Blake’s Bad Decision Ch. 09

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*Hope you are enjoying the story so far. As usual, this is a novel and is meant to be read from the beginning. If you are just finding “Blake’s Bad Decision” I urge you to start from chapter 1. If you’ve been reading this far and are saying to yourself ‘That was a lot of handjobs I had to read through to finally get to some sex, I hope he doesn’t just go back to handjobs.’ I’m going to try and keep it balanced. You could always leave suggestions in the comments below. I love a challenge and Blake is involved in a League of Sexual Perverts so there are a lot of possibilities.

Anyway, another as usual, all persons taking part in sexual activity are over the age of 18*


Blake dragged into his dorm at 2am. After all that had happened he was still horny. He started to wonder if only coming once was now the equivalent of foreplay for him now. Usually if he had ejaculated as hard as he did into Miss Slick he would be good for the rest of the day but now he found himself lying in bed with his penis standing as hard as a rock.

“Just how much does it shoot if I do it myself?” Blake wondered. “And if I keep jerking it off, will I pass out?” He realized this time he didn’t feel dizzy or faint when he had climaxed in the mocked up Exam room, but he’d only came once.

He pulled out his laptop and started up a dirty video off of a porn site. He grabbed a towel out of his dirty clothes and threw it on the bed. Squirting some lotion onto his right hand he then casually started jerking off over the towel. Being the one touching the exact spots that he liked and using the exact pace that he preferred it wasn’t long before he could feel the pleasure welling up in his cock and he shot a long stream of cum onto the towel.

He didn’t realize the amount of force he still had built up and the very end of the stream landed past the towel on his bed sheets. He frowned and started to reach for the towel when his legs seemed to go numb.

He fell forward onto the bed and just barely missed the blobs of his own spunk. He lay there for a second looking up at the ceiling and realized that although the room was spinning his cock was still extremely hard. Fortunately his hand was still slick from the lotion also. He reached down and closed his hand around his penis a second time and began stroking again.

He was pleased with the result as he would never have believed he could ejaculate, wait a few seconds and start jerking off again. Sure enough the pleasure began to build up in him again and soon ejaculate was bubbling out of his cock and running down the head and the shaft. He had laid on his back the whole time this time and therefore it ran down his penis like wax down a candlestick and pooled on his stomach.

He had to really concentrate in order to grab the towel that was only laying right next to him. Everything in his body was exhausted and he managed to wipe himself off and throw the towel on the floor. Sleep overcame him almost immediately after that.

Despite not getting to study as much as he had wanted to before he went to the league, his history test went relatively well. He felt as though the other classes were following suit with his history professor because they all announced exams coming up the following week. This meant just as he was getting one test out of the way today, he now had two more to study for and they were both being administered on Wednesday.

He texted Carson and Adam throughout the day, the latter of which was mostly just the two of them talking shit to each other. With Carson, the texts ranged between being sexy and sometimes more sweet. He was surprised when she openly admitted to spending Thursday night with a boy and asked if that upset him. Blake was honest and said he would be a hypocrite if he expected her to save herself for him.

She had taken a long time to text him back after that and then she finally replied just before his history exam.

“So I guess that means you are sleeping with other people also?” She texted.

“Well, yeah, but not very often. I don’t go seeking anyone out.” He replied back.

“So what, I guess they are just throwing themselves at you then? Is that what you mean by that?”

“Lol, not really. I guess you could say I let it happen organically.”

“Well, despite that, I am really looking forward to hanging out with you tonight.” She replied after a few minutes.

Blake hadn’t forgotten. In fact he felt the same way she did. He really liked Carson. He just felt the need to excuse away monogamy right now. He barely knew her anyway. What was he going to go tying himself down just because he finally found a girl he looked forward to seeing beyond their first erotic encounter?

“I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight also.” He answered.

He picked her up from her place and they went to dinner. She picked a sushi place and they laughed as they both tried to figure out how to use chop sticks. The conversation started with school and what they hoped to be in the future.

Carson was a criminal justice canlı bahis şirketleri major and she told him about how she wanted to join the police force someday. She hoped getting her degree would put her in line to be a lieutenant as she wanted to have a management type roll as an officer.

Blake was impressed. He still hadn’t picked a major so he found himself focusing on his core classes. He hoped after seeing which classes were easy and which ones he dreaded that he would have a better idea of where to major.

As they finished the last few pieces of their rolls and nigari Carson took the conversation in a different direction.

“So I’m sorry I brought up sleeping with other people.” She said keeping her eyes more on her plate than looking at him.

“Were you still hoping you were the only one?” Blake asked trying to get real information back.

“Maybe a little. I’m not trying to force you into anything.”

“You’re not, I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about you when I…” He realized what he was about to say was stupid and tried desperately to think of something else to say.

“When you’re fucking some other chick?” she finished his sentence, but she didn’t sound angry. It was more like she was a guy friend egging him on instead.

“I wasn’t going to put it so crudely, and I regret even starting that sentence. I guess what I wanted you to know is that I think of you often. I’ve never had a girl make me feel the way you do. It’s just sort of new to me. But I’m not really certain I am a relationship kind of person.”

Now she was looking directly at him. Her eyes were a little sad but it looked as though she was trying to appear thoughtful.

“Well, the first time you admitted to being a man whore I took it badly. Then I decided why try and make you something you are not and I came to terms with the real Blake Morris. Then I went over to your dorm to fuck the shit out of you because I at least wanted that. Then when I got there you told me you had surgery and I couldn’t touch your dick. Despite that you shot the biggest load I’ve ever seen a man shoot just from touching my pussy and making me cum. You’re really good with your hands by the way. Now here I am sitting in front of you hoping like an idiot that you have decided maybe I could be enough for you and it sounds like I’m still just a pal that wants to make you cum. I just wonder where on your list of all the other pals I fall?”

Blake looked down at his last piece of Tuna on rice. “I uh, I didn’t know you felt that way. We’ve just started to get to know each other. I thought when you said you were ok with our arrangement that you meant it.”

“No, you’re right. I shouldn’t let myself get attached. The other people I sleep with are a lot of fun also. I wouldn’t want to give that up just yet. I guess you should be proud of yourself Morris. Even though you don’t seem to have a heart, there are still a lot of things about you to like. I won’t let my feelings get in the way of our special friendship again. I’m sorry I ruined the night with feelings and shit.”

Blake felt awful, but he tried not to show it. She had managed to wound him more than she would probably realize. “Do you think we shouldn’t do this anymore?”

She thought about it for a long time, then she finally looked at him and said. “Are you going to put more than your fingers inside of me tonight? Because if you pull that surgery shit again with me…well let’s put it this way. Your dick is going inside of me and I don’t care if that means it breaks off after I’m done with you.”

“Well, about the surgery…”

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” She said just loud enough to not cause a scene. “I made peace with not getting to have you exclusively. Are you going to tell me I can’t have you at all…Again!?”

Blake smiled and laughed a little bit.

“You better tell me something either hilarious or amazing right now because I don’t think any of this is funny.”

“The surgery had a weird effect on me.” Blake said, not exactly lying but not being 100% truthful.

“Are you talking about the huge cumshot?” she asked looking suddenly intrigued.

“Yes but now that I have healed. I can cum over and over again now. I just thought you might be interested since you are so hell bent on getting me inside you.”

“And I don’t take the pill just to manage my cycles. If you think you can cum over and over again then I’m going to ride you till you’re empty. I want it dripping out of me for days.”

She appeared to be visibly stirred up.

“If you’re trying to make me be like you then you might be succeeding.” She said smiling.

“How so?” Blake asked.

“If you do well enough tonight, I’ll probably think about you while I’m with my other partners later on also.” She said watching him to see if there was any sign of him not being ok with what she was saying.

They went back to Carson’s house where they didn’t waste any time. They blew through the front door and into the living room where Carson’s canlı kaçak iddaa roommates were sitting on the couch watching an action movie. Blake didn’t even know her living arrangements but apparently she lived in a three bedroom dorm. It was then that his mind briefly remembered her saying something about a sorority.

“Hey Car!” the two girls said almost in unison.

“Going guy tonight?” The clearly bolder of the two of them chimed in.

“Obviously.” Carson gasped between kissing Blake and guiding him to her room.

They crashed through her door and she flung him onto her bed. As soon as he landed she began to pull off her shirt and bra. He unzipped his pants and started to wiggle them down around his ankles. She also yanked her pants to the ground and stood there wearing only her panties. He was still amazed at how perfect her breasts were. They were larger than Miss Slick’s with about the same teardrop shape.

She walked closer to him and he could see the bulge of her pussy pushing against her panties. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

As she looked down between his legs she noticed once again that his underwear was moist around the tip.

“I think you should just start wearing a condom at all times. Does it do that all day long? You’re just like a woman. Anytime we have a naughty thought we sometimes cream a little but that is just too much.”

“Wearing a condom all day would be absolutely awful.” Blake said. “I can’t imagine the itching.”

“Yeah, enough about that though. I don’t care if you’re already creaming, it just means it will go in that much better.”

She grabbed his boxers, the silk ones he’d been wearing since his first visit with Dr. Smiley, and pulled them easily to the ground. His cock, now free from the underwear, stood long and firm up out of his lap. Carson had knelt down to get his undergarments to the ground and as she got back up she found herself face to face with his penis.

A full glob of cum was already hanging off of it. She stuck her tongue out and placed the tip of her tongue underneath the glob. She let her tongue land just at the point where the shaft and the head met and licked all the way along the underside of the head till her tongue trailed over the opening of his penis. The semi clear liquid tasted good as she lapped it off of his cock and she opened her mouth and let her lips close over the head. From there she let her tongue play all over the head that was now captive by her maw and she was surprised to feel more liquid enter her mouth from the tip of his penis.

He hadn’t orgasm-ed. She could tell this much, this was just how frequently cum seemed to dribble out of him. She sealed her lips around him and actually sucked to try and pull any remaining jizz out of him. She was rewarded with what was probably another few drops.

Blake was sitting up as straight as he possibly could with his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open as little sighs and moans seemed to leak out of him as often as cum was slowly leaking out of his cock.

At once Carson took her mouth off of him and said, “Well I can think of a much better place for all of this to go. Lay down big boy.” She placed her hand on his chest and pushed him onto his back. Then she took off her panties and grabbed his right hand. She placed his index finger of his right hand against her pussy lips and right away he could tell how wet she was. She climbed up on top of him and laid down with her chest pressing against his. Then with expert precision she reached back and placed him against the opening of her vagina.

Her face was so close to his and yet all he could think about was how badly he wanted to get his cock inside of her. As if to grant his wish she lowered herself towards his feet.

Somehow she was even tighter than Miss Slick. At first, even with all of the wetness around her opening and the additional pre cum leaking out of him, it felt as though the muscles of her entrance were just not going to allow him inside. Then all at once she could feel herself accepting him into her. She went slowly, allowing an inch to slip inside her and then resting there for a moment before taking more of him in.

Blake could not describe how good it felt. His head was absolutely swimming in pleasure. Her breath on his neck and the tiny noises of getting him into her were absolutely captivating. Her body had such an involuntarily tight grip on him he was scared he was already going to unleash his first orgasm just from her getting him inside of her. She reached to where about half of him was inside of her and she began to rise back up his shaft for her first upstroke.

“It’s amazing how tight you are.” Blake said still keeping his eyes closed.

“You’re not the first to say that. You feel amazing right now. I’m just glad you are going slow.”

“What about what your roommates said, ‘going guy tonight?’”

“Oh so you did hear that?”

“Bit of a mixture of other partners you are sleeping with?”

“Not just men, you got me. Can we canlı kaçak bahis get back to what’s important at this moment please?”

She started back down and once again only managed to stroke halfway down his cock with her vessel before she started back up again.

He was patient and stayed still, letting her work her way through the tightness. After her third half stroke she stopped and said, “Ok, you move it in and out for a little, just go slow and don’t go too deep right away please.”

He nodded and thrust his hips upward slowly, easing his cock inside of her. He could feel her body tensing and releasing and just as he reached the same depth she had allowed he stopped and began to withdraw. With him taking over the actual movement of his penis in and out of her, Carson seemed to just crouch there over his body as she focused on the amount of pleasure she herself was feeling.

“I have to be honest with you, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, Morris.” She said as he continued to stroke down to the allotted depth and draw back out of her again. “You don’t know how much you teased me by not letting me touch you the second time we hung out.”

“Well I promise I was being honest, Carson. I really did want to put it in you that night. Hell I wanted to put it in you the first time you stayed the night, but I wanted to show you I could also show some restraint.”

“And now here we are. You feel as amazing as I thought. I think I’m ready for you to go deeper now. Could you go slow and try to go further?”

He was already on his way back in anyway and as he reached the point of half of his length being inside her he pushed further per her request. She used her arms to lift herself up further. Her ponytail fell over her left shoulder as her head cocked to the right and she closed her eyes as she concentrated her senses on what was happening deep inside of her.

Blake could feel the tip of his cock brush against her cervix as the hard piece of flesh seemed to direct him upwards slightly as he moved just past it.

“Stop, that’s it.” She sighed. “I can’t handle anymore.”

“Is that too deep?” Blake asked sounding concerned.

“No, I can’t handle any more suspense. I want to see how many times we can both cum, right now. I’m a woman and you’re some kind of self-prescribed orgasm freak so let’s do it.”

“Ok but sometimes after I have had a few of them I just kind of pass out. If my dick is still hard, just keep going. I’ll probably keep coming as long as you are fucking me.”

“You’re just a kind of weird that I never thought existed. If you say so, but you have to do the work until you can’t do it anymore.”

Blake smiled up at her and said. “As you wish.”

He then began to thrust his hips upward and back down into a rhythm that carried his cock in and out of her throughout the entire length of her pussy. She could feel the swollen head of his cock the most but she noticed that his shaft had a girth to it from bottom to top that was almost as thick as the head. This meant that while the head pressed hard against all sides of her vessel the ventral and dorsal parts of his penis also made strong contact with the roof and floor of her vagina as well.

She didn’t have to listen to the pace of his breathing which was becoming quicker and quicker to know that he was going to cum soon. She could feel his cock inside of her growing even larger as it prepared itself to ejaculate. More than ever the cylinder of flesh inside of her pressed hard against every inch of her pussy as he continued to pump into her. Then all at once Blake pressed in as far as he could and held it there almost motionless. She could feel the underside of his penis throbbing as his fluids moved through the large vessel that was his urethra and then the incredible warmth as ejaculate surged into her. Right away she could tell there was almost nowhere for all the liquid inside of her to go and without any warning it began to spill out of her and onto Blake’s legs and her comforter.

“Don’t stop!” She cried out.

Blake realized through the haze of his climax that he had in fact stopped thrusting into her and was just basking in the incredible feeling of cumming inside of her. He quickly resumed thrusting and before he knew it she buried her face into his neck as she finally reached her own climax.

“Please, please keep fucking me!” She cried into his neck.

He did as he was told and continued pumping into her. He could feel more cum steadily boiling out of him into her body as his climax seemed to reach a new level. Rather than tapering off like it normally did it just kept going as long as he kept his shaft sliding in and out of Carson. But alas he didn’t know how long he could keep it up.

He looked down as she sat up more giving him a clear view of the main event. He could see the shaft of his cock ramming in and out of her and a stream of white juices running down each of her legs out of either side of her pussy. Then for the first time his vision started to blur. He kept going anyway and was pleased to feel her body begin to clamp down on him and release over and over again as if someone was holding the end of his shaft in their hand and was tightening their grip and letting go as quickly as they could.

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