Bob And Becky Get Comfortable Again

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This is the fourth in my series about Bob and Becky. The previous three are necessary to this story.

Thanks for all the positive info! I will continue this story soon.


I went into my room and waited for Becky to be done in the shower. I stripped out of my wet swimsuit and put on a robe. The phone rang and I answered it.

“Hey sexy!” said Sheryl’s familiar voice. “Are we doing anything tonight?”

“Hello beautiful.” I replied. “I hadn’t thought that far in advance. What did you have in mind? I’ve been at the beach this afternoon with Becky, and I’m fairly beat from the sun and water. Quiet night in?”

“That’s fine with me. What kind of quiet night in? I’d rather not hang out here, my brother has a couple friends over.” She said.

“No problem, I’m sure Becky and my parents would welcome you here. I think everyone here may be gearing up for a game night. How’s that for a boring, quiet night in?” I laughed at myself. “You should come for dinner too.”

“Super. I’ll be there by 7. What should I bring?” She was ever-thoughtful.

“How about a bottle of wine? Your parents will give you one. My parents will drink one. And if you bring it, we’ll all have some because they’ll open a bottle too.” I said.

“Hey, how about I come early and the two of us cook dinner? I have some pretty good Chinese recipes I’d like to try.” She suddenly interjected.

“Sure. Come over whenever. I’ll tell Becky, maybe she’ll want to join us in the kitchen.”

With that settled we said our good-byes. I settled down into my desk chair as my computer booted and I reclined slightly. I did not think about what I was wearing, and my robe fell open, revealing my crotch completely. Of course, that was the moment Becky appeared at my door.

“Uh, the shower’s all yours.” She said. I looked up at her, unaware of the state of my robe.

She looked incredible. She was just wearing a towel, wrapped around her to hide all the important bits. Her hair was still wet, and hanging down around her face. The towel was not big and I could see most of her legs. After checking out her legs thoroughly I wondered why she was still standing there, so I looked up at her face. She was staring, and when I followed the line of her eyes I realized I was uncovered.

“Oh crap!” I said, and quickly flipped my robe shut. “I’m sorry, didn’t realize my robe opened!

“That’s okay.” Replied Becky. “I’ve never seen one that wasn’t hard and sticking up before. It is pretty different!”

I was a bit embarrassed by this, and said, “well, I’ve been swimming, they shrink casino oyna after being in the water…”

Becky laughed and told me to take a shower.

“Oh, Sheryl is coming for dinner, she and I are making dinner, want to join us in the kitchen?” I asked her.

“Sure!” She replied. “Do mom and dad know?”

“Nope. Just got off the phone with Sheryl. Haven’t had a chance to tell them.” I told her

“I’ll tell them, you go shower.” And with that, she turn and disappeared from my room.

I showered and dressed, making myself more than averagely presentable. When I got downstairs Sheryl was already in the kitchen with Becky. She had brought was seemed like an impossible amount of groceries for dinner.

“Wow, did you bring enough food?” I asked.

“Oh be quiet.” Becky retorted. “This is going to be a long dinner with many courses. We’ll eat while we play, your parents are picking the game. Now put on an apron, you’re going to be chopping everything.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled on an apron. As I chopped, I watched the interaction between my girlfriend and my sister. I realized that my two best friends in the world were here in the kitchen with me. I didn’t realize how attached I had become to Sheryl, I kind of figured that I was feeling close to her because of all the physical fooling around. I guess there was more than that, because I really felt a fondness for her that I couldn’t explain, and I realized that we had actually been fooling around less in recent times, and just spending time together more.

Dinner was a most pleasant affair. We took care of three bottles of wine and played a few games with my parents. It was approaching 10:00 when Becky said to Sheryl,

“You know, you’ve had a couple glasses of wine and it is getting late, why don’t you stay till morning? You can stay with me, maybe we can go shopping a bit tomorrow for essential college survival things.”

Sheryl looked at Becky gratefully. “That’s a good idea.” She said. “I’ll let my parents know so they don’t expect me.” And she got up and went to use the phone.

“In that case, open another bottle of wine Bob!” cried my father. He did enjoy having adult children!

The games wound down around 11:30, and my parents excused themselves to go to bed. Becky, Sheryl and I sat around the living room having a beer and shooting the breeze. I was very relaxed and content. The tenseness between me and Becky completely forgotten, we spoke easily with Sheryl and each other.

Around 1:00 we all decided to call it a night. Becky went first upstairs, and Sheryl and I kissed for a little while, saying our goodnights slot oyna to each other. “I’m really glad you came. This was a really special evening, and I’m really sorry that summer is coming to a close.”

“Well, here is my news of the day. I’ve been accepted to St. Mary’s college, also in South Bend, Indiana. I just found out – they had me waitlisted and a spot just opened up.”

I stood and looked at her, open mouthed. I couldn’t believe this news! I pulled her up and hugged her tightly. “Oh I’m so happy!” I kept saying.

She laughed and said, “So I guess I should accept it!”

“Are you kidding? Of course! I was trying to work out how we were going to continue to make this work, but I never dreamed it would work like this!” I said to her.

“Okay, okay, down boy! So seems we may be together longer than either of us thought that first evening you took advantage of me after I had been drinking.” She looked at me coyly.

“Har har. You were the on that got into the car without a bra on, may I remind you.” I said, and kissed her. We agreed that it was bed time, and she went to Becky’s room and I went to mine. I was asleep very soon after my head hit the pillow, contentment rolling over me in waves.

I was awoken around 3:30 AM. It was a pleasant awakening, as I felt lips kissing my face, and a hand rubbing my chest. I opened my eyes and saw Sheryl kneeling beside my bed. “Hey,” I whispered.

“Hey yourself.” She whispered back. “Have I got a surprise for you! Just lay on your back. Tonight you receive, with no expectation of reciprocation.” She grinned at me.

I laid on my back and she pushed the covers off me. She kissed down my neck and chest, lingering on my belly. She knows I’m sensitive there, and as she kissed my belly I felt her hand closing around my still soft penis. She positioned herself on her knees between my legs and sucked my soft cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue rubbing along the sensitive spots, just below my head, on my shaft. I responded quickly, getting harder and harder. She did her best to take my whole penis in her mouth. I’m average size, nothing spectacular, but she was struggling.

Suddenly, she seemed to relax, and with slow and deliberate pressure I felt her sliding down my cock, more and more, until her nose was pressing into my belly above my penis. My cock was in her throat! She had swallowed the whole thing. I felt her left hand rubbing my scrotum and moaned.

She pulled off me and whispered, “You have to be quiet! Not a single sound!” And she reached up and clicked on my small bed-side lamp.

“What are you doing?” I asked, taking in the gorgeous canlı casino siteleri site between my legs.

“I thought you might like to watch me and I deep throat you.” She grinned up at me wickedly, and went back to work on my cock. Over and over she went slowly down, all the way down, on my cock. The slow pace was killing me, I wanted to grab her head and pump up against her face.

After about 5 minutes of this she pulled up and said, “Sorry the pace is slow. This is new to me. Obviously I’m going to need a lot of practice before we can go fast!” When I heard that there was going to be lots of practice my cock twitched just a bit. It was enough to smack her in the chin and she giggled. “Remember!” She said, “No noise at all.”

She went back to it, and after a while she stopped deep throating and just sucked the top while she jacked me with one hand and lightly squeezed my balls with the other. Her pace increased, and my hips started mimicking her motions. As she suck me I looked at her, watching my cock disappear into her mouth, her hand wrapped around me. I thought it was so damn hot, I got more into it, moving my hips more.

“Oh, uh, I’m going to cum!” I whispered, as quietly as I could. Her pace didn’t change. She looked up at me. “Sheryl!” I whispered, “I’m going to cum! Soon!” She just looked at me and kept on blowing me.

Then I realized. She was going to swallow my load. And that did it. I came so hard I was amazed. She was fully prepared for it, and she sucked and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Only a little escaped, and she simply took more of my cock in her mouth to catch it. Her pace slowed, and she gently touched and kissed my cock as it deflated. After just a few minutes, she stood up, clicked off my light, and told me she’d see me in the morning. I just watched her go. I felt very spent, and I fell asleep very quickly.

I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. “Wow,” I thought, “big greasy breakfast 2 days in a row.”

After a quick shower (during which the full events of the previous night returned to me), I dressed and went downstairs to find Becky and Sheryl deep in conversation, drinking coffee. Sheryl got up and kissed me a good morning and went to get me a cup of coffee. Becky grinned at me and asked if I had a pleasant night.

“Uh, yeah, I slept great.” I replied.

“Mmhmm, you know I know what happened. Good for you, I say.” She said with a twinkle in her eyes.

At that moment Sheryl arrived with the coffee. “Don’t get used to this. I’m not the ‘serve my man’ sort of girl, you know.” She jabbed me in the ribs.

“Oh you know I’ll be waiting each morning for coffee in my dorm, and I’ll drop my laundry off at your place once a week.” I replied and ducked away. We all laughed and I sat down between my two favourite people in the world at our dining room table.

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