Beebe and Petey Ch. 06

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Dene had pulled my head down between her legs and I nestled contentedly in her soft bush. She stroked the side of my face with the backs of her fingers, and then reached down to lightly massage my shoulders and upper back. I began kissing the outline of her treasure trail all the way up to her navel and back down the other side. I nipped gently at the fold of her thigh and slid over to her still-moist pussy, gave a little lick and then kissed and nipped my way up the fold of her other thigh. I burrowed my nose around in her bush and descended again. Her pussy lips were still engorged from the love-making she and Chad had just finished and her clit jumped up to meet me.

“Are you finding any?” Dene asked. By “any” she was referring to Chad’s cum. She’d just told me he ate his own load from her freshly fucked love tunnel before lunch, and I suggested he might have missed some.

“Not yet, but I’ll keep looking,” I said as I probed her vag with my tongue. “Hmmm. Hard to tell whose juices these are, but I’ll just clean them up for you regardless!” I sucked at her pussy and was rewarded with a small mouthful. I kept at it, just in case I’d missed any, running my tongue in and out of her cunt and flicking up and down inside. Her juices continued to flow, and I swallowed eagerly. As I moved up to her clit, I felt some familiar hands on my ass.

“Mmmmm,” I purred, without looking up. And then teasing Chad I added “Hank! When did you get here?”

Hank was the boyfriend I left in the dust last March for Chad and Dene.

“Chad said Dene wore him out and asked me to step in” Chad replied, and I could hear the grin in his voice. “Say, you seem to have sprung a leak back here. There’s something running down your thighs! Here, I’ll see if I can stop it,” he said. I felt the tip of his dick sliding up and down my slit, and then he quickly pushed it inside me. His pelvis smacked firmly into my ass and the impact pushed me deeper into Dene’s snatch. Dene and I both groaned with delight. Encouraged, Chad continued. He fucked me hard and fast, each thrust travelling all the way through my body and transferring into Dene. He’d already cum once, and not long ago, so I imagined I was in for a great ride. He didn’t disappoint! I slipped two fingers into Dene’s sopping wet hole as I sucked her clit in and out between my lips, synchronizing the rhythm with Chad’s pounding. Her curly bush brushed by my forehead, nose and cheeks each time Chad slammed against my ass. I sure wasn’t looking at my watch, but I bet we made it to the 10-minute mark, at least!

Without warning, Dene’s thighs clamped tightly against my head and her hips rocketed off the towel, raising me with her. She screamed through clenched teeth and a stream of warm liquid blasted into my chin, then another and another. That seemed to light me up too. My pussy and thighs and lower belly began convulsing. For the first time ever, Chad and I came at the same time while we fucked! All three of us, convulsing, writhing and screaming-holy crap!!

I collapsed first, my arms buckling and falling forward off Chad’s dick and into Dene. She loosened her thighs from my head and I shot forward over her as her ass fell back to the towel. Chad, who had been on his knees while he fucked me from behind, kept his balance, thank goodness, but came forward, rolling over to lie on his back beside us. None of us moved or spoke for a bit.

“Hey BeeBe,” I broke the silence, still not moving, “Great fuck!”

“Yeah, you sure are.” he said, still panting some. “Both of you, for that matter!”

“Hey Chad,” said Dene, her chest still heaving as the gently stroked my back, “when you’re up to moving again, how about doing for Kath what you did for me after we fucked. But then share.”

Chad was silent for a moment. Then he rolled over and rose to a kneeling position, slid me off of Dene and onto my back. He lifted me in his arms, told Dene to sit up, then placed me on my back between her outstretched legs with my head in her lap. He moved down to my pussy. Without a word, he licked at the cum already oozing out and began to suck at my dripping vag. Dene reached down and began playing with my tits. As Chad’s nose bumped my clit, I got some involuntary spasms in my thighs, but didn’t cum again. Dene rolled my nipples between her fingers as Chad continued to suck on my pussy for another 5 minutes.

Finally, he rose from my pussy and, lips closed, raised an eyebrow at Dene.

“I’ll give you first choice, hon,” Dene said to me.

I sat up, rose to my knees and met Chad with a tight hug and an open-mouthed kiss. Our combined juices rolled into my mouth and we traded them back and forth. I loved this-my bare tits pressed to his chest, his hands stroking my back down to my ass and back up, and the warm liquid of our love-making flowing in our mouths. This took kissing to a whole new level! I felt Dene’s hand tap my shoulder. I sucked all the cum into my mouth and broke the kiss with Chad, then turned to Dene canlı bahis şirketleri who met me with the same open-mouthed kiss. I released Chad and turned to hug Dene as we continued the kiss, swapping hot cum back and forth, and stroked each other backs. She squeezed my ass, closed the kiss with about half the cum in her mouth, looked at me and swallowed. I did the same and we both turned to Chad. We saw him swallow, then smile.

“This must make us all “cumblings,” cum-siblings!” he said. “Kind of like blood-brothers, but way more fun!”

“Ooo-I like that notion,” Dene said. “That advances you and me beyond mere siblings, and brings sister-Kathy into the fold!”

“Dene, did you pee on me when you came just now?” I asked.

“No! That was pussy juice-I’m sure of it. I was pretty surprised too-I’ve never had that happen before. I’m really sorry!”

“Wow-it was OK, just kind of surprising. It’s kind of like a guy cumming, I guess, but I didn’t know girls could do that!”

“Maybe it’s time for a quick dip,” Chad suggested.

“Good idea,” Dene replied, “I’m curious to see if I still have the strength to stand up and walk!”

We went skinny-dipping in the Gulf, diving through waves, floating on our backs, talking and just feeling wonderful.

After about a half-hour, we retreated to the blankets and noticed a car approaching in the distance.

“Uh-oh, company.” Dene said.

We decided to dress. Chad pulled on shorts, not bothering with his boxers. I slipped back into my bikini and Dene struggled into my old maillot. The hips and torso were OK for her, but my B-cup suit didn’t quite hold her D-cup tits. She managed to get the top up enough to cover her nipples, but it left truly stunning cleavage spilling out. The car turned out to be the beach patrol-two guys about our age in deputy’s uniforms and a marked 4-wheel drive cruiser with emergency flashers on top. One of them had been a year ahead of Chad in high school and knew all three of us. They stopped to talk, so we were really glad to have suited up. Chad and I stood close, making goo-goo eyes to make sure we gave signs of being a couple while Dene and her cleavage vamped. Chad and I didn’t get too many looks after their first glance at Dene.

Chad and Dave caught up a little bit. Dave didn’t know our families had moved, or that Chad had been drafted. Tim, the other officer had been in my class and spent time trying to put the moves on Dene. She led him on, throwing me a quick wink on the sly. The maillot had very high-cut hips and only covered about half her ass cheeks. As she turned to bend over and pick up one of our towels, the suit rode higher into her ass crack. She pretended not to notice as she moved to the next towel, but Tim sure did. Her wild pubes poked out all around, but didn’t seem to discourage him in the least. As she flapped the sand out of the towel, one of her boobs rode up letting her nipple pop over the top of the cup. She pretended not to notice that either. Tim’s uniform pants had a bulge now. Dave’s back was to the action so he didn’t get to take in the show.

“Dene!” I called, and when she and Tim both looked, I tugged discretely at my bikini top.

“Oh shit!” she said looking down. She grabbed her boob and stuffed it back into the suit. She feigned embarrassment. “I had to borrow Kathy’s suit, and it’s a little too small. I’m really sorry, Tim.”

“Um, that’s OK,” said Tim, “I really didn’t notice.”

“Well, Tim, your dick sure did,” I thought to myself. Dene nodded at me-timing was just right to recover the vamping and get back on track.

“Anyway, like Dave was saying, we were just driving the beach to let everyone know there’s weather coming in,” Tim said. “You’ve got maybe an hour before we’re in for high winds and rain. If you hustle, you can probably get to the ferry before it hits.”

“Hey, thanks guys. We were about to pack up anyway.”

Tim tried to get back to the car without letting anyone see his hard on.

“Dene, you were terrible!” I teased as they drove away. “I thought old Timmy was going to cum in his pants looking at you!”

“Yeah, the devil made me do it,” Dene said, “or the residual horniness from the two of you!”

“Well, it’s probably time to pack up and bug out,” Chad said, “If the weather gets too rough for the ferry we might get stranded out here till it blows over.” So, reluctantly, we kept our clothes on, threw our gear in the Bug and headed back toward the ferry and home.

As I drove, I asked Chad what prompted him to eat Dene after they fucked. We’d never done that. Chad was an expert at eating pussy by now, but he’d never tried his own cum, either from my lips after I’d suck him off or out of my pussy after he’d filled me up.

“It took some effort, actually,” he said. “But I didn’t think Dene had an orgasm and I wanted her to, so that was the main thing. I went down on her to get her off. It helped not to look at my cum. She’d already cleaned canlı kaçak iddaa up a little bit on the towel, and it didn’t really taste much different than your pussy when I eat you. There was a lot, but again, you’re pretty juicy too, and I just swallow yours, so I was already kind of in the routine. It was like when we 69, though, and I cum before I finish eating you. It wasn’t particularly hot, at least not until Dene finally came too. She gave me a little extra squirt of pussy juice while she was cumming, by the way. I heard you ask about that too. What gives with that? You get juicy, but you’ve never squirted it out.”

“That’s the first time it’s happened to me,” Dene said. “I’m glad to hear it confirmed as pussy juice, though. I was sure I didn’t pee, but worried I might have and just not felt it while I was cumming. And Chad, my God but you’re a great lover! I was a little scared, but you were so gentle and I was so ready. It was absolutely the perfect moment, the perfect place and the perfect fuck. I’m one of the luckiest girls in the world. Then to realize I hadn’t cum and making sure I did-I bet you’re the only guy in the state so completely tuned in to making your lover so happy. Any other guys I have from now on have a pretty high mark to meet.”

“I thought it was pretty wild that we all came at the same time,” I continued. “I think that’s the first time Chad and I ever came at the same time while we were fucking. We cum together all the time in a 69, but I’ve always had trouble hitting a vaginal orgasm period, much less at the same time as Chad. I think having my face buried in your pussy and all that wonderful bush right there in my face must have had a lot to do with it, Dene.”

“Yeah, we definitely have to give that another try tonight,” Dene said.

We made the ferry in time to get back to the mainland. We stood looking over the rail as the ship hummed across the intercoastal. Dene and I both vamped on the way back. My bikini was adjustable, both the top and bottom. I usually had the triangles of the top pulled all the way wide so that they met in the middle and came around to the side of my chest before tying in the back. The panels on my bottoms met on my hip where the strings tied. I narrowed the size of the top to about 2″ per side until there was plenty of boob showing and pushed the fabric in on the bottoms until both the front and back panels were only about 5″ wide. I let the back panel ride up in my ass crack. There weren’t such things as thongs back then, but that’s essentially what my bottoms had become. Dene did the same with the back of the maillot, and carefully pulled one boob up until just a hint of areola peeked over the cup. Chad just shook his head. There seemed to be lots of foot traffic past our spot on the rail, and for some reason, they were all men, trying to act casual! A couple of high school boys actually stopped in their tracks and stared, slack-jawed, at Dene’s chest. She let them take it in for a bit, pretending not to notice their presence, then made eye contact, scowled and sent them scampering away. She winked at me. Chad wandered back to the car and sat in the passenger seat.

The next guy that came by sidled up to me on the rail and struck up a conversation. I had loosened the bikini tie around my neck, so when I leaned forward over the rail the fabric fell away from my chest. With the right angle, you could see my nipples! The guy beside me didn’t take long to lean forward with me and look down my top. I winked over at Dene. I heard the Bug’s door shut and suspected Chad was coming to my “rescue.” The guy took the opportunity to leave, dodging between my ass and another man coming from the opposite direction. I felt the back of his hand linger and press into my crack as he waited for the other guy to pass.

“You two are generating a lot of hard-ons around here,” Chad observed.

“It’s kind of a kick,” I said, “I’ve never really turned heads like Dene before. I’d never do it if I weren’t sure you were around to discourage more than looks, but this is fun. Did you see that guy feel my ass just now? I would have been mortified at that a week ago and smacked the shit out of him. Of course I probably wouldn’t have had my ass on display like this either. Do you want me to stop?”

Chad paused and pursed his lips for a moment, then smiled and said: “Nah, go ahead and play, if you want. I’ll either stand here with you or sit back down in the car. The guys seem a little bolder when I’m not in sight.”

“Stay here with me, I think. If you see some more guys walking up, give my ass a little squeeze and give me a quick kiss.”

The dock was coming into sight, and there was a stream of foot traffic heading back to their cars. As a last pair of guys came toward us, Chad reached inside my bottoms, pulled the fabric out of my ass crack and smoothed it over my cheeks. He gave my ass a final pat as they passed and we fell in behind them to the cars. As Dene climbed in the back seat I noticed canlı kaçak bahis that both of her nipples had managed to work their way over the cups! They stayed that way all the way home and she sat in the middle of the back so I could catch sight of them in the rear view mirror.

Finally home, we shucked off the suits, showered and settled in on the living room furniture. I had second thoughts about the furniture, considering our propensity for generating fluids, and got some fresh towels to put under us.

We were hungry again and began making plans for dinner. Ordinarily we would have gone out for pizza, but decided we didn’t want to bother getting dressed again. We all began to wind down a little and Dene stretched out on the couch to take a nap. Chad and I headed down the hall to do the same and this time, we actually went to bed to sleep! He spooned behind me, and I felt the beginnings of an erection, but it faded as his breathing became slow and regular and he drifted off. I did too.

I awoke to Dene calling from the door: “Hey, lovers. It’s 7 o’clock. Anybody getting hungry?”

I sat up and stretched. “Sure. Let’s explore what’s available.”

Chad sat up beside me, yawning, and added: “I can grill something if there’s anything in the fridge, or I can run down to the Pig and get some Mahi Mahi. They’re still open till 9, aren’t they?”

We decided on the Mahi Mahi. (It was marketed as “dolphin fish” in those days, but I wouldn’t want you reading this now thinking we ate Flipper.)

I made a teriyaki glaze and threw some potatoes in the microwave, and Dene worked on some fresh broccoli. Chad came back with some nice Mahi Mahi, and a pecan pie. (He remembered to dress, fortunately!) We had a feast, naked as the day we were born, laughing and telling stories from our high school and grade school days. We lingered at the table and had an extra piece of pie each-but finally cleared the dishes, washed and dried and put everything away.

We retired to the living room and stretched out.

“What next, ladies?” Chad asked.

“I think I’m content just lying here on the floor for a while,” Chad said.

“Good,” I replied. “I’m stuffed, tired, and content. I think we can stand to just be with each other without screwing for a while!”

I paused, and no one spoke for a bit.

“Beebe-we haven’t talked much about AIT. Are you OK to talk about that? Or would you rather just leave it alone?”

“It’s been in the back of my mind since I walked out the gates at Bliss. You two have distracted me a little,” he grinned, “but I’m pretty disappointed that my AIT looks like it’ll just be jungle fighting. I mean, I guess I’d rather have more skills than less since I’m pretty clearly headed to ‘Nam, but I was pretty excited about that language thing. I had visions of grilling Charlie or being a sneaky listener, or something like that. Maybe it’s my problem with reading. It just sucks that’s off the table.”

“So do you know for sure where you’re going after AIT? Are you sure it’s ‘Nam?” Dene asked.

“My MOS [military occupational sepcialty] is “Infantryman” just like almost everybody in the squad. I don’t know where yet, but I know I’m going to ‘Nam. From what I understand, AIT is going to be even more intense than basic. Lots of PT, lots of staying out in the swamp, lots of live fire training with M-16s and M-60s. They’ve got instructors at Polk that were in country and made it back out-that’s a good thing. They’ll have lots to tell us about how to keep our asses from getting shot or blown up. The only good thing is that we’ll get weekend passes after the first couple of weeks. At least if we don’t fuck up.”

Tears were silently spilling down my cheeks as Chad described how AIT was going to be and the inevitability of being sent to Viet Nam. I just hated it. I hated that his training would be so grueling, and I hated to think of him in the jungles and rice paddies getting shot at and scared to death every step. I managed not to sob, but only barely.

“Pay really good attention to that ‘How Not to Get Shot’ shit, OK?” I said, without a trace of levity.

Chad saw my tears.

“Hey, I know the news has been awful, really, and there have been a lot of guys that didn’t come back. But there are way more of us who do. I mean WAY more. Don’t lose sight of that. And Tricky Dick really is throwing the whole deal back on South Vietnam. He’s bringing the troop numbers down, so maybe I’m wrong about getting sent over there anyway. And I’m pretty sure,” he said, trying to lighten the mood, “that percentage wise, it’s more likely the two of you will fuck me to death before I ever walk through the gates at Ft. Polk!”

“Hmmm. I’d hate to actually kill you, but maybe we could keep at it ’till you were just disabled,” Dene joked back.

“Arrrrggghhhhh,” Chad groaned. “Lord help me!”

Earlier in the day that would have been all it took for Dene and me to launch ourselves onto the poor guy, but nobody moved.

“I think that for the rest of the time we’re together, it should officially be ‘Pamper Chad Time,’ OK Dene?”

“I could go for that.”

“Chad, we are officially yours to command. Tell us what would make you feel pampered.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20