Bobby Ch. 02

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It had been several weeks since twenty six year old Bobby came to live with Mommy, Daddy and Kitten. He was fitting into the family. He and Kitten helped the servants. Unless dining with Mommy and Daddy they ate with the servants.

Usually he and Kitten chose their own cloths, but today Mommy chose what she wanted them to wear.

Kitten wore a long sleeve high collar dress. It’s black material alternated vertical stripes of opaque and translucent material. On her feet were black velvet block heels. Her lipstick and nail polish were pink.

Bobby wore a long sleeve button down shirt of the same material as Kitten’s dress. His short shorts were very snug satin. On his feet were soft black leather slippers.

They had lunch in the sun room with Mommy and Daddy.

“Tonight darlings, we’re having a little anniversary party. Daddy and I have invited ten guests. Drinks at seven, dinner at eight.

“Here’s the seating arrangement. Set the table in the formal dinning room. Chef has the seating arrangement and place cards.

“Kitten, wear your lime green gown tonight. I’ll bring your clothes Bobby, and your jewelry.”

Daddy explained the rest. “And Kitten, wear your hair up, you know the way I like it.”

Kitten looked stunning. Her hair up in an elegant roll held with diamond headed pins. Her gown was shoulder-less. The lime green contrasted with her pale skin. Just below her knees the hem split and a ruffle curved down around to just above her ankles and silver strap stilettos.

Mother brought her diamond pendulum earrings and a two row diamond necklace that swooped down across her bare chest to just below her collarbone.

“Come darling. We’ll start with your jewelry.” She gave Bobby diamond stud earrings. She pushed the pins of two diamond broaches with ruby heart centers through his nipple piercings. Then a big diamond ring through his cock piercing. “Bend over the edge of your bed, dear.” She pushed a shiny chrome butt plug with a big gem into his ass.

“Beautiful. Now for your shirt.” It was a white short sleeve button down shirt of an almost transparent material, doing nothing to hide his tanned hairless chest and nipple broaches.

Next came his pants. Tight black satin, his cock, balls and the profile of his cock ring visible. Shiny black leather loafers were on his feet as Mother led him to the den.

“You wait here darling. Kitten will come for you when it’s time.”

He sat and chose one of the magazines spread out on the coffee table.

He was part way through an article in ‘Nature’ about an ESA satellite casino şirketleri when Kitten came.

The first thing he saw in the formal parlour was Mommy and Daddy standing together. Mommy tinkled a little ceramic hand bell. She looked magnificent. So elegant and sophisticated. Her hair was up in a diamond tiara. Her gown was a pale, pale pink from it’s high collar to it’s floor sweeping hem. It’s chiffon sleeves were cuffed with lace just below her elbows. Her nails and lipstick a bright shiny red that complimented her oriental complexion.

Daddy, like the rest of the men wore a white dinner jacket and black bow tie. His hand gently guided Bobby between the two of them. Kitten stood on the other side of Mommy.

“My dear friends, thank you so much for coming and helping us celebrate. This young man is Bobby. He’s my anniversary present for my darling husband of eight wonderful, fun, exciting years.”

There was a spattering of ‘oh’ and ‘ah,’ and ‘how sweet.’

Bobby bowed as instructed, and as instructed made eye contact with Mommy and Daddy only.

“I feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world. Mai Li and I couldn’t be happier, or more in tune with each other’s moods and needs. I’m always amazed my Goddess here loves my humble self.”

“A toast to the happy couple, and true love.” Everyone saluted and sipped.

Daddy took Bobby around the room to meet everyone. His hand was always reassuringly on Bobby. Gently holding his upper arm, holding his hand, or resting on the small of Bobby’s back. The guests could see Bobby adored Daddy.

“Wilhelmina, Fredrick, this is my Bobby.”

“What a sweet little boy, but darling, I can’t protect you any more. Once was one time too many.”

“Well, Wilhelmina, or should I say ‘Your Honour’, the trick is, although Bobby looks underage, he’s actually twenty six. I have his birth certificate and prison records to prove it.” He looked at Bobby. “Don’t I, honey?”

Bobby looked up and smiled at Daddy’s twinkling blue eyes. “Yes Daddy.”

The judge kissed Daddy’s ear. “You and Mai Li are a couple of sick perverts. That’s why we love you. Happy Anniversary.”

Another couple suggested they should all come to their ski lodge in February for a weekend of outdoor and indoor sports.

The ‘wife’ of a gay couple commented on Bobby’s nipple broaches and cock ring. “Darin has been hinting I should get my cock pierced, but I’m such a ‘fraidy cat. I mean the pain when I got my nips done. Well, not going to happen. But Bobby, the cock ring looks so sexy pushing against those snug little casino firmaları pants. Yum!”

At dinner he sat between Mommy and Daddy. Kitten sat on the other side of Mommy.

Soon all the guests were gone. Everyone shared a warm tender ‘good night’ kiss.

“No chastity tonight. You two play all you want, and sleep in or whatever in the morning. Let’s have breakfast together in the sun room at nine.”

“Thank you Mommy.”

They wasted no time getting naked and into bed. Kitten stroked Bobby’s hardening cock. “God, I’ve been dying for cock since we became roomies.” She slid down and put Bobby’s cock in her mouth. “Mm.” She took it out and looked up. “Lay back and enjoy, Bobby.”

She moved up and straddled Bobby’s hips. She impaled herself on his hard cock. She rotated her hips as her hands held his chest down. Bobby closed his eyes and smiled. His brain went wonderfully blank. He was in the moment. She picked up the pace, riding him hard.

“Aaaaahhhh!” she exploded, so did Bobby, then collapsed across Bobby’s chest.

After a minute for them to catch their breath Bobby rolled Kitten over and slid down between her legs. He licked his cum mixed with her cunt flavour. He licked and kissed.

“Gently, gently, find her clit.” That’s what the coach had said as they practiced on the female guards. Bobby was good at this, because he loved pleasing others.

Kitten came again with a gasp.

They snuggled with the blanket pulled up to their chins.

“God, that was good. I haven’t had cock in so long.”

“What about Daddy?”

“Only when Mommy lets me. Last time was the threesome on his birthday. That was months ago. How about you? When was the last time you had pussy?”

“Well, lets see. I guess over two years ago. Before prison for sure.”

“Oh poor dear! Giggle.” Her hand slid down and she stroked Bobby hard again. Kitten’s head slid under the covers. It was the first blow job he’d had in years too. Damon didn’t want anything to do with Bobby’s cock, just his mouth and ass cunt. He wasn’t queer, right?

Kitten’s gooey, creamy kiss afterwards was yummy.

‘Say what you want’ Bobby thought as he fell asleep, ‘cunt is good, but cock is better.’ Coincidentally, Kitten was thinking the exact same thing.

The next night at bedtime Mommy took off both their chastity devices and sent Bobby naked to the master bedroom then pushed Kitten down onto the bed.

Daddy stood from the edge of the bed where he’d been waiting. “There’s my sweet little boy.” He spread his arms. His black and gold robe fell open. His güvenilir casino seven inches stood out hard and proud. A hand on each of Bobby’s cheeks he bent down and kissed Bobby tenderly.

“Such a good little boy.” His tongue pushed at Bobby’s lops. Bonny opened his mouth.

Daddy’s hands stroked up Bobby’s smooth copper back and rested on his shoulders. He gently pushed Bobby to his knees.

Bobby kissed Daddy’s solid body as he moved down. The burgundy carpet was deep and soft. Daddy’s legs, covered with fine blond hair were like stone pillars. And there was his cock, inviting Bobby to kiss .

‘Hello, Daddy!’ thought Bobby.

He concentrated on just the helmet. He gently held the big shaft and kissed.He licked and gave it another noisy sloppy kiss. He put just the knob into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. He poked his tongue at it’s slit.

Daddy was stroking Bobby’s hair. “Beautiful, beautiful boy.” His touch was so tender. “That’s my little boy.”

Bobby licked it’s whole length. His tongue rippling along it’s engorged length. He swallowed as Daddy massaged his shoulders. A big hard mouthful. In and out. In and out. Beautiful cock. In and out. So hard. So slick with spit. In and out.

Then it happened, overfilling Bobby’s mouth with thick delicious cum. It dribbled down his chin. He licked and lapped. Yum!

Daddy’s strong arms scooped Bobby up and gently laid him on the big soft bed. He held Bobby and they kissed and snuggled. He was kissing Bobby’s ringed nipples. His hand fondled Bobby’s cock and balls. The sensations rippled through Bobby’s body. Every inch of him tingled.

“Roll over Bobby, like a good little boy. Daddy wants you.”

Bobby wanted Daddy. he role over and pulled his knees up and apart. Daddy was rolling a condom onto his hard beautiful cock. Bobby purred as Daddy’s lubed finger prepared Bobby for his loving.

“Uh, ahh!” grunted Bobby as Daddy pushed his helmet through the sphincter’s ring. Daddy worked it all the way deep in.

“That’s my boy! Good boy. Mm. Nice and slow. Good boy.” Daddy slowly stroked.

“Mm,mm.” Bobby luxuriated in the sensation. Mm,mm.”

“Good Bobby. Nice and tight. So young. So good.” Daddy picked up the pace.

“Oh,Daddy. Yes. Please Daddy, please.”

“Stroke yourself Bobby. Stroke in time. That’s nice isn’t it?”

Bobby stroked. “Mm mm. Yes.”

Daddy stroked.”Ug,ug mm.”

“Daddy! Yes. Oh, I can’t. Aaa.!’ Bobby came, squirting and squirting in time with Daddy’s thrusts.

Daddy came. He just held Bobby, still deep in Bobby’s ass for a minute.

After a tender soapy shower they lay cuddled together in the big bed.

“My beautiful Bobby. My little boy. No one can take you away from me. No one” That was what Daddy muttered as he drifted off to sleep.

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