Blue Rabbit Surprise

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“I thought I’d buy you a special present Pete, maybe you’d like to open it right now?”

“I guess this is a going away present, Jeff?”

Jeff was going to do a report abroad and would be some days before he was back, so it came as no real surprise because he always got me something every time he went away.

I opened it and saw that it had on the box “Blue Rabbit anal plug deluxe with a vibrating core” I guess I knew what it was right away.

“That’ll keep you happy Pete whilst I’m away. Wouldn’t like you to get any ideas.”

He knew how I would feel a certain emptiness and yes I would as always, miss his pampering,

“It will of course be no substitute for Freddy” I said smiling, Freddy is the name I call his very special attribute, that which warms me up inside at night and sometimes in the day too.

“You say the nicest things, and no philandering with Mike okay?”

“Would I?”

“Well I have seen the way he looks at you, and remember what I said about he suggesting we have a threesome, no way you are exclusive to me. I cherish you so much, you are mine, mine, mine okay!?”

“I guess I love you for it Jeff.”

“Later I will give you a real seeing to, after we have dabbled with our new toy, would you like that?”

“Love it, Jeff,” I returned enthusiastically.

“I have to go to work in half hour but in the meantime…”

I knew what Jeff wanted, just his usual quickie, it was almost that he wanted to posses me sometimes, that he thought if he didn’t spoil me to death I’d go running. Mind you, between you and me, the reader I already have surrendered myself to Mike, well he is such a darling and has that sort of very persuasive way about him, not to mention other things, but will tell you about that when Jeff has gone abroad, because he is staying with me for a couple of days, I know it sounds wicked, that I am cheating on Jeff, but while the cat is away Pete will stray… I am only human and very hungry for it.

Anyway there he was, having just munched his breakfast serial, now it was my turn, already unzipped and being sucked hard. It was always lovely and invariably he made me cum. I loved the way he let it spurt all over his face, then the way he sp passionately kissed me afterwards, my cream still dribbling from his mouth, I sucked his tongue and tasted my nectar. That was always so special, me thinking the times as a teenager I had tried to do just that, trying to give myself a blow job, just to simply touch it with my tongue would have been a bonus, but I was no contortionist – but I always envied those who could twist their limbs to any position, I bet they make great lovers.

His kiss continued, moving and wet, Freddy pumping below, I felt it through his suit trousers, it was firm and so wonderfully pliable, if only – but he apologised saying he had to rush off but we would make up later.

Then he was gone, I went to the bathroom to gargle. I sat on the edge of the bed and pondered over Jeff’s present. I know he said we could play later but I was curious to find out how it felt. We had fucked to the early hours and George was still numb, (George the name we called Freddy’s lodging place, or my anal delight as Jeff sometimes called it)

I carefully read the instructions and already I was beginning to get that certain hungry urge like when Jeff had prepared me, that I wanted cock – and deep inside me.

I leaned on my side, knees up to my chest and started to manoeuvre it into me with gradual motions, switching on the vibrator switch as I did so. But silly me I’d forgotten the Lube so it was a quick visit to the bathroom to get myself well lubed up and I was ready …

Laying there, closing my eyes, I worked it casino siteleri into me slowly, easing it further up and up until it had reached it’s peak – and there was I feeling the gorgeous benefit of its very erotic vibrations. I enjoyed a short fuck pretending it was Jeff. I’d have a shower, get dressed and look forward to later. It would be better with Jeff doing it.

“Bet you have already tried your new toy Huh, Pete” questioned Jeff later. His cock already out for my delight.

“I might have?” I returned with a mischievous smirk.

“I can tell you have you naughty boy, you realise I will have to give you a sound spanking for that!”

I was banking on it, being spanked by Jeff, all stretched in my tight jeans across his knee was something not to be missed. He found great delight in giving me it open handed, loving to hear the sound of open palm slap tight ass, then he said he would give me a real seeing to after. That meant he was really going to pamper and fuck me all evening. I took his cock (Freddy) in my hand, admired his stiff length, the dark blue vein running along the shaft, the sheer attractiveness if his gorgeous plum red knob with the inviting p-hole at tip, waiting for the touch of tongue, tasting now, so good and so wonderful ot’s essence – to feel it shudder and throb as I do so, it is lovely, can never get enough of it, sucking it now into my mouth, manoeuvring my lips around it, wrapping my tongue around its red end and tasting the salty taste of -p-hole.

“You love your cock, don’t you Pete?” Jeff asked during my long deep suck. I nodded with it still deep inside my mouth, slipping it into my throat, I could take it halfway, hold my breath and feel it slither into my gullet, holding it there for a little while and then releasing, hearing the rapturous moans of Jeff as I did so, enjoying the feel of his firm balls, squeezing them as I released his hard cock, then sucking it in again, harder, tasting the pre-cum which was telling me he was soon ready for his fuck of me. Down with my jeans and boxer shorts, bent over on all fours he took me with that so hungry cock which he whispered was yearning for my deep hot and wet fuck. He fucked me for about ten minutes, his usual quality fuck, bending me this way and then that, on all fours, me perched on top, then stretched, my legs scissored to let him get the benefit of a full and deep penetration, holding it in there for a while as I groaned for him to complete his fuck of me. Then when he did, the utter ecstasy of knowing and feeling his special climax, shaking my ass like jelly as he exploded inside me, his balls slapping wildly against my buttocks which I knew shortly would be suffering his hefty punishment..

“Does that prove just how much I love Freddy and just how much I need and want you?” I asked pressing my lips to his, his mouth sucking my tongue, tasting the nectar from my earlier cock suck.

He looked at me with great passion and simply nodded. Next he said he wanted me to put my jeans back on but without my boxers, he wanted me to wear braces so my blue jeans were tight up between my ass cheeks, he said he loved the sight if tight ass crying out for punishment and that was what I was going to get for being so naughty and using Blue Rabbit without him being there, he meant what he said and I soon found myself very steeply bent over his knees displaying my ass for his perusal. The first slaps stung like hell, he really came down on me, laughing as he heard the resounding slap each time, chuckling as my ass bounced to his spanking, down and down until I closed my eyes with pain, but waiting for that pain to diminish into a certain numbness, then I was crying out for him not to stop, the numbness giving me pleasure slot oyna as I felt him knead my ass over my jeans, then the sitting, he loved me to sit on him afterwards, thighs well stretched as he nudged his face into my crack, sniffing and licking me there, me moving for him, watching him enjoy me there, then the stripping as he then took me bare assed, my cock and balls and ass out there for his pleasure, to suck and lick and taste me, then I would take him as he took me, until we were both sucking cock, and the climax came and we were swallowing each other. Then the deepness of another passionate kiss as we really enjoyed the combined taste of each other in our mouths. Absolutely wonderful and beyond description, it must be the most intimate thing you can do with another human being.

But we still had the blue rabbit experience to enjoy. He opened and looked at it, “you washed it after you used it earlier?” he asked “because I can still smell you on the shaft”

“Sorry” I said “but I did clean it honest!”

“I believe you, thousands wouldn’t now lets see how this works shall we, it looks inviting enough.” He soon discovered how to switch on the vibrator, held it to his still ripe cock and closed his eyes to get the sensation

“Very nice, I bet it is a delight inside?” he said with that certain gleam in his eyes. As his fingers rimmed me there, muttering that my ass was still hot and inflamed after his spanking, “you are nice and easy now, lets see how it fits shall we?” he said slowly edging it against the opening.

It was good, much better than when I did it myself, then like wanking it is always better when someone else is doing it for you, nothing to beat a good stiff grasping hand with that certain jerk wanking you. Now I was feeling the enjoyment, Now I watched Jeff wanking himself as he discovered new things to do with my geared up ass. Sliding it this way and that – making me moan with absolute pleasure – it was so very nice. “Fuck me with it, with the vibrator on top notch huh?” I urged. He took quality time to explore me there, I felt his tongue licking and sucking between insertions, his fingers teasing my hanging balls. And I enjoyed the most ecstatic and wondrous fucking as Jeff really went to town, fucking and fucking my now well used hole to his hearts content, until , by wanking himself silly, he had gotten a huge hard on again, and I knew what I was in for once more, want you over the edge of the bath this time” he ordered, leading me to the bathroom, the vibrator still stuck up inside me.

“I’m going to fuck the ass off you and no mistake.” he was huge and I asked if he wanted sucking again, like as usual, but he refused saying he was ripe and up for fucking, fucking my newly initiated vibrated hole, now it was his turn to fuck me, to let me feel the urgency and the swell of his huge stiff throbbing cock. And did I get it, Wow! He had never fucked me that strong before, this was going to be a brand new experience, using the vibrator first, then shoving it into my mouth to let me taste myself then having his cock fuck me directly after.

When came a knock at the front door, he hovered a little, as if in thought, “That’ll be John, I told him to come later. Look, be a darling and go let him in, Pete?”

“I felt the hollow as he came out of me, what a time to stop, in the midst of a raving fuck, But I knew Jeff had his reasons, he must have really wanted to see John because knowing him, he would not have stopped in mid fuck like that.”

I slipped on my jeans quickly and went down the stairs to greet John.

“You must be Pete” he said immediately.

“You know of me then?” I replied

“Jeff is always talking about you, is he descent, can I canlı casino siteleri see him?”

“Alright to send John up, ” I bellowed up the stairs and the reply came “sure send him up.”

I followed behind getting a strong whiff of his Bruno after shave.

“Hiya, Jeff me old mate how are you?”

“Thought I said Later, John”

“Sorry no can do. But can we talk later or is it awkward, can see you have been busy,” John glimmered taking a sideways glance at me.

“Well Pete and I were fucking!”

“You lucky bastard!”

“You could say that, John, Pete is a star!”

I felt John’s eyes scan me and knew exactly what was in his mind And the cheek of it, there he was frigging himself.

“You want some if the action, don’t you, John. But what about our meeting.”

“Later, later, Jeff. This is too good to miss, Can I watch, would you mind very much?”

Jeff looked at me in that questioning way. I went for it, anything to please Jeff because that is how |I felt about him, But the thought of someone watching was an interesting thought. I undid my jeans and clambered onto the bed where we had just been rudely interrupted by John’s knock.

“Nice one, Jeff – I like it, can see your interest!”

Jeff, manoeuvred his cock against my ass once more and already I felt the tinge of wanting, the hole had shrunk but was ready to be opened by Jeff’s stiffening shaft.

“What is that thing doing on the locker?” John had seen the vibrator.

“What do you think? ” replied Jeff starting to work his cock into me again.

John’s was all eyes as I was being well, and truly fucked “Now you are giving me a real hard on, you lucky bastard, Jeff”

“Want some?” asked Jeff as if I was a fruit desert or something. “Would you mind Pete if my best mate had a poke?”

“You don’t beat about the bush do you Jeff” I gasped.

“He sure doesn’t Pete, interrupted John already starting to strip, his huge tool popping out like a jack in the box. “I can still see the racks on your lovely ass, how many did he give you, ten, twenty?”

Now he was really rubbing himself, pulling all his grandeur from his trousers, his cock and balls lurched out in the ready. I was impressed I must say, and if that was what I was going to be poked with I was happy with that, never been fucked by two guys one after the other. And now John was shaking with excitement, Looked as though he didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of foreplay – he said he just wanted my ass and pronto!

Jeff had an idea, he blocked my head between his crutch facing downwards so that I was plainly all raised ass for his mate, and he could enjoy my ass also, in an instant I heard heavy breathing from both guys as Jeff stretched and massaged my cheeks for John’s enjoyment – “Nice Huh, never seen an ass like it and he fucks like a buck rabbit.” Then I heard Jeff say that he’d better wear a rubber and he replied that he had a nice ribbed one which would make it good for me, a fuck to be remembered were his words and the next moment I felt him go into me with one huge rough thrust, filling me up with what must shave been eight inches of pure unadulterated hot throbbing cock, and did it throb!, my ass was shaking with his thrusting as Jeff took it in his mind to give me another bare handed spanking, so I was being spanked and fucked and it was all happening,

There I was, feeling like a slave being held fast while the guys had their pleasure of me. It seemed to last forever, each guy taking turns and changing positions, then I had Jeff in my mouth as John fucked me, sucking each of them systematically after each fuck climaxed and my mouth was washed in white cream. Eventually the exhaustion caught up with us and we ended up in a pile on the floor, but to give it a wonderfully perfect end, Jeff gave me his special jerking wank until I spurted high and we were all gratified with a happening which I felt we would be experiencing again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20