Best Friends Share Girlfriend

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The bed looked like a jumbled mess of arms, legs, and body parts poking out of a comforter. There was clearly not just one person in the bed, not even just two. Slowly, the bed began to stir and the trio arose all naked. First to rise was Darin; he is 5’7, 19, white with sandy brown hair, cut, lean, very handsome and muscular. Darin stretched out his muscular arms and accidentally hit someone else. That person was hit best friend Shawn, who he’s known since they were both 12. Shawn is 6’1, white with brown hair, extremely handsome and is skinny, but cut. He has a visible 6 pack despite never working out. Shawn feels the brush of his friend’s arm and slowly gets up, yawns, and looks at his best friend. This was a defining moment in their friendship as they had yet to talk about what had happened last night. Darin and Shawn both stared deeply into each other’s eyes and then just started laughing a little bit. They both then looked down at the other body still sleeping. It was Darin’s girlfriend, Victoria. Victoria was hot…that was the only word to describe her. She was 5’4, white with medium length blonde hair, a great body that included 34C tits and an ass to match that. As Darin and Shawn both gazed down at Victoria, Darin began to recall how this happened.

Darin and Victoria were lying in bed watching TV when Victoria asked Darin a surprising question.

“What’s your ultimate fantasy?”

“Are you serious?” Darin asked back in disbelief. Victoria wasn’t exactly the wild type when it came to sex.

“Yeah. I want to fulfill your ultimate fantasy.”

Darin was a little hesitant to tell her because despite knowing his dream, he was unsure as to how she would take it.

“Well…. I always wanted to have a threesome.”

“That’s perfect!” Victoria answered. “Who did you want? I can ask any of my friends. They all think you’re hot.”

“Well that’s the thing…I wanted to have a threesome with another guy.”

“Oh.” There was an awkward pause and Darin held his breath to judge her response. “That sounds like a lot of fun. Who did you have in mind?” Victoria asked.

“There would only be one person I would be comfortable doing this with…Shawn.”

“I was hoping you would say Shawn because he’s you’re only friend that I think is cute and that I can stand.”

“You have no idea how happy you’re making me, but if were gonna do this, we have to do it the way I want.” Darin then began to tell Victoria his entire fantasy.

So it was settled that they would have a threesome with Shawn and the date was set also as Darin’s parents were out of town one weekend. Now Darin would have to tell Shawn about the adventure they were about to go on together.

“Hey Shawn. I kinda have a favor to ask you.”

“What is it?” Shawn asked telling that there was something different about mobilbahis güvenilir mi this conversation with Darin.

“It may sound weird, but me and Victoria are going to have a threesome and we want you to be the third person in it.”

“Holy shit! Are you serious?”

“Hell yeah. Victoria offered and how could I resist. So are you game?”

Shawn thought before he answered, “Of course dude. As long as you’re comfortable with it.”

“Why would I even ask you if I wasn’t comfortable?”

“Good point.”

“There’s only one thing. Whatever she wants us to do…just go with it.”

So the three met for dinner near Darin’s house, but no one really ate that much as they were all a little nervous. They left the restaurant after about an hour and then headed to Darin’s house.

When they got to Darin’s house it was very awkward at first as they all just stared at each other without saying a word. Everyone knew what was on each other’s minds. Finally Victoria walked over to Darin and just started making out with him as they began walking back to Darin’s room with Shawn trailing closely behind. When they got to the room Victoria broke her lip lock with Darin and grabbed Shawn by the shirt and pulled him towards her. Victoria then began making out with Shawn and stuffing her tongue down his throat as he returned the favor. Darin sat on his bed and started rubbing Victoria’s upper thighs and ass as she was facing away from him while Darin watched his girlfriend make out with his best friend.

“You’re the best girlfriend ever.” Darin said mostly just to himself.

“And she makes out like a pro.” Shawn said laughing as he pulled away from Victoria.

Victoria then told the two best friends “I’m so wet right now, but before you guys worry about me I wanna see something.”

Darin looked at Shawn, as he knew what was coming next.

“I want you boys to strip each other and then jerk each other off until you guys get hard.” Victoria said excitedly.

Shawn didn’t hesitate at all as he immediately went for his best friends shirt. Shawn lifted Darin’s shirt over his head and then pulled back to get a full view of his friend’s cut chest. Darin then went for Shawn’s shirt and got it off easily. The pant’s were next as they both undid each other’s belts and then unbuttoned and unzipped their best friend’s pants. Shawn pulled down Darin’s pants to view Darin in boxers with a slight bulge already visible. Shawn’s turn was next as Darin pulled down his friend’s pants to reveal Shawn in his boxers already half hard. While this was going on Victoria began undressing herself on the bed as she watched with intense interest as her boyfriend and his best friend undressed each other. At this point Darin and Shawn were both in their boxers and Victoria was in her mobilbahis bra and thong. The job wasn’t done yet as Shawn reached for his best friend’s boxers and yanked them down exposing Darin’s dick. Darin wasted no time and went for his friend’s boxers and pulled them down revealing Shawn’s cock. They stood side by side now staring down at each other’s cocks.

“You shaved too?” Darin asked Shawn.

“Hell yeah. I wanted to be smooth.”

“I shaved too.” Victoria added. “You boys gonna do what I want?”

Shawn and Darin just looked at each other and without hesitation grabbed each other’s cocks. Both Darin’s and Shawn’s dick stood to full mast immediately as Darin’s dick grew to 7 inches and Shawn’s to 7 ½. Victoria began rubbing her clit through her thong on the bed as she watched the show. The boys jacked each other off for about five minutes until Victoria got up and stood between them. The guys stopped and focused on Victoria. Darin took off Victoria’s bra exposing her tits and Shawn went for her thong revealing her wet pussy. She made out with both guys a little bit before she got down on her knees.

She looked up at the both of them and asked “Are you guys ready for what’s next?”

With that she grabbed a dick in each hand and began stroking them. Victoria then put Shawn’s dick in her mouth and then took it out and immediately put Darin’s dick in her mouth. She then continued this trend for a couple of minutes and then a calculating look came on her face. Then with a sparkle in her eye she grabbed both dicks and pulled them toward her mouth. She put both cocks in her mouth at the same time as Darin and Shawn both stood in ecstasy. Unfortunately she couldn’t keep it up for very long as both dicks began sliding out and over each other, which gave Victoria an idea. She took both dicks and started rubbing them together. She looked up at them for approval, but they both had their eyes closed in pleasure. She continued to do this, gliding the wet dicks over each other. When both guys became a little dry, she shoved them both back in their mouths and moistened them up. Darin and Shawn looked at each other and smiled and then looked down to watch as this smoking hot girl grinded their dicks together. Soon the guys could no longer take it and Darin closed his eyes and cringed as he began cumming. Seeing this, Shawn couldn’t last any longer and he too cummed right after Darin. They both opened their eyes and looked down. Some cum got on Victoria’s chest but most of it got on each other’s dicks. They both laughed and then Victoria lie back on the bed and spread her legs exposing her very wet pussy.

Darin walked over and began fingering his girlfriend needing pussy and then Shawn followed suit and put his tongue up to her moist pink lips. With Darin’s fingers inside her and Shawn’s tongue mobilbahis giriş gently licking her pussy, Victoria began screaming in ecstasy. The empty house was filled with loud moans and screams from Victoria, as she never experienced anything like this before. Within minutes she came and Darin felt her pussy contract around his fingers, as Shawn didn’t stop licking her clit. They both stopped and stood up staring at Victoria and then they looked at each other. Darin began pulling on his dick spreading Shawn’s cum up and down his 7-inch cock. Shawn did the same and soon their dicks were lubed up white with their best friend’s cum.

Victoria finally rebounded from her first orgasm of the night and looked up at the two guys.

“I want both of you to fuck me in the pussy at the same time!” She basically yelled.

“Let’s do it.” Shawn exclaimed as he gave his best friend a slap on the ass.

Darin lie on his back near the edge of the bed with his knees bent and feet resting on the ground. As he did this, his rock hard dick slapped up against his stomach. Victoria then got on Darin’s stomach and teased his dick by rubbing her wet pussy against it. Soon she then inserted his dick into her pussy and then began inching it in, as she moaned. Victoria spread her legs and Darin opened his up too. Darin began thrusting up and down and then Shawn walked up to the couple as he tugged on his dick. Shawn started playing with Victoria’s clit and then worked his way down to fondle Darin’s balls. With that, Shawn began aiming his dick for the already filled pussy. It took a while to get Shawn’s cock in as he kept sliding out and his tip would brush up against Darin’s dick. Finally, Shawn got in and began fucking his best friend’s girlfriend. Victoria began moaning loudly as she’s never had this much depth or length inside of her ever. Victoria sat there while her boyfriend and his best friend fucked her. Darin just lay there enjoying the warmth of his girlfriend’s pussy and the feeling of his best friend’s tip sliding on his tip. Then suddenly, Darin’s dick fell out and Shawn immediately pulled out and grabbed his friend’s dick and guided back inside Victoria. Shawn then put his dick back inside Victoria, this time getting in fully on the first try. Darin and Shawn then began getting in a rhythm as they each thrust deep inside Victoria, their balls slapping together. Victoria started yelling louder and louder and then her pussy contracted as she came for the second time that night. The combination of Victoria cumming and each other’s cocks was too much for both Shawn and Darin. They both came at the same time as they each let out a groan of pleasure. After resting for a little bit, Shawn pulled his cock out of Victoria and then Darin did the same. Both of their dicks were covered in white cum and Victoria’s pussy was flooded with cum, inside and out. The threesome was so exhausted after this; they all just fell asleep right in that bed.

Darin then snapped back to reality and looked back at Shawn. He then reached over to Shawn’s dick and gave it a tug and then laid back and went back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20