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My name is Henry Shawn. I was once one of Hollywood’s best movie directors. One of the most successful black men in the business. I don’t look like your typical movie director. I stand six feet two inches tall, muscular and thick, with dark brown skin. I weigh exactly 230 pounds. I was once a football player, throughout high school and college. I went to film school and became a director. For a time, I was making good movies and lots of money. Everybody knew my name.

One day, I got caught in a scandal and my career went down the toilet. I supported the wrong man in his bid for governor of the state and caught s hell for it. All my friends deserted me. No studio would hire me. I lost just about everything. My wife Lucia Blake left me and ran off with some hotshot action star named Luke Brown. Yeah, the world thought it had screwed me over. Well, I’m not one to take things lying down so I decided to fight back. Make a comeback and show all of them off!

One day, I decided to do something unusual. I was a Hollywood movie director whom no studio would hire. I had all this talent and knowledge and refused to let it go to waist. So, I switched to the dark side. I entered the world of the Adult Film Industry. It was a very different world from what I had imagined. It was also the only place that would give me a job. I’ve always been an edgy film maker. So, I decided to make some edgy films, of the adult persuasion.

I’ve always been into porn. I watched thousands of videos throughout my life. I’ve always been a large man and I guess I like watching large people on camera. Especially large women. I decided to direct my first full-length adult film. A film about large men and large women getting it on in just about every way. I set about looking for the cast members, once the studio gave me the okay. I went looking for fresh faces, since everybody knew everybody in the adult film industry. I thought that with a new crop of actors, I could work wonders.

What follows is the tale of my discoveries. These people are real and their performance reflects it. One of my first discoveries was Brenda Ottoman, This female giant came from Germany but lived in the old cowboy country. Brenda was a six-foot-one, 240-pound, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri red-haired and blue-eyed woman who worked in a mine somewhere in Texas. This large dame had an insatiable appetite for sex. She was freaky and didn’t mind doing it on camera. I got this thirty-something beauty to sign on the dotted line to work for me in an adult film. The rest, as they say, is history.

My next discovery was this stud named Andy Georges. Andy was a tall young black man, standing six feet three inches tall and weighing 300 pounds. This dude was huge, and yet he was only twenty years old. This guy was a bit shy at first but we worked things out and all that. I told him that if he loosened up, he could make a lot of money doing what many men would do for free on camera. His shyness melted away when he saw the contract and how much money he would make. His enthusiasm was catchy. I wish there were more people like him out there.

My next discovery was Jim Randall, a good-looking Irish guy in his early twenties. He had long red hair and pale gray eyes. What attracted me to this guy was his sheer size. He was around six feet nine inches tall and weighed 310 pounds. He was simply a giant. He was currently unemployed and his landlady was threatening to kick him out. His parents disowned him because he was bisexual and that didn’t fly with their Roman Catholic beliefs. Oh, well. I offered this stud twelve hundred dollars to do the movie and he agreed.

Next was Sharon Gold, a rather unique lady. How to describe Sharon? A six-foot-six, 300-pound black woman with a plain face but a chunky and sexy body. She had breasts the size of basketballs and a huge butt. Each cheek was huge and must weigh forty pounds or something. Yeah, this was a big black woman. This girl had an erotic newsletter she ran on the web, with pictures of large women and big handsome men and their admirers. She was perfectly willing to work for us. I was happy to sign her up!

We found this nice spot and a good crew, then we began shooting. I was finally living my dream. I was directing my own movie, by my very own rules. I had gotten to know the cast and crew. I felt as if I were on the threshold of something new. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Maybe I would make history with this film. My life was different now. I was no longer part of the mainstream. Finally, I was heading where many people dreamed of going, yet only the boldest and luckiest threaded. Yeah, I was making history!

My first scene was between Jim and Sharon. They were perfect in my eyes. The scene began with them naked in a room, kissing and fondling each other. As the cameras rolled, the action began. I always wanted to watch a large man and a large woman going at it.

Sharon took Jim’s cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. The big guy caressed the big girl’s head as she sucked on his dick. Jim had the biggest dick I’d ever seen. At least ten inches long and with thick nuts the size of tennis balls. Yeah, this stud was lucky. I had chosen well. They seemed to have quite a lot of chemistry between them. She sucked him until he came, then she drank his seed. Next, Sharon lay on her back with her legs spread while Jim began eating her out. He fingered her snatch and sucked on her pussy. My, the sight of a large woman lying spread-eagled while a large man ate her pussy. What a sight! Jim’s expert tongue and finger action soon made her cum and she screamed in ecstasy.

Meanwhile, another scene got started. This one involved Brenda and Andy. This scene was a bit different but both of them assured me that they had no problem with it. I was very touched by their professionalism. They were new to the industry, yet they acted like pros. I wish more people acted like that in the business world. I swear, if people were more cooperative, the world would be a better place.

This scene involved some seriously twisted kinky stuff. Strap on dildo sex is one of the top best-selling themes in porn. We decided to explore it. Brenda and Andy got naked, then they started going at it. Andy got on all fours and Brenda got behind him with a can of lube and her strap on dildo. She lubed his asshole, and began working the dildo inside him. I watched a large German woman working a thick black dildo into the asshole of a large black man. This was hot!

Brenda began to enthusiastically güvenilir bahis şirketleri pound away at Andy, slamming the dildo deep into his ass. Andy stroked himself as Brenda fucked him. Later, she flipped him on his back so she could look into his face as she pounded his ass with the dildo.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Jim were getting busy. Sharon was on all fours, her huge butt cheeks spread wide open. Jim doused the large black woman’s butt with lube before pressing his hard cock against her butt hole. He placed his hands on her wide hips, and thrust into her. Sharon gasped when she felt Jim’s huge cock enter her anus. He began pumping his cock in and out of her hole. Her screams of pleasure and pain were music to my ears. I have always love watching adult films featuring large women. I especially liked videos featuring large women getting fucked in the ass. It’s a very erotic thing to behold.

Brenda and Andy changed positions. Now, the large German was on all fours with her chunky butt sticking up and the large black man positioned himself behind her. Andy held his massive cock in hand and pressed it against Brenda’s buttocks. The thick German girl spread her huge butt cheeks wide open, and Andy slid his cock into her back door. I watched as he began pumping his cock into her butt hole. He fucked her ass with a rare kind of energy. It was almost as if he were paying her back for sodomizing him with the dildo earlier. Interesting.

The two couples continued their nonstop anal sex session. Sharon’s butt was taking a serious anal pounding, courtesy of Jim and his thick cock. Her screams filled the air. I’m guessing that she was enjoying herself. Brenda was receiving the same treatment from Andy. He was fucking the big German girl’s ass like there was no tomorrow. I loved the sight of large women getting sodomized by large men. It was wondrous to behold. I made sure my cameramen captured the whole thing exactly the right way.

Later, the actors showered and went home. I sent the crew home as well. I stayed alone in the studio. What I had just watched was something else. Some very special erotic footage. Watching a large German woman fucking a large black man with a strap on? Very erotic! How about when that same black man fucked her in the ass? Hot! Yeah, sex between large people could be hot. I was going to show the world that big men and big women could have very satisfactory sex lives and had nothing to be ashamed of. I think I’m doing a service to the world. Just call me a porn director on a mission!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20