Betrayed by One, Wanted by Two

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When the phone rang and Phylicia saw who was calling, she beamed. “What time should I pick you up, Sweetie?” It had been so long since she’d had seen Riley, her excitement was off the charts. She wasn’t just counting days, she had a timer on her desk that displayed hours, minutes and seconds.

“Sorry, Baby. Business.” The voice on the other end was disappointingly upbeat. No regret or sadness about their time apart being extended. “You know how it is. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

Her heart sank. “Sure. I understand. It’s not like I had anything special planned,” she lied, thinking of the expensive champagne chilling in the refrigerator, the sassy black nightie she got for the occasion, and the new vibrator in her nightstand. “But I really want to talk to you about what my boss said to me today. It was terr—”

“I’d love to, Baby. But another time. I’m slammed. Still at the office working on this deal. You know how important it is. I’ll call. I promise. Love you.” [click]

As she looked at the phone, a tear ran down her cheek. Stunned and downcast, she curled up on the sofa and hugged a pillow. After 15 minutes in the fetal position and another 30 staring at the ceiling feeling sorry for herself, she sighed and told herself to be more understanding. ‘It’s just an unusually busy stretch. Everything will be back to normal after Riley puts this deal together.’

Dragging herself off the white leather couch, she decided to finally play with the telescope she’d purchased six months ago. She’d bought it mainly as a decoration. That spot in the room had cried out for something big, and she’d stumbled across the gleaming brass telescope at a house sale.

To be honest, however, that wasn’t the only reason she’d bought it. She lived opposite a series of glass towers, and she was curious about her neighbors.

As she casually scanned the windows, she—

‘Quick go back! Is that—?’

She adjusted the knob on the side of the metal tube until the pink blur snapped into focus. It was two women making love in a shower. They were locked in a loving embrace, kissing passionately. One woman then bent down and took the other’s nipple in her mouth—which caused her partner’s knees to buckle. The two looked at each other and giggled. She was in awe at how beautiful the couple was and how sexy the scene was. She closed her eyes and pictured her and Riley doing the same thing. She loved the dampness between her legs. Unfortunately, the thrill of forbidden pleasure got swept away by a wave of guilt. She obediently aimed her eyeglass at the adjoining apartment, where a white cat was sunning itself by the window.

When she’d moved into the building and noticed the glass walls in her view, she adopted a commonsense rule. Everyone living in apartments like that knew the risks of being seen. Open curtains, then, meant the inhabitants didn’t mind that aspect of their lives being watched. Maybe they were actually exhibitionists. Besides, whatever she could glimpse from so far away was so blurry and ill-defined, what she saw was more a tease.

But that was before she’d had a high-powered telescope. In her quick look at the pair canlı bahis şirketleri in the shower, she saw wonderful details. Hands desperately exploring bodies. A hard, chocolate brown nipple being teased by a pink tongue. Faces flushed with joy and desire. She struggled against the temptation to go back.

After checking out other windows for a few minutes, however, she realized that none of the bathrooms in that building had windows. How could she see the sexy pair in the shower? Unable to let it go, she took a second look. It turned out that what she was looking at was a mirror that reflected a view of the apartment’s bathroom. The two women making love in the shower. Gloriously naked. Lovingly lathering one another up. Hugging. Kissing. Pleasuring every inch of their beautiful flesh with their hands and lips.

Phylicia looked away. The women must not know what the mirror displayed. Also, their lovemaking only reminded her of how long it had been since Riley had touched her body that way. The ache was deep and torturous. She went to the kitchen, poured herself a large glass of wine, and felt sorry for herself. Then it hit her. ‘There’s something familiar about those two. Don’t I know them?’ She raced back to the telescope. ‘It is! Tinker and Belle!’

“Tinker” and “Belle” were two women who were always in the front row of the spinning class she took each evening. She called them that because they looked like ‘pixies’ to her. Very petite, adorable blondes. ‘Pixie’ haircuts. Sweet, high pitched voices. Phylicia always took a bike three rows directly behind them, and she couldn’t help but envy their tight, shaped behinds. Frankly, it was trying to get an ass like theirs that motivated her to work so hard in class.

Knowing that having answered the ‘Do I know them?’ question meant she had no more reason to watch, she tried to look away—but couldn’t. The sex was hot. The atmosphere was playful. There was lots of giggling and laughter, followed by raw, desperate, hungry passion. The girls were absolutely uninhibited in their giving and receiving pleasure.

On top of the sex, however, their love was so palpable—and stood in such stark contrast to the current state of her relationship—she was desperate to share in it. Bracing herself against the wall, she moved her hand into her panties. She gently teased her moist slit, massaged her swollen lips, then slid a finger inside her very wet pussy. She moaned loudly, imagining one of the girls finger fucking her. She came with such force, she almost lost her balance.

When her body stopped trembling, she was blindsided by shame. It was one thing to accidentally see the naked couple. (Oops! My bad! Moving on.) It was another to go back (Just trying to determine how it’s possible for me to see into a bathroom with no windows)—and then return again (I’m sure I know those girls). But she had no defense for what she’d just done. She doubted the lovers would agree to her using their most intimate moments as ‘reality porn’ to masturbate to. No matter how frustrated she was, this didn’t excuse such an invasion of privacy.

As she was beating herself up, her phone pinged. Seeing that canlı kaçak iddaa the text was from Riley, her heart leapt—’Yeah! Change of plans!’ When she read the message, it crashed.

“Delayed at work for another hour. Will be late—so even hornier! Be ready with cold bubbly, wet pussy, and no panties! Expect the best fucking weekend of your life! Get it? ?? XXX.”

It was as though she’d been punched in the stomach. She couldn’t breathe. As she sat down on the sofa, the phone dropped out of her hand and fell onto the floor. As her eyes filled with tears, too many details finally added up. ‘Damn! It’s everything I was afraid of. That’s what those cancelled weekends have been all about. I’ve been so stupid! Why didn’t I see it?’ Sitting with her face in her hands, her first reaction was to beat herself up relentlessly. ‘NO! I’m not going to do this again! This was not my fault!’ She resolved to take control of the situation. She wasn’t going to wait for some stupid excuse she’d desperately want to believe. She texted back through her tears, “Don’t even bother to try to explain. Don’t call. Don’t text. We’re done!” The phone immediately rang, of course. She refused the call and blocked Riley’s number.

After spending the weekend in bed, going through six boxes of tissues and a half-gallon of Rocky Road, she dragged herself to work. As much as she wanted to scurry home and climb back under the covers, she ordered herself to go to the gym. ‘I am taking my life back today! We have ice cream calories to burn!’ But when she saw Tinker and Belle, all she could think of was the erotic scene they’d starred in. In her post-breakup sadness, she was sure she’d never experience anything like that for the rest of her life. Class was agony.

Desperate for any kind of balm for her pain, she gave herself permission to spy on the sexy shower babes one more time when she got home. If watching the couple would give her at least a glimmer of hope about her own life, she was sure they’d understand.

When she trained her telescope on their apartment, however, she found a sign, not the sexy couple. “Hey there, Back Row Lipstick. Wanna play? You looked so sad today, let us kiss and make it better. There’s plenty of hot water, and room for one more dirty girl!” Their phone number followed.

Her guilt at being caught made her step away from the telescope so quickly, she almost knocked it over. She quickly closed the drapes and scurried into the kitchen, safely out of view. After a few minutes, however, her shame gave way to the tiniest spark of hope for the future. They saw how unhappy she’d been and were reaching out.

She didn’t care how they knew she’d been watching them. All that mattered was someone wanted her. She grabbed her phone and dialed. “Hi,” she said nervously, in a voice overflowing with relief and desire. “Do you mean it?”

The voice on the other end was soft, sweet, and full of concern. “Absolutely. You looked so unhappy in class tonight, we want to cheer you up. You don’t have to tell us what’s going on, but please don’t say no. You’re gorgeous, and we’ve been crushing on you for weeks. It broke our hearts to see you so sad.”

Phylicia canlı kaçak bahis teared up. “I’ll be right there.”

Within two minutes of her entering their apartment, the three of them were naked and wet. The shower the girls had was amazing. Water not only rained down from above, sprays pulsated from every direction. Tinker and Belle wrapped Phylicia in big hug and held her tight as she sobbed.

They all stood almost motionless for a few minutes as they hugged, kissed and let their hands roam over each other’s naked flesh.

Phylicia luxuriated in the feeling of being desired by two such beautiful women. The sensation of four hands and two mouths pleasuring her almost made her pass out.

“Tonight is all about you,” Belle said sweetly. “We want to make you happy. You can worry about us,” she winked and giggled, “next time.”

Phylicia had done without for so long, each touch made her hungry for more. She responded to each kiss with increasing passion, noticing how differently the two women kissed and touched. Tinker was aggressive. Belle, softer and gentler. It felt wonderfully wrong to be with two women at the same time. It was the sexiest moment of her life.

The two girls squeezed a rich, beautifully scented lavender gel into their hands and v-e-r-y slowly ministered to every inch, every curve, every opening of Phylicia’s body. Returning to her breasts, each girl took a nipple. Tinker roughly tugged and squeezed the left one. Then she ran her teeth around the stiff peak, and bit ever so lightly. Belle gently tongued and sucked the other. Such completely different sensations sent Phylicia’s excitement skyrocketing. Her heart pounded. She breathed so deeply she couldn’t help but take in some of the mist enveloping them. When Tinker bit harder, she came. Her body shuddered as she screamed in amazement. It was the first time she’d ever come just from someone playing with her breasts.

Belle gave her a chance to recover, then stepped behind her, squeezed her ass, and … “Ow!” The hard slap on her behind took her by surprise. Her ass stung sharply because it was wet. But the pain quickly morphed into an indescribable warmth in her pussy. A second slap sent so much pleasure shooting through her body, her knees wobbled. She felt herself heading towards another peak already.

Tinker knelt down and ran her stiff tongue along every surface of the swollen red lips. Teasing the clitoris out from hiding, she sucked it forcefully.

Phylicia squirmed from the rough delight. It made her greedy for ecstasy. “Fuck me. Please, fuck me,” she begged.

Tinker complied, sliding two fingers inside and began slow, deliberate, excruciatingly delicious, and agonizingly delightful finger fucking. As she increased the speed, Phylicia’s deep moans announced she was on the edge—and desperate for release. Pressure on her G-spot rocketed her to another climax and took her to a place she’d never gone before. Her cunt clenched ferociously around Tinker’s fingers. Her body shook in ecstasy. She let out an inarticulate groan and collapsed into their arms.

Phylicia’s new lovers toweled her off and led her to bed. As they cuddled in the afterglow, Phylicia cried some more. Despite that, she knew her two new lovers would help her through the tough times. Sitting up to get some more tissues, she noticed something in the corner of the bedroom.

“Is that a telescope?”

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