Best Girl Friends Ch. 02

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(note: should be read after Best Friends in Lesbian story section)


Suzanne woke late, the sunlight through the blinds creating bright strips of sunlight across her large creamy breasts which peeped out above the covers, and her curly strawberry blonde hair messed up over the pillow. She sighed with frustration. After her hasty escape through the French windows last night she had made her way back to her room and spent a restless night remembering her illicit tryst with her friend Carla. She was not sure how Carla had explained her state of undress to her husband, Jack, after his sudden reappearance but whatever she had said must have worked as there was still no sign of them.

She raised her fingers to her nose and breathed in the heady scent of her friend’s sex, feeling a rush of lust as images of the night before came back to her. She reached under the covers with her other hand, opening her legs a little to help herself ease the strong desire she felt for sleepy sex while still warm and relaxed from sleep – it was usually one of her favourite times to make love but unfortunately today she was alone. Usually she would use her favourite dildo to pleasure herself and start the day off with a wonderful orgasm, but today, as she idly massaged her pussy, she wondered if things might be awkward between her and Carla. She hoped not but there was only one way to find out. She would get up and go for a swim first though to try and cool off a little.

So, putting on a skimpy black pair of bikini bottoms and top comprised of two small triangles which barely contained her ample breasts, she wrapped a sarong around her and headed for the pool. It was already hot, and the water looked cool and inviting; so, dropping the sarong, she dived in. Several laps later there was still no sign of her friend, and so she looked around for a sun-bed or chair to lie on. Spotting a young man pruning one of the hedges nearby she guessed this must be the gardener Carla had mentioned. He was wearing a pair of khaki cut-off combat shorts, and his tanned torso was lean muscular and brown from a summer spent out of doors. His shoulder length brown hair was nut brown and wavy, and Suzanne wondered what his hands (which were so carefully handling, the rose bushes) would feel if handling her. As she approached he stopped what he was doing and made not secret of watching her wet breasts move as she walked towards him.

Do you know where I might find a sun bed.” she asked. He said nothing, but simply smiled and pointed in the direction of a building the other end of the pool. Ah, the pool room! Feeling a bit foolish she thanked him, and turned to walk to the other side of the pool. Aware that the sexy young gardener was still watching she accentuated the swing of her hips so that he would get a good look at her beautifully rounded rear. The door to the pool room was open, but before going inside she glanced back quickly to see him still watching her – my god, how had Carla managed to get such a hot young hunk to tend to her garden, and she wondered if he tended to anything else while he was here.

As she entered the pool room it took her eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness as the blinds were drawn but she spotted a pool chair in the corner and headed further in to fetch it.

“Hello Suzy” said Jack’s familiar voice suddenly behind her. Jumping a little, she turned to face him. Her friend’s husband was not much taller than her but without her usual heels and realising there was not much material covering her, she felt much smaller now. He smiled as he looked at her dripping onto the floor, and his gaze dropped perceptibly downwards to where the cold damp silky material clearly showed the hardened points of her nipples. Her large breasts not particularly well concealed by the little fabric there was.

“You have been a very naughty girl” he continued, as he closed the door firmly behind him.

“Carla?” she managed to stammer while looking around to see if there was another exit.

“Oh, she’s gone shopping for lunch. I thought that you and I should have a little talk. In private.” Jack didn’t move but the intense way in which his dark eyes were looking at her made her feel hot despite the damp costume and cool of the room.

“You see. I know what you girls have been getting up to together. I am away a lot for work recently , and wanted to make sure my wife was behaving herself, so I have set up some cameras around the house. And I reviewed the footage this morning,” he added, his sexy blue eyes holding her gaze.

Suzanne gulped; there was not much she could say if what he said was true. “And does Carla know? About the cameras I mean?”

He moved closer to her, and she could smell the familiar scent of the aftershave he usually wore. It made her lick her lick her lips. She had tried very hard not to be attracted to her friend’s husband in the past, but given the current circumstances she was finding it very illegal bahis difficult indeed as the moisture between her legs proved.

“She doesn’t know,” he said “and I would prefer it to stay that way, or there will be consequences. More consequences!” he added pointedly.

Her bright green/grey eyes watched him curiously, trying to gauge where he was going with this confession, slightly scared but also very aroused by the fact that he had just watched her and Carla make love to each other in his bedroom…on his bed. Her gaze wandered down past the white linen shirt to his narrow waist and below where the tight black jeans showed a remarkably prominent bulge. He pulled an old arm chair out of the shadows and sat down without dropping his gaze.

“Naughty girls like you Suzy need to be kept in line, and I think a bit of old fashioned punishment is in order,” he remarked. He watched her reaction carefully and was pleased to see her lips part as she started to breathe a bit more heavily. Suzanne had a penchant for submission as he had correctly guessed. “Now, come here and bend over my lap,” he ordered in a voice which challenged her to disobey. Seeing her hesitate he added “If I drag you over here it will be worse.”

Suzanne could think of no way out of this situation. They were alone, and he obviously knew Carla would be gone a while. There was nothing for it but to accept her fate, although one part of her wanted this so badly that she knew the dampness of her bikini briefs was not just from her earlier swim. Slowly she walked towards him and placed herself over his lap. Jack kept himself in shape and she felt his hard muscular thighs underneath her softer curves. He pushed her head and neck down so that her well-rounded bottom was raised in the air. Her damp breasts were soaking his trousers. She felt helpless and turned on by the uncertainty of what he was about to do to her. . He started to caress her raised arse, and she felt her pussy moisten as his hands fondled her while he pondered her fate.

“I think a good old fashioned spanking is what you need Miss Suzy. On the bare,” he added as she felt him ease her bikini pants down so they were around her knees. She could feel his rock hard cock jutting up into her – and boy it felt enormous! She wondered what it would feel like thrusting inside her as he continued to rub the rounded globes of her bottom, every now and then running his fingers down the cleft of her arse to the top of her thighs.

Then, suddenly without warning, “slap!” She felt his hand come down hard on her behind, so hard it stung and brought tears to her eyes.

“This is what happens to bad girls” he continued with three more smacks in quick succession. It hurt like hell, and Suzanne struggled to try to escape – but he merely held her down more tightly and continued…slap “bad”…slap “naughty”..Slap “slut!”. Her bottom stung like hell, but at the same time she felt the urge to rub her cunt against his leg and felt a trail of juice run down her inner thighs. After a while he stopped and undid her bikini top so that her breasts fell out and he began talking more gently to her.

“It feels like you are enjoying your punishment a little too much,” he said casually as he looked down at the wet stains of female arousal on his black jeans.

“Is that true Suzy? Are you enjoying it my naughty little slut?”

Suzanne couldn’t answer. Yes the pain was excruciating, but if she said that it wasn’t giving her pleasure then the juices that she could now feel running down her inner thighs would give her away. So she just moaned and stayed quiet.

“If she won’t tell me then I’ll just have to see for myself whether or not this naughty girl is enjoying her punishment?” he said, as he parted her legs and pushed his fingers inside to feel the heat and moisture between her legs. He massaged her smooth pussy with one hand while rubbing his fingers over her smarting bottom.

“It seems Suzy” he whispered into her ear, “that you have been enjoying it a hell of a lot. Perhaps that punishment was not enough,” he added, as she gulped at the thought.

“Poor red bottom,” he remarked, as he continued to rub her pussy. She could clearly feel his rigid cock underneath her as she tried to push harder against his hand, desperate to cum. The thought that he intended to continue the punishment at his leisure turning her on more. He continued to tease her before starting to spank her once more. Only this time it was harder, and after each painful slap he thrust his fingers up inside her, his thumb pushing hard against her clitoris as he did so. The pain and the pleasure together were so intense. She could feel her pussy start to contract as her orgasm built up inside her.

“Jack…” she gasped, “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

He stopped suddenly, leaving her right on the edge, and caressed her neck and breasts before bending down and murmuring in her ear “Just five more …” She started to convulse as he began, counting each illegal bahis siteleri one, feeling the suspense build with each slap and thrust of his fingers against her sex, leaving a long pause between each, to the point at which she was ready to burst. So when he delivered the fifth and final slap on her bright red arse at the same time as grinding the palm of his hand against her incredibly hard she was unable to control the massive orgasm which had been building inside her. “Ahhhhh fuck…I’m cuming!” she gasped as she came, shuddering on top of him, as a rush of moisture spurted from her cunt and gushed down her legs, drenching his trousers.

He left her across his thighs for a minute, stroking her hair as she recovered, before lifting her up and pushing her down onto the floor in front of him, unzipping his flies and removing his cock which Suzanne had to admit was one of the biggest and best she’d ever seen. It must have been at least 7 or 8 inches long, smooth and thick. “Suck it, you naughty slut!” he ordered and twisted his hands in her hair to pull her mouth towards him. Suzanne’s tongue started to lick and lap at the end, before licking it up and down all over. He continued to hold her damp red curls out of the way so that he could see everything when she opened her lips and swallowed him. Her warm wet mouth moved up and down him, taking as much of his length as she could while fondling and rubbing the wet slippery shaft at the same time. She could taste the sharp salty taste of his pre-cum as she worked him harder and harder, cupping his balls as she sucked and lapped and licked. Looking up she was turned on even more by the look of ecstasy on his face and she longed to feel him thrusting into her cunt as well. Kneeling naked on the floor in front of him, bikini pants around her ankles she felt so slutty and hot and wet that she already needed to cum again badly. She felt him push her head down so that she was deep-throating him. He forced his whole length down inside her mouth and pushed it hard in and out, so that she had to tip her head right back to take it. And then just as she thought he was going to cum in her mouth he pulled her up by her hair.

“Sit on it Suzy,” ride my cock hard you little tart”.

Already wet and dripping with cunt slime, and now desperate to cum, Suzanne straddled Jack’s lean muscular hips and in her desperation impaled herself on his enormous member. It slid in easily and she began to ride him up and down, each time she pushed down feeling the pain and pleasure intensely as his whole length filled her, hitting her womb with each thrust. She pushed hard each time, because then she felt it against her clit and she wanted to cum doubly hard with both cunt and clit being stimulated so fast and furiously. When she felt him grip her hips hard and try to control the rhythm she bent down and repeated what he had told her earlier.

“Just five more…’ she breathed into his ear as she counted each thrust down.

“One” as she pushed hard against his groin, feeling her cunt convulse and her clit heat up.

“Two” as she thrust him up inside her again, this time moving her hand to help rub her clit harder.

“Three” she screamed as she dropped on top of him and he felt her womb neck as he hit it.

By now she was furiously rubbing her cunt harder and harder, just the tip of his cock poised at the entrance to her soft, yielding wetness. But with utmost control she looked him in the eyes and winked as she mouthed “Four” before sliding ever so slowly down his long length, slippery and wet – stringing it out. At the bottom she pushed hard against him and remained still, looking him in the eyes….She knew that she was about to cum hard whatever happened next, and intended on leaving five up to him. Unable to control himself any more grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against him, holding her still as he thrust up and back, in and out of her repeatedly “Five, five, five, five, FIVE…” he grunted as he slammed into her, wanting to shoot his cum into her soaking hot cunt. She shuddered in an even bigger orgasm than the first, as she felt him cum so hard inside her that she felt as it hit the back of her cunt and streamed down her legs.

She collapsed on top of him panting, feeling the last twinges of orgasm subside, loving the smell of him and the sex they had just had. Just then they heard the door open.

“Mr Todd? I have finished pruning the bushes near to the pool. What do you want me to do now?” The gardener asked, clearly not having seen them in the gloom at the back of the pool room.

Squeezing Suzanne’s arse to warn her to remain quiet Jack calmly answered, “I need you to help me in here with some dirty jobs that need doing.” Suzanne was finding it hard to stop laughing so he smothered her giggles with his hand as he added, “would you mind bringing the table inside.”

Luis exited to find the table and while they waited for him to return Jack said “I don’t think you have been punished enough yet, and canlı bahis siteleri my hand is sore.” Looking at her hot flushed face and bright green dilated pupils, so sexy when she was turned on he kissed her hard on her plump swollen lips before adding, ” I think you need a little more discipline!”


From the darkness Jack watched as the gardener dragged the table into the room.

“Just there will be fine Luis,” said Jack, “And now if you would tie Miss Suzy to it, I would be most obliged. She has been very, very bad and I need help in punishing her adequately”. As he spoke he pushed Suzy off his lap, turned her around and with a gentle slap on her sore backside pushed her out of the darkness and into the dappled sunlight in the centre of the room.

He said nothing until she reached the middle of the room before ordering her to stop in front of the stunned young gardener whose mouth was hanging open at the sight of this naked woman suddenly appearing in front of him. Suzy stopped and waited patiently for his next command.

“Turn around,” Jack ordered her. And she did, rotating slowly in front of both of them. Showing them both her curvy size 12 body, with its hourglass shape of F sized boobs, slender waist and rounded hips. Her red curly hair fell down over her creamy white skin.

“Now feel your tits!” Jack ordered, and as both men watched her she moved her hands up to her breasts to feel the soft round globes, massaging and kneading before tweaking the nipples until they stood firm and pointed.

“And now I want you to put your hand between your legs and masturbate yourself” said Jack. Looking into the shadows, where she knew he was, she spread her stance and while one hand continued to rub her increasingly sensitive breasts, the other moved down to rub her aching pussy. Then ignoring Jack deliberately she looked at the young gardener while she rubbed herself, lips parted and red with arousal, pupils dilated. Knowing that Jack was watching everything she teased the gardener as she played with herself.

“What is your name?”

“Luis.” he managed to croak.

“Well, Luis, wouldn’t you like to come closer to watch?”

The young man had now had moved much closer and, moaning, Suzanne had moved back up against a pool recliner on which she had sunk and was now rubbing her smooth, hairless pussy hard as he watched – his eyes growing wider with disbelief and arousal.

The young man was watching intently, his cock creating a huge bulge inside his shorts as he watched Suzanne’s fingers rub her juicy moist pussy. He reached for his cock just as Jack’s voice came from the shadows at the back of the room.

“So Miss Suzy. Are you being a bad, naughty girl again? Getting my gardener all excited so that he forgets his work?”

At her silence he repeated “and have you…been a naughty girl?”

“Tell me!” he ordered.

“Yes I have” she replied; only to hear him say “Yes what?”

“Yes Jack?” she answered…confused.

“Yes SIR!” he corrected her. “And from now on you will do what I ask, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“So, Luis,” he continued, “you can see just how disobedient she is and how in need of being brought into line. I am in need of your help to administer as stronger dose of punishment than usual. Are you able to assist?”

Dumbfounded, Luis nodded.

From the darkness Jack ordered “Suzy, bend over the table for Luis and spread those sexy legs for him. You will need to be tied up for this stage of your punishment.”

Jack watched from the shadows as Suzy bent over the table facing away from him so that as she spread her legs for Luis he could clearly see the sexual juices glistening on her inner thighs and her hot red gash open and shiny, already swollen and aroused from before. He stroked his now semi-erect cock as he watched her obey his commands, knowing that he would soon be hard enough at the performance he was about to watch – put on for him by his wife’s hot , sexy and submissive friend, and the eager young gardener.

“Good! Now Luis I would like you to tie her to the table.” he instructed.

Luis pulled a ball of twine from his pocket and went around the table quickly tying her legs and hands to the table legs so that she lay there naked and vulnerable, her dripping hairless pussy exposed to both of the men watching her, her gorgeous large, sensitive breasts squashed hard against the table top, and her long red curly hair down her back, wild and uncombed. Jack noticed that the young gardener’s cock was already huge under his shorts at the thought of this helpless, attractive older woman who was now tied up and unable to escape whatever punishment he was told to give her.

“Remove your belt Luis,” ordered Jack, before adding “you may remove your clothes too if you wish.” He had decided that Suzy needed (and probably wanted) something a little more severe to bring her under his control, and he was going to enjoy watching the young man administer it to the naughty vixen.

Luis removed his shorts and his cock stood huge and erect. Perhaps not as big as mine, thought Jack but nearly, and thick enough to fill her well. He would also enjoy watching it being thrust into her when the time came.

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