Big Changes At Home Ch. 06

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Chapter Six: Happy Birthday Owen

Owen was having one incredible dream that Saturday morning, a dream so vivid he could swear it was actually happening. He was dreaming that he was fucking Lisa, a tease of a hot chick who sat in one of his classes. The greatest part of the fuck was the victory, the fact that he had worn her down until she had given in to him. They were at school and in a janitor’s closet and Lisa was bent over, bracing herself against the wall. Owen was standing behind the large-breasted blonde with a firm grasp on her hips.

“For a tease you sure do have a tight little pussy, Tease,” Owen said with a sneer as he slammed extra hard into his dream-slut.

“That’s ’cause I never put out,” Lisa replied, her voice raspy as she tried to talk, while moaning in pleasure.

“But you like my cock don’t you, Tease,” Owen laughed a conceited laugh as he continued to fuck Lisa in his dream.

“If I knew you were this good, baby, I would have jumped you the first day in class!” Lisa squeaked out in a needy whine as she hung her head. “God, I love your cock, Baby. Harder, fuck me harder!” Lisa replied with a stern tone of lust through gritted teeth.

At that moment something about the sensations changed suddenly, and no longer made sense. Owen couldn’t feel the wet and warm sensation of being “balls deep” in Lisa’s tight, wet pussy anymore. Instead, it was replaced with the sensation of cool air now surrounding his cock. Nothing but a wet, slick sensation ran down his cock from the shaft to his balls. Then one ball entered something warm, and gently there was pressure on in. This odd sensation didn’t match with the ravaging of Lisa, so suddenly Lisa popped and vanished into a cloud of smoke. Then the walls of the janitor’s closet started to melt and Owen knew that he was waking up, much to his frustration.

The wet and wonderful sensations on his cock didn’t fade when he woke up, as Owen had anticipated. Instead they got more intense, until he could clearly feel something slick on his cock. It was a faintly familiar sensation, and it was a most welcome experience. With a fogy mind, Owen looked down to see just what was going on.

Owen let out a chuckle as he smiled to himself, he should have known. There, lying across the bed with her head between Owen’s legs was his mother, Taryn. His faithful Slave of a mother was sucking on his cock and had a contented look on her face as she did so. More specifically she was sucking on his right testicle as her hand slowly jacked off the shaft. She was fast becoming skilled at pleasing him like this; as he looked at her he was filled with love.

As his mother slowly, yet expertly gave him a blowjob, nowhere in his mind did this strike him as strange or odd. It had been only half a week since this had all started between the two of them, only since Wednesday of this week when anything remotely sexual began. Already they seemed to fit together and welcomed their respective roles as Master and Slave. It was on his birthday that his mother took him out for a birthday drink. It was during that evening, and for reasons that he still couldn’t explain, he took control of her and made her his Slave. Rather than be repulsed and never speak to him again, she submitted willingly and quickly grew to love being her son’s Slave.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Who’s Lisa?” Taryn said as she let Owen’s ball fall out of her mouth.

“A tease at school I know,” Owen replied with a wide smile.

“I’m not sure if I should be upset or not, you dreaming of some other woman, while I blow you,” Taryn said just before she began to lick her way up Owen’s shaft.

“She isn’t here, and probably never will be. You are, Slave, now suck your Master’s cock!” Owen ordered with a broad, loving smile on his face.

“Yes, Master!” Taryn replied with an excited giggle and a sparkle in her eye.

Taryn then returned to her efforts of sucking Owen’s cock, she placed her lips on the tip of the cock she loved and lowered her head. She closed her eyes as more and more of the thick cock that had brought her so much pleasure disappeared into her mouth. Without pausing, she relaxed her throat, as was almost second nature to her now. Slowly the cock slipped down her throat until the entire length of it had passed her lips. Slowly she lifted her head until her lips kissed the head, before she pressed back down. Taryn kept up this tortuously slow pace of the blowjob for a little while.

It was a way to tease Owen as well as draw out the act that she had grown to love; she loved to suck his cock. Of course she loved to fuck it too. She loved to do anything with him, to him or for him. It had only been half a week but the sex was far more intense than any sex with Richard had been, even when they were first married. Though, Taryn will admit that sex with Richard, early in their marriage, ran a close second to this time with Owen. It was the illicit and taboo sex of being a Slave to her son that gave it that extra kick.

Owen casino siteleri had had enough of the teasing pace it seemed as now he grasped the sides of Taryn’s head and began to set the pace. Taryn growled in lust as Owen took control, she loved that, she loved it when he fucked her mouth. She loved being used for his pleasure, it always heightened the experience for her, and she knew Owen loved it as well.

“Suck it hard, Slave,” Owen sneered with a scowl of disgust. “Let me show you the real way to suck my cock!” he growled with lust as he continued to guide Taryn’s head up and down on his cock.

Owen set a quick and rough pace to the blowjob as he lifted and lowered his mother’s head on his cock. At a fast pace, her lips flew up and down his shaft, her mouth constantly sucking hard on his cock. Taryn’s excitement was growing almost as quickly as Owen’s was, and strangely enough this act was bringing her close to cumming. Owen was possessed with lust as he repeatedly forced his cock down his Slave’s throat. Always on his mind was that this person sucking his cock was his possession, to do with as he pleased. This was only a sampling, an example of what he could do to this woman, anytime he wanted, anywhere he wanted.

“Cuming!” Owen groaned in a deep-throaty growl as he pulled hard on Taryn’s head, forcing his cock down her throat. “Swallow it all! Don’t you dare spill a drop, or else!” he ordered as he let go of her head and surrendered himself to the blissful climax.

Taryn sucked hard and swallowed repeatedly but quickly had to pull the cock out of her throat. She let the cock stay in her mouth but used her nostrils to fight for air as her own climax hit her. The sensation of her Master forcing himself down her throat and using her mouth for his pleasure, at his pace, sent her over the edge. She let the cum collect in her mouth and swallowed as often as she could. Somehow she fought to get both the air into her lungs and the cum into her stomach, both needing the same passageway.

A wicked thought crossed through Taryn’s brain as the last of Owen’s cum spurted into her mouth. If she let just a little cum slip out of her mouth, perhaps she would get a spanking. The last time he spanked her was an incredible rush for her, and she longed to feel that wicked joy again. So as she pulled her mouth off of his now spent cock, she let just a little cum drop out of her mouth and onto his balls.

“Did you like that, Master?” Taryn asked in an innocent tone of voice, with big eyes to further convey the innocent image.

“That was great, Slave.” Owen said as he stroked Taryn’s head, petting her like you would a dog that had been a good puppy.

Something out of the corner of his eye caught Owen’s attention and he glanced down to his balls. There on his left nut, were a few drops of cum, he looked up at Taryn with fire in his eyes. His hand that had been stroking her head now grasped a clump of her hair on the back of her head.

“WHAT DID I TELL YOU? I told you not to spill a drop! What is this?” Owen seethed with anger as he brought Taryn’s head down to his balls. “Lick it up!” he snapped and immediately Taryn did so, fear and excitement coursing through her.

When she was done he pulled on her hair to pull her away from his body. Without letting go of the back of Taryn’s head Owen swung his legs finally out of bed. Then with a tug he directed Taryn until she was across his lap, perfect for a spanking. He then let go of her hair and fully expected her to stay there. Taryn made sure not to squeal her joy or excitement at the prospect of being spanked again.

“You’ve been very naughty, Slave! You need to be punished!” Owen said with a disgusted snarl in his voice.

Owen then roughly and quickly removed Taryn’s bathrobe so that she was now nude across his nude lap. Without warning he brought his hand swiftly and smarty across her ass; the sound of the spank bouncing off the walls. Again Owen spanked her ass with merciless force, again the sound of the slap was the only sound heard. After the third spank had gone unanswered, Owen spoke up.

“Listen, Bitch, you know full well that if you don’t count them off, they don’t count!” Owen growled as he once again spanked Taryn’s ass.

“Sorry, Master,” Taryn moaned out pitifully, though she knew full well what she was supposed to do, she was just drawing out the delicious punishment. “One, thank you, Master,” Taryn said with a satisfied mew tainting her voice.

The spanking and the thanking continued for a short while yet, until both Taryn’s ass was red and sore, and Owen was satisfied. With a shove, he pushed Taryn off of his lap and onto the floor, roughly. She landed with a thud from the unexpected expulsion from his lap. She gathered herself together and stood up slowly, smiling at him as she did so. She leaned over and kissed her Master, her large breasts hanging lewdly down from her body like lusty pendulums. Owen reached up and softly caressed Tarn’s tempting tits as they kissed.

“I slot oyna should go and make breakfast, dear,” Taryn said with a loving smile as she stroked her son’s cheek after the kiss was over. “I just wanted to give you a special wake up,” she said as she smiled lovingly into his eyes with an unmistakable look of adoration.

Taryn bend down to pick up her robe from the floor, where Owen had tossed it. Owen reached up and caressed Taryn’s ass in one large, round stroke. Taryn playfully swatted his hand away as she stood back up with robe in hand. She shot Owen a slight glare as a warning for him to behave himself. In response Owen looked back at her with a raised eyebrow and a daring look on his face.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Owen said as he stood up and approached Taryn from behind.

“I have to get out of here before anyone catches us!” Taryn said sternly, but the corners of her mouth were turned up in the beginnings of a smirk. “I have to make breakfast, dear,” Taryn said as she leaned forward to give Owen a kiss goodbye

“Not yet you don’t,” Owen said as he grabbed Tarn and directed her to the bed.

With smooth motion that he carried out with confidence, Owen moved Taryn to the bed and on it so that she was on her hands and knees across it. She was across the short end of the bed, with her head inches away from the wall. Only after she was in this position did she snap back to her senses and realized what was going on. She glanced back over her shoulders to see Owen lining himself up to mount her.

“We can’t! Richard and your sister are home!” Taryn hissed as she tried to get off the bed, and away from Owen.

“Then keep quiet!” Owen snapped as he moved forward to stick his dick into Taryn’s pussy.

The trouble was that at the moment he moved forward, was the very moment that Taryn moved to get off the bed. Owen missed her pussy altogether, instead hitting the back of her left thigh. Quickly he pulled back, though the pain was only minor and momentary. Sharply he brought his hand down across Taryn’s ass, as he grasped a clump of Taryn’s long red hair.

“STAY STILL!” Owen barked angrily as he tugged on the red hair of his mother.

“OW! Sweetie we have to go! We don’t have time for this now!” Taryn urged but remained motionless nonetheless, for Owen still had her by the hair and the hip.

“No, we’ll do it now, Slave!” Owen said as he lined up his cock to her pussy and slid it in, while still keeping a firm hold on Taryn’s hair.

“Please, Master, I don’t want to get caught!” Taryn moaned softly as Owen slid his thick cock into her wet pussy.

“Then keep quiet, Slave,” Owen said as he leaned forward to whisper in her ear after he was fully imbedded into her pussy.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn replied in a softer, subservient tone of voice.

“You only have yourself to blame for this, you know,” Owen said with a chuckle as he quickly withdrew his cock and began the swift pace of fucking that they both loved.

“Why’s that, Master?” Taryn asked with a husky tone of voice. The pleasure of the savage fucking, coupled by the tugging on her hair, excited her to no end.

Owen had on hand on the small of Taryn’s back and the other had a firm hold on Taryn’s hair like it was a rope. He would direct Taryn’s thrusts back toward him with a slow, steady tug on the hair, or rather Taryn’s rein. Taryn’s protest to this fuck now forgotten due to the sheer heat of the moment, and the overpowering will of Owen. With each passing encounter, Taryn submitted sooner and easier to the man she loved to serve.

“You are one sexy bitch! When you bent over, I had to have you! Damn you have one hot body!” Owen said in between huffing breaths as he continued to pound Taryn’s pussy mercilessly.

Taryn laughed as best as she could with her gasping for breath due to the heated fuck. They had fallen into a rhythm and the tugging on Taryn’s hair was purely for show and to keep time, Taryn knew when to thrust back at Owen. Taryn laughed for a bit and then looked over her shoulder at the puzzled face of her son and knew she had to speak up.

“It has been years since anyone has called me a ‘sexy bitch’ and I can’t remember the last time Richard has ‘simply had to have me.’ I love him but I swear he’s lost all interest in sex,” Taryn said with a plain tone of voice, her breath broken up with heaving breaths.

“Well, the limp-dick, doesn’t matter anymore, does he?” Owen asked with an arrogant tone of voice as he quickened the pace of the fuck even more.

“No, honey, he doesn’t. I don’t need him for sex anymore. His dick can shrivel up and fall off for all I care. I don’t care if he ever touches me again. I have all the man I need right here,” Taryn said with a sincere and loving tone of voice as she looked at her son, her lover, her Master.

“Damn straight!” Owen said as he pulled wildly on Taryn’s hair and savagely fucked Taryn with all the force of a wild animal.

Taryn couldn’t help canlı casino siteleri herself, she let out a low animal growl as her lust boiled within her. She was blinded by lust as her son fucked the shit out of her, and she loved it. Taryn was the first to cum but in reality they came at the same time. Taryn came and moaned out an unmistakable sexually satisfied moan that she couldn’t hold in. Owen slammed into her one last time, hard and came deep within his mother’s womb. Then he collapsed on top of her and the pair rested, catching their breath, holding each other as they did so. Owen was still deep within his mother, his cock softening and withdrawing from her pussy.

“Now I really do have to go and get breakfast started,” Taryn said as she nudged Owen in the ribs, to get him to move.

“Damn straight, woman, I’m hungry, what’s the matter with you?” Owen said in a snippy tone that was purely for show, the broad smile on his face was a testament to this.

“Someone, held me up because he couldn’t control his hormones!” Taryn laughed back as she smacked Owen while she crawled from underneath him.

“Are you complaining?” Owen asked with a cheeky, yet arrogant tone.

“No, but if you keep this up, the whole bloody world will find out about us!” Taryn scolded as she put her robe on, briskly.

“Yeah,” Owen admitted, sheepishly, looking down, embarrassed for a moment.

“If anyone does find out about us, it will be you who will have to explain our unique relationship, got it?” Taryn said in a motherly tone, wearing a demanding look, which only a mother could master.

“Yeah, sure,” Owen said in an uncomfortable tone of voice.

“I love you, sweetheart, and I love what we do together, I just don’t want to have to explain this to anyone! Already I’m sure your sister suspects something,” Taryn said with a most troubled tone of voice, a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

“It’ll be alright, mom, I’ll be more careful, no one will ever find out,” Owen said in an assuring manner as he embraced Taryn tenderly, Taryn winced when the last word was mentioned.

“From now on, when were alone, let’s refrain from calling each other ‘mother’ and ‘son.’ Seems out of place, given our new relationship and all, Owen,” Taryn said with a slightly uncomfortable look on her face.

“Sure, Taryn,” Owen said and the name felt strange, leaving his mouth. “Don’t worry about Rosie. Who would possibly imagine you and I hooking up?” Owen said as he kissed Taryn on the lips and smiled confidently at her.

“Okay, I hope you’re right,” Taryn replied as she flashed Owen a brave smile, kissed him one last time and then departed the room.

* * * *

Rosina’s dream that Saturday morning was not something that she could avoid. It was the same dream that she had dreamt the night before as well. The dream excited and scared her, it was a dream of what she wanted, and a dream of what she couldn’t accept. The dream didn’t only plague her during her night’s rest, but during her waking hours as well. The strain of the struggle between wanting something, yet knowing with every fiber of her being that it is wrong, wore on Rosina’s sanity. The relentless struggle within Rosina was beginning to drive her mad; something would have to give soon: her desire, her will, or her sanity.

The dream was the same whether it came at her by night or by day. It was a replaying of what she saw Thursday night, yet in her dream, the evening came out quite different. It started with Rosina perched outside Owen’s window, like she had been, watching her brother and her mother have wild sex. Her brother and mother had just finished having sex, her mother had just cum so hard that she had had passed out. Rosina watched as Owen’s slick cock slipped out of his mother’s wet pussy. Taryn’s lower section collapsed so that now she was flat on her stomach, out like a light.

Owen looked up suddenly and out the window, something outside caught his eye. Instead of cuddling up with his mother like he actually done, in the dream he rushed to the window and opened it wide. Before Rosina could think of moving she was staring her nude brother in the face with a shocked, slack-jawed expression.

“I thought I saw something out here,” Owen said with a disgusted scoff before he reached up and grasped Rosina by the back of her head.

With a shocked sputter of protest, Rosina was pulled inside the room and tossed to the floor by the bed. She looked up in horror as her nude brother closed the window and turned to face her. The expression on his face was one of anger and cool determination.

“You saw a little too much out there I think, I can’t let you leave, knowing what you know. You might talk, and that I can’t have,” Owen said with a determined growl in his voice as he looked down at Rosina.

Owen’s firm expression bored into her soul and drained her of her will to resist. She felt weak from being near him and weaker still as a result of his stare. She kneeled before him, bowed her head, folded her hands in her lap and waited to be addressed. She didn’t know why she did it, it just felt right. It felt like what she was supposed to do, to show her obedience to him, that she wanted to be good.

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