Being a Good Neighbor

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I had written a couple (actually three stories) several years ago and submitted them for publication to an adult periodical. They were based on mostly fantasies at the time. This story is an actually event that I was lucky enough to have been part of.

My neighbor five houses down had sold his house and was going to spend 3 months in New Zealand and Australia before relocating to Sacramento. I had been helping him pack things up to get ready for the move since his girlfriend had already gone to Sacramento with her car and towing their Capri convertible. The last night we were packing him up was on a Thursday. I had been off that day and so he and I spent all day packing up everything. All he had left was a suitcase with what he needed to travel with.

It was about 6:00pm when we finished the last box. We took a breather and both had a beer and just talked about things in general. We weren’t really friends, but good neighbors, willing to help each other out. He caught me off guard when he said that I looked like an extremely frustrated married man. I was, but had thought I always hid it very well from everyone except my best pal. I told him I was and he said he could tell, he had been that way until his divorce four years ago. He had been together with his girlfriend for the last year and a half, but said he would never marry again. I told him AMEN to that. We talked some more and then he said why didn’t we go out to celebrate getting all his stuff packed up and he wanted to repay me for my help.

I thought it would be nice to go out with a guy for a change without my wife there and be able to talk about anything. I said sure, but I had to go home and shower and change. We agreed we would go in about 45 minutes. I went home – the little lady was pissed because I had been there all day even though she had only been home 10 minutes. It really rubbed me the wrong way and I was about to tell her I was going out and probably drinking with him (I rarely drink) when she told me she was going to the casino with her girlfriend. That damn double standard. I didn’t even bother telling her my plans after that, but went to take my shower. I came out and she had already left. I walked down to his house after I dressed and he was just about ready when I got there.

I went in and had another beer while he was finishing getting ready. He came out and I asked if we were going to go out, or just go to a bar and relax. He said he hoped I didn’t mind, but he had planned on going to a sex party tonight and thought I needed to come with him. I’m sure I probably got white as a sheet, because my next thought was how the hell didn’t I know he was gay and was trying to hit on me. He must have known from the look on my face and said it wasn’t like that, but a place he and his girlfriend went to where there were couples, single chicks and some single guys, but more girls than guys. I was still hesitant, but after the beer I figured what the hell, I was a big boy and could always run out if it wasn’t like that.

We went in his Explorer to the northern part of the Valley in a nice area with several large 2 story homes. We parked and I guess he could tell I was nervous. I had gone to a sex club with my wife once right after we were married in Colorado, and it was going okay until we walked in one of the rooms and she saw two chicks with one guy. She bolted towing me along and that was my one almost experience. He told me this wasn’t a club, but a group of sexually open couples and their friends who got together frequently.

We went to the door and rang the bell. Cathy came to the door with her husband Carl and greeted us, kissing Don. Don introduced me and she gave me a nice kiss on the cheek and a big hug. Carl shook my hand and lead me into the entryway by my shoulder. Once we were in the foyer, Cathy said we were the last ones coming and Don knew the routine. Cathy welcomed me and told me to have run of the whole house, and just open doors and do whatever felt good for me.

The four of us went into the living room off to the left and Cathy and Carl started undressing each other. Don took off his shirt and then his shoes and slide down his jeans standing there in his boxerbriefs. I was a little self conscious – I was sure I was probably one of the older guys there and a little modest to undress in front of strangers. Anyway, Cathy reached over and tugged my shirt out of my jeans and over my head while Carl undid her bra from behind her. She unbuttoned my jeans and then slid them down as her bra fell on the floor leaving me standing there in my briefs, jeans puddled around my ankles and getting extremely aroused. I took off my pants, adjusted myself and I’m sure I was somewhat red-faced. Cathy and Carl said “have fun” and took off down the hall on the right. Don went straight ahead to the back of the house and said, “go explore man, I’ll see you later for sure”.

I stood there for a while and realized I was horny as hell, güvenilir bahis I didn’t know anyone except Don and if I didn’t at least go looking I was fucking stupid. I went down the hall on the right where Cathy and Carl had gone. I stopped at the first room where the door was slightly cracked open. I stuck my head in and saw a couple sitting on the bed. I was a little embarrassed at first. The guy said “hi, come on in, we’re just getting started”. I went in and just stood there for a minute. He said, “I’m Tom and this is Mary my wife, come and join us, or if you want, you can just sit in the chair by the bed. And close the door behind you.” I closed the door and walked over to the chair by the bed.

They looked like they were in their later 20’s, both very attractive. She was a blond, natural as I found out later, and he had dark blond hair. She was wearing pink panties and bra and he had on white briefs. I sat in the chair and had to readjust myself, it was obvious I was very aroused at the thought of watching them. They started kissing each other passionately and embracing one another. Tom reached behind Mary, undid her bra and slid it off in such a smooth motion it was almost like magic. They continued to kiss each and began rubbing each other. Tom moved his hands down to her nice ass and began massaging it while kissing her and moving down to suck on her nipples. I hadn’t done anything or even touched myself other than to rearrange myself, but I was so close to shooting. Tom told me to join anytime I felt like it or just watch. He said it was a turn on to have some guy watching him making love to his wife. It was making me hot as hell just watching and living a fantasy I had had for a long time. When my wife and I first got married, she was very foxy and although she had her quick tempter then, she maintained better control and wasn’t a bitch. I had always wanted to be with another couple and hopefully watch another guy have sex with my wife while I watched.

Mary reached down and started stroking his briefs and Tom looked like he was pretty big. She got up and stood at the side of the bed and he slid down her panties, exposing those white ass cheeks no more than a foot in front of my face. I could tell she was working on his hard dick, but couldn’t take my eyes off her smooth ass. She stepped out of her panties and stood there with her legs slightly spread. That’s when I knew she was a natural blond. She leaned over and stood to the side a little and I could see her run her hands around the waist of Tom’s briefs and then start sliding them down his thighs. When she got them to his knees, she bent down to pull them off his feet and her ass and pussy were right in my face. I wasn’t going to turn this invitation down. I leaned forward just a couple of inches and started tickling her with my tongue. She moaned and pushed back into my face so I knew I was doing something right. She moved a little and I looked up when I heard Tom moan and saw why, when she started licking the head of his huge hard dick. She started going down on him while I went back to eating her sweet wet pussy. I hadn’t tasted anything this nice since a young French girl in Paris. I was really enjoying myself and by the moans, they were getting hotter too when she pulled away. She turned around to face me and then got closer to Tom. I was kind of embarrassed when I saw how hung he was compared to me. She expertly leaned back and down and his dick slid right into her pussy that was dripping wet from my tongue work. It was so hot watching this big dick disappear right inside the pussy I had just been eating.

I leaned back and realized how hot I was, I hadn’t been that hard in a long time. Mary was starting to go up and down, almost letting him come completely out of her and then all the way down on him. Her breasts were bouncing up and down but not a lot. She wasn’t that big, but full and nicely formed. I quit stroking myself through my briefs and leaned over again and started licking her nipples. She must have been very sensitive because of the increase of her moans. We went on like this for quite a while (probably not that long, but it seemed like a long time). She was getting more frantic and moaning “Tom, Tom.” Tom’s breathing was getting faster too, as was mine and I wasn’t even touching myself. She asked me if I close to cumming and I told her yes. She said she wanted me to come all over her breasts while Tom came inside her. This was almost too much and I told her I was there and couldn’t wait much longer. Tom really started humping her and started moaning he was going to cum. I stood up and started stroking against her breasts. About the time Tom moaned he was cumming, I began to pump a load between her breasts and on her neck. I had never felt anything like that. I pumped a while until I felt like I would faint and then sat down in the chair. I was looking at her and amazed at what I had just done.

Tom was still inside as I watched him collapse türkçe bahis back on the bed. I looked at her pussy and could see his cum dripping out around his dick and onto his balls. I couldn’t believe how hot this sight made me and I could feel my dick beginning to get hard again. Mary got off Tom and went to the bathroom and came back with warm washcloths. The three of us cleaned each other off. They were both amazed that I was already getting aroused again. We talked a little bit and I thanked them for an amazing experience. Mary helped me slip back on my briefs, gave me a nice squeeze and told me to come back later if I wanted.

I stepped outside the door into the hallway and just stood there to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Cathy was coming down the hall by herself. She stopped, said hi and then looking at my hardon asked me if I wasn’t happy with my first encounter. I told her that I was very happy with it. She squeezed me and said she wanted to see me later if I was that horny.

I didn’t know if I was physically or emotionally ready just yet for another encounter, but felt very self-conscious walking around with a hardon in my briefs. That didn’t last long though, I wanted to explore some more. I saw there were four other doors in this hallway. I figured they might be bedrooms or maybe a bath or study or something. I decided to go back to the back of the house where Don had headed. I went down the hall and past the dining room and into the kitchen. Cathy had met up with Carl and they were fondling each other while talking to three chicks and two other guys, all naked in different states of arousal. Everyone said hi and introduced themselves to me. They told me I should leave my briefs in the living room and then I wouldn’t have to worry about them. I thanked them, but wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to walk around someone else’s house with only a hardon.

I left the kitchen and went to the back part of the house and figured I would see Don back there. He wasn’t back there, but it was a family room with a big leather sofa and loveseat and four guys and six chicks back there involved in various acts of sex. I just watched for a while and then decided to go sit down on the sofa between two guys that were screwing two cute younger (24-25) chicks. Surprisingly, the guys looked close to my age (probably mid 40’s). The other guys looked like they were probably 30 or so. I was getting more aroused watching a couple on each side of me screwing. I was fascinated by that. I sat there a little while and then decided I should just go ahead and strip off and leave my underwear with my clothes. I got up and went back in the living room and put my briefs on my jeans. I saw Don had come back and put his on his jeans too.

I went back down the hall past the first door where Tom and Mary had been and all the way down to the last door on the right. At the end of the hall was a double door which I figured was the master bedroom, although the first bedroom I had been was huge by itself. The door was cracked so I figured it was okay to look in. Sitting on the bed were two young (early 20’s) gorgeous women kissing and rubbing each other. One had dark blonde or brown hair and the other had blonde hair. They both had petite and exquisite bodies. I stopped and was going to leave afraid I had gone in by mistake when they said to come on in. I walked over by the bed and they continued kissing and exploring each other. I was standing by the side of the bed mesmerized and slowly stroking my cock. The blonde reached over while she was still kissing the other and began rubbing my chest, belly and down to my balls. This was such a rush, I couldn’t believe the feeling. I am extremely sensitive and she must have hit every nerve ending. She grabbed my dick and pulled me onto the bed. I got between them on my knees while they were still kissing. I began massaging their breasts and taking turns licking one and then the other. They stopped kissing each other and then began to massage my shoulders and down my body. It was only a second before I realized what that warm wet sensation around my dick was. The dark blond had gone down and was taking my dick in her mouth while I was sucking the nipples of the blond. I rolled over on my back so I could get at her pussy and the dark blond chick starting really giving me some awesome head. I couldn’t believe I was in a bed with two young chicks like this.

I started working on the blonde’s clit and she began moaning and shaking all over while she buried her pussy in my face. At times it was hard to breathe she was pressing down so hard on my face. I grabbed her thighs to pull her closer into me to eat her better and could feel her pulsing against my tongue. The dark blond has stopped sucking me, but that was soon replaced by something warm, tight and very moist. At first I thought, “Oh my god, I can’t fuck anyone here.” It was too late, she was down on my hard cock before güvenilir bahis siteleri I could even think of backing out or asking about a condom. I was so close I didn’t know if I could stand it. I began eating the blonde chick out like a madman while pumping this other chick. They were kissing each other while I ate one pussy and fucked the other. This didn’t last near long enough. I could feel the blond start to cum and had never experienced a woman’s juices like that when they came. It was almost like me shooting my load. At the same time I began exploding which must have been good for her, she began screaming while they were kissing.

I thought maybe I had died or had a heart attack and this was all a dream, but it wasn’t. The girls got off me and then got into a 69, the blond eating my cum out of her friend and the dark blonde eating her friends cum. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, let alone that I was part of it. I just laid there and finally started getting soft. I figured I wouldn’t get hard again for at least a week after this night. I sat up and was waiting for them to quit until I realized they were so into each other right now, they probably didn’t know I was there. I got up and didn’t see a bathroom off this bedroom so I figured there must be one in the hall. I needed to clean up. I went back out in the hall and the doors were closed, but the one by foyer was open and I heard a toilet flush. I went there to clean up and use the restroom too. Don was coming out and just smiled and said, “are you glad you came – hehe”. I just grinned back at him.

I cleaned up and used the restroom and decided to go back to the family room and probably just watch for a while. I went through the kitchen and no one was there. In the family room however, it was a different story, it was an orgy scene. Carl and Cathy were there along with Tom and Mary. Some of the others who were in there earlier, were still in the same place fucking away. I sat down on the loveseat, just pretty much content to watch. I didn’t think I could get hard if I had to.

Don came over and sat next to me. We talked a little bit. He told me about two chicks he had been with. I just smiled. He had been with Carl and Cathy and another girl name Andrea. We were just sitting watching. Don said he had gotten off three times already, but was still horny. I couldn’t believe him. He started masturbating while he was watching the orgy scene and I was amazed that he got hard again. I was just watching and enjoying the hell out of a live porno film! Then this china white chick with jet black hair came over. Don said, “Hi Andrea, this is my pal”. She sat on the arm of the love seat and began rubbing her leg on the inside of mine. Like I said, I am extremely sensitive and I couldn’t believe it when I started getting hard again. Don chuckled at me. She reached down and started stroking me and it wasn’t long before I was fully hard again.

Andrea bent over and started running her tongue around the head of my dick which drove me wild. She reached over with her other and started stroking up and down on Don’s dick. I couldn’t believe how arousing this was. I would glance over and watch her stroke Don while she sucked on me. Don was enjoying this too and he would look at me and just smile. She switched and started sucking on Don while jerking on my dick. While she was sucking Don I started rubbing her white ass and sliding my fingers up and down her crack. Her pussy was almost dripping, it was so moist from her being turned on. She kept pushing against my hand as I explored her lips looking for that sweet spot. I was being slow and gentle, but her grip on my dick was getting tighter and tighter. She moved back on me and started deep-throating my whole cock until her chin hit my balls. Then she would come off my cock and lick down the shaft to my balls and back up to throat me again. She was driving me wild. I either wanted to fuck her then or eat her pussy into oblivion.

Then she really surprised me when she got up from sucking my cock and told Don she wanted him to fuck her – in the ass. Don was a little surprised too, but he was lost and horny as hell. She turned around and put her ass against his hard cock and started sliding down on him. She must have been really tight, Don’s eyes rolled back in his head and he really began moaning.

I couldn’t stand it, I had to see, so I moved around in front of them and got down to watch. It was so erotic watching him sliding in and out of her ass while her pussy juices streamed down. I started working her lips with my fingers and found her clit. She started jerking up and down faster on him. Don moaned he was going to cum and she stood up while my fingers still worked on her pussy. I was so hot from all this that I had to bury my face in her pussy. That must have been too much for her, she moaned and her body went rigid and she started shaking. I backed away, not sure if she was having an orgasm or seizure. Then she backed over to Don again and rammed his dick into her ass. That was it for Don, he moaned and shot a load into her. I could see it dripping from her ass onto his balls. She started breathing finally and then slid up and off his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20