Blank Slate Holidays

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(Standard disclaimer. All those in the story are over 18.)


I woke up in a strange place with no memory. Where was I? Who was I? Why was I naked?

As I looked around, I saw a large TV in front of me, with a paused video ready to play. Ready to speak…was me.

“Hello. You don’t remember who you are. That’s OK. Your name is David. You are on holiday. You’ve paid a lot of money to be here, without any memory. This is what you…I…we…want.”

“Welcome to your Blank Slate Holiday”


48 Hours earlier –

“Do you ever wonder where they go on their annual vacation?”

My sister asked me as we sat in the living room with our takeaway pizzas.

Erica was 19, and had just finished her first year at university. She curled her naturally brunette but chemically blonde hair between her fingers as she asked me. A small amount of brown roots showing she was due to visit the hairdresser again soon. She had a curvy but short body that would probably look a lot better if she didn’t love to wear baggy dungarees and hide every feminine aspect of her.

“Why do you ask?” I replied as I wolfed down another slice. I was a couple of years older than her, and trying to decide what to do with myself, after completing my BA in English Literature.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit weird?”

Every year for about the last fifteen, our mum and dad had gone away for a short, 7 day holiday without us. When we were younger, our aunt would come babysit us. For the past few years, we hadn’t needed anyone to watch us, as long as we promised not to burn the house down or do anything too stupid.

“No” I replied, but she’d got my attention now. I turned away from the above-average movie (2 guys who don’t like each other, race cars and decide they do like each other, so decide to rob a bank together, using cars) and looked at her, wondering what she was thinking about. She was pretty good at her hunches.

“Well,” she began “They pack hardly any clothes for the week. Maybe just one change of clothes. Certainly not enough for 7 or 8 days. And they never talk about where they are going, or where they went. If you ask them, they usually change the subject.”

That was true. I tried to think back, but couldn’t remember a single place name for where they’d been.

“Plus” my sister added “They never leave a contact number for them, if there is an emergency. We have to call Aunt Louise.”

“And they have the weird numbers on their hands!” I added. “Every time they get back, they’ve got different numbers on the backs of their hands, written in ink or some form of temp tattoo.”

We sat in silence as the movie continued, until Erica picked up the conversation again.

“You know what we should do?”

“No…” I replied slowly “…What?”

“They only left yesterday. And I’ve learned a lot from my investigative journalism course. We should, like, investigate them.”

“Then what?”

“I guess that depends on, like, where they are, and what they’re doing.”

“I don’t WANT to know what they are doing. I can guess what they are doing.” I made a circle with my left hand, and slide a finger from my right hand in and out. International sign language for fucking.

“Well, yes” she replied sheepishly. “but are they in a nice hotel? Are they hiding on some remote island in Scotland? Are they secretly nudists? Are they in some weird cult? Don’t you want to know?”

I tried not to think about my parents fucking, but it was too late. Mum’s hourglass body, a model 30 years ago, but now past her prime, being fucked by dad’s overweight English body, his slight beer belly slapping against her.

Dad’s bald head but bearded face lying on the pillow as mum slowly squats her naked pussy onto his face.

Dad jerking his cock until he shoots his cum over mum’s saggy tits, some hitting her large red birthmark on her shoulder.

“Oh god” I said to Erica. “I’m imagining it”.

“Imagining what?”

“Them fucking! Eww! FINE! I’ll help if it distracts me from that awful mental image.”


A couple of hours of investigation got us into Dad’s email account, and finding a confirmation of two separate bookings with some company called “Blank Slate Holidays”.

“Why two separate bookings?” I mused to my sister. “Why not one?”

“Yeah, that’s strange. Both for seven nights. But one is booked for John (Dad) and the other for Valentina (mum). And booked minutes apart.”

We traced Dad’s emails back a year, and found they went with the same company the year before. And the year before that. And the year before that etc. etc.

We looked at the website. It didn’t have much on it. Only that it promised a unique holiday you’d never believe. The location was apparently only about 2 hours drive away.

“You know what we’ve got to do?” My sister asked me in a way that suggested I had no choice in this. “We should book a night there too. To find out what it is. Apparently we both get a huge discount because of our age bracket.”

I casino oyna lifted one eyebrow quizzically. “And how will Mum and Dad feel if when they see us? Plus it says here it’s a two night minimum stay.”

“They won’t see us. We will be sneaky. I’m a trained investigative journalist. Well, trainee. And we can book under fake surnames or something.”

“I’m not sharing a bed and pretending I’m married to you” I said flatly.

“EWWW! Disgusting. No.” She stuck out her tongue in disgust. “Separate bookings, separate rooms. But look, you can’t book a double anyway. It looks like it’s single person bookings only.”

I rolled my eyes at her. This was a bad idea.

“PLEASE David! I don’t want to go alone…”


The next day we were in the car, driving to the address given by Blank Slate Holidays. The building looked like an old shopping centre that had been converted and restored, rather than demolished. There were no big signs advertising it, and we weren’t sure until we saw someone else enter the building with a suitcase.

As we’d already agreed, Erica went in first, and I waited in the car for about half an hour, before entering too. For some reason, Erica didn’t want them to know we were together. Oh well. She was the journalism student, not me.

Inside the only entrance was clean and white, like a dentist’s waiting room. I introduced myself at the front desk, and was lead to meet one of the consultants. My luggage was taken and I was given a little receipt for it.

“Ah, good afternoon Mr G..”

“Call me David”.

The woman speaking was an attractive red-headed woman in a lab coat with small glasses constantly slipping down her nose. She was holding a clipboard. The room we were in held a doctors table and a couple of chairs. There were a few other bits of medical equipment around the room too.

She invited me to sit on a chair, and then introduced herself as Dr Decker.

“This is your first time at one of our facilities?” she asked in a friendly tone.

“Yes” I confirmed. “A friend recommended you, but he didn’t go into details about what exactly goes on.”

“That’s not surprising” she said with a smile. “Let me explain it for you. You will be given a specific injection, that will cause localized amnesia for a set amount of time. You will not remember anything from the past. Then you will be brought into our state-of-the-art facility, where you will enjoy yourself, free from past inhibitions or memories.”

I nodded, slowly understanding why the company name.

“Imagine,” the woman continued, giving her standard sales pitch. “going into the cinema not knowing how Titanic will end, or that Truman is in a TV show. Imagine eating a tomato for the first ever time. Imagine your first blowjob, or your first orgasm.”

She smiled to herself.

“And every guest in the facility is exactly like you. A blank slate. In the outside world they are married, divorced, widowed and carrying the baggage of a hundred bad relationships. Inside the complex, everyone is single. And everyone starts a virgin. Now how does that sound?”

“Wow” replied honestly. “That sounds…amazing.”

“Exactly” she smirked. “So today, we will do some tests, give you the injections, and you’ll go to sleep in one of our luxury rooms. In the morning, you’ll wake up a new person.”

“And after?”

“When your paid time is over, you’ll be given a drug to help your old memories return. You’ll still remember your time in the facility, but only in the way you remember a dream. Some bits will be clear, most will be a blur of happy emotions.”

“OK” I said with a smile. “Let’s get started!”


They took my height, weight and medical history (to make sure the drug worked in the best possible way) as well as sexual history and a swab around the penis. They didn’t want any STIs going round the facility. There was also a small injection into both testicles. (Temporary contraception)

Next, I was told to record a short message to myself, following an exact script.

Finally, I was lead into a very nice hotel room. It had a large double bed, a flat screen TV, a separate bathroom with a shower and a wardrobe willed with white T-shirts and white trousers.

Dr Decker gave me a carefully measured injection, and, naked, I fell asleep on the comfortable bed…


I woke up in a strange place with no memory. Where was I? Who was I? Why was I naked?

As I looked around, I saw a large TV in front of me, with a paused video ready to play. Ready to speak…was me.

“Hello. You don’t remember who you are. That’s OK. Your name is David. You are on holiday. You’ve paid a lot of money to be here, without any memory. This is what you…I…we…want.”

“Welcome to your Blank State Holiday.”

The recording of me paused before continuing.

“We are paid until Tomorrow at 3pm. On your hand you’ll see a number. That’s our hotel room, as well as the number to listen for if there any announcements.”

A slot oyna little CGI animation of a man looking at his hand and seeing a number showed. I looked at my own hand. 42 was there in black ink.

“We are not allergic to anything, so eat and drink as much as you want.” The recording continued. “There is a wardrobe in the room with lots of clothes. When you are ready, put them on and leave your hotel room. If you walk to the left, you’ll find directions to the food court. Go, and enjoy!”

The recording cut off, and I stared blankly for a few moments, before getting up and getting dressed. All the clothes in the wardrobe were white, but there were several different styles of clothes to choose from.

As I left the room, I could some others leaving their rooms in the same way as me – shocked and confused. Others were walking around more calmly. Everyone was wearing those same white clothes.

It was a large indoor facility, with several floors. It looked like it was once a shopping centre. The bottom floor was where my room was, and where other surprised people were coming from. The shops had been converted into hotel rooms, each with a number on them.

I started walking to the left, as the recording of me recommended. I was surprised to notice some of the hotel rooms were unlocked, with doors wide open. I moved a bit closer to see into one of the rooms. I could see straight through to the bed, and the huge black guy fucking the small white girl underneath him. Her moans could barely be made out under the loud slaps of his hips pounding into hers.

“We’re just starting an orgy in here if you want to join?” a woman’s voice sweetly asked me.

The voice came from behind me, and I swung round in surprise. There was a woman in her mid-to-late forties. She had shoulder-length brown hair, and I could see a bright red mark on her shoulder poking through the white t-shirt. Some part of me was sure I knew her, but I brushed it away to amnesia. How could I know anyone here?

“Umm…” I answered back “…thanks, but I’ve just arrived, and I want to find the food court first. Maybe later?”

“Sure thing honey” she replied sweetly. “I’m Valentina by-the-way. I’m in room 23 if you want to find me later.” She waved her hand at me to show the back of it. A black 23 was on it. I showed her mine.

“David. Room 42.”

“42. I’ll remember it.”

And with that, she walked away and into the bedroom where the couple were fucking. Two other people pushed past me and followed her in.

I moved along a bit more until I found an escalator which took me to the second floor. Then two more minutes walking to find the food court. There was a huge buffet table full of food, with men and women dressed in blue serving and cleaning tables. People in white were getting food or sitting at nearby tables eating.

A young black woman bumped into me from behind. “Oh, sorry!”

“My fault” I replied. “I shouldn’t be stopping in the middle of the walkway. Your first day?”

“Yeah” she said as we walked to get food “just arrived.”

We both grabbed trays and put random food on our plates. I didn’t know what I wanted. I couldn’t remember what anything tastes like. In the end I just picked up a huge selection. I sat with the black woman, and we talked about the food as we tried it, discussing what we liked and didn’t.

“Try a strawberry” some guy told us as he walked away from the food area. “eating your first strawberry is like getting your first blowjob.”

I stood up. “I’ll go get us a couple” I told my new black friend. “But I won’t be able to compare it – I can’t remember what a blowjob feels like!”

Instead of saying anything, the woman stood up, and grabbed my hand, pulling me away from the food area and our half-finished plates. She pulled me along to a more quiet area, and then pushed me against the wall gently. Her lips moved close to mine, and I had my first kiss. Her lips were soft against mine. After a few moments, she knelt down in front of me, and undid my trousers. I almost hadn’t noticed myself getting hard as we kissed, and as my trousers went down, she put my cock straight into her warm mouth.

It felt amazing. I put my hands on her head and felt her head moving forwards and backwards, sucking my cock. I could see people walking past us, either not caring about the public blowjob, or giving a sly smile of approval.

Within just a couple of minutes, I came into her waiting mouth. She swallowed all of it, though by the look of it, she just learned she didn’t like the taste.

“That was amazing,” I told her as I put my trousers back on.

“Thanks. It was my first time giving one.”

“What are you going to do now?” I asked her.

“First,” the woman replied “I’m going to get a drink to wash out the taste. And maybe one of those strawberries. Then I think I’ll go investigate the cinema. You?”

“I’m not ready for the cinema. I think I’ll walk around a bit more first, see what’s on offer. I’m David by-the-way”

“Layla” she replied.

I gave canlı casino siteleri her a simple kiss on the cheek, and we parted ways.


I walked along the 1st floor area, seeing the different activities on offer. I saw gyms and beauty salons and a swimming pool. One place caught my eye – an art gallery. I took a walk inside.

On every wall were amazing painting I’d never seen before. They were all just reproductions, but that didn’t matter. It was my first time seeing them. And they were all amazing.

I stopped by a painting full of gold and yellow. A couple were kissing in it. “The Kiss” by Klimt it said below the painting.

“Wow” A woman said behind me. “That’s so beautiful”.

She looked in her late thirties/early forties. She was thin, had very short hair for a woman. It was dyed platinum blonde.

We looked at it together for a while, enjoying the art.

“I wonder if I have that back in the real world” the woman mused to me, but more to the world in general. “A man who loves me like that.”

I gave her a friendly smile. “Possibly, but I’d say you’re more likely to have a girl who loves you like that, judging by your hair cut.”

She looked at my quizzically. “What do you mean?”

“Well” I said a bit sheepishly, embarrassed about what I’d said “that haircut makes me think of lesbians. I don’t remember anything of the outside world, but I look at your hair and think you might like other women.”

“Oh..” she replied, pausing for a while. “I think I want to find out. Would you help me?”

“umm” I replied, unsure how she wanted me to help “OK?”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along quickly through the rest of the gallery. Two rooms over, we found another woman looking at art alone. She looked much younger – maybe younger than me. Eighteen or nineteen at most. She too had dyed hair, though hers was much longer, and brown roots were showing at the top. Like myself and the short-haired woman, she was wearing plain white clothes.

“Hi!” The older woman said to the younger, tapping her on the shoulder to get attention. “I’m Matilda. I’m wondering if you can help me?”

“Sure!” the young lady said. Something was very familiar about her voice, though I couldn’t tell you why. “What’s up?”

“Well, my friend here (whose name I forgot to ask) thinks I am a lesbian, because of my hair. And I’d like to find out. So I want to take both of you back to my room and have sex with you both, to find out. What do you think?”

The young lady looked at Matilda and at me for a few moments before replying with a simple “OK” and a devilish smile.

We followed Matilda back to the bottom floor and to her hotel room, number 47. On the way down we used the elevator, and we used that moment to share kisses. First Matilda and I, then Matilda and the young lady. Their kiss lasted longer than ours. Finally, since it seemed right, I moved forwards and kissed the young lady. I got an odd sense I hadn’t had with Matilda or the black woman from earlier. It was almost like I was doing something wrong, something taboo with the young girl. I don’t know why.

As soon as we entered room 47, Matilda started removing all her clothes. It wasn’t sexy, it was methodical, like a scientist might get naked. “Please come in, and close the door behind you both.” she instructed us. “What were your names?”

“I’m David” I replied, starting to remove my clothes as well, putting them in a pile on the floor.

“Erica” said the young lady. She took started undressing, removing her top and bra, freeing some amazing boobs.

Don’t get me wrong, Matilda was nice looking for someone in their early forties. But Erica was maybe eighteen / nineteen and looked stunning. She slipped down her trousers and panties like she was dancing slowly. I pulled down mine without any of that grace, my erect cock getting stuck on the fabric.

Once we were finally naked, Matilda asked us to both sit on the edge of the bed. I was on the left, and Erica was on my right, both of us smiling at each other. Matilda knelt between my legs first of all, taking my cock carefully into her mouth and beginning to suck on it. I reached my hand over and started playing with Erica’s nearest boob, aware she was being left out for the moment.

After a few minutes, Matilda changed places, and moved to between Erica’s legs. Erica moaned loudly as the older woman began to lick and suck at her clit. Seeing I was now the one left out, Erica moved her right hand over, wrapping it round my cock. I noticed she had a number 17 on it.

Matilda swapped places again, returning to give me a blowjob, then back to Erica. Without a doubt, Erica’s beautiful little pussy was getting more attention from Matilda.

“What’s the verdict?” I asked out loud.

Matilda looked up from between Erica’s legs. “I’ve got a preference, but it’s not conclusive.” She replied.

“Maybe I should try?” Erica asked. “I don’t know if I’m a lesbian either.”

She swapped places with Matilda, having a passionate kiss as they did so. Then Matilda was next to me, and Erica between the older woman’s legs. Unlike Erica, Matilda left my cock alone. Instead, Matilda grabbed for Erica’s long hair as the young woman sucked her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20