Beware What You Wish For

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It has been a long day and I can’t wait until I get home. My brother Colin is due home this weekend from college. I am close with my brother Colin we tell each other everything. Colin is 22 years old and I am 21. And at times I masturbate thinking of him. My brother Colin and his girlfriend used to neck in the hall at school. I always wondered how he kissed. He must be doing something right he has a different girlfriend every few months. Just thinking about him makes me wet.

Racing up the stairs striping off my clothes as I make it to my room. Grateful that no one is due home for a few more hours.

Lying back on my bed squeezing my breast and pinching my nipples with one hand; rubbing my wet pussy with the other one. Pinching and rubbing my clit, then pushing one finger into my pussy in and out then I put two fingers in my pussy getting a rhythm lifting my hips ready to cum.

Tossing my head from side to side moaning casino oyna in pleasure. I see something move out of the corner of my eye the same time I feel someone’s hand on my hand. I jump up to find my brother looking at me with a huge grin on his face. Taking advantage of my shock Colin takes my fingers out of my sloppy wet pussy and licks them clean.

“Colin what are you doing?” I didn’t even realize I spoke out loud until I heard my own voice.

At first I thought he didn’t hear me because he was now putting his fingers in my pussy fingering me. “Why Tina I am spending quality time with my baby sister.” now I was the one who almost didn’t hear him. lost in the pleasure the I know is forbidden.

“Oh….Oh God…Don’t stop it feels….Oh My god” I moaned

“Don’t worry Tina I wouldn’t stop even if you asked me to.” I was hoping to feel surprise with that comment but all I felt was relief. Not wanting slot oyna him to stop playing with me.

” Does my slut of a sister like her brother finger fucking her?”

All I could do was moan in reply. When he started to remove his fingers I screamed “No…..I mean yes I love it when you finger fuck me. please Colin,” Does that mean you don’t want my cock in your pussy, your wet cunt?” Not caring that he is having my beg like a bitch in heat. “Please put your cock in my fuck you slut sister.”

“Who’s cock do you want in your cunt, spilling his seed into your soaking wet cunt?”

“You Colin. Oh my God I want your cock in me I want you to cum in my pussy.”

“Ask and you shall receive.” With one thrust his cock was buried to the hilt with his balls slapping against my ass. Pounding in and out of my tight pussy. The only noise was my moaning and his occasionally calling my “his slut sister” and “fucking canlı casino siteleri whore.” I have never been called slut or whore before but it just made me hornier.

“I’m cumming.” Colin thrust faster and harder.

“Pull out You don’t have a condom on. and I’m not on the pill, Pull out!” I screamed.

He just ignored me. Ignored my pushing at him to get off me. even as he pulled back a little my hips lifted to follow him.

I orgasmed like I haven’t orgasmed before. Wave after wave of pleasure.

“Why didn’t you pull out when I asked you too? What if I get pregnant?” My voice was shaky.

“If you get pregnant then we have a child, which I don’t find so disturbing. Actually I wouldn’t mind it at all if you had my child.” Colin’s admission stole the breath away from Tina. “But I’m you sister!”

“I don’t care if you were our mother, You will have my child. and you can’t do anything to stop it.”

My brother has never hurt my before and I wouldn’t start now. “What do you mean I can’t stop it. of course I can stop it.”

All he said when he was walking out the door was “We shall see.” That is when I started to get really scared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20