Bonnie from Clyde Side and Her Friends

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Bonnie now in her seventies, regaled us with this story set in the late fifties when she tells us she was just nineteen, a member of the Upper Sixth which accommodated those that stayed on after the regular leaving age. Bonnie is such a sweet and innocent old lady now, that her tale was hard to believe. But we did enjoy it.


Not so much students but young men and women on the threshold of life. Some were studying for entry to university, or into the world of commerce.

Of course, as Bonnie pointed out, those like her and her friends, from the more deprived areas had little if any chance of aspiring to University, and used the system as a stepping off point before seeking work in either factories or Woolworth’s.

With limited choices and even less interest in academic progress, attendance at the Academy, aspects of attendance was unavoidable. Regular attendance was obligatory as was the wearing of uniform. The average age of the marginally delinquent students male or female was eighteen and a half years.

Of course, deprived upbringing, limited enthusiasm for advancement and a dozen or so hormonal young people were a certain recipe for mischief and outrage. Sometimes of course, these things could get out of hand.

The ultimate ignominy was to be suspended (temporary) expelled (permanently) , excluded from the Upper Sixth. So many doors slammed behind such an occurrence. The ultimate disgrace.

I lived in Glasgow, not in the best area, but it wasn’t too bad. Well, it was really but you tend not to remember it as really bad. My name is Bonnie; well that’s what I was called by those that knew me. I s’pose that somewhere there is a birth certificate that gives my proper names, but Bonnie will do.

You can see, I am quite, shall we say, chubby. Back in the day I was said to be a reasonable looking bit of stuff. Among other things, which at the moment I won’t go into, I had a half decent pair of tits, and they didn’t sag like they do now. I s’pose they were if memory serves, about 40 to 42 inch, C cup. A decent handful by anyone’s measure.

I didn’t make any effort to hide them, I was quite proud of them, and why shouldn’t I be? They became a source of great interest to the males in the Upper Sixth at the Academy, not to mentioned my friends outside and to be blunt, I got them out for some more than once. They got felt even more often, squeezed and sucked on too.

Sometimes I got home from Academy bra less, me ma used to get mad with me, ’cause sometimes I got home with it in me pocket and sometimes without it at all. Mind, she didn’t know how often I came home with out my knickers or with them in me pocket too. When I was 19, if I liked the titting I got from a chap, I would let him have a bit of finger too and I liked quite a lot of chaps!

I quite liked that, there was a few of them that got some stinky finger from me! You know what, I loved it? I wasn’t ‘lone piper’; there were four of us that got about together. We didn’t have a casino oyna bike between us, but that didn’t stop us using the back of the bike shed!

There was me, Ailsa, Catriona, and Fiona, and we all liked guys, now there’s a surprise! Fiona was like me, well a bit, had tits of a similar size, playing netball we got the cheers and jeers because we bounced a bit. Ailsa and Cat were not as big.

The great thing about liking guys was it was never difficult to get some ‘action’, and although I was a bit choosy as to who I got with I was never short. Any day after Academy finish you could find the four of us lassies aided by four guys propping up the bike shed to make sure it didn’t fall down.

Any day that is except Wednesday because on Wednesday, Shirley, we called her Surly Crabbie the Principle’s aide did her weekly rounds of the Academy grounds. Having nearly been caught smoking a couple of times, the four of us had it worked out.

We used to have a great time, and if the guys gave us a great time, we did a little something for them. They didn’t get to screw us but we did give them a wank if they were lucky.

With four of us lassies behind the bike shed, sometimes if one of us was giving their guys a wank, we all would, then it became a competition to see who could get their guy off first, or shoot the furthest or even, if we felt so disposed to get them almost ‘there’ and say bye! Leaving them high and dry, and having to finish the job themselves.

There was one guy, Gavin, a bit of a yoke, he seemed to have a bit of an outrageous streak. Had a habit of grabbing as you went past, he didn’t care who was about or what he grabbed, arses, tits, he’d even try to grab the front. There was nothing we could do about him as there was a strict ‘no grassing’ code. Always saying about going behind the bike shed and what he would like. Anyway we got fed up with it and decided to teach him.

We chose Wednesday for his lesson. It wasn’t too difficult to get him hooked. Fiona brushed him with her tits, as Ailsa made a show of lifting her gymslip, showing her leg and adjusting her stocking. Gavin of course missed nothing.

“Like to see more?” Fiona whispered.

“Yeah, you bet.” Gavin virtually dribbled as he replied.

” Just after four, the bike shed, keep it to yourself, if you do as you are told, I can promise something you will never forget.”


“Make sure you bring a handkerchief…a clean one. Our secret, tell no one.”

“Yeah ok.” He was red in the face and his dick making a tent in his trews.

The bikes had all gone before we approached the shed, we had already spotted Gavin, but he had not seen us. He was lurking, trying to be sort of discrete but in an obvious sort of way if you understand.

The four of us lassies crept round to the back, there was a space of quite nice grass, where we had often spent our time with our lush admirers. Fiona, went down to the end of the shed near to where we had seen Gavin and in a slot oyna stage whisper started to call him.

“Gavin, Gavin, where are you?”

“I’m here Fee, I’m here, where are you?”

“Round the back, come round the back.”

She then ducked back to us. Gavin’s head appeared around the end of the shed. We were all on our knees, so we waved out to him beckoning him towards us and hushing him to be quiet. He crept quietly towards us and sat down beside us.

“Got your clean handkerchief?” Fiona asked.

He handed it to her.

“Are your hands clean?” Ailsa wanted to know.

He held them out for examination.

“Not bad I s’pose.” Ailsa was showing plenty of leg.

“I don’t think you need your tie do you?” I suggested.

It was in my hand almost before I had finished the sentence.

“You like tits don’t you?” Cat hissed at him. “You like Bonnie’s tits don’t you?”

“Oooh yes.” He licked his lips in anticipation.

“And legs and things?” Ailsa wanted to know. As she smoothed the gymslip back into place.

“Yes, Yes, Yes.” He was so eager he was almost beside himself.

“Do you wank?” I demanded. He reddened as he nodded his response.

“Get you dick out then, let’s see it.” Fiona was getting things started after a quick glance at her watch.

His semi hard dick was eased from his pants. It was pretty average compared to others I had seen, but it wasn’t needed for shagging, just a little (don’t be mean) fun.

“Wow, that’s fantastic!”

He seemed to glow with pride.

“I promised you,” whispered Fiona, “something you would never forget.”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“There is a price. Everything that happens must remain our secret.”

Again he nodded.

“We are going to do things, and so are you, but the only way it can stay a secret is if you can’t see who it is you are doing to or who is doing to you, fair enough?”

“Yes, but how?”

She reached out and stroked his dick.


I let the strap top of my navy gymslip fall and unbuttoned my white uniform cotton blouse.

“But only if you want to.”

“Ooooh yes, yes, yes please.” He could hardly believe his luck, his lips glistened where he had licked them.

His tie was used as a blind fold, tied firmly about his eyes.

“One more thing.”


“We won’t be able to see your eyes, so we won’t know how uhm excited you are and we don’t want any accidents, Fiona has your handkerchief, so she has to know when its needed.”

“Oh, I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, you could do what some of the others do, and say ‘surely’

Just keep saying it over and over, quietly when you are building up then gradually getting louder until right when you go to blast you give it good and loud so that we can avoid a mess. It also means if things are going too fast we can slow it to give you more pleasure.”


“Yes, that’s right.”

“Ok, surely.”

“Can you canlı casino siteleri see me?” Ailsa pulled the leg of her knickers aside and moved in front of him.

“No, I can’t see anything.”

“Feel my tits.” I pulled his hands towards them. He started to fondle and I started to get a bit horny, which surprised me.

“Don’t forget the word.”

“Surely, surely, surely”

Ailsa stroked his dick, she was quite good at wanking guys off.

A bit louder this time.

“Surely, surely, surely”

Fiona popped a tit out of her bra and offered it to his lips. He caught on and suckled. He continued to tit me up while suckling Fiona’s tit. Ailsa stroked on and Cat took his hand and lead it to her cunny.

He released Fiona’s tit to do his…

“Surely Surely surely” louder now.

Fiona checked her watch, Cat moaned, and Ailsa increased the pace of her strokes.

“Surely, Surely Surely…oh, this is so so good.” Quite loudly this time.

Any minute now, Fiona mouthed to us all. Cat gave a great moan and moved his hand from inside her knickers, I put my tit away, and moved aside towards the end of the sheds along with Cat. Ailsa stepped across Gavin rubbing her tits across his face as she did so, whilst giving her all to getting him off.

“Shurely shurly shurly” he screamed as Ailsa abandoned his dick and joined us at the end of the sheds, his hand went to his dick and he gave a couple more tugs.

He was screaming “Shurley Shurley Shurley” when surly Shirley appeared almost beside him, his dick firing gobbits of spunk into the nearby nettles.

There was nothing there to indicate that anyone else had ever been there, just him, with his dick in his hand.

He leapt to his feet as she challenged him.

“What the hell are you doing you disgusting little man?”

Was she blind? It was obvious, he was wanking behind the bike sheds, and for all intents and purposes, screaming her name at the top of his voice.

Giggling we ran full pelt home. We were high as kites and I don’t know about the others, but I needed a rub off.

Of course, Thursday was going to be an interesting morning at the Academy. Gavin’s handkerchief, still clean was pinned on the notice board, there was no sign of Gavin.

Shirley Crabbie made an announcement to the effect that the bike shed was out of bounds to anyone not having a bicycle, and would be checked on a daily basis due to some inappropriate behaviour having taken place there. That of course made everyone even more curious and several of us started giggling.

Gavin was suspended for two weeks and detention for a further two on his return. Funny thing is he never tried to touch any of us again, and never admitted what had happened to anyone. One thing for certain, Fiona’s promise of something he would never forget was kept.

Many years later, I met Gavin in town, Cat was with him. They were married. I asked her about that, and she told me it was a result of that Wednesday afternoon. The things he did with his fingers when they were up her knickers fingering her cunny were amazing, and she went back for more, but because of his reputation she had kept it quiet until she had re educated him.

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