Boys and Their Toys

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“Dude…have you, uh, gotten hard at all today?” Aaron’s face was red, his eyes glued to the floor as he asked. There was a pause as Mike turned a similar shade and ran a hand nervously through his short blonde hair.

“No…not once. Not even when I tried,” he said.

Aaron’s eyes darted over to the fleshlight on the counter. “You don’t think it has anything to do with…that…do you,” he asked, finally giving voice to their shared concern.

“What? No, no,” Mike said, shaking his head quickly. “I don’t know what happened with that thing last night, but it couldn’t really…I mean…could it?”

Aaron bit his lip as he looked at his shirtless friend, a confusing throb pulsing through him as he thought back to the image of Mike’s frantic expression bursting through his door and the rigid, oozing pole sticking out of the other man’s boxers. As soon as Aaron had started using the toy, Mike apparently felt as if he was the one on the receiving end. The sensations were so overwhelming that the confused jock was unable to do anything other than whimper and spasm while his friend unknowingly fucked him from a distance, not putting things together until he heard Aaron’s moan from the other room. “Fuck if I know, man. But I’m hornier than I’ve been in months and my dick is alarmingly limp, so something is clearly up. What if that thing had, like, a chemical in it or something?”

“Why would that affect me, though? I never touched the thing other than to give it to you. And what kinda chemical could do something like that?” Mike asked, shrugging his broad shoulders and catching Aaron in the process of staring at his bouncing pecs. “Why are you lookin’ at me like that?”

Aaron blushed and lifted his eyes from the other man’s sculpted, suddenly-captivating chest. “I’m not looking at you like anything,” he barked. “I’m just trying to figure out what kind of mess you’ve gotten us into.”

“Me?! Why is this my fault?” The blonde stud crossed his muscled arms and glared at his roommate, focusing on Aaron’s puffy lips and lantern jaw instead of meeting his friend’s stern gaze.

“Because YOU’RE the one who fucked around behind that weird chick’s back, and YOU’RE the one who gave me that damned thing in the first place!” Aaron roared.

“And maybe if you could actually get some real pussy for once in your fuckin’ life you wouldn’t have had to use it,” Mike shot back.

“Oh, fuck you, dude,” Aaron said, shaking his head and backing away. “You know what? Let’s put this to the test again. Maybe we’re just being crazy?” The tall brunette turned on his heel and walked over to the counter to grab the plastic tube.

“Hey man, don’t you darrrRRUUUUUHHHH!” Mike’s eyes went wide, his back arching as he spasmed in place when Aaron shoved a pair of fingers into the silicone slit. The muscled blonde’s shorts started twitching immediately, his rocky calves flexing as he went up on his toes at the phantom digits.

“Shit!” Aaron tugged his hand away as if he’d been shocked. “Mike…look man, I’m sorry, I didn’t really think it would…” he trailed off when he finally noticed his own cock responding for the first time all day. “Oh fuck…what…what is this…” he stammered.

“I don’t know…I don’t know…” Mike panted, his chiseled torso flush and his shorts tented as he struggled for breath. “It just feels so…” he let the sentence hang as he stared at aching cock in disbelief.

“Good?” Aaron blushed when Mike silently nodded, torn between absolute terror at their current circumstances and an overwhelming desire to keep going. Something strange and impossible was happening, but all he really wanted to do was drop his pants and put the toy to proper use. “Do you, uh, want me to…?”

Mike shook his head, turning purple with embarrassment. “What?! No!” He hesitated as he looked at the outline of Aaron’s thick, solid cock in his friend’s shorts. “I mean…do YOU want to?”

Aaron casino şirketleri laughed awkwardly and adjusted his aching bulge. “Hey man, I’m not the one on the receiving end of this thing. I’m stoked that my dick’s working again, but I’m not gonna use this if you don’t want me to.”

“Hey, wait a sec…lemme see that,” Mike said, snatching the fleshlight from Aaron’s hands. “What does this feel liiiIIIIEEEE!” The blonde jock spasmed again, his body breaking out in a map of chiseled definition as each of his ample muscles tensed and flexed when he jammed a pair of fingers into what felt like his own solid rear. “Fuu…fuck! I thought…maybe if I used it…you’d be the one to…”

“Dude, you could at least ask first,” Aaron said, taking the fleshlight back from his stunned friend. “The first time was an accident, but now we know what happens when someone does this,” he smirked, shoving a trio of fingers into the tight opening.

“HHHNNNNGG!” Mike’s eyes bulged, his hands instinctively shooting back to grab his granite bubble as he danced on his tip-toes. He shook his head when Aaron started to pull his hand free, opting for humiliation over frustration. “N…no! Don’t…don’t stop…” he whimpered through gritted teeth, hating his desperate tone even as he relished the blissful waves washing over him.

“If you insist,” Aaron laughed, surprised by his own reaction as he wormed his fingers deeper in. Mike was always so arrogant and commanding, lording his perfect body and perfect face over everyone, even in bed. Having lived together for so long, Aaron knew full well how dominant and aggressive his blonde friend was when it came to fucking, and that was a far cry from the whimpering, groaning display before him. Seeing the ripped stud looking so vulnerable and out of control, and knowing he was responsible, sent a rush of power through Aaron like he’d never felt before. “You like that?” he purred, watching Mike squirm and gasp with closed eyes.

“Come…come on, man…don’t make it…any weirder…” Mike grunted as he leaned against the table for support. His eyes shot open when the ecstasy abruptly stopped shooting through him and he saw Aaron standing with his arms crossed, an expectant look on his face. “What? Why’d you stop?”

“Because I asked you a question,” Aaron said, his tone stern.

“Wha…really?” Mike’s pecs glistened with sweat as the embarrassed jock struggled for breath. “Are you really gonna make me…fine! Yes. I liked it,” he said quickly when Aaron started to put the fleshlight down.

“See? Was that so hard?” Aaron’s hand hovered inches above the opening until Mike shook his head.

“NNNNnnnggg…no…” the blonde adonis sighed, his powerful arms flexing as he fell forward against the table and wagged his trim hips instinctively against the invisible fingers when Aaron picked up where he left off. “FFFuuuuuuuuck…”

“Keep it up…let me know how I’m doing,” Aaron said, grinning from ear to ear at Mike’s bashful groaning. “So you like being fingered?”

There was a long pause before Mike slowly nodded. “Yes,” he said quietly.

“Yes what,” Aaron asked, pulling all but one finger free as he ran it around the silicone rim.

“Yes…I like…being fingered…” Mike grunted, confused at how the admission made his oozing rod throb. He was mortified at what was happening, but he’d never felt better in his life.

“I can see that,” Aaron laughed. “Actually…I can’t. Take your shorts and underwear off for me,” he ordered.

“What? Why do I need to…okay! Okay!” Mike fumbled the gym shorts and boxers down his muscled thighs, his whole body turning a dark shade of red as he stood naked and hard in front of his friend. They’d seen each other in similar states countless times over the years, but it had never felt quite like this as the addled blonde watched his fat, untouched cock ooze and twitch.

Aaron’s mouth watered casino firmaları as he stared at Mike’s tapering, gorgeous body for what felt like the first time. He’d watched his friend build and sculpt each of his impressive muscles over the years, but he’d never felt such a powerful urge to reach out and touch them before. “There we go…that’s more comfortable, isn’t it?” he asked, his eyes glued to Mike’s wide, bobbing cock and heavy balls.

“Ye…yeah,” Mike said, hating that his friend was right. He felt vulnerable and exposed like never before, but losing his clothes only magnified the experience.

“Good! Nothing I haven’t seen before, anyways. Why don’t you relax and really get into it? Pretend I’m not even here,” Aaron said gently. “You seem so stiff and uptight…we don’t want that, do we?”

“…” Mike sighed, his shoulders dropping as he took a deep breath and pursed his lips. He righted himself, his hands slowly drifting up from the table to slide along his ripped washboard and stroke his bulging pecs before toying with a tiny nipple. He was as humiliated as ever, but as he watched Aaron stare hungrily at him, his friend’s shorts as tented and damp as his own had been, he knew he was in good hands. His friend was toying with him, a novel experience in itself, but Aaron was obviously as turned on by him as he was by his friend. The realization brought with it a bit of his usual confidence, and Mike let out a loud moan as he turned and wagged his ample bubble in Aaron’s direction. “OHHHHHHhhhhh fuck…man…you’re fuckin’…greeeEEAAAaattt at…this…” he wailed, the muscles between his broad shoulders flexing and rolling as he squirmed. “Fingers are…fuckin…magic…” he groaned, spinning back around and reaching out for Aaron’s shorts before his friend could stop him. With a quick tug he had the other man’s lower half stipped bare, an unaccustomed ache hitting him at the sight of the longer, thinner cock that sprang free.

“That was…sneaky…” Aaron panted, raising his arms to let Mike lift his tank-top free. The wiry brunette was suddenly flustered at being so close to his naked friend as Mike rubbed against him, their oozing cocks batting together.

“If we’re gonna do this, might as well gooohhhh….all the way…” Mike grunted. He turned and pressed back against Aaron’s lean body, wrapping his friend’s toned arms around him and guiding Aaron’s digits back into the silicone hole.

“Oh…oh fuck man…” Aaron groaned as Mike writhed against him. He could feel himself losing control of the situation. The naked stud who’d just seemed so vulnerable a few minutes ago was suddenly back in charge, making it unclear who exactly was calling the shots. Aaron’s hand was the one inside the fleshlight, but it was Mike who dictated what happened as he rubbed his back against Aaron’s cock that was wedged between them. Not wanting to lose his advantage, Aaron pulled his fingers free, clutching one of Mike’s impressive pecs as he jammed the fleshlight onto his friend’s cock without warning.

“HHHHHHOOOOOUUUUHHHHhhnnnngggg!” Mike let loose a wall-shaking bellow as he clutched at Aaron’s hand and spasmed against his friend. The ecstasy he’d been feeling was suddenly magnified tenfold, nearly bringing him to his knees. “Shi…shit! What’s…oh god…this is…too…too much…” he whimpered, his eyes bulging at the sensation of his own wide cock splitting him open as he pumped his hips reflexively into the soft tube. He gripped Aaron’s hand and leaned his head back against the other man’s shoulder, loving his friend’s warm breath on his neck as he struggled to stay upright. Whatever control he’d managed to wrestle from the situation was gone entirely, leaving him putty in the taller man’s hands.

Aaron brushed his soft lips against Mike’s shoulder, his hand dancing through the soft bush at the base of his friend’s cock. “You said you wanted to go all the way, right?” Before güvenilir casino Mike could respond, the lean man tightened his grip and jammed his cock inside, his own moan of pleasure drowned out by the blonde jock’s wordless howl.

Mike heard his ecstatic screams from a distance, his system overloaded. He could still feel the phantom rod working his insides along with Aaron’s very real cock, but instead of splitting him painfully wide the already-overwhelming sensations were doubled, leaving him a drooling, grunting mass of spasming muscle. There was no technique. There were no games of dominance. There was only mind-blowing pleasure. In that moment he wasn’t a smug lady’s man; he was a whimpering, desperate hole, and he couldn’t imagine ever wanting to be anything else. He could practically feel his arrogant confidence oozing out through his leaking cock, making his leaner, less muscled friend seem more imposing with each buck and spasm.

When Mike’s head cleared he found himself on the floor, wrapped in Aaron’s arm with the other man softening inside him. They were both covered in a mix of sweat and cum, and the dazed blonde had no idea how much time had passed. Given the lack of sunlight coming in through the windows, he knew it had to be hours. “Wha…what the fuck…happened…”

“Whew!” Aaron laughed, stroking Mike’s impressive chest. “Had me worried I fucked your brains out for a minute there.”

“Fuck, man, you kinda did,” Mike sighed, blinking rapidly. “That shit was unreal…”

“I know, I was there. You sure you’ve never done this before? ‘Cause you’re a champ with that ass.”

Mike blushed, both embarrassed and proud at the compliment. “Glad you had a good time…I’m a quick study.”

“Bet you never thought you’d cum so much without touching this thing,” Aaron said, reaching down to heft Mike’s heavy package. “It’s like a fuckin’ geyser.”

Even after the recent explosion, Mike gasped as his cock twitched to life in his friend’s hand. It wasn’t until Aaron gave his stout rod a few tugs that he realized what was missing. “Wai..wait! Where’s the fleshlight?”

Aaron nuzzled his friend’s neck and pulled him in tight. “I dunno. After I dug in for real it vanished right outta my grip. Way you were whining and moaning you didn’t seem to notice.”

“But…without it…can weeeeEEEUUU!” Mike yelped when Aaron gave his solid cock a rough tug and he felt the organ inside him start to expand.

“Things seem to be working just fine now,” Aaron grinned. “I don’t know what that thing was or how any of this happened, but I think Katie did you a favor when she gave you that. Things are gonna be a lot more fun around here from now on.”

Mike felt like he should protest as he gazed over his shoulder at his smiling friend. Regardless of how good it felt, something had been done to both of them, and without the fleshlight he didn’t know if there was a way to undo it. Their cocks may have been working again, but they shouldn’t be so eager for each other. HE shouldn’t be so eager. Looking down at Aaron’s hand wrapped around his cock, Mike’s face burned as his head filled with a seemingly endless string of humiliating new desires. He wanted to start bucking his hips again to work his friend in deep, and he could already feel his loud, guttural moans just waiting to shake the walls around them. Even more confusing, he wanted to slip off Aaron’s blissful rod and swallow it whole, fingering himself while the other man watched his lantern jaw bob in and out of his crotch. Mike wanted it all. He wanted to be stuffed and used and ordered around. Nothing was too humiliating and nothing was off the table. All Aaron had to do was tell him, and he’d do it, without question. The addled stud knew that was all wrong. He screamed at himself that he was straight and strong and in control. He was an expert in bed, not just some hole to be used.

But even as he had the thought, the screaming voice in his head began to fade, taking his anxiety with it. Wrapped in Aaron’s arms, it occurred to him through his increasingly contented haze that they didn’t need the fleshlight with him around. He was more than happy to be Aaron’s toy.

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