted as he panted, eyes wet, his eyelashes clumped together with moisture. His pupils dilated with desperation and arousal. A tear ran from his eyes, pooling against Darian’s fingers.

“You are ashamed.” he said, as if stating fact. He shook his head. “You are not worth less for being gay.”

Lexus let out a sob. His cheeks tightened and his eyes squinted as he watching himself begin to break down.

“Are you straight?” he asked, kissing his ear. “”Be honest with me. I don’t want to hear what you think I want to hear.”

“N-no boss…”

“So then?” The hand left his jaw, and moved down to Lexi;s bare crotch. He cupped his balls, and slid his hand up to his cock.

His voice caught in his throat, and he groaned, his head dropping against Darian’s shoulder as he felt his warm, rough hand wrap around his throbbing member. He stroked him slow and firm, sliding his hand over the head to collect lubrication from his pre-cum. Lexus closed his eyes, and the hand left his cock. He looked down in alarm, almost hyperventilating.

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