Blood and Love Ch. 20

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Hey guys. First: A sincere apology to everyone for the delay. I fell sick and by the time I got well, I had assignments and by the time they got over, I had exams. However, I have finally come up with this chapter. We finish a year to the story in December. And I guess it’s time to end it. So the end begins from here. Consider it a prologue to the end.

Reviews/ Comments welcome.:)))

Chapter 20

Daniel’s story VIII


The world had come to an abrupt halt. The slowly drifting mist that had parted to reveal the love of my life walking towards me was now still. There was absolute silence in the woods. All that I could hear was the sound of my heart pounding in my chest. How on earth could this be? After all these ears… Nay……centuries- how was my long lost love standing before my eyes?

He looked the same as he had so many years ago. A long cold flame seemed to have ignited itself within my soul. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I opened my mouth to ask questions but no sound came out. I had forgotten everything and everyone around me.

Alex looked up at me with twinkling eyes and a soft smile on his lips. It was the same smile that had robbed my heart all those years ago, that made me utter words.

“Alex, I… I can’t believe that…. I mean how? W..what is this? Where were you?”

But before I could finish my incoherent speech, Alex touched my lips with his finger. The touch sent a strong shiver of anticipation through my body.

“It doesn’t matter how I am back. It doesn’t matter how long it has been. All that matters is that at this moment today, after all these years of separation- you and I are back together.”

With that little address, Alex stood on his toes and putting his arms around my neck, kissed me on the lips. I lost myself in his scent and the soft wet touch of his lips. My arms wrapped themselves around his body and I pulled him closer. Our kiss deepened as the flame of passion that had gone cold, enflamed itself and consumed us.

“No…. No!”

The low whimper struck me like lightning and brought me crashing back to the earth. I broke from Alex and turned to look at Aaron. Aaron had tears streaming from his eyes as he stepped back slowly, disbelief and denial etched on the very features of his face. The realization of what had happened brought my temporary euphoria crashing to the ground. Alex’s return had made me forget everything that had happened in the last few months. I had forgotten that I had committed to Aaron. Aaron- the guy who had brought me back from my despair and solitude to the beautiful world of love. In my darkest phase he had been my redeemer. And now in an instant I had deserted him.

I turned to him and extended my hand for his. At that moment I felt Alex’s hand taking my left hand. I saw Aaron’s eyes travel from my outstretched hand to the other in Alex’s firm hold. A sense of dread filled my heart as I saw tears swelling up in his eyes as he continued to retreat further.

“Aaron…. I…. We can talk.” I tried to console, to say something but words abandoned me.

“We are sorry, Aaron that it had to end this way. This is just not in our control.” I heard Alex suddenly speak.

This was the final nail in the coffin. Aaron turned and ran away from us. I tried fo go after him but Alex held me back. I turned to him.

“I need to go after him.”

“No Daniel. Nothing you say now is going to change anything. He is heartbroken. He needs time. Leave him alone.”

I looked into Alex’s eyes and decided he was right. I should leave him alone for now. I looked in the direction he had run away. The mist had covered the path now.


Aaron’s story IX


This can’t be happening. No! This is impossible. How on earth can this happen out of nowhere? We had just started to be together! It was just last night that we had vowed to never be separated. And now Alex was standing holding his hand! How the hell did all hell break loose on my life?

These questions raged my mind as I ran through the woods. I had no idea where I was going. I had no idea if I would stop. I had no idea what I would do now. I had no idea what was going to happen. I had no idea when I’d stop. Fuck! Did I have any idea?

My side started hurting and I stopped. Panting, sweating and crying I leaned against a tree for support. I was too wound up now. I needed to clear my head. I needed to get myself together. After a couple of minutes my breathing eased and my fuzzy brain started to clear up.

“Aaron!” I heard Sean’s voice and turned to find him scampering towards me. I quickly wiped my face but the cold air had already frozen the tears. I gathered as much composure as a guy who has just lost his much sought relationship to an ex after a mere twelve hours could possibly be. Turning to Sean who was finally next to me and breathing heavily I managed, “Hey!”

Without a word Sean casino oyna pulled me into a tight hug. I felt tears swell into my eyes again but managed to dissolve the lump forming in my throat. I cleared my throat and tried to console Sean.

“Hey Sean! It’s okay bro. I’m fine.”

Sean pulled back and looked at me squarely in the face. “Are you?” He spoke in almost disbelief.

“Yeah man! You know I’m not a wimp. Fine if Alex is back. I know you’ll say I loved Dan.” At this point I felt my throat choking with emotion but I quickly finished. “But Alex is back and I know how hung up he was on him. I know when to step back Sean. Guess this was all I could have with him. I can live with it.”

I managed a faint smile. Sean looked at me for a moment, scrutinizing and processing all I had said.

“Well. Let’s go home broda.” He put an arm around my shoulders and we turned to walk into the now more obscure fog.


It’s been a week since Alex came back. A week? It seems like an eternity if you ask me. And what’s more Dan has hardly spoken a word to me this entire time. I guess I didn’t give him the chance to either. But hell he is the one whose ex is back from the dead! He should know what I’d be going through. He should have tried hard enough. Oh and don’t get me started on that Alex! All smiles and charms. Everyone is totally smitten by him. Dan just keeps ogling him. Sean and Evan remain silent in front of me but I can so tell that they like him too. And now he’s joined school with us. He’s out becoming Mr. Popular while I hang around in my sweats eating ice-cream out of tubs watching depressing shows. But I can see right through him. I can tell he’s a supercilious fake jerk. And what a story he told of his return. Worth a Tarantino plot! Apparently, the Nocti vampire took him after his death and held him captive thinking he had information on the founding families. I don’t believe him. There are so many loopholes in his grand movie plot. But no one seems to notice. I guess you’ll say I am just getting paranoid with jealousy. That is so not the case. I don’t trust him because he is too good to be true. He could make you diabetic with all his compliments. And he knows I don’t trust him. He gives me these smug smiles and keeps on pulling Dan in for smooches around me. What would I give to stake his heart right through his tongue and all the way down!

Anyway, life at Mysticus Domus has been very peaceful for the last week. In fact it’s too peaceful. It feels like the calm before the storm. Something untoward is coming toward us; coming fast…


“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” I looked up from my laptop to Sean standing in the doorway. He’s dressed in black jeans, white tee and a leather jacket. Hair all spiked he’s radiating enthusiasm.

“Nah! Don’t feel like it.” I answered stretching lazily.

“‘Kay. Rachel’s birthday party would be a gala affair. Anyway, Amanda won’t be here tonight so she’s made you macaroni and cheese. Have it when you feel hungry. And don’t hesitate to call me if you need me! I’ll come running.”

He winked and I smiled.

“You go have fun with Evan. I’ll look after myself, brother.”

Sean smiled once again and left closing the door behind him. A party wasn’t really on my cards tonight. Well it hadn’t been since Alex decided to drop in but the mood had still not lifted. I turned back to my laptop and started typing the assignment.

Suddenly, I heard a noise from the living room downstairs. No one was at home. Who the hell could it be? I lifted my laptop and got out of bed without making any noise. I grabbed my baseball bat and decided to go and check downstairs. I made my way down the staircase hiding in the shadows, tip-toeing to prevent the floorboard from creaking. I looked inside the living room but it was vacant. Suddenly, I sensed movement behind me and quickly flung my bat.

“WHOA!” Dan jumped back and the bat hit a vase which shattered into tiny pieces but not before a piece flew and made a home run at the mirror on the wall.

“Easy there Rambo.” Dan muttered looking at me with wide eyes.

“What are you talking about? You sneaked into the house. Plus, the bat wouldn’t have hurt you.” I speak dryly.

He looked at me without speaking. He seemed apologetic but at the same time a little hurt at my lack of compassion.

“Why are you here anyway?” I quickly questioned. I had no interest in seeing pity for me.

“I… I just wanted to… to see you. To talk to you.” He began.

“That’s what you said last week too. ‘We need to talk’s. But I guess that didn’t come around to happen. I guess your back from the beyond boyfriend keeps you busy.”

Dan looked at me, assessing the situation and spoke in a measured voice. “Aaron, I… Frankly, I don’t know what to say to you. I mean Alex’s coming back has really complicated things and I just don’t know what to do. I love you but…”

“But you can’t leave Alex. He’s the love of your life. He’s alone in this century. slot oyna He needs you. It’s sunshine and flowers. Yes! Yes I know what the entire deal is Dan. I know it’s all about what Alex needs.” I paused for a moment and fixed him with a teary eye. “I just don’t count, do I.”

“No Aaron! No! You do count. I really love you. I just can’t leave Alex.” He beseeched.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. “You love me? You Love me! No you don’t! You love Alex. You care about Alex! Alex is the centre of your life! I? I am just a conquest. A one night stand that you worked for a long time!”

Dan looked at me dumbstruck and hurt. He opened his mouth to speak but the front door opened and Alex walked in. He stopped in his tracks and looked from me to Dan, understanding the situation.

“Alex? I was just…” Dan began.

“It’s okay Dan. I just wanted to tell you we’re getting late for Rachel’s party.” He spoke softly with a no-need-to-explain understanding look.

“Yeah. I guess we should get going.” Dan said and without another look at me left. Alex looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. His lips twitched slightly. I raised an eyebrow.

“Is something amusing?” I snap.

Alex looked at me with triumph in his eyes. “Possibly.”

“Get out!” I gesture coldly.

Alex’s firmly purses his lips and turns to leave, banging the door behind him. That was all I had and I collapsed onto the sofa crying.

Tear after tear flowed from my eyes and I sobbed heavily. A week of stoic pretence had collapsed in a two minute encounter with Dan. Suddenly, my cell buzzed. I wiped my face and looked at the screen.

“Want to know the truth about Alex? He’s not back for the right reasons. If you want to save everyone you love; if you want to save Dan, meet me at the Mysticus Grill at 8PM.”

I read the message thrice trying to grasp the meaning. Thinking hard I finally got up. Guess I was finally going to the party tonight.


Sean’s Story XII


“You okay?” Evan asked me and took my hand in his left while steering the wheel. I looked away from the edge of the woods passing by and turned to face him. His eyes were filled with concern.

“Yeah! I’m fine.” I manage with a half smile. “It’s just Aaron you know. I’m worried he’s suffocating himself. It’s always so with him. He doesn’t like to be seen as vulnerable and so locks away all his sadness. I can tell all his cold indifference is just a defense mechanism.”

Evan pressed my hand gently. “I understand Sean. But there is no point in worrying endlessly. Things are complicated right now. But as they say Time will heal. After that kidnapping and then Alex, you really need to relax, Sean. Tonight, you’ll forget everything and enjoy yourself. ‘Kay?”

I looked up at his expectant face with an assuring smile. My heart melted and I felt a burden lifting from my mind. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You make everything seem so easy.”

“And I love how much you care about everyone.” He said as pulled into the grill’s parking zone. His hand moved to my face and he bent to kiss me.

“I love you.” He mumbled through the kiss.

“I love you too.” I replied with radiant eyes when the kiss ended.

As we stepped into the grill, loud music and the smell of teen spirit hit us. I felt myself loosening and relaxing as my body started responding to the beats of the DJ. As always, Tyler was DJ-ing. Evan and I found Rachel surrounded by Rebecca, Stephan, Chris, Rose, Daniel and Alex. They seemed to have just arrived and were exchanging wishes, gifts and jokes. I noticed that Dan seemed grim and uneasy. He and Evan exchanged looks. I hugged Rachel and handed her our gift.

“Happy Birthday Rach!” I shouted over the music. Evan wished her too.

“Thanks guys! Help yourselves around!” She shouted in response and then headed elsewhere. Rose and Chris hit the dance floor while Dan and Evan started talking to each other. Clearly something was up but I chose to remain at bay. Alex stood looking at the crowd thinking something.

“Great party, right?” Rebecca said handing me a martini.

“Rachel always outdoes herself at bashes.” I replied sipping the drink.

“How is Aaron? He isn’t coming?” She enquired.

“He says he is fine. No, he’s not coming. Guess he’s got an assignment or something.”

“Are you sure he’s not coming?” Rachel asked again.

“Yeah! Why?”

“‘Cause he just entered the grill.”

“What?” I turned to look at the entrance and there stood Aaron. Well, the sweats had been done away with and he was dressed in his best jeans, a black vest and a leather jacket. He looked mighty handsome and I guessed the post heart-break phase was finally over. He caught me looking and with a grin came to us.

“Hey there!”

“I thought you were not coming.” I said.

“Change of plans. The house was boring. Hey Rebecca!”

“Hey Aaron. Good you came!”

“Hi Alex!” canlı casino siteleri Aaron spoke to Alex with raised eyebrows and a sardonic smile.

“Aaron.” Alex acknowledged narrowing his eyes and with a hint of a sarcastic smile.

I sensed crackling animosity between them. But before I could enquire Aaron checked his cell and said.

“I gotta go. See you in sometime.” He left.

Alex looked at Aaron going. Then went to the bar and sat down for a drink. Rebecca and I exchanged looks. Before I could dwell on this any further, I felt an arm wrap around my waist.

“Let’s dance.” Evan whispered in my ear.

I beamed at him and we moved to the dance floor.


Aaron’s Story X


I made my way through the crowded dance floor and towards the door that led to the staircase to the roof. I entered and shut the door behind me. The music was still echoing but at a lower decibel. The staircase was lit with a faint red light and a tube light that kept on flickering. I made my way up the filthy staircase and finally emerged onto the roof. As I stepped on the terrace, a cold wind hit me, making me shiver. I quickly zipped my jacket and looked around. The terrace was dark. There was no source of light except the faint light from the billboard of the grill. However, I could still walk easily and saw who seemed a woman standing near the terrace edge.

“Hello? Did you text me?” I spoke, a little too loudly. I guess I was nervous.

The woman turned to look at me. She was middle-aged, probably in late thirties with gothic make-up. I hazarded a guess considering she knew about vampires and dressed in this fashion.

“Are you a witch?”

She looked at me for a minute before nodding.

“And you know the secret that Alex is hiding?”

She nodded again.

“So? What is it?” I asked slightly annoyed at the lack of conversation.

She simply stared at me, scrutinizing. I got slightly frustrated.

“Listen, if you really don’t want to say anything then please don’t waste my time.”

At this she smiled a malevolent smile. I felt shivers going down my spine.

“My name is Diana. As you smartly guessed, I am a witch. Now about Alex. Well, I worked for him. Or let’s say I work for him, considering he doesn’t know I’m spilling the beans to you.” She answered in a matter of fact tone.

I felt the ice in her voice.

“So what are you going to tell me?” I uttered.

“Well, Alex is the master mind behind everything that has been happening. He sent Ruth Morris. He sent the assassin who tried to kill Sean. He got Sean kidnapped. He wanted to get Sean. And he wants to destroy the Damien brothers, especially Dan. Oh and also, you’re on his hit list priority.” She added with a smirk.

“But? Why is he doing this? What does he want with Sean?” I was perturbed.

“Well, I don’t really know. But he needs Sean for something. There is a prophecy involved. The prophecy is the reason that the Nocti attacked the town in 1850s. If you can find out about the prophecy then you can find the motive.”

“Okay.” I let the information sink in. “Why are you helping me?”

“Because she wants to die.” I froze in my tracks as I heard Alex’s icy voice. It happened in a flash. He came out of the darkness, ripped Diana’s throat open and threw her off the terrace into the woods behind the bar. He turned to look at me. His slit pupils were radiating a red aura while blood dripped from his fangs, smearing his jaw. He smiled menacingly and in a nonchalant manner wiped the blood.

“So, I see you’ve been informed.” He spoke in a quiet voice.

I stepped back towards the door but he turned up at the exit with his vampire speed. I had no option but to step to the centre of the terrace.

He gradually stepped towards me and we stood face to face. I had no option except to face him. It was our face-off now.

“Yes, I know stuff about you, Alex!” I spoke with as much contempt at possible.

“Such contempt Mr. Pretentious Righteous. You are no saint.” He smirked.

“Shut the fuck up! Why the fuck are you betraying Dan? Don’t you see he fucking loves you, you bastard!” I shouted in rage. “And don’t you dare touch Sean!”

He laughed loudly at my outburst. The more he laughed, the more my rage grew.

“You are a funny guy, Aaron. You are alone here, with a vampire and threatening him. I could rip that loud throat of yours in a second!” He laughed.

“Laugh as much as you want to. I will tell Dan everything about you. I will expose you! And then Kill you!” I responded in a cold but much controlled voice.

He sensed the determination and the cold threat in my voice. That made him stop laughing and he turned to stand inches away from me.

“And you think he’ll believe you? He’s been under my control for 170 years and you’ve hardly known him for 170 days! Have you forgotten how he left you the moment I came? He will never listen to you. And Sean, well he is going down. I’ve waited for this moment for more than a century now. The Gellar line would have been eliminated in the 1850s itself but for unavoidable circumstances. It will be done now.” He spoke with menace shining in his narrowed eyes.

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