Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 14

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 10). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 14 – A Sister Dates and a Small Group Plays


I knew something was up when I got home from the west coast Thursday morning. I’d slept on the plane – my own personal red eye – coming from Silicon Valley, and was in the office at seven-thirty. Melanie was already there, being hyper efficient, but there was an air about her that told me that something was amiss. Since I was still learning her moods and emotions, I didn’t ask her anything, but hoped she’d feel comfortable enough to come to me eventually with whatever it was. I hoped everything was all right between her and Elsa and Cindy.

I think she worked up courage for a few hours in the morning. I think her coffee helped. I had a few meetings both in my office and in the executive conference room. Andy was in all of them along with Sheila. I had decided to get the company into the nanotechnology industry, starting with a relatively new start-up in Silicon Valley. I’d met with the founders who were recent Stanford Ph.Ds. who knew the technology inside and out, but didn’t have a friggin’ clue about how to run a business. They’d already amassed about a hundred employees and a nice book of business selling to other tech firms who integrated what they did into their products, but they were flat lined unless someone else came along who knew what they were doing and how to grow a business.

I finished my third meeting on Nanotech about ten-thirty that morning, but without many ideas about how to proceed. I went back to my office, expecting to make a couple of dozen phone calls to move some of our other projects along.

As I went into my posh quarters, Melanie followed me in with her steno pad and pen in hand. As I got behind my desk, she stood next to me and looked expectantly.

I didn’t disappoint her. I slowly ran my hand up her smooth leg right to her bare pussy. She gasped as I immediately sank a finger into her slit and stroked until I could feel her engorged clit start to ask for attention. At that point, I stopped and looked at her. I whispered, “I love you.”

“Oh, God, I love you, Mark. You are so hot … [gasp] … and so wonderful.”

I gave her whole body a squeeze in return and looked expectantly at her.

She said, “You know, don’t you?” Her eyes were cautious.

“Know what?” I asked, realizing that we about to have a serious talk. “About all I know is that you apparently want to talk to me about something sensitive. You’ve been a little dicey all morning. If this isn’t the time, I can wait. I am open to any discussion with you.”

“No. No. That’s why I came in, although having you touch me ‘down there’ was much nicer than any thought I had.”

“Go ahead,” I urged. I gestured to the chair beside my desk, but she kept standing. I think she thought she might need to run away.

Melanie blurted out, “Carter asked me out, but he doesn’t know I’m living with you, Cindy, and Elsa.”

I read her signals. “And I take it that you’d like to do that?” I tried to keep my tone serious because she was treating this situation that way.

“Elsa and Cindy said to invite him over for a little orgy on Saturday night, and … yeah, I’d kind of like to see him. He was … is … a good friend.”

I chuckled, “I’m liking this orgy idea.”

“You wouldn’t be angry with me if I did something with Carter? I don’t want to do anything …”

I interrupted her, “Melanie, I am not angry with you nor would I be if you went out with him, whether you bring him to the condo to mess with, invite everyone to participate, or do him at his place. He was a nice guy when I met him before. I think you’d have fun and an erotic time with him.”

“I love you, but I like him.”

“And there’s still a physical attraction that you’d like to explore some more?”

“Yes, kind of.” Melanie gulped at her honest admission. I could tell she was embarrassed to admit something about her sexuality like that to me.

“I don’t mind. It won’t change how I feel about you. You decide what kind of date you want with him. If we’re not involved that’s OK. If you want us all to play together, that’s OK too. Just let the girls and me know ahead of time so we can get the right food, drink, and such at the condo.”

Melanie came back around my desk and threw her arms around me and kissed me wildly. “Oh, Mark, you are so understanding illegal bahis and so nice. I love you more and more everyday. Thank you.”

Melanie rewarded my supportive attitude even further when I got home that evening. For that matter, so did Elsa and Cindy.

As it turned out, I ended up hosting a late dinner Saturday evening at the Summer Lounge, an upscale cocktail bar and restaurant that was also what Elsa told me was a ‘meat market’ for the thirties crowd – not that everyone there was between thirty and forty years old, but in our group I was the only one that fit in that bracket. Elsa and Cindy were almost there, but Carter was mid-twenties and Melanie in her early twenties.

Cindy and Elsa were wearing the sexy cocktail dresses that I’d last seen on them in St. Croix – one of shimmering silver and the other an electric blue. Both dresses came to mid-thigh, and had a top that revealed a lot of plunging neckline and hence a lot of boob since there was a lot there to reveal. Cindy called them ‘boob-delicious’ dresses. They each proved to me that underwear was optional. Of course, tall sexy heels anchored the look.

Melanie wore a white dress whose hemline was about two inches below her very naked pussy. The neckline plunged to nearly her navel, the sides which covered her tits held together by a nearly invisible clasp between her full breasts. The whole dress fit her like a tight glove, and except for the pattern left little to the imagination about what her body looked like. All that on a pint sized girl wearing five-inch fuck-me heels and with long brunette tresses and a sultry expression that signaled, ‘I want to get laid tonight.’ Melanie’s sumptuous breast line made whole ensemble highly sexy.

Carter and I were in slacks and dark long sleeve dress shirts and looked relatively boring compared to three hot women we were with. The girls were giddy, which was unusual for all three of them. I would have sworn they were tipsy, but we had only just started to have some wine and champagne – the latter becoming more popular with the three girls by the glass.

We had exquisite and attentive service and a great meal. The waiter couldn’t seem to get enough of the girls. Off to the side I saw Lucas, Marcia, and two other bodyguards acting as though they were having a good time while trying to keep an eye on everybody else in the popular club. I suspected there were two or three other security people around that I couldn’t identify.

After dinner in the restaurant portion of the club, we moved to the lounge-bar area where there was a DJ pumping lots of decibels of club dance music into the place. The sound level made it almost impossible to talk, but we did try screaming at each other, which only raised the noise level in the room because everyone else was doing the same thing.

Carter and I danced with the girls – two guys and three girls. We didn’t want anybody to feel left out. Occasionally, some solo guy would join our quintet for a dance or two, but then fade away.

The girls started to dirty dance with us after a half-hour, rubbing their tight and well-packaged asses into our crotches and even using their hands on the bulges in our slacks. We weren’t alone in the risqué behavior; in fact if we hadn’t participated we would have been in the small minority on the crowded dance floor. The whole club was in foreplay.

Carter got very handsy with the girls, even taking to lifting up the backs of their dresses as they danced to expose their bare and beautiful asses. Of course, as he did that, the front of the hemlines also rose meaning that often some pussies also got exposed. He had me doing it too. I happened to be dancing with Melanie at the time, and she’d left herself little margin for error in the dress in either the ass or pussy department. Everything went on display immediately. We all had a good laugh and she feigned great embarrassment and mock anger at me. The circle of men around us found great favor with our dance moves.

The logical next step from there seemed to be flashing their pussies at Carter and me when we were seated in our booth. We had a table slightly larger than a postage stamp that had all our drinks on it, but the table was low. The seats were cushy and that meant that the girls’ asses ended up lower than their knees, aggravated by the high heels they each wore. Whenever they’d sit or try to get up, or even reach for their glass for a drink, their legs would tend to spread slightly, and a pussy would wink into view. More than a few of the other men in the club noticed the show and positioned themselves to take advantage of the situation.

About eleven-thirty we got discovered by the paparazzi – or rather I did. A photographer stood opposite the table and boldly took about five-dozen shots of us. The girls did everything they could to not show off too much skin and to look demure, but in trying to rise so we could leave that was impossible. I expected some serious tabloid press. We left the club right illegal bahis siteleri after that. Fortunately, I never heard anything further in terms of the press on that encounter.

As we rode in the limousine, I tried out a new system that Barnes had installed for me and taught me to use. From my iPhone I could turn on the lights in any room in the condo, dim them to the level I wanted, add any of a hundred genres of music in selected rooms, and even dial up a fire in the gas fireplace. I could also peer into any room and see what was going on. I set up the condo as we made the short ride home.

The girls were giddy again on the ride, and teasing us wildly with blatant displays of breasts and pussies. They even teased each other, by analyzing what the color differences in their areolas might mean, or the growth patterns of their pubic hair – although Cindy didn’t have any. Carter and I were informed that we had to each service each of them multiple times during the night, starting as soon as we got home. I happened to be all for that agenda. I still felt amazed at how horny the women had made me; I must have been a monkish recluse and a hermit until I met Elsa.

We came into a dimly lit condo with sexy and seductive jazz playing at a relatively low volume compared to the club. As the girls made their way from the front door to the living room, a few key pieces of their clothing got left along the way – their three dresses. Three magnificent nude bodies spread themselves out on two of the living room sofas that formed a ‘U’ around a large coffee table in front of the decorative fireplace; Cindy on one, and Mel and Elsa on the other. They left suitable spaces on each sofa for either Carter and me. Carter was drooling. I was drooling, especially after all the teasing at the club.

Cindy captured Carter as he walked by, and pulled him down on that part of the sofa next to her. She immediately fished his hard cock out of his pants and started to suck on it. She was purposefully making obscene sounds that turned the rest of us on and sometimes laugh.

Elsa and Melanie got me seated between them. As I made out with Elsa, Melanie stripped away my clothing, and then went down on my cock with great enthusiasm. Elsa had me look at her as she gave a little commentary about how they’d practiced so that Mel could deep throat me. She’d never yet done that with any man, but after Elsa explained, Melanie dove onto my cock face first until her nose pressed against my pubes. I could feel her tongue against part of my ball sack and then even licking to prove her new skills to me. Occasionally, she’d twist her head around my cock so my shaft was rotating back and forth in her throat. The sensation was indescribably great.

I groaned, “Oh, God, Melanie. That’s wonderful.” She presented such a tight little package to me all the time. She was like having a sexy Tinker Bell with great tits give you blowjob and mouth fuck. Elsa continued to moderate the event, “Mel loves your hard cock. She wants that cock deep inside her pussy, stroking in and out in that sexy way you do that brings her to orgasm over and over. She wants your cum leaking out of her … and so do I because I’m the cleanup crew.”

I stopped Melanie lest I just blow my wad in her mouth. I needed to make love to her and her two sisters before the end of the night. Cumming then would just have made any hope of that more remote.

I picked up Melanie with both hands and brought her over my cock as she held her knees up. She seemed light as a feather. She reached down and grabbed hold of me, moving the swollen head of my stiff cock all along her soaking wet slit several times. I dropped her – well almost, and she immediately and delightfully impaled her body on my shaft. The immediate return of pussy warmth to my cock was highly arousing. She started to fuck me for all she was worth, staring into my eyes with a look of both lust and love.

Elsa leaned over me and fed me her breasts. She had significant tits so that when she leaned over me, they swung and became sexy and erotic pendulums with large areolas and hard nipples on the ends. I devoured them, sucking the nips to sharp points of passion between us. We kissed and rubbed our tongues deep into each other’s mouths. We both moved so we could kiss Melanie as well.

I glanced at Carter. He had Cindy lying back with her legs over his shoulders as he pumped at a very rapid pace in and out of her body. Cindy was making orgasming sounds every couple of minutes. She’d been on the edge at the club it seemed, but was no longer holding off on experiencing her climaxes.

Elsa moved aside so I could focus on Melanie. I pulled Melanie to me and kissed her hard, also swapping tongue and spit with her. I whispered, “Go fuck Carter. Have that experience you want with him. Go on. Do him. Make him cum in you. You wanted to fuck your friend, well I definitely want to watch.”

Mel kissed me hard, and then pulled off of my cock with a pop. She took canlı bahis siteleri the four steps to the other sofa, and draped her hot body around Carter as he continued to fuck Cindy. They started to kiss. Cindy took that opportunity to slide out from in front of him. She moved Mel into her place, and then held Carter’s cock as she led it to the gaping hole I’d left in Melanie’s pussy. He slid right into her body and the two of them moaned in some sort of mutual satisfaction at the joining.

As I watched Melanie get fucked by Carter, I felt a jolt of arousal as though someone had stuck me with a cattle prod loaded with sexual energy. Elsa steered my cock into her pussy with the imperative, “Fuck me hard – really hard and fast.” I did.

Cindy joined us, sprawling out on the back of the sofa so that she presented her pussy to me as I pumped into her sister. I could lean to my side and eat out Cindy who’d moved to the back of our sofa, while my cock slid around in her sister’s well-lubricated love box. This was a unique and even more arousing combination we hadn’t really tried before.

Elsa started to chant, “Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum.” She wanted my juice, and I had every plan to give it to her. Barely five minutes went by when I felt my lower sexual organs start to pulse as they pulled my sperm and semen through the ductwork to my cock and then sent the fluids pulsing at high speed into Elsa’s cunt.

Elsa groaned, “Oh, God, I can feel every shot you’re making inside me. Sooooo good.”

I collapsed into her arms, and then Cindy was with us kissing Elsa as well as me. To our side, I heard both Carter and Melanie moan as their synchronized orgasms hit them. There were two full pussies in the room.

A long silence filled the room, the only seductive sounds remaining was the music from the sound system and the shared kisses. Cindy crawled across the floor to Melanie, nudged Carter’s slippery shaft from its warm nest, spread Mel’s legs apart, and then launched herself face first into the sodden mess of feminine juices and Carter’s cum. Melanie’s head slammed back as I’d seen before, and she came again on Cindy’s tongue. As Cindy ate her new sister’s pussy, she reached over and started to toy with Carter’s half-hard cock. The coating of cum and juice on the shaft didn’t seem to faze her; after all, she was mouth and tongue deep in the same mix in Melanie’s pussy.

As I watched, I felt Elsa’s mouth surround my own shaft, licking and cleaning our combined juices, and making me harden back to my peak. I know I moaned. After a couple of minutes of that, I flipped Elsa on her back and I plunged my tongue into her sodden cunt, lapping and sucking our joint juices from her. Elsa orgasmed again … and again. The fact that I could do that to her was so gratifying to me; I loved her that much more.

I glanced back at Carter. He was ripe, but Cindy was still going down on Melanie. I jerked my head and he got up and came to us. I rolled away from Elsa, and held her pussy lips apart so her pink showed as well as her drippy hole. He positioned his revitalized cock at the entrance to her womanhood, and pitched forward until he could go no further. He’d fucked all three women in the span of twenty minutes.

Ten seconds later, I was buried in Cindy’s cunt as she continued to service Mel. The sound of pleasure she emitted as I sank into my lover was unmistakable and noteworthy. Cindy eventually got my second load.

After a rest and some refreshment, Carter and I both ganged up on Melanie, DPing her for her first time, and helping her through many orgasms that left her gasping for air and full of cum in both orifices.

Each of the women got further attention as the night went on. I had to hand it to Carter for having more staying power than I would have expected. Maybe he was on the same hormone, vitamin, and supplement program I was. Of course, he was also about ten years younger, which also might have had something to do with it.


I woke up Sunday morning. I was in the wet spot. As I gained consciousness, I realized the whole bed was the wet spot – or at least most of it. I was naked, and had that warm wonderful feeling of satisfied sexual desires. Of course, I was always ready for a little more sex, regardless of time of day or anything else.

Beside me laid Melanie, with Carter’s arms loosely wrapped around her. He had one relaxed hand palming one of her breasts with one of her nipples nestled between two of his fingers. They were both asleep. I vaguely recalled that the three of us had put on a sex show for Mark and Cindy. Somewhere nearby there were some sex toys that had figured prominently in the show. I smiled inwardly as I recalled a couple of the orgasms that had left me breathless. Carter and Melanie were a force to reckoned with.

I was covered in cum and sticky. I frowned; I normally didn’t go to sleep that way. I think both men had cum on my body and then rubbed the fluids all over me at my encouragement. Melanie and Cindy had helped. Actually, I recalled Cindy had drained her full pussy onto me too adding to the fluids that got spread around. We were pretty obscene by contemporary standards. I think that was about dawn, or at least the sky was starting to get light.

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